Love and fashion - Angela Barther - ebook

Kate works in a successful company as a fashion designer. She has been dating Brian for quite a while now yet suddenly she notices Steve, her colleague from work. Is true love possible in the world of show-business? Will she find the one and who is going to satisfy her desire for passion in the end? Some say that if you strongly believe, anything can happen.

Angela Barther was born in 1984 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1993 her family moved to Poland and then to Croatia, where she’s been living since then. She is a happy mother and wife. She runs a guesthouse on the coast of Croatia. Her passion is travelling, writing and photography. She often visits her grandparents in Poland.

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LOVE and Fashion

part one

Angela Barther

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Angela Barther & e-bookowo

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ISBN 978-83-7859-404-8

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Entering the work early in the morning I meet Dorothy. She waits for me and looks a little bit nervous.

– Hello – I say to her. – You look uncomfortable. What happened?

– Hi, I think I should ask you. Last night Brian couldn’t stop bothering me and kept on inquiring whether you were dating someone.

– What? – I get stunned. Well then, he must have seriously taken the fact of seeing me in the company of Steve. Was he jealous? Telling the truth, I am surprised for it was just a visit of a colleague who simply helped me move some things. On the other hand, I must admit I’m glad, because now I know that he really cares for me.

– Come on, you know it’s not true. If I had someone, surely you would be the first to learn about it.

– Well, yes, I know, but Brian apparently saw you with some guy. He complained that you didn’t answer his calls and when he came to your place to see if you were okay, he saw you, as he described it, in a quite bizarre situation.

– Which means?

– You were seeing off some guy who looked like if you were just, you know...

I can’t help myself but burst into a loud laughter. Actually, I remember now. Steve was in a creased shirt and all sweaty. In the end, he was lifting up heavy flowerpots and he might have gotten a little bit tired. But why immediately relate it with the one thing? What an imagination.

– What are you laughing at? – Dorothy asks after a short while. – Do you really mean there was a man at your place last night? Who was it?

– Steve – I answer, still couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

– Are you kidding me? Seriously? He’s not your type at all.

– Of course, he’s not. Last night he was just helping me lift a few things upstairs and he got a little sweaty, and Brian took it for as if we were, you know…

– Aha, so in this case you will have to explain it to him...

– Explain what? – I oppose resentfully. – It is him to conceive weird suspicions. After all he’s neither my partner nor husband so that I would explain anything to him.

– Still I think you do care and I might mention him what really happened, that it wasn’t that way he thought it to be.

– Ok. And speaking of Steve, yesterday he took me to one of these flats where they would shoot the TV series.

– And how did you like it?

– Honestly speaking, I was impressed. Everything was exactly what it had looked like thirty years ago: unpretentious, old-time style, no electronics and quite worn small furniture. And the children’s bedroom made the biggest impression on me. I felt as if I moved back to the times I was a kid. Some toys looked just like mine.

– Awesome. I will speak with him. Maybe he will go there some time again so I could have a chance to see it too.

– But try not to flirt too much as he could think you’re attracted to him – I add jokingly.

– Don’t worry, I’ll leave him to you. I have to go. The job’s waiting.

– Ok, see you at the break.

I walk straight to my place, brew a cup of coffee and get down to work. There is a pile of folders on the desk in which I have selected some nice creations that have caught my eye. A little tedious, but someone has to do it unfortunately. It’s already eleven, I’ve been sitting like that for almost two hours now, I could do with a short break to stretch the bones and refresh the mind. Suddenly the door opens and Steve enters bringing another stack of catalogues to browse.

– Novelties from Italy – he utters at the entrance. – Hello, I hope you won’t hate me for continuous delivering these catalogues. The boss told me to hand them over to you.

The tone of his voice is kind of strange, stand-offish. Looks like something must have angered him, but I don’t want to question him about anything.

– Hello Steve, would you like some coffee?

– No, I’m afraid not, I’m in a hurry as I’ve got a lot of work to do. Maybe later. Thank you anyway.

– It’s a pity. I’ve been poring over the desk since early in the morning and I’m getting bored. I thought I could have a little break.

– All right then, I’ll stay for a while. I’ll drink some coffee and have a little rest. I’ve been busy since morning.

– Such work. You can’t help.

I get up, brew two cups of coffee and give one to Steve. He sips slowly as if he checks if it’s coffee for sure and then he says:

– Listen, I’ve got a private question. What are you doing on Friday after work for I think Friday could be the best?

– The best for what? – I ask surprised. I didn’t expect such a question. Has Steve stopped beating around the bush and offered me a date? I don’t know what to think.

– I’ve been thinking about it for quite long and came to a conclusion that it would be the best if I turn to you.

– But what’s it about? – I can’t wait until he finally spits it out.

– Well then, the thing is that my father is going to retire next week and I would like to buy him a present for this occasion.