Lovin A St. Lucie Playboy - R Coxton - ebook

What is a wife to do when her husband doesn’t know the meaning of being faithful? Jaxon’s weakness is a fat ass and a smile. He’s a made man with no loyalty to his wife Diamond her downfall is she’s been riding for him far too long watch what happens when the love is gone. Her cries fall on deaf ears until she figures it’s time to stop sitting on the sideline watching him. What happens when a good girl goes bad. There’s an old saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer. R .Kelly sung about when a woman’s fed up, will he be able to take what he’s dished out or is it game over… Betrayal’s a Bitch

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Chapter 1 – So Done With The Bullshit

“Girl, how do you do it?” Chanel asked as she and Diamond were having lunch. Diamond was looking at the ground disappointed that Jaxon had again said fuck their marriage by doing his usual selfish shit.

Diamond had learned of Jaxon’s infidelities yet again, and she had called Chanel, her lawyer and one of her best friends, to vent about her husband Jaxon and her messy sister.

“My parents have been together through thick and thin, I guess I want the same,” responded Diamond. “How hard is it to keep your dick in its holster?

Diamond and her twin sister Dominique, Jaxon, Enzo, Chanel, they all had known each other since they were kids. They all had grew up in Charlotte in the Derita neighborhood at edge of west Charlotte. A friendly game of spades brought together kids that would remain friends for the rest of their lives as each faced their own trials and tribulations.

Jaxon and Diamond had been childhood sweethearts up to adulthood. She had always been both loyal and faithful to Jaxon. Too bad faithfulness was not a strong suit for Jaxon or his younger brother, Enzo. They were quick to blame their father absence for what that lacked instead of manning up.

“I mean, you’re a good woman. Any man would be glad to have you,” Chanel assured Diamond.

With tears in her eyes and the weight of the world on her shoulders, Diamond responded, “I’m just so tired of these random women and him signing off on the bullshit.”

Chanel hated seeing her friend hurting. Grabbing her hands, she dabbed her eyes with a cloth and said, “Sometimes, people don’t get it ‘till it’s done to them.” Diamond just shook her head in agreeance as she wiped the tears away. “Oh believe me he’s about to be sick because I’m too show him how it’s done,” smiled Diamond as she winked her eye at Chantel.

“I’ll be okay, but he’s definitely about to get a taste of his own medicine,” answered Diamond. Chanel snapped her finger at Diamond words.

Diamond had to admit to herself that her marriage was nearing an end. The dream that she would have a marriage like her parents was highly unlikely. That ship had sailed. She had been lulled into a sense of security, and over time, let herself get comfortable because the excuses he used were believable. What she did not anticipate was this new type of side chick that just didn’t give a damn.

Now, what he never expected from Diamond is that she would get access to his social media. It was as simple as him not signing out of the shared house laptop. Jaxon could lie to Diamond all day long, but a pictures or post rather didn’t lie, and let’s not even think about his inbox–on fire!

To add insult to injury, the bitch tagged Diamond on the post with a comment that read: “Wish you were here!” – WTH? He was supposed to be in Atlanta on business. He was on business alright. He was such a hypocrite, always quick to say he would never be a philanderer like his father. Instead, based on the things she had read in his messages, he surpassed philanderer and became an all-out disrespectable whore. These chicks he was messing with were at least ten years younger than they were. It just didn’t make any sense. She remembered him sharing stories of his father’s blatant disrespect and how he saw the toll it took on his mother and the family as a whole.

Chanel broke Diamond’s train of thought by saying, “He can only do what you allow him to do. The fact that he posted those pics should show you how much love he has for you. But for that bitch to call you–now that’s just extra.” “Chanel, I’m not tripping that’s just evidence for us to clean those pockets out, a now confident Diamond said.

“I know, right? I told her dumbass if he cheated on me, the woman he stood before God and family and said I do, what makes her think he won’t cheat on her? His words mean nothing.”

“So, what was her response to what you said?” inquired Chanel.

Laughing bitterly, Diamond said, “Young Buck replied that she knew how to keep a man.”

