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Roman Plesky

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Blurb: "Flower Island in the Atlantic" is just one of the many decorative names for the Pearl of the Atlantic. "Daughter of the volcano", "bride of the wind", "Garden Island" or "island of eternal spring" is also called Madeira. The green volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic has so much to offer. Steep high mountains and romantic coasts, unique lauraze forests and a fantastic blooming, picturesque villages and a truly charming capital. Let us discover "The Flower Island of the Atlantic". Step by step, frame by frame. Do you want to discover this incredible natural spectacle of Madeira at close range? Do you want to go to the most beautiful places, that has the Atlantic Pearl to offer? Do you want to shoot the most spectacular holiday pictures? Then this E-Book is the right tool for you! In this e-book, you will be inspired by the countless countryside and city photos. At the same time learns the user with the help of Google Maps locating, how to goes to the photo shot spots or where the pictures are taken from. Here you can try by self the high art of photography. The author is wishing a good success and a memorable holiday in one of the most breath taking area on this world.

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A Photo Travel Guide to Photo Shot

Spots Using Google Maps Locating


Before each trip, it is very useful to learn about the destination. A little planning really does not hurt, because you can use the time more effectively. To deal with tour planning on the site only, increase the expense of always getting shorter holiday period.

This photo guide is a tool for planning a vacation for your holidays in the stunning scenery of Madeira.

In order to get an overview of the roundtrip and to reach the most beautiful places, I recommend to use this e-book for help and hope that all your tours and pictures succeed. I hope, you will spend a memorable time.

Plesky Roman

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User Information

The use of this photo-travel-guide differs from the usual use of e-books. This guide should be used with a Book-Reader-App on a tablet or smartphone with internet access preferably. After the user has been inspired by the pictures enough, he can touch the pictures with one click or one tap, in order to see the location (where the picture is taken from) in Google Maps ❶. By pressing the pictures for a longer time, most e-book readers allow you to enlarge the image. ❷.

The same principle applies to the included maps or routes❸. In this way, the reader learns how he can reach the famous and beautiful places of the destination.

In rare cases, GPS-Data can have a difference of up to 200 meters. There is a small disadvantage in this system, if a picture has been photographed strongly zoomed or if the some shots has been caught from the plane or helicopter. However, a trained eye usually recognizes the position and direction of the photo shot position.❹.

Behind the many symbols are useful links hidden, to make your holiday planning easier. In this manner, the described topic can be extend in an individual way ❺.

Via the table of contents, you will be able to reach every in this e-book described destination quickly and easily.

In the first part of this e-book, the reader learns some basic information about the route and the country. The second part describes the destinations and the tours that can bee done.

In the last part, I mention a few tips in relation to the photo-equipment and daylight conditions. The last chapter also contains countless useful web-links.

The e-book is not intended to be a perfect Encyclopedia, but it should help to plan your stay in Madeira effectively.

❶ Clicking or tapping the image will take you to the location on Google Maps, where the picture was taken.

❷ The image can be enlarged by a longer tap. The enlarged image can be closed by clicking on the cross.

❸Tap the route maps to go to the Google Maps routes.

❹For images where it is difficult to see the position and direction, I recommend switching to the satellite view. In some photos I have already selected the satellite view because the default view is absolutely useless. In extremely difficult cases I have devised a system. The placemarkwas shifted in the opposite direction to the side edge, so that the viewing direction takes up most of the space for itself. The arrow on the lower figure illustrates the direction of view.

❺ Behind the many small icons and symbols are hidden many useful internet links.


Behind this symbol is a reference, which provides you more interesting information on the web (mostly from Wikipedia).

This symbol is linked to the route maps and leads to the same routes on Google Maps.

Behind this symbol is always an Internet reference to the described airport.

This icon will lead you to a website of a local transport company in the public space.

This symbol refers to a location of a stop (in some cases, the bus stops are arranged incongruously and you do not know which is the right one).

This symbol takes you to my 360 degree panoramas, which are also geo-located.

Apart from these examples, I have inserted other countless symbols with more information for you.


All photos published in the book have a copyright. It is prohibited to use these images for commercial purposes. Other pictures, tables or texts that were not made by me are quoted at the end of the particular chapter.

© Plesky Roman – Vienna – 2017

Table of Content


User Information


Table of Content

General Information

Useful Information

The Route

Entry Requirements

Domestic Specific Activities

Packing List

Local Traffic

Weather and best Travel Period

Madeira Roundtrip

Arrival Day – Funchal

The Flight to Madeira

Airport Santa Clara

Avenida Do Mar

Palácio de São Lourenço

Alfándega Velha

Praça da Autonomia

São Tiago

Igreja do Socorro

Praia de Barreirinha

Rua Santa Maria

Mercado dos Lavradores

Sé Cathedral

Praça de Municipio

Igreja do Cólegio

Câmara Municipal

Convento de Santa Clara

Rua das Cruzes

Fortaleza de São João do Pico

Hotel Monte Carlo

Jardim Municipal

Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

Praça do Infante


Public Bath Lido

Estrada Monumental

Reid‘s Hotel

Old Town General

Day 2 – East Madeira


Miradouro Machico & Sao Lourenco


Pico do Facho

View of the Eagle Rock



Ribeiro Frio & Miradouro Balcões

Pico do Arieiro

Avenida do Mar – Water Front

Potato Bread bolo do caco

Parque Santa Catarina

Capela de Santa Catarina

Quinta Vigia (Residence of the regional president)

Seaman’s Monument

Columbus Statue

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum

Pricipado Ilheu da Pontinha

The Port

Casino da Madeira

Day 3. – Ponta de São Lourenço

En Route to Ponta de São Lourenço

Ponta de São Lourenço

Miradouro das Neves

Day 4. – West Madeira

Câmara de Lobos

Cabo Girao

Ribeira Brava

Plateau Paul da Serra

Porto Moniz


Sao Vincente


Day 5. – Boat trip with Dolphin Watching


Fort Sao Tiago

Elevator Fajã dos Padres

Cabo Girao

Camara de Lobos

Principality Pontinha

Fort Jao do Pico

Botanical Garden

Day 6. – The Valley of the Nuns

Eira do Serrado

Curral da Freiras

On The Road

Miradouro Pico dos Barcelos

Day 7. – Monte


City Park Parque do Monte

Teleferico Funchal -Monte

Jardim Tropical Monte Palace

Departure station of the basket sleds

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte

Square Largo da Fonte

Museu do Bordado

Madeira Story Centre

Miradouro Vila Guida

Departure Day

Up to date


The Photo-Equipment

The Solar Laps


Links and Apps











Packing list








*** UP TO DATE ***

General Information

- Useful Information

- The Route

- Entry Requirements

- Domesticspecific Activities

- Packing List

- Local Traffic

- Weather and Best Travel Period

Useful Information



Madeira (in portuguese madeira for "wood") is a Portuguese island located 951 km (591 miles) southwest of Lisbon and 737 km (458 miles) west of the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

The island of Madeira with the smaller island of Porto Santo and the uninhabited island group IlhasDesertas and Savage Islands, build together the autonomous region of Madeira.