Mattress To Mattress Family: Taboo Incest Erotica - Pearline Sharrow - ebook

"That wasn't ah that turned you on," her father said. "You started saying how nice it would be to suck your own son off, that you wanted his cock in your mouth, in your cunt, up your asshole.""I did," her mother agreed."But how did it happen?" Carol asked. "I mean, with Susan and David.""Easily enough," her mother said."It sure was," her father grinned, squeezing Carol's ass. "Your mother caught David and Susan feeling each other up. It seems this whole family is fuck crazy." 

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Mattress To Mattress Family

Pearline Sharrow

Copyright © 2017

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Out of the downpour now, she turned and looked at the rain, a smile on her mouth. Rain always made her horny, and she was horny now. The thin dress Was plastered against her tall, slender body, molding her straining pointing breasts, the nipples outlined. The dress hugged her hips, pressing against her swelling buttocks. Her thighs were bare, exposed by the shortness of her summer frock.

Crossing her arms beneath her breasts, she leaned against the door and watched the rain come down, her smile soft, blue-green eyes bright and shining. Her buttocks flexed as a rippling sensation stabbed about her cunt. A soft moan escaped her lips, her eyes becoming vacant as the pleasant sensation grew between her thighs. One hand cupped a flawless breast, squeezing gently.

Carol did not mind that her neighbors could see her standing beneath the small roof of the steps. She hardly knew any of them anyway.

Holding her firm breast, she began a slow revolving movement with her hips, a movement that soon became a subtle bumping and grinding motion. She pressed her thighs tightly together, creating a delicious pressure at the hairy lips of her pussy, against her distended clitoris. Squeezing her thighs this way was something Carol did often. She liked the feeling it caused between them.

The rain falling on the trees and the roof of the small porch sent waves of erotic delight racing up and down her spine, and she hugged herself tightly. After a few minutes, she fished her key from her bag and opened the door. Inside the small living room, she went about opening blinds so she could watch it rain. Although it was slightly past noon, it was dark outside, so she switched on the lights.

After this, she stood in the center of the living room in her wet clothing and shivered, but not with a chill. Her passion continued to bubble inside her, becoming brighter. Reaching behind, she unzipped the dress and started to shrug it from her shoulders.

That was when she saw the two suitcases near the couch.

Frowning, she held her dress on her shoulders and walked toward them, examining the luggage. She had never seen them before. Each had an airline stub attached, but she couldn't make out the codes used to indicate area of departure.

Her frown growing, and with a flutter of fear in her chest, she entered the hallway, looking around carefully. She turned on the hall light, glancing around. There was nothing out of place that she could see. Then she noticed a light coming from the hall bathroom, and the sound of the shower.

Someone had certainly made themselves at home, she thought, starting toward the bathroom, becoming angry. She peered into the bathroom, saw the clothing scattered on the floor. The door of the shower was closed, and steam wafted over the top. Although the door was opaque, she could just make out the form of a body there. Then the shower was turned off, and the towel hanging on the door was pulled inside. She stood and watched the fuzzy outline as whoever it was dried himself.

Finally the shower door opened.

"David!" she gasped.

He had the towel wrapped around his hips loosely, holding it there with one hand.

"Hi, sis," he said brightly. "You weren't home so we had the landlord let us in."

"Us? Who is with you?"

"Susan, who else?"

"But...why are you here?"

"Oh, you know how it is," he said, stepping to the sink and examining his face for some sign of a beard. It was a futile examination. David at eighteen could not yet see any changes from the light fuzz on his chin. "The folks thought it would be a good idea for us to visit a while, that's all."

Carol stamped her foot. "Goddamn them!"

"You don't want us here?" he questioned, still looking at his face. "Susan and I can go back home, I guess."

"Oh, that's alright," Carol said. "I don't mind you being here, but I wish they would be a bit more considerate and let me know. They're always pulling some shit on me."

Her eyes had fallen to the towel. It hung loosely at his hip, flaring open to expose his muscled thigh and hip. She could just see the curve of his ass, and there was a sudden lurching sensation in her cunt. Then she saw the way the towel bunched out in front, and she realized her brother had a hard-on. Her body trembled as she gazed at the way the towel stood tent-like, clasping her hands together nervously. Inwardly she moaned, not wanting this feeling that boiled within her lovely body. She did not want to start again...not with David.

