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Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.****Jean Stevenson sat sipping champagne in the lounge aboard the luxurious private Lear jet that was speeding her over the ocean towards home. Home after three long years in South America three years of separation from her son... three years away from all that was safe and familiar... three years that had changed the course of her life.Jean's thoughts were interrupted by the approach of her new husband who had moved from behind to kiss her openly on the mouth. She was surprised, slightly embarrassed, but pleased by Tom's open display of affection. It was a part of his nature that she still wasn't quite used to, this unashamed, uninhibited approach to the more intimate aspects of marriage. Still, it was only consistent with the radical difference between Tom and Dan, his brother and her first husband, who had been so cruelly taken from her only five months ago.Jean had been completely devastated by her husband's sudden tragic death. In retrospect, it seemed almost predetermined that Tom should be there by her side when she received the horrible news. Dan had been piloting the company plane through the narrow pass at La Paz, Bolivia when a sudden control failure caused the fatal crash into the side of the mountain. Tom had taken care of everything, saving her from total disaster, and Jean was glad to be able to leave it all in his capable hands.

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Loving Incest

Lillith Vonderheide

Copyright © 2017

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Jean's thoughts were interrupted by the approach of her new husband who had moved from behind to kiss her openly on the mouth. She was surprised, slightly embarrassed, but pleased by Tom's open display of affection. It was a part of his nature that she still wasn't quite used to, this unashamed, uninhibited approach to the more intimate aspects of marriage. Still, it was only consistent with the radical difference between Tom and Dan, his brother and her first husband, who had been so cruelly taken from her only five months ago.

Jean had been completely devastated by her husband's sudden tragic death. In retrospect, it seemed almost predetermined that Tom should be there by her side when she received the horrible news. Dan had been piloting the company plane through the narrow pass at La Paz, Bolivia when a sudden control failure caused the fatal crash into the side of the mountain. Tom had taken care of everything, saving her from total disaster, and Jean was glad to be able to leave it all in his capable hands.

Although brothers, Tom and Dan Stevenson were at opposite ends of the spectrum of human nature, both physically and mentally, yet complimenting each other in every way. Dan had been the quiet, introspective type, while Tom was the outgoing extrovert. They were a natural team and as business partners worked together well enough to build a phenomenally successful copper import business in Bolivia in the space of three years. Dan had done most of the groundwork and operated behind the scenes, while Tom had secured the financial backing and handled sales.

The trip back to America in the private company plane was really something, she thought. And to think that when Tom, her new husband, had first proposed the idea of flying back home in the luxury of a private jet, she had been reluctant. The idea frightened her, after the terrible crash in which her husband was killed, but Tom had convinced her that she had to face up to the fact that what had happened was in the past and must be forgotten. He had been right. She felt warm and secure now, and blissfully happy with Tom by her side.

The dark-haired mother was anxious to see her son. After three years, she felt as though she could hardly wait another moment for the long awaited reunion. She was ready now, after the turmoil and confusion of the last few months, to face him, to be with him and to begin their whole new life.

What a glorious ending to what could have been a sorry tale, she reflected as she rather shyly returned her husband's kiss. There were only two other passengers aboard the private jet, an older couple, plus the crew, but Jean was not used to revealing her arousal to others. Still, she admitted with an inward smile, she had been in a constant state of arousal almost since the first time she and Tom had made love!

It was as though a whole new world, a world of sensuality, had been opened to her. In spite of her mild state of embarrassment, Jean felt herself getting turned on. "Tom! Please!" she said in a loud whisper, although the feel of his hand slipping beneath her tight fitting sweater secretly pleased her.

"Why not!" he said loudly. "We're married and I love you. I can feel your tits if I want to!" The couple sitting behind them looked up from their game of gin rummy to smile knowingly. Tom grinned wickedly when he saw that Jean was blushing, and to show off slid his hand up and let it rest on the full mound of her breast.

"You silly... she gasped, giggling. "Must you advertise the fact that we're newly-weds! Mr. and Mrs. Lawson can see!"

