Wydawca: Abela Publishing Kategoria: Sensacja, thriller, horror Język: angielski Rok wydania: 2018

McALISTER'S WAY - FREE Serialisation vol. 02 ebook

Richard Marman  


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Opis ebooka McALISTER'S WAY - FREE Serialisation vol. 02 - Richard Marman

MCALISTER’S WAY FREE Weekly Serialisation Vol. 02 – Chapters 2 and 3 A Young Adult Action and Adventure story Danny gets into big trouble in Chapters 2 & 3. I’m not going to give you a synopsis, you can download it for FREE and read it for yourselves. However, a couple of things inspired parts of these chapters. Chapter 2 My RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) buddy, Wing Commander ‘Trackless’ Millsom, restored a 1940s Buick from a bare chassis and it was the inspiration for the get-away car in this chapter. I remember the floor in Trackless’ two spare bedrooms covered with chrome-plate parts for ages. His missus, Cherril, was very patient. Chapter 3 Burning sugar-cane prior to harvest no longer occurs in Australia, but I’ve stood next to a cane-fire south of Townsville and it’s an awesome experience. The noise, heat and flames are truly daunting. I flew passenger jets up and down Eastern Australia and the cane-fires were a spectacular sight at night. The setting for this chapter came from those images. Richard Marman, Author ============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: McAlister’s Way, action, adventure, Zach, Danny, military, helicopters, choppers, soldiers, airmen, boarding school, priests, child abuse, attack, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, Merimbula, plane, flight, fly, Young Adult, YA, explore, discover, , altar, Arty, Brisbane, Buick, cane-cutting, car, chapel, Colin, Danny, Desmond, disappear, embankment, freight, Gertrude, Giovanni, Gulf of Carpentaria, Lenny, Mackay, Monsignor, night, Noemi, Northern Rattler, plantation, police, railway, Ricci, river, Rockhampton, School, Signor, Sister, snakes, St. Ursicinus, Statue, sugar cane, town, train, water

Opinie o ebooku McALISTER'S WAY - FREE Serialisation vol. 02 - Richard Marman

Fragment ebooka McALISTER'S WAY - FREE Serialisation vol. 02 - Richard Marman

McAlister’s Way

Free Weekly Serialisation Vol. 2



Australian Imperial Force


Australian National Airways


airspeed indicator


artificial horizon (aircraft’s attitude gauge)


air traffic control


aviation gasoline (piston-engine plane fuel)


Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia)


absent without leave


Australian Workers’ Union


Citizens Military Force known as The Militia and incorporated into the AIF during WWII


commanding officer


centre of gravity


Colonial Sugar Refining Company Ltd


Department of Civil Aviation


grievous bodily harm


general purpose or general practitioner


high frequency (radio transmitter-receiver)


intensive care unit


kitchen patrol (military punishment duties)

Knots (Kts)

nautical miles per hour

Max Revs

maximum revolutions (full throttle)


Military Police (red caps)


non-commissioned officer (corporals, sergeants and warrant officers)


Non-directional (radio) beacon


Operating Room (theatre)


prisoners of war

P. W. & I.

prisoner of war and internment (camp)


Royal Australian Air Force

R & R

rest and recreation (leave)


Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve


Royal Australian Regiment


Returned Servicemen’s League

Short Ton

2000 lb (pounds) or 907 kilograms – a weight used mostly in America


Trans Australian Airlines


very high frequency (radio transmitter-receiver)


vertical speed indicator


small hamburgers

XXXX bitter

Queensland lager-style beer


Chapter 2 Breakout

Chapter 3 Northern Rattler

Chapter 2 – Breakout

Danny hated St Ursicinus beyond any intensity he could have imagined. He hated the buildings, the work, the lessons, the food, Sister Gertrude, the brothers, but mostly he hated Monsignor Desmond Slaughter. Danny channelled his hatred into sheer determination. He would not let them break him, but knew that to resist on their terms was suicide. He kept his head down, avoided eye contact, studied hard and bore continuous minor punishments thus avoiding major ones. Luckily he was a bright lad and quick at maths, English, science, history and geography. Without a doubt geography was his favourite subject, mostly because he could imagine being in foreign places far, far away from St Ursicinus. He developed ways of looking busy and even tried sucking up, but found that impossible. So he strove to simply stay neutral...beige...invisible.

The first term passed with numbing slowness, but no one came to collect him for the holidays. He knew Stanley was behind it, but despised his mother for allowing him to sway her.

‘Looks like we’ll have the pleasure of your company for the break,’ Sister Gertrude sneered with grinning anticipation.

Actually only a handful of boys from the western properties left for the holidays and a few lucky ones didn’t return. In a time when folk didn’t question their Church, many parents either disbelieved their children if they reported abuse or even suggested they must have deserved it if they received a beating. Life was rough on remote cattle stations and sometimes conditions were no better there, so the boys returned to St Ursicinus with resigned dread.

As the dry season progressed and temperatures dropped at night, the boys pulled their inadequate blankets around them and shivered in their beds. It was those nights the boys dreaded most. Often a shadowy figure would prowl through the dormitory and lead a trembling youth from the room. The lad would return before dawn and lie sobbing under the covers trying to forget the horror he’d endured. Danny was obviously considered too old to be desirable and was fortunately left alone, but one of the youngsters called Colin told him what those selected had experienced.