David turned to face his twenty-year-old sister. There was a smirk on his face, unconcerned about his hard-on. Carol stood in the center of the doorway, and when he walked toward her, she found herself frozen there, unable to move aside to let him pass.

Her eyes followed his cock, lowering as he drew close. She shuddered as her inner struggle continued. David knew where she was looking, and he grinned at his sister. "You're all wet, Carol; shouldn't you take a hot shower and get into dry clothing?"

She shook her head, not trusting her voice. David placed his hands on her shoulders, but when he tried to shove her to the side, she remained rigid, gazing hotly down at the towel. David's smile grew, and without warning, he placed both hands on her straining breasts, feeling them boldly. Carol trembled as his hands squeezed her breasts gently, unable to make him stop, wanting it to keep on. She wailed inside against what was happening to her, but she knew no matter what her brother did with her, she would not be able to stop him.

"Nice," David said in a thick voice. "You've got a nice pair here, Sis."

"No...please, don't, David," she murmured nervously. "Don't touch me like this, please."

But her eyes shined brightly when she looked into his face. Her hands hung at her sides, fingers cutting into her palms. She gazed into her brother's eyes as he fondled her breasts through the wet dress, finding them naked beneath the thin material.

David pulled at the dress, and it fell from his sister's shoulders to her waist, exposing her succulent breasts, the pale pink nipples rubbery hard, pointing with straining desire. David stared hotly at his sister's naked breasts, sucking in air at the beauty of them. Then his hands were on her again, massaging the spongy flesh, thumbing the sensitive nipples into even harder erection.

"Ohhhhh," Carol whimpered as he twisted her nipples with thumb and forefinger. "Oh, God, David! Don't do this to me...please, don't!"

He grinned at her wickedly, ignoring her pleas. His hands left her naked breasts, slipped down her sides where he gripped her hips. He pulled her pelvis against him, his cock stabbing at her pubic area. Again Carol moaned, unable to stop the raging desire that was bubbling hotly now.

Slowly, David humped back and forth, holding her hips, his cock thrusting almost against her concealed clitoris. Carol's eyes became blurry with passion, and before she knew it, she was holding his hips, too, straining her pelvis against her brother.

"Oh, God! Please, I don't want this...not again!" she murmured, yet she was moving her hips against his.

Somehow, his towel had became loose and dropped to the floor, his prick standing out nakedly now. Carol's eyes looked down, and she saw that his cock was much larger than two years ago. It was thicker and longer, with a head so swollen it looked ready to burst. The hair at the base was curly and dark, and she could see his tight balls below.

She became aware of David's fingers moving, inching her wet dress up. She wanted to stop him, but couldn't. She dug her fingers into his naked hips, still staring hotly at his cock. Her brother inched the wet dress up, bunching it about her waist. He leaned back to peer down, a wide grin on his face.

"Sexy panties, Sis," he said huskily. "You used to wear nylon panties. Got yourself a boy friend now that likes lace, huh?"

"No, boyfriend," she whispered. "No one...I don't have any one."

"That's hard to believe, Sis," he said, moving his hands about her bare thighs. "You're too fucking hot to go without. I should know. What do you do, use a finger?"

"Oh, David! You know what it is for me," she whispered, and suddenly kissed his lips. Gurgling, she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, licking about his teeth, the wetness of his tongue. One arm came around his neck, holding him tightly. David sucked at his sister's plunging tongue, moving a hand between her thighs to feel of her steaming pussy through her panties.

Carol twisted her bottom about as his fingers rubbed up and down her clitoris, then, in a frenzy of passion, she shoved her other hand down and gripped his cock, pumping furiously, holding him tightly. The throbbing of his prick burned against her hand, and her pussy quivered insanely.

Sucking his lips from her tongue, David gripped his sister's wrist to slow her swift hand down. "Not so fast, Sis. I don't want to come before I get it in you."

For just a moment Carol felt a flash of control. She pulled from him, trying to jerk her hand away. "No...that's enough, David. I don't want to start this again. There was enough trouble before."

But David was now gripping her pantied ass, holding her tightly. Again Carol's eyes glazed over, and she leaned into him, her warm, moist lips sucking at the flesh of his shoulder.

