Mastered 4-6 - Daisy Rose - ebook

A waitress, dishwasher, and patient are brought to their knees in these three standalone stories that involve more men than they can possibly handle... This bundle contains Mastered books 4- 6 and includes alpha males that are bosses, doctors, and powerful dominating men who knows exactly what and who they want and how to get them. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "I want you to carry my child."  I stared at him in disbelief. "Certainly someone of your wealth and power can have anyone you want!" I exclaimed, honestly perplexed. I was a simple girl with no background, no ability to help him. Our children might end up taking after me and amount to nothing in life. "Yes, but then, it would be harder to hide the fact that I have no interest in most women." My eyeballs were on the verge of falling out of their sockets. "You're gay?" I asked. "No," he laughed. "I'm not. But I'm not interested in most women." "With all due respect, if you're interested in mostly men, that makes you gay." He laughed again. "I'm not interested in most men either." "What are you interested in?" He shrugged, a bare lift of his shoulder that I would've missed if I hadn't been staring at him as hard as I was. "What makes you think I'm not a gold digger who'd disappear on you the first chance I get? And honestly, you have the money to marry anyone you want," I sighed. It was ridiculous that he would kidnap me, just to impregnate and then do the right thing and marry me. I didn't believe him. "Why not try a dating app?" "I don't believe in those things," he said simply. "You don't believe in technology?" He smiled bitterly. "Not after the last time." "So you prefer having your henchmen stealing girls away from your restaurant franchises?" "I like the challenge," he said. When he stood up, I sank deeper into my seat, fear gripping my heart. Despite the earlier banter, I was afraid that he would follow through with his plan on impregnating me straight away. "Are you afraid, Rosie?" he asked. I wondered how he knew my name, then realized he probably knew more about me than he let on. "Yes," I whispered. "I would tell you not to be afraid, but that wouldn't lessen your fear, would it?" I shook my head. There was no glow of the city lights beyond the glass windows. We were too far from the streets to see even headlights from passing cars. Instead, there was just a pure blackness with only the moonlight to give us sight. "You look beautiful in that," he said. I glanced down at the apron I was still wearing and blushed a bright red. "You'll look even better without it," he whispered, towering over me. The light casted a shadow that loomed long beside him, like a silent monster waiting to make its move.

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Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This book contains:

Mastered 4: Librarian's Experiment

Alice is absolutely fine with crushing on the Damien, the sexy French librarian from afar... until her friend threatens to make a move on him.

Fearful that her promiscuous friend would succeed, Alice throws herself at the sexy librarian, only to find out that Damien is more than meets the eye. He enthralls her completely, tormenting her with her own desires and making her beg for pleasure.

She surrenders to not only him, but strangers in public places, powerful hands holding her down as her innocence goes up in smoke of ecstasy.

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Mastered 5: Devil's Experiment

Rosie wakes up on a perfect bright morning with little on her mind except getting her boyfriend to marry her so she can finally experience her first time.

Except there're other plans for her. The infamous black devil walks into the restaurant where she works and she is stripped and humiliated in front of all her colleagues. Hot flavors of desire maddens her and the raw physical desire overwhelms her completely as she surrenders to dominating men she barely knows.

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Mastered 6: Doctor's Experiment

Innocent and naive Anna isn't at all prepared when she starts creaming despite having never experienced carnal pleasures of any sort.

Panicked, she makes an appointment with her doctor, a sexy, intelligent older alpha male who is determined to help her with her problem... in every way possible.

She is utterly unprepared for the onslaught of raw physical desire that consumes her.

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These three standalone stories feature dominating alpha males taking complete control of young virgins who yield to the men utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes with exhibitionism & voyeurism, spanking, domination, gangbang, sex toys, public humiliation, bondage, hucow, and submission.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Mastered 4


(Public Humiliation, Exhibitionism, MFM)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a standalone short story featuring an alpha male dominating an innocent young woman for the first time in public.

