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Making My Husband Watch: Giving It ALL To Jamal At a house party Cindy and Scott have a few too many drinks, and find themselves doing things they never thought they would. Scott has always had a fantasy of Cindy cuckolding him, but it’s been a long time since he’s even acknowledged those feelings since he doesn’t think she would go along with it. However when they start playing the drinking game Never Have I Ever and the question gets asked “Have you ever been with a black man?” Cindy shocks Scott with her blunt answer, saying she's always longed to have sex with a black man. Jamal loudly asks her if she wants too, and Scott is just drunk enough to suggest that Cindy give it a shot. Scott never thinks she’ll do it but to his shock she gets down on her knees right then and there to allow herself to be used and stretched out by Jamal in every way possible in front of the entire party.

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Making My Husband Watch | Giving It All To Jamal | Isabella Tropez

Making My Husband Watch

Giving It All To Jamal

Isabella Tropez

Scott lifted the glass to his mouth to take another sip as he watched his wife, Cindy, dancing. He looked at the whisky as he pulled it from his mouth and knew he should stop drinking. His head was already starting to spin, but the house party was in full swing and the host was happily topping up any empty glasses he saw. When his gaze went back to his wife, he knew she’d also enjoyed too much alcohol that evening. She was dancing on her own and that was a classic sign of her drunkenness.

Cindy could certainly move and the way she swayed her hips and tossed her long blonde hair around was definitely sexy. Her skirt was short enough that the hem was flying up to put plenty of naked thigh on view. Even in his happily drunken state, Scott couldn’t stop the hot rush of blood that stiffened his cock and he quickly crossed his legs. He looked away to try and get control of himself and quickly realized that he wasn’t the only man in the place with eyes for his wife.

The room was less crowded than earlier in the evening, but there were plenty of people still enjoying themselves. As Scott glanced around, he could see there were two or three men that were openly watching Cindy dance. He wondered if the pretty sight was making them erect too and a smile spread across his face as the fantasy took hold. The idea of his wife cuckolding him was one that plagued his mind during the early stages of their relationship. As he got to know her better, he came to suspect that it was something she wouldn’t be interested in and he never had the guts or got drunk enough to ask if she would do it.

After they got married he put the thought of it out of his head completely, but as he saw the way the men were ogling his dancing wife it came rushing back. He looked at the glass of whisky again and shook his head.

“Too much alcohol,” he said out loud.

The idea of Cindy cuckolding him stuck in his head, however, and he couldn’t shake it off. As he brought his gaze back to her, images of an erect cock sliding in her mouth and pussy filled his mind. His erection grew stronger and it strained against his pants, so he closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. He was concentrating so fully on calming himself down that he didn’t hear the music coming to an end.