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How can you eat as much as you desire while remaining slim and attractive for life, enjoying a good health and a youthful vitality? How can you regain and maintain your health indefinitely? How can you prolong your life as much as you desire? These are essential questions and you should prioritize them in life always! You may easily lose weight and achieve your good health throughout life, since your body and mind stay slim and healthy as long as they are never harmed or unbalanced. You may always learn more about your subconscious mind and your physical body in order to achieve harmony, and this is what this book studies. You may learn how to cooperate and live in harmony with them in order to achieve your common goals throughout life: sustained happiness, health and vitality, homeostasis, proper bodily weight, continuous health, among many others. This book teaches you everything about health, nutrition, and fitness to help you remain slim, healthy, vigorous, happy, vibrant, and attractive throughout life. You may find here the truth about all problems and illnesses in health and nutrition, and how to avoid them. Now you may understand how medicine, drugs, and food additives affect you in life positively and negatively, and how they switch your body from one mode of life to another with or without your consent. If you are searching for the perfect program and lifestyle offering you health, good looks, fitness, youth, and vitality, this book is for you.  

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Lose Weight,Stay in Shape,Lead a Healthy Life

Slim, healthy, vibrant and strong, an extraordinary experience.

Eleventh Edition

By Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed.

Published by Valentin Leonard Matcas

Copyright © 2019 Valentin Matcas

All rights reserved

Cover: Valentin Matcas

Photo on cover found at: Deviantart/Anathalia

I dedicate this book to everyone eager to learn and develop continuously throughout life.


1 Your Quest for Good Health

2 Your Extraordinary Mind, in Your Extraordinary Body

3 Your Choice, Slim or Fat

4 Modes of Life Influencing Your Shape

5 Fitness Session

6 The Perfect Lifestyle

About the Author

1 Your Quest for Good Health

How can you eat as much as you desire while remaining slim and attractive for life, enjoying a good health and a youthful vitality? How can you regain and maintain your health indefinitely? How can you prolong your life as much as you desire? These are essential questions and you should prioritize them always.

You may easily lose weight and achieve your good health, since your body and mind stay slim and healthy as long as they are never harmed or unbalanced. …And even when they are harmed, your mind and body may always regain their shape, offering you the health, vitality, and good appearance that you always need.

Excellent, but why is everybody sick, weak, tired, overweight, wrinkled, on stimulants, on medication, on drugs, on everything, all throughout life? Why can you not remain healthy indefinitely, the way you should, the way your body and mind are supposed to offer? There are many factors involved in your bodily health, feelings, and appearance, many times extrinsic in nature, originating in Society for example, or in Finance, Science, Agriculture, Business, Education, Entertainment, etc. All these factors cause you to get sick today, and to feel weak, tired, old, and overweight. …Yet it is not enough to avoid these extrinsic harmful factors in order to maintain your health and vitality always, since you have to know everything about the human mind and body, along with everything about the human health, nutrition, fitness, life, Science, and Society. …And you have to summate this knowledge in a comprehensive model for the human health, appearance, and wellbeing, which is exactly what this book does.

Your mind and body should remain in perfect equilibrium, called homeostasis. Both your body and mind are capable to maintain homeostasis, and they do so in a very effective manner. This means that they are capable to maintain a perfect health along with a perfect bodily appearance, as long as the outside environment remains unchanged. Yet vary the temperature or humidity, and you get sick. Encounter pathogens, and you get sick again. Eat food filled with harmful additives, and you lose energy and gain weight, many times getting sick too. …And so you have to visit your doctor, you take your pills and shots, and you get better. …Right? …And you restore your homeostasis right away, don’t you? Well, no.

There is a stereotype here and you should be able to identify it. Your mind and body do not function the way Science and Medicine state. Your mind and body do not break down throughout life the way computers crash, toasters fry, and cars wreck, since both your body and mind are alive, just the way you are alive. …And even more, they both have a life and existence on their own, independent of yours the conscious intelligence, and here is where your own intrinsic harmony is truly valuable. If your body and mind should get sick as often as statistics state, then you should encounter problems continuously throughout life just as well. Is this true?