It also contains scenes including voyeuristic humiliation, public humiliation and groping by strangers, MFM, and lots of other steamy scenes.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Chapter 1*: Sleeping Voyeur

"Would you like more coffee?"

Jessica turned to me with a bright smile and a quick, "Yes, please!" She returned to typing furiously on her laptop immediately after. She said she was an aspiring writer, but hadn't gotten any of her books published yet. She wanted to do things the old-fashioned way, whatever that meant.

I refilled her empty coffee cup with steaming hot caffeine and retreated back behind the counter to wipe down the already shining tabletop.

The cafe was in the middle of nowhere and the only customers we got were regulars who enjoyed the peace and quiet they couldn't quite get at other cafes. The peace and quiet was welcomed, but it was sometimes too much peace. I wish the cafe had more customers.

I patted away imaginary creases on my white top and made sure my blazer was buttoned properly. My brown cargo pants were too comfortable to look good, but it didn't really matter since the boss only ever visited once a month and he didn't care what I wore as long as I had the blazer with the name of the cafe embossed on it.

The first few months at the cafe, I wore makeup and fancy dresses and skirts to look good. After a few weeks of realizing nobody paid any attention to what I was wearing, I started dressing for comfort instead of aesthetics.

I was making a fresh pot of coffee when Jessica said something.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I asked, turning around to face her. She was a beautiful young woman. Unlike me, she continued to dress up before coming for her daily dose of coffee. The table by the counter might as well had her name on it. She came every day except weekends in order to get her caffeine fix and work on her novel.

Today, she was wearing a blue sleeveless dress that she had managed to buy from a shop down the street during lunch. She had been wearing a t-shirt and shorts just that morning. I saw the dress on the window display just a few days ago. It was a hundred and twenty bucks, which was exactly twenty dollars more than I had in my account.

She turned away from her laptop and gave me an inquiring glance, as if she had forgotten her own question already. She wore a full face of makeup, which added a few years to her twenty-three years of age.

"I asked if you've managed to get the manager to get WiFi installed in here," she asked.

"Oh yeah, I asked him about that," I lied. "He says it's not going to happen." I looked around the empty cafe and then back to her, hoping she'd understand. The cafe wasn't earning enough money to be spending more. I was being paid peanuts, but the job came with free food (as long as I used ingredients in the kitchen) and lodgings, lodgings. She sometimes took advantage the apartment upstairs as well.

"Pity," she said and returned to her work and allowing me to return to my own thoughts.

When I was certain she had her attention back to her laptop, I peeked at her. She didn't know she had roused me from my sleep yesterday night.

She asked if she could spend the night after a late night party and I told her to let herself in. She had stayed over enough times that she had her own keys. I was fast asleep by the time she got there, but was woken up some time in the night. There was only one bed in my apartment so I set up some blankets and pillows beside my bed for her to sleep.

I shuddered as I recalled what had woke me up in the middle of the night...


My eyes opened reluctantly and I tried to bury my head back into the clouds. I was having one of those peaceful dreams about flying that I wished I could go back to. I closed my eyes to coax myself back to sleep. The bed and pillows were at their optimal temperatures and the dream was fresh enough that I could just dive right back in if-


My eyes shot open at the unfamiliar noise in my room. For a moment, I panicked, thinking I had an intruder in my room, but the memory of allowing Jessica to stay the night returned to me in a calming haze.

I adjusted myself and turned to the source of the sound almost unconsciously. I wondered what kind of dream she was been having to make that kind of noise. Sleep lingered close and my eyes drifted close.


The sound jolted me back up. My eyes cracked open and in the darkness, I started seeing what it was that woke me up.

Jessica wasn't alone. Her pale skin shimmered with sweat in the dim light and I realized with a jolt that she was completely naked, as was the man behind her.

She was on all fours on the floor and a man was behind her. His hands were on her breasts, too big to be hidden by even his large palms. Her ample breasts hung heavily, nipples almost touching the ground. I spied her pebbled nipples between his fingers as he kneaded the soft flesh in both hands.