“So, have you confronted him about it?” Chanel inquired.

Looking as if nothing else mattered, Diamond replied, “Why make him lie? Actions speak louder than words. His were loud and clear when he cosigned on the little girl’s foolishness by sharing intimate facts about our relationship.”

They were sitting at the bar of the Blue Revolver. Chanel was due back in court, so they had to meet close to the courthouse so that they could talk. Diamond, who never drank, was no longer nursing a shot of single malt scotch, but was taking it to the head like she was not new to this. Chanel hated leaving Diamond, but she was due in court today for a divorce settlement.

“Well, I hate to leave you, Diamond, but I have a case today,” Chanel said, looking at her watch.

“No worries, girl. I’m going to finish this and head home. Believe me when I say you have been a blessing to me today! It’s time to close this chapter and start fresh,” Diamond faintly smiled as she hugged Chanel before she left.

Sitting at the bar swirling the cube of ice remaining in the glass, Diamond thought about her conversation with Chanel. Chanel’s words stung like a pack of bees, and some of it rang true. Diamond didn’t agree with the comment what you allow him to do. If Jaxon knew anything else, he knew right from wrong. Going outside of your marriage was clearly wrong. What she needed was balance, and it was time to tip the scales. The marriage was over, so there was no need for him to be the only person that was getting intimacy.

You can be in a relationship and still be alone. It hurt Diamond to her heart to see her marriage coming to an end, but the inevitable was smacking her in the face and quite frankly, she was tired of being alone.

Chapter 2 – Inbox Don’t Lie

Jaxon was mid-swing banging on Enzo’s door when he yanked it open.

“Bruh, why the hell you beating on my door like that?”

Jaxon was hysterical nearly knocking Enzo over trying to get into his apartment. Thinking his brother was on the run, Enzo looked around to see if someone was after him. Jaxon had pushed past Enzo in the doorway, and was now sitting on Enzo’s couch with his head hung down, face resting in hands.

With a look of total confusion, Enzo asked, “What the fuck is going on, bruh?”

“Damn side chick I’m fucking called me blanking,” answered Jaxon.

“Why was she going off on you?” asked Enzo.

“She got hit up on Facebook by me, except it wasn’t me—it was Diamond,” answered Jaxon, now rubbing his head in agitation.

“So, she gave the bitch her number and said it was my new number for her to call me.”

“Shit me!” said Enzo as he covered his mouth with his hand and collapsed in the chair beside his brother.

“Who you telling? The dumb ass broad called her and told everything,”

“What did Diamond say about it?” Enzo asked, dumbfounded.

“I haven’t heard from her yet,” stammered Jaxon as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. “Man, this dick of mine be on some other shit,” he added

Enzo fell out laughing. He was finding the whole situation amusing that his older brother had been sloppy enough to get caught.

“Well, I say just let it play out and see how she acts,” said Enzo, trying ease his brother’s hysteria. “I mean, why are you tripping? She just gonna forgive you like she always does. I mean, you a dog, bruh. You’re never going to be a faithful husband like she wants anyway,” joked Enzo.

“Fuck you, those bitches be on me like flies on fresh shit. Don’t hate,” cockily spat Jaxon.

“So, are you still fucking Dominique?” her twin sister and your sister-in-law ”, asked Enzo to rebuff Jaxon’s dumb ass statement and throw shade on Jaxon’s disrespect to his wife.

“So, your ass Mr. Do Right now?” snapped Jaxon to Enzo.

Enzo just laughed and said, “First of all, the difference between you and I is that I know I love pussy and secondly, I’m not married playing single, bruh.” “You posting shit on Facebook damn you a dumbass.”

Jaxon came to his brother looking for understanding, or at a minimum a plan, and he was getting was jokes. This was bullshit. Enzo looked at him with a straight face and hit him with the truth–which Jaxon was not willing to accept. Enzo was always truthful brutally so.

“I mean, just divorce her and wish her well. She’s a good woman who you have literally embarrassed and disrespected countless times. You do know that bitch Karma is not one to fuck with,” Enzo assured him.

