Lust & Monsters 1 - 3 - Daisy Rose - ebook

The last person Anna expects to fall for is a demon she accidentally summons in a satanic ritual. The sexy demon isn't patient when it comes to fulfilling his carnal desires and breaches her every defense to control and dominate her body. To make matters more complicated, the innocent young woman gets in even more trouble when a wolf shifter falls for her too. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Excerpt From Lust & Monsters 3: It was a full week before I decided that I was never leaving the apartment if I waited for the love bites on my body to fade. Dante was doing it on purpose, leaving his marks on my skin on places that couldn't be easily hidden so people would know that I was his.  "We should introduce ourselves to the neighbors," I declared, having made up my mind only an hour before the dinner party. I was no longer walking with a limp and I was eager for some fresh air. "Have you filled in the forms for the apartment?" I asked. He nodded absently from the door, leaning against it as he had done for the past half an hour, just staring. I had gotten used to the way he looked at me as if he was ready to swallow me whole. I closed the laptop and dangled my feet off the bed. The sun was barely starting to set but Dante looked like he was ready to call it a day already when he walked towards me. "Dante! I'm serious," I said, pulling away when he pinned me to the bed with his arms on my shoulders, pushing me back down.  "Why?" he asked, kissing the nape of my neck. I moaned when I felt him suck the small, bruised skin into his mouth to reaffirm his mark.  "Dante, at this rate I'll be black and blue all over," I whispered, my hands tightening on his arms. "Beautiful," he breathed as he kissed down the dip of my collar, pushing the buttoned blouse aside so he could burrow his face further down my breasts.  "Dante, I wanna meet the neighbors later!" I gasped, pushing him away seriously. He looked slightly hurt, but nodded with a light smile.  "Fine," he said, pulling me to my feet but keeping his arms around my waist. "But we will continue this after," he promised.  I gulped and nodded. My eyes widened when I saw how his form changed from the horned demon to a perfectly ordinary human male, his skin tone turning creamier, more alive. He was still incredibly sexy. "I prefer you with horns," I said out loud, then blushed when I realized what I had done. He grinned. "I prefer you naked."

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BOOKS 1 - 3

Supernatural Romance, Domination & Submission, MFM, BDSM

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This book contains:

Lust & Monsters Book 1: Accidental Contract

"What are you?"

"You know exactly what I am."

He stepped forward and I backed away until the back of my knee touched the cold bathtub. I yelped as I fell backwards and he wrapped his arms around my waist to keep my head from hitting the porcelain tub.

"I'm the demon you summoned," he whispered, his lips so close to my ear that goose bumps erupted from where his breath brushed my skin. "And now you're mine."

When Anna joins her ex-bullies in a summoning ceremony, she doesn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't a cut on her palm and a sexy demon hard on her heels.

He claims to be there to grant her wishes. But at what cost?

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Lust & Monsters Book 2: Under His Spell

"Perhaps I've finally gotten insane," he agreed, his eyes narrowing. "I only have you to blame."

His hips continued to move against mine, corruptive and enticing. Keeping a hand locked around my wrists, he explored the insides of my thighs, his touch leaving trails of fire on my skin.

When his fingers left my skin, I wanted them back.

"You feel this too, don't you? The fire?" he growled.

I could only moan in response...

Anna's life just got a lot more complicated, and that's saying something considering she doesn't remember anything about her past due to her memory loss.

The last thing she needs is two sexy alpha males, one of whom is a horned demon, fighting for her attention, but she doesn't have a say in the primal pleasures they introduce to innocent body.

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Lust & Monsters Book 3: Loving The Beasts

"If I'm not gentle, you'll break," he whispered when we parted for air.

"Then break me..." I breathed, taking in the scent of his body, now mixed with a deep-seated lust that burned my lungs. I licked my lips and steeled my resolve before leaning up to kiss him, sucking in his lower lip and teasing it with my tongue, then nipped down hard enough to draw blood.

"And fix me," I said, tasting metal on my mouth.

When two sexy alpha males offer Anna the world in exchange for her body, she refuses. After all, one had shattered her heart and the other used her... and both are, literally, monsters.

