She was a Princess and an excessively beautiful young lady, in a serious relationship with General Stone Willie. Theirs was a perfect love until Willie's military career began to gradually decimated it. His final call to war was the beginning of a great war in Julie's life, and that led to her exit from the relationship. Julie's exit however marked the declaration of the war of lovers.To understand the true language of love and relationship, you need to read this novel of love, trust, betrayal and war. 

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John B. Joseph

Lovers at War

Julie and Willie

She was a Princess and an excessively beautiful young lady, in a serious relationship with General Stone Willie. Theirs was a perfect love until Willie's military career began to gradually decimated it. His final call to war was the beginning of a great war in Julie's life, and that led to her exit from the relationship. Julie's exit however marked the declaration of the war of lovers. To understand the true language of love and relationship, you need to read this novel of love, trust, betrayal and war. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Lovers at War


Lovers at War

A True Life Story





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You’ll find this story hot and passionate from its first page to the last word. It’s one story that retells the comedy and tragedy of love with edifying punctures and didactic values. Note that the names used by the renown author are fictional creations and have no link with any person living. And the Settings are judiciously employed to power the artistic creations and deliver the didactic message. Thanks for picking up the book. Read on and enjoy it to the full.


Chapter One The Nuptial


Chapter One The Nuptial

Mayor Patrick Bay of Melilla wedded Juliet in what has come to be known as GWR - Grandest Wedding Royale. The highly publicised and celebrated ceremony happened to be the first of its kinds; hosting famous royal fathers, famed world leaders, heavy political bigwigs, wealthy business moguls, respected academicians, and top celebrities. Six most popular musicians in Spain played guest bands in the six days wedding celebrations.

Hers was certainly one of the most celebrated and most expensive weddings ever in the world. Yet, as great as her marriage celebration was, the deep hole in Juliet's heart broke open the very minute it ended. On the outside, she looked the prettiest and happiest fellow on earth but, on the inside, the hot war ravaged her very being, tragically distorting her beauty. It was a serious war of the mind; her unsettled conscience contemptuously roared against her ways tempestuously.

The very moment the wedding ceremony was over Julie’s eyes strangely derailed the attention of waiting guests. Then she heard a deep voice roaring from beneath her mind, speaking with such inferno that burns through her.

"Damn you, Julie… Eh! You have just finished yourself. Did I not warn you not to go ahead with this wedding? Oh, your arrogance wouldn’t let you heed my voice. Now, Willie shall hear of this historic fanfare, and you know how he’ll cause hell to fall the tragedy. Ah! You’ve got to think how you and your royal lover will be damned when he flew back to Melilla”

“Oh, my God!” The newly wedded Julie exclaimed with rising fear. Confused and pained, she tried to silent the voice, but to no avail. And, as she was trying to fight back emerging tears off her cheeks, the voice returned:

“Fuck you, Julie! Willie will sure gravely doom you and Bay. Yeah, and then shall your shame overwhelmed your bestowed honours. You’ll be damned. Sure, you’ll be”.

The newly wedded bride shivered and fell her back against the wall, just as the strange voice ceased from speaking to her.

Juliet knew the voice was speaking the whole truth. She knew Willie well. Yes shew knew the valiant man of war would never let go that which he consider to be his right or possession. More so, in this case, he would indeed be justified should he ventured to fighting. She turned her sobbing cheeks aimlessly about and said to herself: “I knew him. He had never let go of what he believed to be his right or possession. Eh! Should he still be alive, devil is sure for our guest. Could Willie still be alive? Will he ever return from the war-front?”

Queen Juliet and General Willie dated for six years. And, in those beautiful years, Juliet had come to know him as a man of his words; a hardhearted person that never reneges on his promises. He takes every word of agreement as covenant that must not be broken.

They were preparing for marriage when the General got the call-up to battlefield. He was to lead his Mercenary forces with the Spanish Army against France. The called-up to battle came just three days after their formal introduction. Then, with the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces calling him up to join his troops against France, all other wedding arrangement were put on hold. He took courage to call his lover of six years, informing her of the new development.

"I still loved you so much. You are my only love; yeah, my very heart. And I am all yours. This is a third trial of our love. I need your promise of loyalty, Julie. Promise me that you'll patiently wait till I come. Mind you, when and if I will return, I do not know", he said.

Juliet, hearing her fiancé’ last statement suddenly busted to tears. She was greatly touched with his words "Mind you, when and if I will return I do not know". After much persuasive words from the General, Juliet finally promised to wait while he is away to the battle. And with this assurance, right there and then, the General in his happy mood transferred a sum of £1 million into her account -  £500, 000 to buy the remaining wedding items on their jointly marked down for purchase list and £500,000 for her personal upkeep.

"We shall be wedded the very first week of my arrival. This is promise", William assured, as he held her tight to his breasts.

Twenty four hours later, General Willie left for the airport, with his wailing lovebird in the company. Julie sobbed all through the road to the airport. Many things made her to weep:

Her great love for him and his for her came first. It used to such a light pf affection that gets brighter each passing day.