Chapter 3 – Love Hangover

As far as Diamond was concerned, her marriage was on life support and she had just signed the living will to not resuscitate. Denial was the word of the day. She was just going to carry on with business as usual; no mention whatsoever of the Facebook incident because it would only lead to lies. She was no longer going to put any energy into making him be faithful. The focus going forward would be all about her. As far as Diamond was concerned, he could keep cheating. Never again would she lose sleep worrying about where he was or who he was with. Let those bitches he was cheating with lose sleep over his bullshit.

Her friends, family advice, and the scars he had inflicted now had her full attention. Even though she loved Jaxon, she wasn’t going to lose herself behind him because she loved herself more. Just as she had decided what she was going to do, she heard Jaxon’s car park. Diamond already knew his routine: a handful of red roses and lies. She figured it was worth a laugh to let it play out.

She positioned herself back on the couch before he came in the house. Five minutes later, he was coming through the door with yellow roses instead of red ones. It was hard to refrain from laughing, so Diamond tried to put on her surprise face.

“Who are those pretty flowers for?” asked Diamond, ready to burst into laughter. Her mother’s words resonated in her mind. “Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying.” Diamond had to stay strong as she played along.

The flowers were accompanied by a box of Godiva chocolates. Diamond thought to herself, at least he switched it up this time.

Sitting down and covering her mouth, she asked, “What did I do to deserve these gifts?”

Jaxon smiled and said, “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

Diamond listened as the bullshit began to flow, but interrupted him before he started laying it on thick. Diamond playfully yawned as she stood up to say, “Dinner’s in the microwave, I’m going to bed; thank you for the gifts.”

Jaxon’s mind raced because he was waiting for her to come with a barrage of questions. Diamond made her way upstairs without a care in the world. Jaxon made his way to the kitchen thinking, what the hell? He couldn’t figure out why she didn’t follow her normal program and confront him. He pulled out his phone to call Enzo.

“Hello? Who is this?” asked Enzo, not looking at the number.

“The weirdest shit just happened; she didn’t say a word,” Jaxon whispered. “She’s probably just burnt out on your shit,” confirmed Enzo.

“She said nothing at all? You shitting me,” asked Enzo.

“Alright bruh, let me get off here before she hears us,” whispered Jaxon as he ended the call. He smiled as he opened the microwave, expecting some of Diamond’s good cooking only to find a partially eaten salad in a bowl. Jaxon wanted to be mad, but he wasn’t going to push his luck. Jaxon just grabbed the salad, made himself a sandwich, and then went back to living room to watch Empire until he fell asleep on the couch.

Later that night, Jaxon was awakened by Diamond fumbling around in the kitchen. It was Friday morning, and Diamond still was holding out on being petty. She had made her oatmeal with fruit as she did every morning and sat at the table eating in silence.

Feeling cocky, Jaxon said, “I really enjoyed dinner last night,” as he was fixing himself a cup of coffee. Diamond just smirked to herself at his comment; without any fire, she finally answered.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Jaxon was washing out his coffee cup as Diamond tried to get his attention. “Are you so caught up in your usual Friday events with your brother that you don’t see me?” asked Diamond. She knew he was waiting on her to blast him about talking to the chick on Facebook, but she wasn’t going to put her energy into any more of his mess.

“Wassup, I thought you were still eating,” Jaxon asked.

“Are we going to our class reunion?” Diamond asked

Jaxon paused before answering because he knew he wasn’t really wanting to go. Most of his classmates, he saw on a regular.

“If you want us to go, that’s cool,” answered Jaxon.

“Yeah, I will get our tickets tomorrow,” smiled Diamond because she was in a petty mood seeing that he ignored her at first. “I will buy you a ticket, but you’re not obligated to go with me. I have my girls. Just think, you get to see a lot of the old hoes you used to fuck in high school,” Diamond laughed as she was trying to not to stoop to his level and be petty, but she couldn’t give him a pass.

“I was an athlete in school. That was one of the perks along, with getting into all the parties,” boasted Jaxon as he danced around, aggravating Diamond even more.