How can an innocent young female fight against two savage beasts eager to take her?

She can't.

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Lust & Monsters 1


Supernatural Romance, Short story

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

Chapter 1: Bullies & Hotties

I thought bullying was a phase people grew out of when they finished high school.

Evidently not.

I grabbed the handle and pulled as hard as I could. It rattled, but didn't budge. I tried pushing it. Nope.

I hadn't been paying much attention when I walked down the hallway to class. Someone grabbed my backpack and yanked me backwards. I only caught a glimpse of the group of blond-haired girls before I was pushed into a janitor's closet. A glimpse was all I needed. The door slammed loudly as I fell onto the shelves, my heavy backpack cushioning my fall.

The impact forced the air out of my lungs. Bottles of detergent fell onto the floor and I hurriedly got up so that none will fall on my head.

Their triumphant cheers filled my ears slowly and I rubbed the back of my head as I pressed my ear to the cold door.

"We didn't hurt her, did we?" a female voice asked timidly from the other side of the door.

"Nah. She'll be fine," another voice said.

Someone asked a more important question, "Did she see our faces?"

You bet I did, I wanted to say. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction. I didn't need to see their faces to know who they were. These were the same group of girls who enjoyed tormenting me all through high school.

I should have done my research before accepting the scholarship to the college. If I had known they were going to be here, I- I wouldn't have done anything different anyways. It wasn't as if the orphanage was rolling in money.

"Doesn't matter. It's not like she has the guts to go to the Dean. Right, Anna?" Jessica taunted. She banged the door loudly with her fist and I drew back in surprise, backing into the shelf and causing it to rattle loudly as my backpack slammed into it again.

The laughter made my cheeks burn.

"We'll let you out after class!" Kelly said gleeful and they went their way, heels clicking loudly against the tiled floor.

Sighing, I pushed away from the shelf and glided my hands along the rough, stone wall, flinching at the thought of touching all the bacteria on the walls. I sneezed and blinked dust out of my eyes, then continued exploring the walls on either side of the door, praying that the light switch was installed in the room.

It was a few seconds before I found it. I must have moved passed it a dozen times out of panic. I switched it on and the light flickered before finally lighting up the small cupboard. There was a mop and a broom in one corner and a shelve right behind me. The room was barely big enough for me to fully stretch out my arms.

Fighting back the panic of being trapped here forever, I tried to find my phone. I wasn't some sort of barbarian. I had technology. I just needed to call someone and- Damn it. It wasn't in my pants. Maybe I had it in my backpack. I swung it around in front of me so hard that it hit another bottle on the shelf and made it fall to the floor.

"Ahhh," I shouted, and then resisted the urge to start cursing. I needed to keep a level head. This was just a temporary setback. It wasn't as if I had never been locked in a janitor's closet before. Sure, this was smaller than I was used to and I hadn't stashed any food on the shelves. I should really introduce myself to the janitors if I was going to be spending more time here.

I searched my bag for the phone and couldn't help but curse when I couldn't find it. "Where are you," I turned the bag over and threw everything on the ground. Books, notebooks, half a dozen pen, a pair of sunglasses, a scarf... no phone.

My breathing turned shallow and my heart pounded hard against my chest. I pounded my fist against the wall and screamed as loudly as I could.

"Help! Get me out of here! Can anybody hear me? Help!!"

My voice was two pitches higher than normal and I continued to scream until my voice was hoarse.

It wasn't long before I grew tired of screaming. Wasn't this a college? Surely somebody would walk past. I banged my head against the door repetitively and said in a dull monotone, "Let me out. Let me out. Let me out."

I sounded like an introduction to a horror movie. I cleared my throat and tried to sound less like a haunted spirit coming from the cupboard.

"Somebody help me. Please!" I pounded the door.

Then, I took a break and sat down to take a drink of water. At least I was prepared. There were a few snack bars in the bag and a bottle of water that should last me a day. I continued kicking the door with my shoe as I drank some water.

Jessica was right. I wouldn't go to the Dean to let him know about my problems. I was here on scholarship. I wasn't making them any money so I sure as hell shouldn't be causing any problems.