His skin was a start contrast to hers, a dark ebony tone that disappeared in the night.

The way he moved in and out of her made my insides clenched with an uncomfortable need. He pinched her nipples and pulled hard, pulling at her breasts to make little keening noises come from her lips.

His hands moved from her breasts to her waist, pulling her deeper into him forcefully. I could see his thick black cock plunging in and out of her pink pussy lips. The sound of their bodies coming together was wet and loud. It made me wonder how I managed to sleep through the sound in the first place.

Were they trying to wake me up? The thought sent a spasm through my core. The floorboards creaked and I was instantly grateful that the only thing downstairs was the cafe. At least no one would make the mistake that it was coming from me. God knows I needed sex.

Jessica's lover slapped her bottom as he plunged into her, moving in and out with a steady rhythm that I couldn't look away from. I had never watched porn and here I was, voyeuristically watching my temporary roommate getting her pussy pounded by a guy he probably just picked up from the bar.

"You like that?" he growled as he smacked her ass. His voice was a deep groan, husky with sex and arousal. I held in a shudder and bit my bottom lip.

He was eye-level to me, his sweat-stained cheeks only a few meet from my face. It was almost a miracle that he couldn't see that I was awake, but he was too engrossed in his own pleasure to pay any attention to me.

He pulled out, plunged in, then smacked her ass. It wobbled slightly and left red marks over her skin.

"You like that, bitch?!" he asked.

I flinched a little at his choice of words, but my pussy throbbed in response. I squeezed my thighs together uncomfortable, feeling a scorching wetness between my aching thighs as I did. An uncomfortable need bubbled from my stomach.

I wanted nothing more than to reach out and brush the hair away from his eyes.

"Answer me, whore!" he growled. I was stunned by how rude he was being. I've heard some guys liked to talk dirty during sex, but to hear it first hand was a different matter altogether.

"Yes!" Jessica gasped. "Yess! Oh god!"

His teeth shone in the dim light as he grinned and stopped spanking her. His hands went back to her breasts to massage the soft mounds as he continued to plunge into her.

Jessica collapsed onto the ground, her cheeks kissing the pillow as her hands gave out. She trembled and spasmed, little keening noises coming from her lips as the stranger in my room pulled and tweaked her pebbled nipples.

"Oh! Ah... Don- Don't wake up Alice," she whispered through her moans.

I shut my eyes in panic, worried that he would turn to me to make sure I was asleep. They were being so loud, it was impossible that I would be asleep.

The man surprised me by saying, "She's never woken up before."

They'd done this before?! And I had slept through it!

"And if she wakes up, she can join us," he said, slamming so hard inside Jessica that I could hear the loud smack of their bodies coming together. She let out a shrill scream, as if he had touched a part inside her that made her lose control.

"Yes! Oh yes!" she screamed. I felt my coil tightening at the thought of her wanting me to join them. A part of me wanted exactly that. It was an insane thought that I pushed the back of my head. My pussy pulsed with the need to be touched.

Neither of them paid me the slightest attention even when I had my eyes open. I watched as he pulled out of her and then twisted her around so that she was facing him. He spread her legs as wide as they would go, her left leg hitting my bed with how wide he was stretching her.

"I wanted to do this to you all night," he growled, massaging her breasts, pressing it between his strong fingers. He closed his fingers on her breasts until he had her nipples and then pulled straight up.

"Ohh! Fuck me, Dom!" she begged. "Put that dick inside me!"

He grinned, but continued to tease her, rubbing his cock over her slit without putting it inside her.

She threw her head back as her lower body bucked against him, tilting upwards to try and urge him to enter her body. Her pussy was moist, liquid seeping out between her legs to make her pink pussy lips shimmer.