"Let 'em look... do you think they've never seen two people in love before?" He slid his other hand under her sweater, chuckling as she vainly tried to remove it.

Jean saw the smiles of the Lawsons before they quickly resumed their game, and she had to laugh in spite of her vague embarrassment. Tom was so like a little boy at times... so lighthearted and easy going. It was hard to believe that he and her first husband, Dan, had been brothers. Dan had always been kind and loving, a good husband, but the monotony of their sex life had never dawned on Jean until she had married Tom. Dan had been such a Puritan about it, doing it only in the dark, and then only infrequently. But Tom made sex an adventure, a new thrill each time, and a deep expression of his love. He was her perfect lover, and he had brought new sexual life to her being. Now she enjoyed it, where before it had been just a ritual--a duty.

Jean looked lovingly at her handsome, forty-year-old husband.

Tom had been widowed himself for ten years and Jean had been like a mother to his daughter Linda since the child was five years old. In fact, Linda and Jean's own eighteen-year-old son, Paul, had always been more like brother and sister than cousins. It had been a painful separation for everyone when Tom and Dan had started the copper import business, but it was imperative that they be in South America in order to establish a firm foundation of a business that would assure them financial stability for the rest of their lives. Tom had agreed with Dan and Jean that the children should be educated in the United States, and both the children, Paul and Linda, had elected to stay with their grandparents, rather than boarding at school.

Jean had always felt comfortable with Tom, and more important she respected and cared for him deeply. Yet, during the years she spent with him before Dan's death, she hadn't looked upon him as a romantic interest. He was a good, strong, smart, reliable friend, and it had come as a complete surprise when Tom had suddenly proposed marriage to her only a few months following her husband's death. It was too soon, she told herself. The children should know, be in on such an important decision as this was. But... here she was, happier than she had ever been in her life, married to her former brother-in-law.

Tom Stevenson had always been a little in love with Jean, ever since his brother Dan had brought her home from college so many years ago. Tom had, since that first meeting with Jean, an incurable desire to strip that fine, ripe body of hers naked--to kiss her full, passionately trembling mouth and breasts... and her sensuously curved hips and flat stomach... and the warmly perfumed layers of her cunt up between those long, lusciously tapered legs. He had never done anything about that desire because of his brother--he wasn't that much of a bastard, he always told himself; but after Dan's death he had been there when she needed him and they fell in love.

Jean was still as strikingly beautiful at thirty-five as she was at eighteen. The years had been more kind to her firm, full body and her uptilted breasts and shapely legs were as exciting as ever.

Tom suddenly removed his hands from beneath his wife's sweater and got up from the wide, comfortable lounge chair to move towards the center of the small cabin. With a devilish grin he unlatched the sliding partition that separated the cabin into two staterooms, and begging the Lawson's pardon, closed off the front section.

"There!" he announced to his stunned bride, closing the latch on the sliding door winking lewdly.

Before Jean fully realized what was happening, he had lowered the back of the seat, converting the lounge chair into a narrow bed. "Tom! What in the world are you doing?" she asked in wide- eyed surprise.

"I'm getting ready so you and I can fuck in the sky 37,000 feet over the Atlantic ocean." He replied, lifting her gently from the seat to press her voluptuous body next to his and kiss her passionately, his tongue exploring the inner softness of her mouth. His rigid cock pressed into the softness of her pubic mound as he kissed her while his hands continued to caress and delight her heated youthful body. A few months ago, Jean would have shrunk from such brazen sexuality, but now she surrendered completely, inviting more. However, she was still not able to experience all this without blushing. She had seemed almost virginal to him on their wedding night, but the beautiful, mature woman who was hungrily returning his kiss was now the full embodiment of a ripe, eager and capable sex partner.

"Come on, honey. Let's get our clothes off and fuck while the mood is hot inside us!" Tom suggested lewdly. In spite of herself, his crude language aroused her mightily. The dark, handsome man was determined that his new wife should get over her prim, puritanical way of thinking. He'd made a good beginning, and was going to go all the way. He wanted her to be proud of her beautiful body and of her ability to drive him out of his mind when she forgot her inhibitions.