It's not a big deal. What's getting locked in a closet in the grand scheme of things? In a few years, I would graduate and be free of their teasing.

As I was looking through the bottles of detergent and wondering if any of them could be drinkable, the door opened.

There was a giant figure at the door. The bright light blinded me for a moment and I had to stop myself from covering my eyes with my arm. I was enough of a cliché as it was.

I considered bolting past him to avoid any questions, but the moment I looked up, I realized I had made a horrible mistake.

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I heard his friends call him Soju, like the drink. I could drink him all night long. Not that I would ever have the chance. He was way beyond my league.

His hair was combed neatly in spikes all over his head and his eyes were an impossible shade of gold that seemed to shine.

His jaw was tense when he looked down at me. He didn't need to be a genius to figure out what happened.

"Did someone lock you in here?" he asked nevertheless.

My cheeks reddened. "What?" I exclaimed with mock incredulity and forced a laughed. "Of course not! I was in here for soap. The ladies toilet is all out," I grabbed the nearest bottle on the floor.

His eyebrow arched as he read the label on the bottle. "That's bleach."

"Cleans like nothing else," I said. There was nothing quite as humiliating as getting saved by the hot guy I've had a crush on since I started college.

"I thought only high school children do things like this," he said, deadpanned. He extended a hand to help me up. I eyed it suspiciously and couldn't help but check behind him to make sure there was nobody else there before taking his hand. It was warm and large and comforting. I wished he didn't have to let go when he did.

"It's not a big deal," I mumbled with a shrug. "Thanks for opening the door."

"You should report this," he said, helping me collect my books and stuff them into my backpack.

"That'll just make things worse," I said, knowing a deep crimson was spreading across my cheeks. He even smelled good. Like soap. "I learned a long time ago that reacting just means they win."

I could see from my peripheral vision that he was staring at me with an expression akin to pity. Damn it. I wanted him to like me, not feel bad for me!

"Anyways, I got to get to class. I'll see you around," he said quickly, almost eager to get away from me. Maybe he thought being a loser was contagious.

I waited for him to be out of earshot before whispering, "We're going to the same class."

Chapter 2: Classes and Heroes

"Who let four eyes out?" Jessica called the moment I stepped into the classroom. I heard the girls laugh and flinched when I saw Soju's look of understanding from the second row. It was a small miracle he never noticed we were in the same economics class. Then again, I kept my head down and was careful not to get myself noticed.

Now he knew the people responsible for my little mishap. Soju sent the girls a glare, but they were too busy laughing amongst themselves to notice. It was probably for that best that they didn't. The less he associated with the girls, the better. I heard from the grapevine that Jessica was single and looking for her next arm candy.

I walked a little faster towards my seat. It was just my luck that they needed to take Econs 101. I couldn't drop the class since I didn't want to have to explain why.

At least I was doing well. More than well. I was the one skewing the curve and making it harder for anyone to get a higher grade, something the professor, thankfully, didn't disclose to everyone in class.

My only consolation was that by doing well, I was causing some of the girls to fail. They needed to retake the course since it was part of their major.

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to breathe deep and keep calm. When I opened them, the professor had entered the class.

I sighed in relief, letting go of the breath I didn't realize I had been holding. I could feel their eyes on me, just staring, waiting to make a move. They could keep staring while I focused on class. There was a reason they were failing.

Two long hours of note-taking later, I was ready to bolt out the door. Last to come, first to leave. That usually stopped the girls from having the chance to mess with me.

No sooner had I put my notes in my bag were they yanked out of my hands.

"Hey!" I exclaimed reaching to pull the notes back.

Jessica was holding onto them and waving them just beyond my reach. "Heard you're doing well for the class! Friends share notes with friends," Jessica said.

I couldn't help but snort at that. "We're not friends, Jessica."

Her upper lip quivered and she managed to pout convincingly. "I'm just trying to be nice. Right, Gabriella?" she turned to one of the girls. Gabriella was a pretty nice girl before she joined Jessica's gang. We partnered for Science class a few times.