Let us see… See a trashcan on the sidewalk, and you stumble right in it. Do you really? Break a glass, and you cut yourself right away. Do you? The boss is very upset today, and so you lose your job on the spot, do you? Well, no, and it would be unfortunate if you did. …Because you are always able to cope with unexpected, difficult situations on your own, just because you are a living, intelligent, and highly capable living being. …And just by studying Society now, you are quite a survivor indeed, and so are your body and mind. They cope with all problems and threats separate from you sometimes, while you are many times independent of Medicine too. In fact, many of your lifetime achievements are based on being able to cope on your own with your personal problems, needs, meanings, feelings, plans, and desires. …And you do so, many times not by repairing and upgrading yourself directly and continuously the way you repair your toaster, laptop, and car for example, but you use different methods, more complex and more preventive, since you are alive, and it works. …And it always works because you learn and research everything yourself, you distinguish the good from the bad, the valid from the irrelevant, the genuine from the fake, and so you manage to find a way in every circumstance, at work and in your family. It is not easy, yet nothing is easy in the world, so it has to work. …And why should your own body and mind be different? …And even more, why don’t you allow them to manage all problems, heal themselves and regain homeostasis? Why don’t you cooperate by providing everything that they need in order to maintain yourself slim, vibrant, and healthy indefinitely?

What exactly can you do? You have three choices, yet they might not lead to similar results. The first choice is based on mainstream Medicine. The second choice is based on alternative health and alternative medicine. The third choice is based on learning and using your own expertise. Well, you already know them, at least subconsciously, so which one do you always choose? You are never a doctor or an expert in health, medicine, fitness, and nutrition, so the third choice cannot be an option. Choose the first one, mainstream Medicine, and you remain just as sick and just as healthy as anyone else, one more statistics to add to the official list. …And this is why you choose the second option, alternative medicine. You eat organic and you try herbal teas, you do yoga and you create a healthy, positive environment continuously around you, you try the newest and the most recommended methods of losing weight, yet you still lose energy and vibrancy, you feel sick more often, while you still gain weight. What can you do? Nothing works, does it! …Are there more options?

What exactly are you doing wrong? Whatever it is, it relates with those stereotypes and beliefs encountered earlier. …Because your body and mind should remain healthy, vibrant, and in homeostasis always, or this should be the case as long as the outside environment remains stable and favorable too. …And it should always remain stable and favorable in today’s Society, mostly throughout developed nations. Is this really the case? …Because people are slim, vibrant, happy, full of energy, and even healthier throughout developing and even underdeveloped nations too, despite on what you see on TV. …And this is a good sign of an unfavorable environment throughout developed nations and spreading fast to cover the world, but why? I study Society, environments, development, health, nutrition, life, reasoning, along with much more throughout dozens of books of this series, and you have to know it all indeed, only to be able to live a normal life wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are positioned in Society. You have to be able to learn and use your own expertise in everything, including health and medicine, and this seems to be the third option.

…And therefore, you have to be familiar with health, medicine, biology, psychology, chemistry, science, and sociology yourself, among other subjects, only to be able to cope with everything today, maintaining yourself healthy, slim, vibrant, and in homeostasis. Homeostasis means unchanged, optimum functioning, and this includes minimum bodily weight, good feelings, and optimum reasoning. This is your third option, it works, yet you may also choose the first two options, depending on circumstances, and it is always your own expertise to help you throughout your judgment.