He massaged her breasts, alternating between pushing them together and pulling them apart by the nipples. Then, he drew back and slapped her breasts roughly. She gasped and tried to cover her breasts from his punishing hands, but he easily overcame her, pinning her hands together over her head so he could suck and grope her breasts, occasionally leaving handprints on the soft flesh.

"Ohh! Stop! Ohh!" she moaned, clenching her eyes shut, lower half of her body bucking upwards despite the protests from her lips.

"You like that don't you?"

He slapped her breasts in rapid succession, making her moan harder.

"Get up," he ordered abruptly. He stood up and I closed my eyes hastily, worried that they would start paying more attention to me. I heard the sound of both of them getting up and then, to my utter horror, felt the warmth of them moving even closer towards me.

I held my breath until my lungs hurt. What were they doing?

I felt a hand hovering over my leg. I was wearing a nightgown, since I slept alone. And no underwear. My dress was held up by a single, thin strap and there was nothing stopping them from seeing how pebbled my nipples were. Maybe they would think it was the cold night that made my nipples hard.

I feigned a sleepy whimper and adjusted myself, then felt the soft touch of a man's rough hand on my thigh, pushing my dress slowly upwards.

"Stop it, Dom! She's a good girl!" I heard Jessica urge.

"She's never woken up before," he said.

Chapter 2*: Touched

He'd done this before?! That explained why I woke up some days with my inner thighs soaked! I was torn between feeling outraged and aroused. Maybe a little bit of both, if I was completely honest with myself.

I gasped as I felt his hand suddenly flick over my pebbled nipple. A jolt of pleasure coursed down my spine and I waved my hand in front of me, pretending to be slapping the hand in my sleep.

I mumbled something unintelligible.

"Stop it! She's going to wake up," Jessica murmured, urgently, but there was a hint of amusement in her voice, as if she was enjoying watching her lover groping me in my sleep.

"She seems to be liking this. Look how hard her nipple is getting," he said, his voice so deep and gravelly it vibrated through me. My nipple felt like it was on fire. I wanted nothing more than for him to continue touching me.

"Stop it, Dom," Jessica begged.

Please don't stop.

"Oh, you don't like it when I touch her?" he teased. As if to antagonize her even more, his fingers circled my nipple. I let out a soft moan as my body reacted to his touches. I wanted his hand between my legs, rubbing against my burning clit, but that would be too much to ask for. The last thing I wanted them to know was that I was awake, and enjoying being groped.

I felt heat rush to my cheeks and prayed that they wouldn't be able to see me blushing in the dim light.

His fingers moved from my nipple to circle around my breasts, pushing in the dress a little. I reminded myself to breathe steadily as his hands roamed over to finger my collarbone and neck.

Without warning, he pulled my dress strap over my shoulder and down my arm, exposing my naked breast to them. The cold air perked up my nipples even more and when he touched me again, I couldn't help but lean forward in pleasure. It felt so good to have his fingers on my body. He circled my exposed nipple with his finger, bringing the sensitive bud to life.

"Touch yourself, Jessica," he ordered and I heard her gasp as he pinched down on my nipple. Or maybe she was gasping because she was fingering herself. I dared not open my eyes to be sure.

Pleasure washed through my body. He tugged the loose sleeping gown over my other breast and massaged the ignored nipple, pinching and tweaking it to coax moans from my lips.

Instead of deterring him and scaring him away, the noises I made only spurred him to capture my nipples between his fingers, tugging gently to elicit louder moans from my lips.

"Told you she loves it," he said.

"Dom, please. Touch me," she begged, a hint of hysteria to her voice. She sounded desperate for him. I almost felt bad for her, but I was too busy feeling the ecstasy of his fingers on my skin.

"I want you to keep touching yourself."

He let go of my nipple and I whimpered at the loss of contact, only to inhale sharply when I felt something wet on my nipple. He was sucking my nipple into his mouth!

Little whimpers and moans left my lips as he licked and teased my nipple, making my body tremble in response. My inner thighs clenched together as I felt my pussy throb. I wanted to much to touch myself. My fingers were resting on my belly, where I could feel his warm breath.

