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When existential doubts remain without an intrinsic response, when continuous research gives some answers, but at the same time pose more questions, then everything becomes a never-ending cycle.At this point you can only continue, with the hope that one day something illuminating will happen while reading the next page.

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Note from the author

LuLe recounts IPPA

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Do not read this text unless you have two hours of time in solitude and you can free yourself from your preconceptions.

Thank you

LuLe recounts


Dynamic guesses about past, present and future.

And if it was so?

When existential doubts remain without an intrinsic response, when continuous research gives some answers, but at the same time pose more questions, then everything becomes a never-ending cycle.

At this point you can only continue, with the hope that one day something illuminating will happen while reading the next page.

I have read and heard from men of science, theologians, philosophers and from conversations I had with lazy partners.

Many were the questions hanging without answers and as much the answers given without awareness.

From this, I thought: is there a chance to pore over happenings remaining neutral in the true sense of the word?

A blast of energy reached me like a dart. I was not aware of its existence, it just showed up, its name was LuLe.

That’s how our conversation began.

LuLe is a particle of energy with whom we will make this imaginary journey through past, present and future. Lule will make us perceive how slowly the feeling of time has grown in our conscience.

LuLe had heard this story from other particles scattered in the not empty vacuum, a remnant of previous experiences of pre-existing universes. Yes, because the world and the universe we belong to are not the only ones there.

Some authoritative physics say that prior to our universe, born from a Singularity, there was nothing but a black hole that attracted and compacted everything.

This theory concludes with the assertion that this means there was nothing transcendental.

Well, then what?

Will we stop here, or will we go ahead and explore other possibilities?

In quantum physics, the behavior of particles ejected toward a barrier through two fissures has been tested. It was found out that, when the particles are observed, by special detectors positioned on the openings, they pass as bullets through one or the other slit, according to their trajectory, then impact on the background barrier. When the experiment is done without detectors, the signs detected on the barrier are as if the same particle passed simultaneously through both fissures, impacting the barrier in the form of wave.

This phenomenon occurred independently from the position of the detector and its being positioned ahead or beyond the crevices. The particles behaved as if they already knew there was something or someone watching them.

From this overwhelming discovery, a simple question raised: how did the particles know when there was someone or something watching them?

Here are the possible answers-questions.

Is there a possibility that particles have an own consciousness, that they can foresee future?

Do they have in themselves a resource of information that autonomously decides how to behave?

(At this point, some physicists exclaimed “this is no longer physics”)

Then, if all this is no longer physics, what is it?

From this question arose the need to piece together with the most possible rational inventive a jigsaw puzzle made from fragments of what I read, heard and discussed.

(We thus have the key to the boundaries with intrinsic evidence. An inheritance of, let’s say, genetic instructions, which affect the cell behavior.

The question is: what chance do we have to communicate to our cells, to establish a dialogue that could give us the possibility to reprogram them if in disarray and /or bring them back to good health, healing from diseases by wanting to want it? In alternative, would it be possible to use a device to intercept them?)

At this point LuLe’s approving snicker gave me the chance to add something.

Since everything is made of Atoms, the inheritance of instructions that the cells acquire, both by animating previous experiences and by being part of the Whole that does not know time-span but reads the events, makes the particles able to decide how to behave autonomously.

Knowledge comes from and goes back to the universal plasma of IPPA. IPPA is the energy of the micro and macro Cosmos, quantumly appeared, with no beginning nor ending. It has always existed. It is in all of us, it is only a matter of learning how to perceive it.

Ever since I met LuLe, I started thinking about writing all this. The picture that was slowly being outlined in all its perspectives gave a deeper significance to my risky questions-answers.

Furthermore, I understood the questions that by now it makes no sense to make.

(It is LuLe that, from the deepest dark of the unresponsive existential questions, from time to time gives me a glimpse of some light by freeing me from my nagging thoughts).

But let’s proceed with order.

LuLe recounted about how everything took shape, thus creating the conditions for a material experience.

She talked about the intelligence of IPPA taking shape and becoming an unstoppable power.