…But why are alternative practices never working as much as they claim? Alternative methods are mostly empiric in nature, and many times, they are built on beliefs and speculations. Therefore, they are not consistent, and while some may help you on a short term, most of them end up harming you. …And it happens often. …While some remedies and solutions falling into the alternative health and alternative medicine category are not alternative at all but they are valid and highly necessary, they were supposed to be part of the mainstream health and medicine yet they are not, and this is why you have to reason on your own and be capable to use valid knowledge and not beliefs and assumptions only. We are going to study these all throughout this book, from comprehensive perspectives.

As you notice, the problem is not that you choose alternative health and alternative medicine since many alternative ideas are good indeed, but the problem is that you choose bad alternatives alongside good ones too, and so you end up worse, like everybody else. You are better off with the mainstream Medicine sometimes, embracing the statistics, while you may also manage it well on your own too, through your own reasoning and expertise, since there is something good in everything always, and this is what this book teaches you, since it creates comprehensive models of the human health, fitness, nutrition, and all related medical issues.

What can you do? Obviously, you have to be able to distinguish between the good alternative health practices and the harmful ones. …Which means that you have to learn everything about the alternative health and medical practice in order to judge for yourself what is good from what is bad. …And since Medicine and Food Industry harm you with food additives and drugs based on statistics that come with side effects always, now you have to study on your own in order to be able to distinguish what is good from what is bad among the mainstream practices too. …Which means that you have to become an expert yourself in medicine, fitness, and nutrition too, both in mainstream and alternative practices. …And this is option number three, again, yet it also includes the first two.

Can you actually become an expert in health, medicine, fitness, and even in biology? Yes, always, since there is learning material everywhere around, and you may access it in one tap. What might be tedious, is being able to distinguish the good from the bad yourself in every domain and circumstance, and not only in health, medicine, and biology. …Or you become a statistics everywhere in life, and not only in medicine.

Why do you gain weight? Why do you get sick? Where does your vibrancy go? The answer is certainly out there and you may find it with ease, yet there are so many answers everywhere, and so many fast remedies and miraculous solutions that you get so excited about, and you try them all. …And then they do not always work, your health, youth, and vibrancy diminish, you have to search more, you find more miraculous remedies, you apply them again, your friends tell you more miraculous diets, you try these too, it gets frustrating and harmful, and this is what exactly are doing wrong? …Not using your own reasoning and expertise.

…Yes, but how can you know exactly what is good and what is bad in the world, so you never have to harm yourself? As stated above, you have to use your own expertise and reasoning, and these never fail. Therefore, you have to build them and train them yourself, because nobody will do it for you, not Medicine and not Science. …And how can you do so, when you ignore how the human mind reasons? …Because Psychology ignores the most important subject of all, how the human mind reasons, stating it clearly upfront. I have books in this series studying reasoning, knowledge, attitudes, ideas, needs, meanings, development, consciousness, thoughts, intelligence, awareness, interconnectivity, beliefs, feelings, perception, ideologies, addictions, stereotypes, and the human mind, along with the entire human cognition. …And it is all connected, and it is not what you see on TV.

What people usually do wrong is using the extraordinary human mind through beliefs and speculations alone, leading them to more beliefs and speculations this way and not to valid facts, not to successful ideas, and therefore not to valid solutions. You should be using your human mind in rigorous analytical reasoning, which defines the human potential at its best. Genuine reasoning never consists of beliefs, chances, speculations, statistics, and trials and errors, but genuine reasoning is strongly analytic and it is capable to find directly answer to all problems, including health and nutritious problems. …Or it should do so if you manage to supply it with genuine, valid facts, and not with beliefs. …Because when you provide your human reasoning with beliefs alone, you are always just as successful as those generating and implementing these beliefs. Many times, you do not know who these people are and what they really want, you fall either in their trap or in their ignorance, and so you get hurt. What do they want? Look around! Everybody wants money, power, wealth, fame, and influence, while everybody has something to sell. You have to employ your own reasoning, you have to use valid facts only, and once you combine the two, you become an expert in any domain, not only in health and nutrition.