"That's it, Sis," he whispered, fondling her ass. "YOu know you can't leave it alone."

"I know!" she wailed softly. "God, how I know, David! But, please, Oh, please...don't put it in me. You can do it, but don't stick it in me."

"Are you nuts, Sis?" he asked, squeezing her ass. "How else can I fuck you if I don't put my cock in you?"

"This way," she murmured, reaching down to pull her panties to one side. "Do it between my thighs."

Before he could protest, Carol slipped his cock between her warm, smooth thighs, clamping them tightly around his hardness. Then she began pumping her hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of the hot flesh.

"This way, David," she whispered, looking down to see his prick moving back and forth. "Fuck me this way. It isn't really fucking if you do it this way."

"You're crazy, Sis," he said, but began to thrust his cock back and forth, still holding her flexing ass. "But you always did have some good ideas about how to do it."

He felt his sister's moist, hot pussy lips sliding along the shaft of his prick, the hairs tickling slightly. She was seeping so much, the shaft of his cock glistened with her moisture. Both of them looked down at their genitals now, watching their hips move, seeing his cock plunge between her slender thighs. With each thrust, her softly curling pubic hair mingled with his, and Carol began to breath harshly, twisting and grinding against her brother.

The hardness of his cock slipping along her swollen cunt lips and hot thighs excited her almost as much as if he had his cock up her snatch. She clawed at his hips, straining with him. Her naked breasts jiggled slightly, her nipples a bright pink now. The bubbling orgasm deep within her grew hotter, like a flaring nova.

"You gonna come this way, Sis?" David grunted. "Fucking you this way gonna make you come?"

"Oh, God!" she whimpered hoarsely. "Yes! I'm almost there now! Will you come, too, David?"

"You know me, Sis," he croaked, thrusting faster and faster.

Suddenly she gripped his naked ass-cheeks, her fingers clawing into the muscled buttocks. She strained hard against him, her head thrown back, long raven-colored hair hanging wetly and loosely. Her unseeing eyes rolled about, her mouth open in a silent yelp of intense ecstasy. David felt his sister's pussy contract along his cock.

"Are you coming, Sis?" he grunted.

"Yes! Oh, yes, yes, yes!"

Her half-naked body shook violently and she bit into her bottom lip. Her eyes glazed even more, breathing in gasps as she came. No sooner had she convulsed, than her hips began to churn with him again, grinding harshly back and forth.

A low chuckle came from David as his sister pumped and twisted with his cock sliding between her thighs. He knew one come was not enough for her. Carol always came two or three times before she was finished.

"Now you, David!" she groaned, twirling her hips swiftly. "Don't hold it back, darling!" she urged. "Come between my thighs...squirt your come on my legs and cunt! Oh, God...hurry! I'm coming again!"

David worked with her, swiftly plunging his prick back and forth as Carol tightened her thighs around it. His hands dug into the springy flesh of her buttocks, then he made a strangled cry in his throat. She felt the thick, slippery semen spurt from his cock, coating her creamy inner thighs, dripping down them. She twisted in fury along his cock as he came, gurgling with ecstasy as she achieved her second, much more powerful, orgasm.

Slumping against her brother, she burned hot kisses along his shoulders and neck, hugging him tightly against her. "That was good, David," she whispered. "God, was it good! I haven't come like that in a long time."

He held her tight, enjoying the feel of her naked breasts against his bare chest, her nipples still erect, searing his flesh. He lifted her head, his hands on her cheeks, looking at her. Then he kissed her mouth.

"Sorry we're here, Sis?" he smiled at her.

Carol suddenly drew away from him, looking around with frightened eyes. She pulled her dress up to cover her breasts, but forgot her wet skirt was glued about her waist.

"Oh, my God!" she whispered. "I forgot about Susan. Where is she? We can't let her see us this way. Oh, shit! Why couldn't you have come alone?"

"She won't be any problem, Carol," he said, trying to pull her against his body again.

But Carol struggled free of him, still looking around with fear in her eyes. "I'm not so sure about that, darling," she said. "Remember all that trouble two years ago?"

"I'll take care of Susan," he said. "Don't worry, Sis."