Jessica twirled her hair as she waited for her friend to back her up. There were hints of strawberry at the end of her long blond hair.

Gabriella looked mildly uncomfortable. It was one thing to make fun of me when nobody else was looking and another matter altogether when they were doing it in a classroom full of people.

Most of our course mates had stopped in their tracks to watch the drama unfold. I didn't blame them. I would rather be any one of them now.

For several moments, Gabriella said nothing. Then, she said earnestly, "May we borrow your notes please?"

I was stunned by the sincerity in her voice. "Only if I can have it back later," I whispered.

"Thanks," she smiled. I wasn't the only one who was surprised. Jessica turned to her friend with a glare and Gabriella flinched.

"Is everything alright?" a masculine voice asked. My hero.

"Everything's fine," I said before anyone could have a chance to respond. I didn't need a big, strong man to come to my rescue and I certainly didn't need him to feel even sorrier for me. I was pathetic enough without his help.

Jessica swirled around, fully intent to show the newcomer exactly what she did to people who interrupted her, only to melt in the presence of Mr. Sexypants.

"Hi," she waved at Soju weakly, her perfectly manicured nails glimmering prettily.

Jessica towered over me but still had to tilt her head up to look at Soju, who glowered at her.

Soju ignored Jessica pointedly and turned to me. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Everything's fine," I repeated. "Gabriella just wants to borrow my notes," I said.

"Yeah," Gabriella managed a half smile. "And apologize for this-."

"Are you two friends?" Jessica interrupted, stepping between me and Soju so he had to look at her. She was very pretty. A part of me was instantly worried she would have him under her spell.

"Yeah," Soju said, causing my eyes to bulge in disbelief. Sure, he saved me earlier that day, but that hardly made us friends. "Are you friends?" he asked in return, still staring suspiciously at Jessica.

"Anna and I go way back, right girls?" Jessica gushed, oozing with sincerity. Her big brown eyes were convincingly earnest and the rest of the girls echoed confirmations.

I was still too busy gaping at Soju. He only learned my name two seconds ago when Jessica said it.

"Listen, there's a party at the house tonight. Why don't you come?" Jessica asked Soju.

"Anna and I would love to go," Soju said, causing my jaw to fall even further from my face. The sorority house was not a place I wanted to step in. It was bad enough to have to deal with Jessica and a couple of girls, but an entire house of them? There was no way in heaven or hell that this would end in any good way.

"I don't think that's-"

"It'll be fun!" Gabriella chimed. "I promise," she said.

Now I was certain there was something wrong.

"We'll see you two tonight!" Jessica chirped, smiling brightly. She was really pretty when she's not being a total bitch.

"What the hell?" I blurted and turned to glare at Soju. For someone so ridiculously hot, he sure was dumb.

He stood there a moment and looked at me with narrow-eyed puzzlement. "Maybe you guys can be friends!" he said, sensing that he had made a mistake.

I groaned and swung my bag over my shoulder. "You just don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?"

"I don't want to be friends with them. I just want them to leave me alone."

It gave me a certain satisfaction to be the one turning my back to him as I walked away. It still hurt though.

Chapter 3: Party of Lies

"Here's some more stuff for you Anna," Professor Sid said absent-mindedly as he tossed an entire bucket of plastic beakers into the sink, successfully dirtying the tubes that I had just finished cleaning.

I counted to ten under my breath so I wouldn't explode.

"Please lock the door behind you after you're done," he said, wandering off. He turned off the lights before leaving the lab.

I was suddenly in complete darkness.

Closing my eyes, I counted backwards from ten. I took off my cleaning gloves and walked to the door so I could turn the lights back on, having made the journey enough times to not knock into anything on the way there.

I was paid by the hour, so it shouldn't matter that I needed to do more work. It was still annoying. Professor Sid had the superpower of using way more equipment than humanly possible for a single experiment.

Sighing, I started cleaning up the beakers. At least they weren't glass. He shattered glass equipment more than a few times before. Those were harder to clean up.

Knock, Knock.

I drew a deep breath and took off the gloves. "Did you forget something, professor?" I asked, walking towards the door.