What can you do? Find valid facts, and eliminate beliefs. Valid facts relate to genuine science, if you may identify it from today’s Science, while beliefs relate to the multitude of ideologies out there, and these count in tens of thousands. Add to these personal ideologies too, since these are in everybody and they are determining their convictions and desires, many times getting them hurt too. …And if science is not exactly your strength, you never have to learn it all, but only what is currently relevant to your problem. In time, your knowledge accumulates and interconnects if it is valid indeed, and your expertise expands. If it does not interconnect, then it is built on incompatible beliefs, since ideologies are not compatible with each other. As a reference, it is more tedious to acquire computer or digital knowledge, yet you are already an expert on computers in what it concerns your own computer problems and needs. It is the same with all cars that you ever had, all jobs, all schools, and all social problem to have ever encountered: you have always become an expert in everything, and you should do the same in health, medicine, and nutrition.

…And this means that you always have to be able to distinguish between valid facts and beliefs, between true science and erroneous or ignorant science, between true medicine and empiric medicine, and between analytical research and empirical research. Keep these in mind while searching the Internet for your alternative remedies because they will help you distinguishing the good from the bad, since most of these researches are made of beliefs, with only a few to be based on valid facts and therefore to assure success always. ...And what you want is to use your reasoning in order to differentiate the genuine from the fake, so let us do so.

We start with the most important: medicine and curing. Today’s Medicine uses various chemical compounds coming in form of pills, shots, and vaccines, in order to combat germs and illnesses. Study germs of all kind now, to find them extremely complex, and also extremely adapting to anything, including chemical substances. Most germs are very complex cells, organisms, or viruses, and you cannot even compare them with molecules and chemical substances in general, since germs are comprised of millions or billions of these compounds, of an even higher complexity. You need highly competitive living cells along with a great capability and experience to combat germs. In fact, it takes your organism and your immune system an entire army of highly competitive specialized cells called antibodies to fight germs, attackers, and intruders of all kind, to identify them, to prepare a remedy as a form of counterattack, and then to strike with a strategy so surprising, that the simple chemical compounds that Medicine feeds you are no match. These chemical compounds are drugs in themselves, since they only make you feel good and they even get you addicted, but they never treat you. It is your body to heal itself, while many times Medicine gets in the way, harming your body, mind, and immune system badly.

What Medicine does, it takes a specific chemical compound or a combination of these, made of petroleum or of various plants, it tries this on rats, cats, and people first, it makes a statistics, and if the curing rate exceeds a specific value, it patents and commercializes this new medication, while making a large profit. There is nothing valid, cognitive, or analytical in this particular type of medical research, but purely empiric and even accidental, following trial and error techniques. …And this is why your chances are statistical, with the side effects to have more chances than the cure itself. Medication simply works by making people feel good and it cannot be a match against germs, while the organism through its immune system always heals itself. Do you see how today’s Medicine uses empiric methods leading to beliefs, it attempts to cure effects or symptoms but not the main illness, while it does not cure the illness itself but the organism does? Therefore, today’s Medicine is not exactly the genuine, main medicine, but it is only an alternative medicine, it is only a form of combating the effects created by germs upon organisms, it never cures the germs themselves, and therefore is not even medicine. …It should not be called medicine since it does not cure illnesses, but it only makes you feel better. …And there is a difference here, since drugs and addictions make you feel good on a short term, while rendering you sick and disabled on a longer term, if you are still alive then to count. …And since there is not much difference between prescribed drugs, legal drugs, and illegal drugs, now you may understand where all health problems originate.

Consequently, your own mind and body are the mainstream medicine through their pertinent immune system, while whatever calls itself Medicine today is not mainstream medicine at all, not even alternative medicine, but only an impostor meant to make large profits while harming the world, since it is never meant to cure illnesses, but only to give you pleasure as any drug dealer does. There are still good practices in Medicine, as various surgery procedures, or as Dentistry for example, and now you may discern on your own what is good from what requires caution in medicine.

