Medical Erotica: Dr. Peter's Sexual Exploitation: Medical Erotica Boxed Set - Stacey Rose - ebook

Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Medical Erotica Series and 2 Bonus Stories From The Doctor and Intern Series! Dr. Peter is a very successful gynecologist in an unhappy and sexless marriage. His sexual desires has recently been getting to him. He has been tempted to cheat on his wife so many times. Dr. Peter finally gives in to temptation. Once he crossed that bridge there is no turning back for him! This erotica short story collection is too sexual and hot to continue describing. You can find the explicit taboo details inside. Read it to find out more. Included in this collection: -Book 1: Doctor Peter's Sex Exam-Book 2: Doctor Peter's Sex Addiction-Book 3: Doctor Peter's Sexual Exploits -Bonus Story 1: Doctor And The Intern Part 1-Bonus Story 2: Doctor And The Intern Part 2WARNING: This is an adult medical erotica short story series which contains very mature and adult explicit sex scenes. Readers are to be 18 years+. 

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Doctor and the Intern Story 1

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Dr. Peter’s Sex Exam (Doctor Erotica Romance Series Books 1, 2 and 3) And Doctor And The Intern Story 1 and 2

By Stacey Rose

Copyright @ 2015 by Stacey Rose.

All Rights Reserved.

This book may not be used or reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without permission from the author or publisher. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons whether living or dead is entirely coincidental. This book contains mature content of sexually explicit scenes, situations for adults 18+. Every character in this book is 18+ years of age.

All the characters in this book are fictional.

Chapter One

Dr. Peters walked into the room where young patient Noelle Jackson sat.  He came over, looking at the young woman with a smile.

“Hello there Noelle.  How are you?” he asked.

The woman blushed, looking at the handsome doctor with a smile.  “F-fine.  You?” she replied.

“I’m doing great.  So, how has the body been?  Ave you been having any issues with your period?” he asked.

The woman blushed, obviously not ready to talk to this man about this sort of thing.  Dr. Peters understood though, and he knew that she probably had a bad experience with previous gynecologists.

“It’s okay.  I mean, I’ve been fine so far.  I just...I get embarrassed when I talk about these sorts of things,” she admitted.

Dr. Peters nodded in understanding.  He knew how hard it was for a girl to talk to a doctor about this, especially a male one.

“Well don’t worry Noelle, I’m not going to hurt you.  I’m a doctor after all.  I’ve seen many vaginas in my day, and if you have to talk about anything to me, I will gladly listen,” he replied.

The woman was still blushing when Dr. Peters said this.  He came over, looking at her with a smile. He wanted to do things to this woman, but he wasn’t going to risk it. Dr. Peters had an insatiable desire for women, and it only got worse as time went on.  He stared at the woman with a smile, and he could tell that she was trying to hide the rouge that was obviously forming on her face.  He didn’t get how he could attract a woman just by staring at them, but the smoldering grin almost left this chick in a puddle of goo.

Dr. Peters laughed as he started to take the woman’s vitals.  He pressed the stethoscope to her back, having her take a breath in and out.  She was fine, but Dr. Peters wasn’t.  He was trying to hide the erection that was starting to come about in his pants. He didn’t need this right now, not at all

Dr. Peters tried to ignore this, pushing the hardon down on his pants and leaning against the chair.  This always happened, and he hated it.  This always happened when a cute female patient walked in and he had to examine her.  He was a doctor, and he didn’t want to invade the woman’s private space in something other than a medical way. But damn, it was hard trying to resist the smell of this one, especially since she smelled just like strawberries.

“Are you okay Dr. Peters?” she asked, pulling him out of the reverie that he was in.  He scratched his head, smiling at the woman in front of him.

“But of course! Sorry, I was just thinking about something,” he admitted.

“What was it?” she asked.  Dr. Peters blanched at the idea of telling a patient that he was fantasizing about kissing her, among other things

“Oh you know, just thinking about what I plan on doing once I’m home.  I have no idea what the wife would want to do,” he said.

The woman nodded.  Talking about his wife always got them off his back.  It also helped make the erection in his pants go down, which made things that much easier for him.

“That’s good at least doctor,” she said.

Dr. Peters smiled. He then went onto other tests, examining her breasts for any lumps that could indicate breast cancer.  Feeling her soft mounds made Dr. Peters hard again, but as he talked about her doing monthly breast examinations, he could feel it start to go down again.  As soon as he spoke medical jargon, he was fine.

Of course, he didn’t know how much longer he could take this. After examining Noelle’s breast, he then turned to her and gave her a warm smile.

“All right. Now comes the fun part. Spread your legs, and let’s do the pap smear,” he said.

This was the part that he always enjoyed.  He loved seeing the ripe pussy of a young woman. This girl nodded, moving her body so that she had her legs spread. Dr. Parker draped a sheet over her spread legs, hiding her pussy.  He then moved his body so that he was under the covers, the medical instrument in his hand.

Oh the smell of her ripe pussy.  It made him want her even more.  He missed the smell of a healthy, happy woman.  The only kind he had to deal with were the ones that were crotchety outside of the clinic.  Noelle was perfect for him, and he thought that she was the right specimen for him.  He wanted to take her, to do naughty things to he, and then after that he would feel happier than ever before.