I swung the door open, hoping he hadn't found something else for me to clean. It wasn't the professor.

I cleared my throat, warning myself to be polite. "How did you find me?"

Soju's cool brown eyes warmed at little even as I turned my back towards him. "I asked around," he admitted sheepishly.

"Who did you ask?"

"There's a guy in the team who went to high school with you. James."

James Danny. I remembered him. Jessica's ex. I didn't think he'd notice me but it was probably hard not to notice the girl his girlfriend kept messing with. "I didn't know he was in the football team," I murmured.

"Guy's pretty good," he said.

"I didn't know you were into football." I glanced at the sweat dripping down his face and his football jersey and sighed. He was too cool to be wasting time with me.

He grinned. "I'm very good," he said shamelessly.

I couldn't help but giggle. "I bet you are." He had the body for it. Lean, tall, and muscular.

"I figured we could go out for dinner before going to the party," he said.

My smile fell away.

He followed me to the basin and watched as I started filling the sink with soapy water. "It'll be fun."

"Sure," I said nonchalantly. "But you know what would be more fun? Not risking it."

"We're in college now. I don't think they'll be that petty. And I'll be there," he gave me his best puppy-dog eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh. I wanted so much to say yes and go to the stupid party with him.

How many nights had I stayed awake fantasizing about the day he'd ask me out. Now was my chance! I just didn't count on it coming with a side-serving of Jessica and her gang.

"You'd have to get me home before ten," I said, praying the nuns would allow me to stay an hour past the nine pm curfew. They probably wouldn't notice I was gone anyways. There were too many people in the church's orphanage and too little caretakers. Not much money either.

He grinned. "It's a deal." He gestured to my work, "Mind if I help?"

"Knock yourself out."

He laughed and joined me by the sink.


My nails dug into my arms. I knew I shouldn't have come. Soju stayed by my side for an impressive fifteen minutes before one of the girls asked him for a dance and practically dragged him into the crowd of people gyrating against each other. The flickering lights and loud music were disagreeing with my head.

Soju had gotten me a drink and promised that there's barely any alcohol in there. He even took a sip from the drink to prove to me that it was safe to drink.

I knew I made it hard for him, especially since I insisted on not joining the dance. There was very little to do.

At least dinner was nice. We went downtown to grab a sandwich and walked all the way to the sorority house for the party. I learned that his parents worked research in the university and was teaching some of the more advanced classes. He was doing everything he could to avoid taking those classes.

I managed a smile. It didn't have to be all bad. If only I could just try and fit in. The dancing crowd looked like they had formed a wall built to keep me away.

I never thought too much about the people around me. They always looked like they were having so much fun. Between work, school, and my responsibilities in the church, I've always felt lost among crowds. It never bothered me too much that I didn't fit in.

I cut my thoughts off by finishing the drink in my hand. It was vile. Bitter and sweet all at once with a burning sensation when it went down my throat.

I carefully maneuvered away from the crowd and tried to make myself as unnoticeable as possible in the kitchen. There was a mountain of cups on the table. I resisted the urge to clean up the mess. It was amazing how so many people managed to miss the black trash bag just hanging by the door.

"Oh hey, Anna. You really came," Jessica's grating voice carried above the loud throbbing bass of the music.

I forced a smile as I turned to her. "Yeah. Soju wanted to check out the party."

"Oh yeah? Where is he?" she glanced around, noticing the severe lack of my companion.

"I think Lindsay got him for a few dances," I shrugged, trying to check out the time without looking like I was trying to run away. It was almost nine thirty. "Look, I don't wanna start anything, okay? I'll just wait for Soju to be done and he'll drive me back," I said, backing away from her the same way people planned their escape from dangerous animals.

"Stay," she said instantly. "The other girls and I are doing something fun. Why don't you join us?"

I stared at her suspiciously. Every fiber of my being was screaming for me to run the other way. Whatever she was up to, it wasn't any good and I didn't want any part of it. Maybe I could just walk back.

I jumped when Gabriella materialized behind me and said, "Yeah, stay." How long had she been there?

