Maria Sibylla Merian - Christiansen Stella - książka

Maria Sibylla Merian książka papierowa

Christiansen Stella


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More than three centuries after Maria Sibylla Merian established herself as a scientific trailblazer – and after more than two centuries of obscurity – the work of this pioneering naturalist and artist is being rediscovered. Merian's work, "The New Book of Flowers", raised the artistic standards of natural history illustration. Published in 1675, the book employed impeccable botanic accuracy with artistic expression. In it, Merian moved away from traditional methods that favored single illustrations and instead composed her studies to explore the relationships between flowers and insects. This poster book draws its nearly two dozen illustrations from "The New Book of Flowers". Exquisitely reproduced, each illustration reveals the exacting detail and luminous colors that are the hallmark of Merian's work. Perfect for close study as well as decoration, this treasury of botanical delight will help brighten any room – and inspire anyone drawn to the beautiful world of flowers.

Liczba stron: 46

Format (wymiary): 28.0x35.0cm

ISBN: 9783791386003