…And you are a target now, you are highly vulnerable along with everybody else, and this is why you have to find your way on your own in everything concerning health, medicine, food, nutrition, exercise, mind, reasoning, feelings, knowledge, etc. …Because all stereotypes keeping you mislead throughout life are simple beliefs and nothing else, and you should be able to identify and remove them from your cognitive system.

…Because beliefs are simple chunks of information that you assimilate as a whole in your cognitive system without checking them for validity, and you do so because you have to, everybody does so, and so you end up with beliefs and stereotypes in your mind, many times for life. Valid facts are the true knowledge, and you may always use them within your analytical reasoning, since they always interconnect with the rest of the valid knowledge, down to Mathematics, Classical Physics, and much more. …Yet beware of Science, since it is just as empiric as Medicine, and it will always mislead you to accept beliefs as valid facts, altering your entire reasoning, rendering you incapable to reason on your own, incapable to distinguish the valid from the irrelevant, the real from the fake, and the good from the bad. …And when you study the world, now you know how it got this way.

…And so you may understand your body, mind, and health analytically and not empirically. If you understand them empirically, you end up understanding only the effects that your sickness cause to you, like pain, weakness, fever, infection, etc.

How do you get sick? What happens is that you have contacted a pathogen somehow, and now you are sick. Right? No. This is also an empirical perspective of your sickness, and it is the usual empirical perspective adopted by Medicine today: one pathogen -> one illness -> one shot or one pill -> and here is your bill.

This is exactly what places Medicine in an extraordinary conflict of interests while getting the world sick, and everybody ignores it. How? Medicine detects the sickness, Medicine prescribes the remedy, Medicine sells you the remedy, Medicine administers the remedy to you, Medicine assesses all results, and Medicine decides if you are cured or not through its own fabricated statistics, while you or your health plan pay for every single one of these steps. …And it is so expensive, that it bankrupts the most powerful nations of the world, along with the whole world. Someone does not only make a profit out of people’s suffering and death, but someone controls and owns the world this way too, with you trapped now right in the middle. …And as stated, if you do not learn the facts, to reason yourself, in order to remain healthy, vibrant, energetic, and in good shape, it is unlikely that these people will do it for you.

What can you do? Are you capable to heal yourself and remain vibrant and in good health? Yes, your body should be able to heal itself and maintain homeostasis, if you are capable to cooperate entirely and provide it with everything that it needs. …Because it is easier when you prevent health problems entirely, and again, to do so you have to know everything about your body, mind, health, nutrition, exercise, development, etc. …And even when you know everything, you may still fail, since the world is highly complex and it changes continuously, while you have to follow closely, or may even stay on top. You are better off through Medicine sometimes, other times you are better through alternative medicine too, while many times, you are better through your own expertise, by avoiding and preventing illnesses, along with all problems involving your mind and body. …Because as long as you are ready and determined to reason, understand, and find solutions to all your future problems, you are on the right pathway toward a successful behavior. …And this is what life and existence are all about.

Through a comprehensive model of your health, the question is not why and how you have contacted this particular pathogen or health problem, but why exactly your body was not able to identify it, why was your body fouled by it, and why was your body too weak, too busy, too distracted, or too untrained to cope with it. …And so on, you may figure out the rest of the questions, since pathogens are all around, at all time, counting by the zillions, and you manage well to stay clear of them all if it is not for these unfortunate times when your body is not capable to protect itself. Do not be fouled by common beliefs that pathogens mutate constantly like monsters, causing pandemics, because this is not entirely relevant. Harmful microbes, viruses, fungus, and bacteria will always mutate indeed, but so does your entire immune system. Comparing now pathogens with your entire immune system is like comparing a small rowboat with a battle cruiser. What damage can that do to you? A lot, mostly when your battle cruiser is rendered inapt, adrift, and helpless, even on purpose. A simple knock is enough to sink your entire state of the art organism then, taking you down with it. Do you see how your health problems never relate to distinct pathogens or to distinct changes in the environment? These causes are always within you, within your own organism, relating to what disrupts and compromises your immune system, your health, your equilibrium, your favorable mode of life, and your homeostasis.