Jean quickly slipped out of her skirt and pulled her sweater over her head while Tom took off his shirt and trousers. She hesitated then, standing in the middle of the small jet as it shot through the sky, clad only in white lace panties and bra. It was as if she had suddenly become aware of her surroundings and had become disoriented and frightened. Looking directly into her deep brown eyes, Tom reached his arms around her to deftly unfasten her bra and slip it smoothly off her shoulders. Then, his strong hands slid down over the lush swell of her hips to roll the tiny panties to her slender ankles. "Nothing is dirty or wrong between two people that are in love, Jean... never forget that." He said, pulling her nakedness to him once again.

He began to massage her full, round breasts and as he tweaked her sensitive nipples between his thumbs and fingers she began to squirm with anticipation. Tom seemed to know every tiny area on her body that caused her pussy to tingle and her whole body to attune to his. Her breast tips began to tauten, and she moved closer to him without realizing it. She wanted to feel the touch of his warm, exciting body against her, and in a few moments she wanted to feel his long, hard cock buried deep up inside her cunt, driving away all thoughts of anything but the love she felt for him every moment, day and night!

Her whole body was tense as she waited his next move. The sable-haired beauty wanted to reach out and caress her new husband's enormous cock, but even though she knew he would love it, she simply couldn't bring herself to be that bold.

Tom bent down to kiss one of her tingling nipples, licking and sucking the flesh that surrounded it, while Jean trembled with the touch of his hot mouth, moving even closer so that he could take more of her throbbing flesh into his mouth. As he began to nibble gently on her nipple, she moaned softly and held his face in her hands, wishing he would never stop, wanting it to go on forever.

Tom moved his mouth to her other breast and gave it the same exciting action, and Jean's hand went automatically to the deserted breast to massage it gently. She felt her husband's other hand go down to her thighs and begin to slide up and down the soft flesh, bringing chills to her inner cunt walls and increasing her desire more than ever. He used both hands to pull her close to him, spreading the cheeks of her buttocks as he did so and she felt a surge of embarrassment as she felt the cool air waft softly against her nakedly exposed rectal mouth.

Yet her whole body was quivering under Tom's touch and her eager pussy was becoming moist and warm. It was wonderful, she felt weak with joy, and she wanted more than anything to have his cock fucking deep up inside her. Suddenly, she felt his fingertip brush her anus, and for an instant, she wished he would slip it up inside! She was amazed at the lascivious thoughts that were flashing through her mind. He had changed her! She was a new woman!

Tom ran his hands over her buttocks, cupping their roundness, sliding his hands down her firm white thighs, then back to the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Finally, he cupped her hotly steaming pussy curls with one hand, and she felt his extended middle finger sliding up through them, searching for the small sensitive little tit of flesh that he could excite so thoroughly with a mere touch.

Pushing first with one hand, then the other, he coaxed her to spread her legs wider so his outstretched finger could tease up deeper. He put another finger in and began to hotly massage at the soft, wet, flesh to either side of her clitoris, and Jean began to moan, her body swaying to his finger fucking of her openly spread cunt. He knew every bit of her intimately, she thought, and he gave her new thrills each time he fucked her.

"Oh Tom...!" she gasped as his fingers found her clitoris, and massaged it eagerly. He continued to suck and nibble at one breast, and Jean began to feel dizzy with desire. Her knees seemed to be buckling and her husband sensed that she was ripe for the full treatment. As he eased her down onto the lounge chair that he had converted into a bed, Tom gloated over the incredibly lovely curves and hollows of her body and congratulated himself for having made her his wife.

Jean was trembling with anticipation, in spite of her efforts to appear relaxed, especially when she saw his rigidly throbbing cock so close to her face. The thought crossed her mind that one day, she would take it in her mouth and suck it... taste it... even feel its hot juices spewing into her mouth. She flushed at the lewd thought, while Tom climbed onto the narrow bed with her, his eyes bright with lust as he looked at her naked loveliness. He moved close so she could feel his throbbing cock pressing close into her flesh, and he felt his wife stiffen in desire. He knew that she was excited by the sight of his naked cock, yet she had not lost enough of her repression to admit it. Her body and her eyes told the full story, and the lust-crazed man was eager for the day when she would be completely free of her sexual repression.