Before I realized what was happening, I was being dragged by my arm up the stairs. I caught a glimpse of Soju's soft hair before he was swallowed by the crowd. Would he feel sorry for me if I died here? I'd always had a feeling that my life would end before I got old, but I didn't want it to end tonight.

"Jessica, where're you taking me?" I muttered, my eyes glued to her golden pink hair. My father's face appeared behind my eyelids and I resisted the urge to run away screaming. I knew better than to give in to my feelings. After all, he was too far to find me.

"You'll see," she answered brightly.

Jessica opened the door to her right and pulled me in with her.

This was it. Here was where I was going to die.

My eyes took a little while to adjust to the dark, but to my surprise, Jessica wasn't lying. They were doing something together, but I wouldn't describe it as 'fun'.

The other girls were all in the room and they were sitting in a circle. They were each holding a black candle. In their middle was a bowl of water, a mirror, and an Ouija board.

"Oh, you found four eyes!" Kelly exclaimed loudly.

Jessica glared at her. "Don't be cruel, Kelly," she hissed even though she was the one who came up with the nickname. Her grip on my arm tightened, as if worried I would run away given the first chance. Smart girl. "Thanks for joining us, Anna," Jessica turned to me with a sickeningly sweet smile.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"We're playing a game and we need your help," Jessica explained.

I eyed the black candles and the haunted-looking Ouija board. "I don't think it's wise to be messing with things like these, Jessica," I whispered.

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun!"

I pulled away, but the door was firmly slammed behind me and Gabriella was standing in front of it. I knew it was too good to be true.

"What're you doing here anyways?" I asked.

"Summoning spell," Kelly said as if that explained everything. "We're trying to summon the prince of devils."

"Have you guys all like, never watched horror movies? This is literally how it starts," I rolled my eyes and let myself be pulled into the circle. A candle was lit and placed in front of me instantly. I sat crossed legged, curiosity getting the better of me.

It was nice to be included in something. Even something as stupid as this.

"And why are we summoning the prince of devils?" I asked.

"He grants wishes," Sandy answered, her eyes large and sad. She wasn't in any of my classes.

Jessica waited until Sandy was no longer staring at me before whispering into my ear, "She lost her parents in an accident recently."

"Oh." I glanced around the circle and saw that they were looking at her too. Maybe I judged them too soon. Were they doing this to help their friend grief? It was an odd way to grief, but maybe she needed all the support they could give.

"Okay, now that we're all here, let's hold hands," Jessica said, watching me with a strange look.

I paused, then allowed her to grab me by my wrist. Weird way to hold my hand, but whatever. I linked hands with Gabriella, who smiled kindly at me. I frowned, not trusting the kindness in her smile.

"Not you, Anna. You'll hold the mirror," Sandy said.

"Why me?" I couldn't help but ask even though I was already reaching for the mirror.

"We need a virgin for this part of the ceremony."

I snorted, but couldn't find the appropriate response to that. It was no secret that I grew up in an orphanage. It wasn't like I could bring guys back to the room that I shared with a dozen other girls.

I looked into the mirror, seeing my own reflection in it. I had a smile on my face. This was nice. Maybe the girls weren't too bad after all.

"Sandy?" Jessica nodded to her.

Sandy looked around the circle and then started mumbling something in a language that sounded decidedly evil. There was a sudden heaviness in the air. The flames flickered, casting shadows all around us.

My stomach felt on fire and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"When everything's done, I need you to look into the mirror, then pass it along the circle," Jessica whispered amidst Sandy's incantations. She had her head thrown back and was very much in-character.

My palm was growing sweaty. There was a strange pressure in the room. Or maybe a presence...

"Now we just need the blood," Sandy said, turning to me.

"What blood?" I asked, my tongue suddenly heavy.

"We just need a bit of your blood," she repeated like it was no big deal.

"You've got to be kidding- Ah!"

I shrieked when she twisted my hand and sliced my palm with a penknife. She must've cut too deep cause the blood spurt out from my palm and onto her pretty white dress and she screamed too.

She let go and I drew my hand back, clenching tightly to stop the blood from dripping everywhere.