How exactly do you cooperate with your mind and body in order to help them throughout the entire inner activity? You provide them with everything that they need, from a proper environment to the necessary energy and materials that it normally needs. It seems simple, and you are already doing so through the multitude of needs that you fulfill throughout life. You have to follow your needs, if you are capable to understand them. For example, there are over one hundred essential nutrients that your cells need besides the regular nutrients, and you have to provide them entirely. You might get less than fifty essential nutrients with your meals, since the Food Industry ignores them in its marketed food products, and many times it is done on purpose. Without these, you will be made to eat indefinitely until you get them all, daily. What do you do? You have to take drugs in order to get away from the continuous hunger and nagging coming from your subconscious mind while asking for its supplies. …And so you feel better while your organism deteriorate progressively, you get sick, and so you suffer. You have to take even more drugs to compensate, legal, illegal, and prescribed drugs, and you call this life, since everybody goes through it in the very same way.

How can you identify what your mind and body need for normal healing, for normal preventing, and for homeostasis? Your subconscious always tells you exactly what it needs, through the multitude of your natural needs, and it does so many times with the precision of molecules. Your hunger or your need for food comes in a multitude of feelings meant to account for the multitude of nutriments, and you have to be able to identify them all. You have to distinguish your need for all essential nutrients, or you must find ways to provide them all by default, daily. While all artificial supplements are only a myth, since you cannot assimilate them. The daily values that you find within tables are erroneous many times, and therefore you must also follow your mind and body in order to know how much of each nutrient you need. Food supplements found on the market are mostly fake, made of plastic and petrol.

Is the whole world against you? …The whole wider world. You have to know these essential nutrients and you have to know how to get them from natural food sources or you will be hungry and week endlessly, while gaining weight and getting sick.

…Yet you gain weight for a multitude of other reasons, and you have to know them all. …And this is called analytical reasoning and comprehensive research, different than the ten-day and thirty-day diets that you find in books and on the Internet promising you everything. You have to design your own health program from scratch and it will always work, as long as it is built on genuine knowledge and on valid, analytical reasoning.

How? Many times, all it takes is to fulfill your needs, because through your needs, your mind and body require everything that they have to have. You still have to know what you do in all details, in order to monitor yourself while doing it, in order to be sure that you do it right. …While your own mind and body also monitor you closely, and through the particular feelings that they send you continuously throughout your fulfillment, you know exactly what you do right and what you do wrong. …Because your subconscious will always tell you, if you can only acknowledge it, while maintaining the inner cooperation and harmony within your cognitive system. …And since throughout inadequate diets you deplete your brain of all nutriments, it cannot maintain itself and it decays, your reasoning deteriorates accordingly, you break your inner harmony and cooperation, nothing works anymore in your mind and body, and this makes for a dreadful life. Your inner chaos spreads outside now, influencing your family and those around you too, you are influenced by them also since this happens everywhere and not only with you, addictions follow in parallel to take you deeper, and this is normal life.

Beware of pure pleasure and addictions, not to mistake them with your genuine love, natural pleasure, and natural happiness. …And you may distinguish your natural pleasure from the artificially-induced pleasure when it comes from drugs and entertainment, and this includes prescribed and legal drugs, along with the hidden drugs present in food and drink additives. …Because the Agriculture, Food Industry, and Medicine are always in a conflict of interests, against you, and if this is not the case where you live yet, it spreads fast.