This was only the second time she had seen his cock in the full light of day and she felt her heart pounding with the masochistic desire to have him fucking it up into her openly spread pussy so hard and deep that it would hurt. Tom's cock was so much bigger and more exciting than his brother, Dan's, was for her. She had only seen two penises before in her life... Dan's and her son Paul's... when he was a baby. She felt depraved, yet she couldn't resist the fascination of her new husband's out-sized cock!

The slit at the end of the swollen head was dilated now, and as her eyes stared intently, she saw the softly swaying twin sacs of his testicles. She felt consumed with the insane desire to have him buried up so far inside her that even his balls would be encased up inside her hungrily devouring cunt! Someday... later, much later, she would ask her exciting new husband to try it...

She had been so deep in her fantasy that she jumped when Tom knelt down beside her.

"I thought you were all ready for me to fuck you!" Her husband said harshly, staring hard into her eyes. He wanted her to get used to the sound of the lewd words involved with the act of love because they excited him. "Are you, Jean? Are you ready for me to fuck you?" he persisted.

Jean nodded, not meeting his eyes.

"Then tell me!" Tom ordered.

"Yes," she faltered. "I am!"

"Then say it! Say you want me to fuck you!"

"I want... I want you to fuck me!" she blurted out, embarrassed by the sound of her own voice, yet knowing that it was true... she did want him to fuck so why not say it in the lewdest and most exciting way possible! Tom was already moving over between her sensuously spread thighs before she had even finished her sentence.

Then, he reached down and took her legs, sliding his hands down to her ankles, moving them upward gently and placing them over his shoulders. Jean gasped, feeling that her whole vagina must be gaping shamefully up at his eyes. She felt obscenely wicked and for some strange reason she wanted her husband to think of her as he was lewdly staring down at her tight, hair covered cunt, deliciously spread for him in the bright sunlight of the aircraft window.

Holding her legs in place, he bent and kissed the soft flesh of her belly, running his tongue into the dent of her navel, bringing shivers to every part of her body. He moved downward, releasing his hold on her legs, and she could feel his hot breath on her trembling pussy lips as he gasped in eagerness. He licked furiously at the soft inner flesh of her thighs, then all around her openly spread loins, his tongue teasing her coral-hued cunt- lips as they spread so invitingly before him.

Jean lay still, her mind a mass of conflicting sensations. She was repulsed at her own lewdness, but her body thrilled at Tom's lovemaking. She tried to think of what he had said about nothing being wrong between two people in love, and God knew she loved him, but she could not help feeling vile... and at the same time wonderful! At last the conflict was pushed aside as she became totally overpowered by the hot, licking pleasure her husband was giving her. As his darting tongue contacted her convulsing clitoris, a jolt of electric pleasure danced wildly through her body.

The lust-driven man moved his hands down under her nakedly curved buttocks, bringing her groin ever closer to his face, then he drove his tongue deep up into her cunt and licked hungrily along the steaming furrow until he brushed her clitoris. Feeling the tiny bud moving elusively about, he tried to trap it, nipping it over and over with his teeth. At each nibble, Jean arched her body and gasped, feeling jolts of passion streaking throughout her entire body. Tom let the hard little nub of flesh slip out from between his teeth after he had drawn a huge mouthful of the soft, wet cuntal flesh deep up into his sucking mouth.

The sable-haired wife moaned aloud with the ecstasy that was part pain. She had never felt more intense pleasure before, and yet her mind was battling her long held beliefs about the wrongness of this kind of sex. A man's mouth on her cunt! His teeth nipping at her clitoris! It had to be sinful!

She almost shouted the questions aloud as they hammered at her brain. What's happening to me? How could I, almost a prude, have possibly fallen in love with a man of such wickedly exciting inclinations?