But she moved from him. Glancing down at his cock, she giggled softly. His prick hung limply, still glistening from the moisture of her pussy. She could feel his semen, warm and slippery, between her thighs. Cupping a hand between her legs, she walked away from him. David watched her go, seeing the round, tight buttocks bunch in movement. He watched her until she disappeared into her bedroom.

Taking a pair of clean shorts from where he had placed them, he stepped into the garment, then walked bare-footed toward the kitchen;

"Carol is home," he told Susan, who was sitting at the table with a sandwich and glass of milk.

"I didn't hear her come in," Susan said, looking at the slightly gaping crotch of his shorts. "Aren't you afraid she'll get pissed off if she sees you walking around this way, David?"

"I doubt it," he grinned, taking a sip of milk from her glass. As he sipped, Susan's hand crept into his shorts, taking hold of his limp cock, caressing it lovingly.


Carol had showered and changed into a pair of tight, white shorts and a green halter over her breasts. Then she had gone to the kitchen and greeted her eighteen-year-old sister. David had, by this time, pulled a pair of jeans on.

Carol seemed nervous around Susan, wondering if she had heard what she and David had done right there in the hallway, of all places. But Susan didn't seem to indicate knowledge of it. She wondered what David meant when he had said he would take care of Susan. She looked closely at her younger sister. Was it possible that Susan and David, too, were incestuously involved? Anything was possible, she thought wryly.

But somehow, she thought, Susan didn't look like a girl who would let any boy fuck her, not to mention her own brother. She was struck again how odd it was that Susan was a honey blonde, while she and David were dark-haired, the way their parents were. Carol strongly suspected their mother of playing around, and the evidence was Susan's blondeness.

After dinner, she and Susan cleaned up the kitchen. The rain was still coming down, faster now, but not as hard as before. As was usual with summer storms, the air was humid. Since the small house was not air-conditioned, it was almost unbearable.

Finishing up the dishes and wiping things down, Carol remembered how she had been told to find herself another place to live by her parents after they caught her and David in the garage.

She and her brother had been involved sexually for about three months by then. Carol, oddly enough, had never been fucked by any other boy but David, and it was hard for her to remember who had seduced who. It had been something mutual, and the fault belonged to neither she nor David. David had solved the problem of her virginity, and both discovered the pleasures of sex, and were at each other every opportunity they had.

They fucked in the privacy of the bedroom, in the car when they managed to get alone in it at the movies, in the bathrooms of the huge house, even taking the chance a few times on the stairs when no one was home with them.

She had been eighteen then, and although her parents felt she should be dating, they did not press her. Carol wanted no other boy but her brother. She loved him passionately and would do anything for him. Then they were discovered in the garage by her father.

Both had been naked, sprawled on some old abandoned mattress, fucking furiously. Their father had come into the attached garage from the connecting door and, turning on the light, stood in shocked horror at his eldest daughter's creamy, naked ass bobbing up and down on his son's cock. David had been on his back, with Carol above him, twisting and writhing as she rode up and down his hard prick.

The first sign they had of being caught in the act was a painful slash across Carol's ass. Her father had bellowed furiously and insanely at them, raging mostly at Carol, whom he somehow blamed. She had cringed against the wall of the garage, frightened out of her wits by her father's fury. He had cursed her vilely, calling her cruel names.

And then, that same night, he had attempted to crawl into her bed.

Carol, however, had fought her father off.

The following day, she was given an allowance of ten thousand a year, if she would leave the home and never return. Her mother had cried pitifully, but Carol kept the secret of her father lusting for her the night before.

During the next two years, she had made no contact with her parents, but had managed to meet with David once. She had fled to a city in another state, and with her adequate allowance, managed to get along. She wrote long and passionate letters to her younger brother at the beginning, but then she stopped, afraid some would be intercepted by their parents.

And now, here he was, with her again.

She was elated, but bothered because Susan had come along, too. She wondered why David and Susan had been sent to stay with her, if their parents detested her so much. But she did not question it; she was too happy to be with him again. Somehow, she would find a way to be with David, get Susan out of the house frequently.

By ten that evening, David was in the other bedroom, sound asleep. Since there were only two bedrooms of the small house, Carol had to share her room with Susan.