When he finally let go, I was trembling with need, moisture leaking between my legs to betray my lust.

Unable to stand the teasing any longer, I turned around to my side so that my back was facing him and he was no longer teasing my nipples, hard and pebbled, even to my own eyes.

There was silence from the duo as they held their breaths and tried to figure out if I was awake. I snuggled into the pillows, feigning deep slumber.

I almost jumped when I felt his hand on my thigh, hiking my dress up all the way to my ass, exposing my naked buttocks to them. The cold air touched my clit and woke every nerve ending in my body.

"Do you think she'll wake up if I fuck her?" he asked.

A jolt of pleasure sizzled down my spine like electricity at the thought of him actually carrying out his words. I imagined his cock sliding slowly inside me, taking my virginity in my sleep. The cold air brushed against my clit like a whispered promise.

His hands moved slowly up my thigh. I trembled as I felt his calloused fingers rub against my skin. He cupped my buttocks and played with the soft mounds as I clenched my eyes shut and bit my bottom lip to keep moans from leaving my mouth.

"That's enough, Dom. I'm serious," she said.

To my dismay, his hands left my buttocks, but he didn't bother pulling my nightgown back down to cover my ass.

"Missing the action, slut?" he asked. I heard the sound of his hand slapping her ass. Then, he said, "turn around."

Aware that their voices were further away, I turned to my right so that I could see them. I opened my eyes and was momentarily blinded by the light coming in through the open window. The curtains had been pulled open and Jessica was pressed against the glass window, her breasts almost flattened against the screen. He pinned her arms over her head with one hand and used his other to trace the small of her back, causing her to shudder in arousal.

I could see the clear outline of her lithe body and felt somewhat envious of her perfect form.

"Do you enjoy being watched, you little slut?" he teased, fingers slipping in between her legs. She let out a low moan. Did they close the window before they got started? Her nipples must be freezing, pressed against the glass.

As he started fingering her, I couldn't help myself any longer. I slipped my hand up my dress and my cold fingers found the wetness between my legs easily. I drew in controlled breaths as my fingers rubbed against the throbbing, engorged clit and bit my bottom lip to keep myself from moaning.

Dom continued to push her against the large window, exposing her naked body for the world to see.

Jessica's palms pressed against the window, no longer needing to be pinned by her lover as he played with her clit.

"You're so fucking wet," he groaned, using an arm to hitch her leg up, forcing her to lean into the glass and balance on one leg.

"Oh, Dom! Oh!" she gasped, rocking her back into his finger, wanting to feel more of him inside her. To my stunned horror, he pressed his thumb into her anal hole as his forefinger and middle finger twitched inside her pussy.

His free hand clutched a handful of her hair and yanked her head to the side so he could taste the pulse in her neck.

"Someone- Oh! Someone's there!" she whispered, her voice hitched and panicked.

"Then you should say hello," he murmured.

I didn't know who was more horrified, me, or Jessica when he pulled his fingers from her pussy and opened the window, pushing her bodily outwards so that her upper body and naked breasts were outside the room. It was humiliating and disgraceful and oh, so, so hot. I felt my entire body burn up from merely watching. Jessica must be on fire!

He whistled shrilly through his teeth, getting the attention of the people downstairs and my heart stopped. The balls on that man!

"Oh my god!" Jessica gasped, horrified by what her lover was doing. "Dom! Pull me- Oh!"

He pushed his cock into her pussy and slammed into her hard and her protests turned into moans of pleasure, breasts swaying hard from the impact of his cock in and out of her, moving with an intensity that was almost too much to bear. His hands were on her breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples to draw louder moans from her lips.

I knew I should be worried about my neighbors hearing and mistaking the noise for me, but I was too busy fingering my clit to care. It was a worry for another day. Pleasure ran cold and hot up my spine, my pussy tightening and relaxing as it looked for something thick and hard to fill the throbbing walls.