She tried to remember some similar thrill from her first husband, but she couldn't. Her only identification with Dan was through having borne his son. This lusty man, Dan's own brother, was infinitely more sexually exciting.

Tom could feel the pressure building in his loins, and although he enjoyed thrilling her this way, he knew he had to fuck her soon. He'd never had her in this helpless position before, and he wanted to fuck her like she'd never been fucked before. He had his tongue over the softly pulsing flesh of her pussy-lips, and passion swept over him in waves. He tried desperately to shove his tongue to the very bottom of her now hungrily clutching cunt, but he couldn't. Only his cock would go in that far, and it had to be soon.

Jean had given up trying to fathom her feelings... it was too overwhelming... too wonderful, what Tom was doing to her cunt! She didn't even realize that she was trying to spread her legs wider to allow more of his tongue inside her, and as her husband took advantage of the opportunity, plunging the full length of its wetness deep inside her vagina, Jean almost fainted with joy. Her head rolled from side to side, as if she would shake out the last traces of guilt and embarrassment, and her voice became a weak groan.

The handsome forty-year-old husband suddenly raised his head and looked at the sensuously pulsating cunt he had been sucking and devouring, and he moved so that his hard cock was only a few inches from her hotly throbbing pussy lips. He could hardly resist the urge to ram it full length up into her cunt, until it went all the way up into her quivering belly, making sure that her warm, damp cunt flesh engulfed every last inch of his turgid cock! He looked at Jean's face and saw sudden fear in her brown eyes, and his love came flooding out, momentarily quelling his animalistic desires. Later, with patience and time, he knew she would be able to accommodate any sexual act he chose to perform on that voluptuously formed body of hers.

"Take my cock and guide it up into your cunt, Jean," he said softly. The passion-driven brunette heard her husband, but she froze with guilt. At her age, she mentally scolded herself, but still she could not bring herself to touch her husband's penis. Yet when Tom repeated his order, her hand slipped down fearfully and she grasped the thick, hard shaft of his cock and slowly guided the swollen head of it to the lips of her welcoming cunt. She could feel the blood pulsing through the lust-swollen shaft, and she flushed deeply.

"Put it in!" her husband commanded. Trembling with anticipation, she spread the lips of her pussy with one hand and let the huge rod of flesh slide in. She felt as if she were detached from herself, standing aside and looking from a distance at this lewd scene, yet her pussy was burning to engulf his wonderful cock. She thought she would scream with agony if Tom didn't fuck her soon and put out the furious fires of passion burning almost out of control in her belly now.

The dark-haired beauty sighed loudly as the first few inches of his blood-engorged cock fucked into her, then Tom took over, pressing forward with his hips, driving his rigid cock against the restraining flesh of her inner cunt until it surrendered to his onslaught, and his cock rammed inside her up to the hilt, lubricated by the hotly flowing juices that were lining her cunt. He levered her legs upward again, so that her ankles rested high up on his shoulders. He was partially on his knees and he looked down at the erotically stimulating sight of his cock buried inside his wife's cunt, his dark eyes shining with lust.

Jean removed her hands from between her legs, and Tom slid his knees beneath her buttocks, arching his back mightily as he pulled her groin close to his, allowing his monstrous cock to penetrate deep enough to touch the very bottom of her belly up inside. He had never before enjoyed fucking a woman's cunt as he was enjoying Jean's, and he knew that with time it could only become better!

Jean craned her neck to see what was happening, almost as excited by what she saw as what she felt. She lay back, moaning, "Oooohhh... Tom, darling... you're so good!" She wanted to say more, to tell him to ram his cock harder and harder into her hungrily yearning cunt, but she couldn't. She was, still unable to rid herself of the sense of detachment, as though this shameless wanton was someone else and the real Jean Stevenson was standing off to the side, watching the whole lurid scene!

Now Tom began to fuck his rock-hard cock into her with all his strength, stretching her tight pussy walls unmercifully, savoring the pleasant friction they provided for his cock. His thrust was so violent that their pelvic areas crashed together, and she groaned in pain. But his cock went deeper, slamming into the depths of her vagina, digging hard up into her cervix.