Noelle gasped as Dr. Parker pushed the tool into her.  It normally hurt, or at least felt uncomfortable for some, but Noelle was quiet after the initial insertion.  Dr. Peters found it kind of hot that she was so quiet and docile the entire time.  He wondered if she was really that docile in other areas of life.

He inserted it all the way in and then tuck the pap smear tool inside. Her gaping pussy tantalized him, and he loved staring at the deep and hollow flesh. He could see her clitoris as well, and Dr. Peters had the urge to touch it, wondering how the young beauty would react.

After he put the instrument in, he then stuck the pap smear into her uterus.  The smell was overwhelming in, and Dr. Peters had to bite his lip to suppress a groan that had started to come out of his mouth.  Noelle didn’t stir, and Dr. Peters found that even hotter. He liked it when the woman was so willing to listen to him that she didn’t do a damn thing.

Dr. Peters finished up, looking at Noelle with a smile as he came out from underneath thee.  He did a quick test in the lab, trying to suppress the ache in his pants.  She was so vulnerable, so tempting, and he knew that she did have a crush on him. Who didn’t?

Dr. Peters was the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.  He was about six feet tall, with dark black hair and beautiful amethyst eyes.  He had strange-colored eyes, and that’s why the girls, and his wife, fell for him. Dr. Peters though messed up.  He fell for the wrong woman, and now he was in a mess he didn’t want to be in.

Dr. Peters has been married for about ten years, but his marriage was terrible. He shuddered thinking about it, and Dr. Peters wondered just how crazy it would be if he decided that he would do something so crazy such as have sex with a patient in his clinic.

He’s always wanted to do it, and as he ran the test on her pap smear, he knew that it would be hard to resist this beauty.  She was the perfect woman for him, with a ripe pussy, and an innocent façade. It was always the innocent ones that got him, and Dr. Peters knew this.  He knew that if the woman was innocent and didn’t know what to do, or if the woman was kinky and adventurous, he would be smitten.  Dr. Peters wanted that more than anything else in the world right now.  He wanted to be daring, to be adventurous, and he knew that it was something that made him hot and bothered.

However, Dr. Peters was scared.  He didn’t know what would come about if he even ventured into the realm of trying this.  At this point, he felt it was best to just keep everything chill for right now, and he would figure out a way to give into the desires that he had.  It was the only thing he could do sadly.

After finishing the sample, Dr. Peters then went back to the room. He smiled at Noelle, who looked nervous.

“Everything is all good to go.  You have a very healthy vagina, and you’re fine,” he said.

The woman smiled, knowing that Dr. Peters would take care of her. 

“Thank you sir.  I’m glad everything is good to go,” she replied.

“Yep.  I’ll also write you a new birth control prescription okay?” he said.

Noelle smiled, a light blush present on her face.  Dr. Peters loved how innocent she looked. She was the perfect type of woman for him, the perfect type to take.

“Well, you get dressed. I’ll have my front desk girl hook you up with the prescription,” he said.

The woman nodded, and Dr. Peters left the room.  That was only the first patient of the day.  Already, he could feel that he needed a trip to the bathroom, and badly.

Dr. Peters rushed in there, closing the door and locking it. It was his private bathroom, one that only he and the one other male employee could use.  The male employee though was out, which made his ability to use it that much easier.

Dr. Peters moved against the wall, his and slipping to his zipper and button, unzipping his pants.  He pulled his cock out from underneath, stroking it. He started off at a slow, even pace, but then he increased the speed of it, moving faster and faster.  He continued at the vigorous speed that he knew and loved, and Dr. Peters could already feel the precum exuding from his balls.  He wanted that woman, he wanted Noelle, or at least someone in the clinic willing to satisfy his dark and sexy desires. 

He continued to move his hand up and down his slick length, his cock throbbing with pleasure.  He imagined the feeling of taking a woman thereon his examination table, fucking her tight pussy after examination.  He wanted that so badly, and he knew that there was no way he would be able to resist in the future.  That was the only thing Dr. Peters desired in life. That was what he needed.

He came, his seed spilling into his hands. After catching his breath, Dr. Peters then cleaned up, his mind still on earlier.  He knew that he had a clinic to run, but the temptation was growing.  He would just have to wait for the opportune moment, and when that came about, he would definitely take it when he had a chance.

Chapter Two

The rest of the day was similar, but Dr. Peters was able to keep himself calm.  The women were so pretty, but thankfully with every pretty one, there was always an ugly older woman with a gaping pussy to examine.  That was the most instant boner killer ever, and he was happy that sometimes he had to see some of those.  It made his job a tiny bit easier.

After the rest of the day was finished, Dr. Peters was tired. He was ready to get on with his personal life, although he didn’t want to go home.  He knew that’s where she was, and that’s not where he wanted to be.

Dr. Peters was married to a woman.  He loved her at first, and initially he thought that she felt the same way.  However, that wasn’t the case.  They were cool at first, with both of them being “in love” and being happy to have the other person. But then the love died, and soon Dr. Peters was living a miserable life of a doctor who never got any but was tempted each day.  Plus, things with his wife weren’t that great.  Frankly, he only kept her around because she was with him.  He didn’t love her, but instead he lusted for something else. Every time he kissed her, he felt like he was tricking himself. This wasn’t what he wanted.  He wanted to be free.

Dr. Peters spent some extras time at the clinic that night, working late on some paperwork. It was the excuse he used every time he needed to be away from his wife.  Paperwork was always the way to go.