"Why would you do that?!" I passed the mirror to Gabriella, catching my own pale reflection and something else. I gasped.

There was a face behind me. Not a man. A devil. His horns were large and imposing, curving over his forehead like large snakes, reaching towards me. His hair and eyes were pitch black. His pretty lips twisted into a wicked grin.

Dante, a voice in my head whispered.

I dropped the mirror in shock, but Gabriella managed to catch it before it shattered.

"Shit. I'll get some bandage," Gabriella exclaimed, breaking me from the spell. She took the mirror and put in on the floor before I could drop it. I twisted around, but there was nothing there. Maybe I imagined it.

"Don't bother," I said, heading for the door. I paused as I opened the door. "Let's never do this again," I mumbled hopelessly.

"Anna! I'm sorry! Wait-" Jessica yelled at my back as I swung the door closed.

I grabbed my wrist with my other hand and hurried down the stairs, where I had seen a bathroom down the hall by the kitchen.

Chapter 4: The Summoned Demon

I opened the bathroom door with a grateful sigh, never so happy to be alone in my life.

My hand stung where they cut me. Jessica probably didn't mean to cut deep. They had never been malicious before. They taunted and teased and deeply inconvenienced, but they had never hurt me physically. Not until today.

Jessica had gotten worse. A small voice in my head cautioned that I needed to fight back before it gets any worse. It was just an accident, another voice whispered. And she apologized, didn't she?

I unclenched my fist and flinched at the amount of blood that pooled there. The last thing I needed was an infection.

I reached for the sink, hoping to wash off the blood and access the damage. It didn't hurt too much. Probably just a flesh wound.

A dark chuckle vibrating through the room made me stop short. "Poor baby. Let me take care of that for you, hmm?"

Before I could draw in the breathe to scream, a hard hand wrapped itself around my wrist and pulled me into a naked, hot chest. There was nobody in here when I came in here! I was certain of that.

All the air left my lungs and I looked up at my captor with widened eyes. His eyes were fully dark, not a hint of white to counter the abyss of his pupils and when he looked at me, my heart stopped. He was beautiful in the most horrifying way.

I wanted to scream, but that was impossible to do without breathing and I couldn't do that either. Not with him so close to me. Touching me.

He tilted his head as he examined my cut carefully, almost marveling at the way the blood was trickling down my wrist.

"So red. So alive. So human," he hissed. His voice trembled, rumbling through his chest and to my body. I pulled back and he wrapped his free hand around my waist automatically to keep me pinned. He was neither muscular nor thin, but he held me with a grip that felt completely permanent. My lungs were screaming for air and yet still I couldn't inhale.

His skin was so pale it was ashen and on his head were the giant horns that I had seen in the mirror. He gave me a devilish, grin, showing off his sharp fangs before flickering his tongue delicately up my wrist, tasting the blood and licking his lips. Still grinning, he licked around the wound.

I gasped, feeling as if flames licked against my skin, but instead of pain, it was almost pleasant. The odd sensation went from my skin down my body, warming me with it's incredible heat.

His sharp fangs shone when he smirked down at my awestruck face. He pressed my palm against his lips. "There, isn't that better?" he purred, kissing the cut that was no longer there.

His hold on my waist tightened and he dropped my hand to curl his fingers into my hair. He pulled me closer to him, as if we weren't completely molded together already.

"Remember to breathe, human," he murmured.

I drew in a shuddering breath, filling my lungs with his scent. He smelled like burned pine. unsure if this was real. This can't be real. I glanced into the mirror, catching my own wide, fearful eyes and his impressive figure. His hair was jet black and reached just a little above his neck. I couldn't tell where his hair stopped and his horns began. Something flickered in the corner of my eyes and I gasped when I saw that it was his tail.

He had a tail. I lost too much blood and was hallucinating.

His grip on my hair tightened and he twisted my head back to him to focus on his pupil-less eyes. It was like staring into an unlit cave. There was no reflection, just pure darkness.

I had never felt so weak in my entire life. Or so desired. The way he looked at me was how I wished Soju would look at me.

He dipped his head closer to mine, his dark hair falling like a curtain over his eyes and blocking out my light.