The intrusive assault Willie’s profession made upon their relationship was another thing that made her to weep. For the third time, their wedding arrangement has been postponed on  the instances of his military engagement.

Above all were her three fears. First was fear of her age. She clocked 30 years four months earlier, and with this newly postponement of their wedding plan, she seemed uncertain at what age she would be getting married. Second was her fear of ‘when will Willie be returning?’ “Suppose he’ll come back in two or three or more years today? her mind asked with no real answer coming forth. Third was her fear of the certainty of his return. ‘And what becomes of my hope if he should die in the battlefield?” she pondered.

She returned home that day only to weep all through the night. That was over five years ago; for it took five years to end the hot Spanish-France war.

As soon as the wedding was over, Julie and her husband, Mayor Partrick Bay were ushered from the reception hall into a waiting convoy that drove them to the Airport, where they boarded a flight to United States of America for their Honeymoon.

During their one month Honeymoon in the California, Julie’s reflected on how she met Bay four and a half years ago. It was at an event organised by New Generation Youths of Spain, where Patrick Bay, then the Mayor-elect, was invited as Distinguished Special Guest of Honour, and she was the Guest Speaker. She remembered how, after the closing of the occasion, Patrick sent a complimentary card with written note on its back. Julie was about to zoom off when a young guy approached with the message. The note was an invitation to a special dinner scheduled fortnightly in the newly renovated palace. But she couldn’t make up her mind whether to attend or not until the last hour to the appointment time. Eventually, she decided to honour Bay’s invitation.

It was indeed a worthy dinner; rich, royally classy, and distinctively lively. It was one of the best feasts feast Julie ever attended. Then, after the dinner ended, with all its accompanying raport and glamour, Juliet Alberto asked for his permission to leave, which he promptly granted.

Julie remembered how Mayor Bay saw her off to the packing slot and bade her farewell, only to run after her car, waving her down after zooming off. She laughed, stood up and began to run right in their hotel room, mimicking the royal lord: “Eh! Eh! Lady Julie. Wait! Wait! Just a word more. Just a word.”

“I hope you remembered the episode?” she jokingly asked

“Hum… You?” Mayor said with smiles.

“And you rude and odd proposal too,” she asked mockingly and they both laughed and laughed.

“I’ll marry you, Julie. Yeah, Falling in love already. I must marry you.”  She fixed her seductive gaze at him and added: “That was the odd proposal of a royalty.”

But he also mimicked Julie’s response to his odd, rude proposal: “Will you stop that! I just told you of him. No, I can’t marry you”. He touched her hairs, and added: “That was the hash response of a noble lady.”

“And to that you asked me to forget my first. Didn’t you?” She asked Patrick Bay.

“And for saying that, you rained horrible insults on me that I couldn’t move my legs for minutes.” Mayor Bay retorted.

“Me, insulting you? Julie denied

“Oh, did you not shouted ‘Forget who? Forget who? You mean I should forget my Willie? To hell with your dinner. Oh, are you a drunk? Stop this assault on my relationship. And, listen, let me tell me never, never hear you talking about it again.” Mayor reminded her. They laughed and he added. “After this insult, you wouldn’t even allow me to speak. You shouted: “Eh! Enough!”. and zoomed off in anger.”

It was true Patrick Bay stood on the spot, breathing in sore sadness, after Julie zoomed off. He thought his royalty was being dragged in the mud. He became so worried for days. And though he was a successful business tycoon and a multimillionaire at his tender age of 40, he needed a good ‘a wife’ as queen. More so, Kingmakers requested to know his fiancee  the queen before his final coronation and ascension to his father’s throne.

After days of his grieving over the insult, he decided he must marry the Jewel that insulted him. Thus, he braced up his mind to do all in his might to get what he wanted - Julie. “Whatever it will cost me to marry Juliet, I’m determined to pay it and get her for my queen” he said confidently and went back to the palace.

Julie also, she got home that day and fell on her bed in anger, sobbing and regretting ever honouring Patrick’s invitation.

But long before her dinner with with Patrick Bay, Julie had been having terrible feelings,  somehow depressed, exhausted, frustrated, and tired of life. The main cause of this was her not

hearing from Willie. She has not been hearing from Willie since he left for the war. And this was seriously telling on her health, as she’s been losing weight and getting sickly often.

Ruminating in her privacy, she repeatedly asked: “Why is he not communicating. Why? Men are so wicked indeed”. In fact, she had started nursing the thought that he might have died in the war front. Thus, she travelled to the Military Headquarters in the Capital City to do her findings. It was right there she knew that the General was still alive but busy. She wanted to follow medical staffs to the war front but her elder brother, a General Alberto, blocked her chance. When she got to know that her brother had blocked her chance, she went with fury into his office and rattled: “Brother, you blocked my chance? But why? See, am tired of life; it has been an unfriendly thing to me. I will kill myself. Brother, I will.”

But her Brother calmed spoke: “Listen to me. There are three kinds of life-threatening relationships - a cloudy relationship, a packed relationship, and fleeting relationship. Which one is yours?”