The energies would have remained as they were for the eternity, without any other experience than the one they had known. A matter animated by them would have been the only alternative to experiment and increase the cognitive heritage, giving a constructive continuity to all events.

But what kind of life form could be the most suitable for this?

It was necessary to find an expression of matter that could be animated by the immense evolution of IPPA, something dynamic that could represent and experience its intelligence.

Who is then IPPA?

To find a definition using only one word would be a priceless achievement. I can only dare to imagine that his consciousness is made by infinite energies that allow everything to exist.

These energies form the universal plasma and, when the matter they belong to lose life, they leave it and carry with them only the experiences which can enrich the active power of IPPA. It goes without saying that the energies that keep useful experiences are very few.

Old civilizations firmly believed in this energy cycle. They built specific geometrical constructions to centrally energize electromagnetic fields, so that once the deceased was placed in the combustion chamber, his energy could be expelled in a precise astral position. These solid geometric constructions are still existing everywhere.

After this procedure, the bodies were then regularly transferred and buried in the necropolis, according to their social class.

Soul is a concept that was born from the philosophical thought of the ancient Greek world. Prior to this, men came into the world, lived and died without being aware of their Nous, considering themselves no more lasting than vegetable matter.

Then, there was the spark that became flame, hence energy that animates flesh and makes it all visible out of unawareness.

The history that is generally studied in schools is only a superficial gleam, inferred from intrinsic and equally superficial assumptions.

Below you are going to read a sequence of events, imaginary but perhaps not, about cosmos and life.

My try is of going further, beyond the culture of rationality. This need for the beyond also arises from the awareness that many of the things that are immanent today were once utopian.

A fetus in his mother’s womb knows no other world than the amniotic sea. Maybe by waving his limbs he will perceive their potential use, but he will never realize their actual use in our world, so far to him unknown. And yet, even though he is already part of it, he is not aware to be bound to it through his mother’s body.

In the same way, we too could be experiencing temporal space sensations just like a fetus. We can’t see, perceive or know if we are in a super-gigantic womb.

Nothing prevents us from imagining ourselves as fetuses, who swim in a sea of plasma to us invisible, a sea made of pure but organized and conscious energy.

Are we all waiting for an astral birth?

Once birthed, what we will know?

Will we meet other forms of life like us?

Science tells us with more and more evidence that there are other worlds with possible living conditions. If that is the case, it is not said that these extraterrestrials or extra Universes are more evolved than we are. As far as I know, we have no evidence of these, yet.

(If we had met life forms from other worlds it would have meant that, having succeeded in coming to us, they are more evolved than we are. As it is, we may say that, since we have not seen them, they do not exist, but also that they haven’t reached us yet. Another possibility is that “Aliens” are in contact with some dominant earthly Caste who do not consider it appropriate to let us know it.)

In the light of the above and considering the many incomprehensible phenomena that remain unanswered, including the innumerable constructions of which no one knows who made them and how they were made, the only alternative left is to continue investigating.

We must chase and snatch those additional responses that delay to arrive.

Only by getting to know more likely versions, one can hope to find a way finally illuminated by other immanent answers.

The progression of languages and technique occurred through centuries may represent an issue. Scientific evolution involves a constant need to invent new words to explain new discoveries, new solutions and new ways of thinking. The diatribes on the translations of the ancient writings are still nourishing philology, semantics and etymology.

The ancient writer of millennia ago had a limited number of words at disposal. It is obvious that he felt the necessity to invent new words every time something was observed or struck his imagination for the first time.

To better explain what he had seen, he could put together a sequence of terms that gave an idea of the experienced event.

For example, observing an object of light moving fast in the air, this ancestor of ours could have said: “I saw a fire-like bird, going very fast in the sky”.

Whoever reads these stories today is led to think, that they sound like childish tales.

We can’t say that they are not, but not even that they are.

This may explain the diversity of versions of the same script and, I add, this also may apply to the different forms of art that often appear as real incognita.

I think that the only valid path to be pursued is to search and re-search, chasing with humility those versions that can be shared.

Said this, here the guesses…