Diamond just rolled her eyes at him, then sighed. “That’s the response I would expect from a womanizer like yourself.”

“I got you, didn’t I Mrs. St. Lucie?” he joked as he headed for the shower. Diamond used to love Jaxon unconditionally, but she knew his weakness was women and was tired of waiting for him to change; she just needed time and space.

“No, you had me. I’m so over that shit,” sighed Diamond as she went to get dressed as well.

Jaxon’s focus was no longer on the events of the evening. God knows he and Enzo had run through lots of women. They were the very last people to respect the “thots” as they would call them when they were done with them. Enzo called that yesterday to tell Jaxon about a new club grand opening called Magnum that Friday night. Game on. They would scope the crowds as usual and pick their victims by balling out with them and making them a one-night stand afterward.


That next day, sitting in her classroom waiting on her nursing students, Diamond was trapped in thought. Maybe one day, Jaxon would change his whorish ways, be more attentive to her needs. In her heart, she knew better. Her friends reminded her of his inability to change on a regular basis, especially if she complained about something he had done to piss her off.

The sound of the bell startled Diamond, but at the same time, brought her back into focus. Students started filling the classroom with a friendly “Hello Mrs. St. Lucie” in greeting, which made her smile in return. As her students made their way to their respective seats, Diamond knew she needed to get focused because at the end of the day, she still had a job to do. Memories of infidelities, missed birthdays, lies, and disappointments kept trying to bombard her mind, but she pushed them to the side so that should could make it the best day ever for her students.

Chapter 4 – Game Peeps Game

Jaxon walked into his office today as if he had just found salvation. Unlike his usual behavior of harassing the women in the office by smiling, flirting, and talking shit, he was preoccupied with a look of deep thought on his face today. He kept waiting for the ball to drop that Diamond would blast him for his latest fuck up, but the coast was clear.

Jaxon conceded that he was a product of his environment. His father had always been unfaithful to his mother and in a lot of ways, he just assumed that Diamond would walk the same line. His mind flashed back to his childhood, remembering the nights of them arguing along with the nights of him consoling and trying to cheer up his mother.

Jaxon’s younger brother, Enzo, was the total opposite. Enzo stayed in the streets more than he stayed at home and in a way, the streets raised him. To a degree, that saved Enzo from witnessing some of the arguments and at the same time, shielded him from witnessing the tears their mother frequently shed compliments of their father.

Unlike Jaxon, his concept of work was fast money-making schemes or selling weight. Enzo’s weakness for weed and strippers led him to spending most of his days in the strip club. Enzo was the self-proclaimed black Hugh Hefner and loved to make it rain for the dancers he took a liking to. Most of the local dancers loved to see him coming. Enzo had to hit the mall on a regular with some of the strippers for new shoes and gear every other day. He graced the barbershop with his presence for a fresh haircut sprinkled with a round of trading bullshit with the other guys.

When their mother eventually fell apart from the stress of an adulterous husband, the impact to Enzo’s view of women was a low one. Though he respected his mother, he looked at her as weak for not standing up to their dad. The lesson he took from his father was that women were disposable.

This view tended to wreak havoc on any relationship he attempted. Enzo never had much regard or respect for women. The sum total of his use for them was to fuck him good and cook for him. Anything outside of that circle would get them dismissed with the quickness.

Looking back on it, Jaxon guessed that both he and Enzo had battle scars from their parent’s doomed relationship. The question for Jaxon was whether he would be able to fix his current mess.

Chapter 5 – I Can See Clearly Now

In Diamond’s eyes, Enzo always being down to chase woman with Jaxon was the equivalent of him cosigning on his brother’s foolishness. It was almost to the point that Diamond did not want to be in the same room with him. He was a booster cable, and Jaxon was the battery. It was like everything that he said was somehow a great idea, like the night of his bachelor party; he and Enzo slept with the strippers. Jaxon’s weak defense was that he was sloppy drunk and his friends set him up with the strippers.