Dressed now in a pair of white, transparent panties, Carol sat before the huge dressing mirror. Susan lounged on the bed in her shortie gown, watching Carol as she brushed her shining black hair.

Susan, although just eighteen years old, was lush of body, rounded and hollowed in all those delicious places a girl should be. She had a very pretty face, with a steady gaze of her blue eyes that were warm and mischievous. She wore her honey-blonde hair pulled tightly back into twin pony tails.

Carol could see her sister's reflection in the mirror, and she thought how cute Susan was. Her slender, striking shape was made complete by a pair of perky, delectably pink-tipped breasts that arched out, firm and high. The shortie gown was totally transparent, and Carol could see the creamy flesh of her sister through it. The pink flesh was sugary sweet, she thought, caressable...kissable...suck-able. Yes, she thought, Susan had the kind of body and flesh, the sort of sensual beauty at that tender age a man wanted to lick, starting at the tips of her toes and working his tongue up to the top of her head, with some delicious pauses along the way...preferably where her long, smooth thighs joined. Susan was sweet-looking, alluring and sensual. A word came to Carol's mind, and she shivered suddenly. Susan, she thought, was edible.

Carol felt, rather than saw, Susan's eyes moving about her bare back, looking at the spread of her buttocks on the cushioned stool. When she glanced at her sister in the mirror again, she saw that Susan was licking her lips suggestively, and she had one hand cupping a small breast, completely unashamed.

Then Susan asked bluntly: "Carol, do you have a boy friend?"

"No, I don't," Carol replied, trying to pull her eyes away from the small hand that was openly squeezing a breast. "I really don't want one."

"But you must," Susan insisted. "What do you do...finger yourself?"

Carol remembered David had asked her the same thing. A slight flush came over her cheeks. "Don't talk that way, Susan. It isn't very nice to say such things."

Susan giggled. "I like to talk that way. Tell me something, will you?"

"That depends," Carol replied, almost afraid of what Susan wanted to know. Somehow, she sensed her young sister knew more about her and David than Carol wanted.

"Was it good the first time you were fucked?"

Carol gasped, twisting about to stare in astonishment at her sister. "What did you say?"

Susan giggled again, lifting a breast free of her gown. She twisted gently at her nipple. "It hurt me the first time, but wow, does it feel good now!"

"You shouldn't talk that way, Susan," Carol said, but she could not keep the sudden excitement from her voice. She loved to talk about fucking: it made her pussy tingle nicely. But to openly discuss sex with her sister seemed somehow naughty.

Susan ignored the admonishment. "The first time I got fucked," Susan said unabashedly, "stopped me from taking a stiff one in my twat for a week. I finally got over it, though. I had to walk around with my legs way out, sort of straddle-legged. But when the soreness was gone, I really learned what I had been missing. Golly, fucking is sure a lot of fun, isn't it, Carol?"

Carol tried to fight off the excitement that had begun between her thighs. She knew it was useless, however. Anytime someone began to talk about sex, she became hot. She stared across the room at her young sister, her eyes glowing now.

"Just playing around can be a lot of fun, too, Carol," Susan went on, lifting the bottom of her shortie and spreading her legs apart. "Play-around can be almost as much fun as fucking. You know, just holding a guy's big old hard-on, feeling it in your fist, jerking up and down on it. I like to jerk a guy off, watch him come. Of course, you have to let the guy play around, too. Let him feel you up and mess around with your breasts and pussy, that sort of thing."

Carol's breathing was harsh as she watched her sister brush up and down the blonde curls of her pussy, spreading the succulent lips and pressing at

the glistening little clitoris, her small buttocks squirming against the mattress.

"Sometimes I can come just jacking a guy off, feeling him spurt in my hands, with maybe his down in my panties fooling around. I get so hot sometimes, a boy can make me come just by rubbing my cunt. Fooling around with just hands can be almost as much fun as getting a big old hard-on up the cunt, can't it?"

"I . . I wouldn't know," Carol mumbled, fascinated by seeing her sister wantonly masturbate, a slim finger probing into the slippery, hair-lined lips. "What do you mean by 'fooling around'? " Carol heard herself asking, afraid of where this might lead.

"You're kidding, Carol," Susan said, laughing softly. "You know, sometimes you act like you're the youngest, not the oldest."

Heat came to Carol's cheeks.