"I've been waiting an eternity for this," he whispered, breath warm against my lips, before closing the distance between us and taking my lips as his own.

If his tongue on my palm had been warm, this was scorching hot. He growled, his grip on my waist tightening to the point of bruising as his tongue skimmed my trembling lips, wordlessly asking permission for more.

I parted my lips without thought and he thrust inside, his tongue fluttering over my teeth before going deeper still. When our tongues touched, the sensation transcended physical pleasure. I could taste my own metallic blood on him. There was a hint of sweetness there.

Urgent need flowed through my body and before I realized what I had done, my arms had wrapped around his neck, pulling him down to me to deepen the kiss. He groaned again and I felt something hard press against my body.

It was my first kiss, and the hottest kiss of my life. It was most probably going to be my last kiss as well since I had obviously gone completely insane and was kissing a figment of my imagination. They were going to lock me up in a crazy prison and I was going to spend the rest of my life eating oatmeal.

As if he could sense that my attention was waning, he tugged my hair and pulled back sharply, causing a sharp pain on my scalp. My scream was muffled by his mouth.

I felt his lips curve into a satisfied smirk as he tasted me.

When he pulled back, we were both panting for breath. My breathing quickened and grew heavier. "You're delicious. Perhaps I'll have more," he groaned, his kiss trailing down my neck and finding a pulse there.

"Let go of me," I whispered, the words coming out like a moan instead of a demand.

He chuckled, his chest rumbling against my own. "No," he said simply, kissing my neck and sucking the pulse there, tongue sending jolts down my spine.

I unwound my arms from his neck and tried to push him away with my palms on his shoulders. It was like trying to push against a brick wall. He chuckled even more, finding my efforts to free myself humorous.

I tried to scratch him with my nails, but couldn't muster the willpower to actually hurt him.

He pressed his nose to my neck and breathed deeply. "You smell so good," he muttered, taking in another deep breath.

"If you don't let go, I'm going to scream," I warned.

He laughed. "Do you think mere humans could take me?"

I pushed him away again and this time, he let me. My face burned red when I caught sight of his naked torso. I was wrong when I said he wasn't muscular. He wasn't bulky like that jocks in high school, but there were definite muscles on his body. And he was completely naked.

I quickly looked away, blushing brightly. "What are you?" I asked, trying hard to look anywhere but him.

He leaned forward and his eyes glinted. "You know exactly what I am."


He stepped forward and I backed away until the back of my knee touched the cold bathtub. I fell backwards and he wrapped his arms around my waist to keep my head from hitting the porcelain tub.

"I'm the demon you summoned," he whispered, his lips so close to my ear that goose bumps erupted from where his breath brushed my skin. "And now you're mine."

Chapter 5: The Contract

There was a sharp series of knocks on the door that drew both our attentions.

"Anna, are you in there? Are you alright?" Soju shouted.

"I'm fine," I said, blushing when I realized I was being held so closely by a naked man. I pushed him away and he let me, taking a careful step back. There was a curious expression on his face.

I went to the mirror and started to comb my hair. My lips were red from his passionate kiss and there was still a bit of blood on my hand. Parts of my shirt were stained red but there wasn't anything I could do about that for now.

"I'll be right out," I shouted. Then, I turned to the man- the devil. "Leave me alone," I hissed, surprising myself with how calmly I was handling my hallucination.

His smirk followed me as I left the bathroom.

A girl quickly disappeared inside. "Wait! There's someone-" I heard the sound of her heaving and emptying the contents of her stomach, "-never mind."

Of course there was no one there. I was going insane.

"Holy shit, Anna, is that blood? What happened to you?" Soju exclaimed the moment he saw me.

"Something stupid cut me," I said, the half-truth coming out rather smoothly. I looked at the blood splatters on my shirt. My hand was completely healed, not even a scar to show where the cut had been.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine," I said. "Can you take me home, please? I mean, I'd walk, but this is a bit far from where I live."

"Yeah. Of course," he frowned, but didn't ask any more questions until we were back in his car.

The silence between us hung awkwardly as he drove me back.