The slow creeping doubt in Diamond’s heart about the loss of Jaxon’s love had been there for a minute. It didn’t start out that way, but over time, you had to stop defending the lies because they just didn’t add up.

Now, in the beginning, she was slow on the pickup but over time, she became wise to the game. The scenarios became worse when his brother was somehow involved.

Diamond had always confided in her girls about all the bullshit Jaxon put her through. They made it a point to console her and include her in any of their plans but for her and Dominique to be twins they were polar opposites. Granted, they told her a million times to leave his sorry ass, which she completely disregarded.

In her mind leaving, Jaxon was not an option seeing that her parents had been married 38 long, happy years. She always lied to herself and her sister and friends that things would get better before they got worse; she was praying that would be the case.

Dominique and Chanel decided they were tired of Diamond letting Jaxon run over her and be blatantly disrespectful. As a collective unit, they figured that Jaxon was due for some payback. They invited Diamond out for dinner and a night on the town. Once Diamond agreed, ladies night was on and popping. When it was all said and done, Jaxon would be thoroughly introduced to that bitch named Karma.

As soon as she hung up with Chanel. Jaxon strolled in like he was king of the world.

“What’s up, how was your day?” asked Diamond, but Jaxon walked past her like he didn’t hear her. Diamond sucked her teeth, then thought to herself, I know this motherfucker heard me.

After a five-minute pause, Jaxon responded nonchalantly.

“Fine, just work stuff that had me distracted a long day. They announced we have a weekend retreat.”

“What are your plans for tonight?” asked Diamond.

“I’m just going to the club with Enzo,” answered Jaxon. “Why? Wassup? What are you up to?” asked Jaxon. “How was your day?”

Diamond saw Jaxon was in his feelings, so she was going to just as petty.

“Nothing, just hanging with Dominique and Chanel,” she replied. “Get out for a little while.” Diamond waited for his reaction to her statement. She knew he would be pissed, but she didn’t give a fuck.

Jaxon was a little caught off guard by this announcement as Friday nights were normally reserved for Diamond to grade papers and watch Lifetime movies not hanging out with her scandalous twin.

Jaxon’s suspicion heightened, so he asked, “So, what’s up with you all?” Nervously continuing on, he asked, “Y’all having a hen party to catch up with the latest gossip?”

“Ha!” Diamond gave a fake laugh, “You always thought you were funny.” Looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, Diamond responded, “Inquiring minds want to know, huh? We’re headed to None of Your Damn Business,” Diamond answered. “I’m sure you know where that’s located.” The ringing of Diamond’s phone broke the moment.

“Hello?” Diamond answered.

Chanel’s voice chimed through the phone line. “Girl, are you getting ready?” asked Diamond. “We’re leaving around 10:30, so be dressed. You’re not bailing, are you?”

“My party ain’t to hunt, the better question is are you ready to get turned up?” Diamond ended on a laugh. Jaxon looked like he had just dropped his ice cream cone. Rolling her eyes, Diamond turned from him and said, “Girl, phone tap. The buster is eating the words out of my mouth. I’ll see you at 10:30.”

“Your ass better not back out on us,” snapped Chanel.

“I’m not gonna back out, I need to get away from this trifling ass nigger anyway,” Diamond barked. “I’m gonna show him how it’s done.”

Chanel held the phone from her ear and looked at it in

Disbelief hearing what was coming out of Diamond’s mouth. Jaxon took the comment as his cue to leave the room, still in disbelief at Diamond’s behavior towards him. Diamond had to be off her rocker. She was about as sweet as a Sour Patch Kid right about now.

“Baby, I’m going to shower and get dressed before Enzo gets here,” he mumbled as he exited the room.

Diamond looked at Jaxon and said, “Baby, huh? Is that what you call your tricks? You can miss me with the Baby.” With that said, she turned on her heel to get her shoes of the car. She had an outfit in mind for tonight.

Thirty minutes later, Enzo was at the door like clockwork. Diamond, being the good wife and host, always invited him in even though she didn’t care much for his presence.

“Where is your sorry ass husband,” Enzo asked, looking around as if he expected Jaxon to appear from nowhere.