From down the road, I heard the excited chatter and wolf whistles. I slid my finger into my pussy and wished I was the one getting fucked instead.

"Dom! Oh!" she gasped, back arching.

"I'm cumming," he growled, body convulsing as he held her close, pulling her back from the window. The disappointed shouts from the men down the road could be hear even in the room.

I turned away from them quickly, careful to pull my nightgown back up so that it exposed my buttocks and put me in the same position they had left me in earlier. I continued to feign sleep even as they groaned and moaned loudly by the window, the cold air coming in to make it even colder in the room.

My clit felt like it was on fire despite the decreasing temperature. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep, but it was impossible, what with the sound of their loud moans and groans. No longer were they worried about waking me up in the least.

Were they this loud usually as well? My heart was beating at a million miles a minute and when they finally stopped fucking and closed the window, I was relieved and partially disappointed that they were done. There was something erotic about being spectator to their private lovemaking.

The heavy scent of sweat and sex stayed in the room even after they left.

The moment the door closed behind them, I slid my finger into my throbbing hole and masturbated until I came before falling back into deep sleep.

Chapter 3*: Pep talk

"So, ," Jessica started after a long pause, jolting me from my reverie. "Have you finally talked to that librarian you've been lusting over for the past month?"

"I am not lusting over him!" I gasped. How did she know about Damien? I felt my heart squeeze tight in fear. Did she like him too? She was prettier and more outgoing. I can't hope to win against someone like her.

She rolled her eyes. "Sure you're not. Explains the fifth book you've borrowed without reading." She waved at the stack of books I kept next to the counter. I made a show of borrowing from the newly returned stack of books only because I could see Damien from the cart.

"I'll get to reading these," I said defensively, knowing that there was no way I could finish all five books before my next trip to the library. He had the day off yesterday so I was going to go tonight.

"Stop being coy and talk to him already," she urged, looking up from her laptop.

"I'm not playing coy," I huffed, relaxing a bit. It surprised me how acute she could be sometimes. She guessed about my crush on Damien just because I've been borrowing too many books?

She raised her eyebrow at me. "Alright, tell you what. If you don't talk to him tonight, I'm going to get my ass over there and seduce that motherfucker."

I frowned at her choice of words. Her warning settled in my mind and my heart squeezed in fear again. "You wouldn't!" I knew she was kidding. She didn't even know his name. But a small part of me was afraid she'd really do it and he would fall for her. She was outgoing, witty, and wore sexy clothes.

"I would," she said. "Just last week I was talking to a guy who was into having sex in public places," she added as if it was the most reasonable request in the world. "I bet the librarian would love to try out sex in a library."

I gasped, my face burning red at the imagery of sexy, debonair Damien from France savagely fucking Jessica against the bookshelves, his strong body over hers, pinning her to the return counter as she wrapped her legs around his torso. Maybe they would do it on the roof, or against the shelves in the encyclopedia section. The couch seemed like a nice place to do it.

He had his first button open one particularly hot summer night and I couldn't help but notice how much hair he had. I wondered if he would be hairy down there too. I turned away from her to hide my blushing cheeks.

"You're such an innocent," she laughed.

"Damien's too... quiet! I don't even know where to start!" I argued.

"You start with a 'hello' and then see where it goes from there. Jesus. I'm not telling you to fuck the guy on your first date," she laughed.

"Do you think he'd like me?" I asked, my voice small, unsure. I wished I didn't have such low self esteem.

"He'll be head over heels," she smiled softly and I couldn't help but remember how she looked yesterday night, hair askew and lips parted in soft moans. She shrugged and her breasts moved slightly with the simple gesture. "If he doesn't, I'll have a go. I've always wanted to fuck a Frenchman."

"He grew up in America," I said. "He's no less American than you or me."

"Yeah, but his parents are French. And I heard he's stupid rich. He's only working in the library cause he likes it there," she said.

"How do you know so much?" I frowned, suspicious. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for her to answer.