“If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black,” laughed Diamond. “That sorry motherfucker’s upstairs getting ready for y’alls thot-fest,” Diamond answered, rolling her eyes at Enzo.

Diamond was normally a shield for the insults that people threw at her husband, but tonight was different. That ship had sailed. He no longer deserved her loyalty, and there was no better time like the present to make that clear to his hopeless brother. Diamond was just about over being Jaxon’s wife. As soon as she got her ducks in a row, two fingers.

Enzo just stood in shock at how reckless Diamond’s mouth had gotten. Enzo shrugged it off as the negative influence of her man-bashing twin and friend Chanel and Dominique. Enzo knew how they always tried to put salt on Jaxon’s name to anybody who would listen, but he also knew his brother was foul. Jaxon finally ran down the steps looking fresh, but disturbed all at the same time at Diamond’s new I don’t give a fuck attitude.

“What’s up bruh, you ready to roll out? The atmosphere is a little thick in here,” said Enzo, looking in Diamond’s direction. Diamond rolled her eyes at them both.

“Yeah, folks acting brand new up in here,” added Jaxon.

“Ain’t that the damn truth,” muttered Diamond in disgust at both of them. “The realization of truth is a motherfucker, right? You motherfuckers enjoy your evening. I know I will.” That said, Diamond turned and went upstairs, leaving the brothers staring at her departing silhouette.

Looking at each other, both of them said at the same time, “What the fuck is the matter?” Grabbing his keys, the two brothers proceeded to the door.

Hearing the door close, Diamond was on fire. Not a word? No see you later or goodnight was exchanged, which made Diamond boiling mad as she murmured to herself, “Payback’s a bitch motherfucker, I will show his ass. I don’t even give a fuck anymore.” Diamond came out of her hate-laced haze just long enough to realize it was getting late and she hadn’t gotten dressed yet.

“Oh shit, I got to get ready,” she said as she ran up the stairs and found the most attention-getting outfit she could find. Diamond smiled at her appearance in the mirror.

“Got to have honey to attract bees,” she giggled to herself.

Chapter 6 – Eye Candy

Tonight, Diamond was on a mission as she waited anxiously on her girls. Diamond was no longer going to be Jaxon’s doormat or the girl that covered her ample assets with layers of clothes after he showed no regard for her. Tonight, she was going to be the center of attention, the kind of attention she had craved from Jaxon. She dug into her closet, pulling out clothes that still had tags dangling from them. She settled on a red dress that hugged her ass like tar to a road. The dress was low-cut and allowed her girls to sit up pretty and say “Hello!” if she so much as leaned forward.

No longer was she wearing bifocal glasses; instead, she pulled out her contacts to show off her pretty hazel and green-specked eyes. She looked like a video vixen on a hunt for her prey. She dressed quickly realizing she had been slugging around beforehand.

“I’ll show that bastard,” she said as she admired herself in the full-length mirror again. Minutes later, she was startled by the annoying sound of Chanel’s horn blowing downstairs. Diamond headed back downstairs after catching one final glimpse of her new sex appeal in the mirror, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed out the door.

“Damn girl, Jaxon gonna kill your ass for coming out the house like that,” laughed Chanel.

“I believe she done lost her ever loving mind,” chimed in Dominique.

The car erupted in laughter as Chanel backed out of the driveway.

Diamond just laughed it off and replied, “Fuck him! Do you know that son of a bitch just walked out my house and didn’t say goodbye, kiss my ass, nothing? Just gone with his dumb ass brother co-signing. Where we going?” Diamond asked without taking a breather during her rant.

“Both of you, shut up,” Diamond said with a laugh, “I’m a grown ass woman.”

“I can’t stay out late,” chimed Dominique from the backseat. “My babysitter is tripping and shit,” she said. “Like her ugly ass got something to do.”

“How is my godson slash nephew doing? I bet he’s getting big as all get out,” laughed Diamond. “That’s crazy my godson is my nephew.” “You have that title because I trust you to raise my child in case something happens to me”, Diamonique assured her.