How do you fulfill your needs? Everything that you do in life, you do it in order to fulfill your needs and meanings, either natural or artificial. You always breathe, eat, and drink in order to feed your cells with all the necessary energy, catalyzers, and materials. …Yet this does not happen systematically, with you calculating precisely how much cheese and bread you must have today, and how many beans you must eat in order to remain slim and healthy. Your subconscious intelligence does it for you, it calculates everything down to the last molecules, and it sends you the precise sets of needs, to eat tuna for example whenever it runs low on some type of vitamin B, or to eat more whole wheat bread whenever it has to fortify muscles or if it has to repair particular tissue throughout the body.

Your subconscious mind has a multitude of abilities, as the eating ability, the recovery ability, or your reproductive ability, and so on. Your subconscious sends you your daily needs through these abilities, and they are very pertinent. It is relevant to study these abilities from within your cognitive system. …Because down there, within your mind, these abilities are individual intelligences on their own, I refer to them as your primal intelligences, and these are your eating intelligence, reproductive intelligence, recovery intelligence, social intelligence, and so on. What is relevant to understand, is that within your cognitive system, you are just another one of these primal specialized intelligences. You are the conscious intelligence, and you are specialized and responsible with the coordination of the entire organism while it interacts with the outside world, in order to fulfill its needs, or your needs. This is why you have to cooperate and keep the harmony throughout life, because you are just another intelligence, and you are meant to cooperate naturally and keep the harmony within your cognitive system. …And now, in what it concerns your primal eating intelligence, it has to digest food down to the smallest molecule of relevant nutrient, and to send everything personally to all cells of your body, trillions of them, exactly as they need and desire, and it does so flawlessly along with a zillion other digestive tasks that it performs even simultaneously. …So yes, you may trust your eating intelligence with everything that it requires from daily, since it never makes mistakes and it has been at it for billions of years or more, because all primal intelligences never die.

Why do you get sick if your subconscious is so smart, accurate, and capable throughout life? Well, the problem is that you are not always capable to differentiate among your needs in order to fulfill them so accurately, and you are not even willing to do it anyway. …And so you end up fulfilling one need in place of another, you fulfill your needs partially, too late, or you ignore them altogether, whenever you prioritize other needs that you happen to consider more important in life. …And so you end up wearing improper clothing during bad weather, eating improper food along with harmful additives, harming and abusing yourself unnecessarily because everybody does so, going through impossible addictions since there is nothing else to do, getting engaged in awful stressful situations because you never expect them, and so on. …Because life is full of these things, making you wonder now how your body is still capable to remain healthy and to heal itself. Never underestimate the way you choose to fulfill your needs, or the way you are capable to manage to fulfill your needs, since this is exactly what renders your organism incapable to respond promptly and accurately while defending itself against everything affecting your health and homeostasis.

To take an example now, several paragraphs above, your eating intelligence had sent you a need to intake a particular type of vitamin B. …And it needed it badly, since you failed to fulfill this need for over a month now. You might have identified this particular need as hunger and you made a sandwich, or you just waited for your regular meal. That particular type of vitamin B was crucial in restoring specific characteristics of your nervous system and circulatory system, since it is used within the process of coating axons and blood vessels. It is used only in the process, but it is not part of the coating itself. Now without the needed bandage of one blood vessel, a particular wound is left exposed, viruses from your blood stream make their way inside your tissue, they infect cells there, they multiply, they infect more and more cells, in an avalanche, and you take it from there, because you are already sick, you are getting worse rapidly, and you feel it too. As a reference, ripe fruits, organic eggs, and genuine milk, along with seafood including seaweed will assure you all vitamins and fatty acids including omegas and cholesterols, along with all minerals. You still need more amino acids and you get these from whole wheat flour, peanuts, brown rice, oats, etc. Make all these organic in order to avoid poisons, and you have all essential nutrients and all energy for the day and for life. However, if you rely on mainstream Medicine and mainstream Nutrition, these will teach you that cholesterol is bad for you, while cholesterol is the bandage itself to coat your blood vessels whenever you have to avoid vessel rupture, internal hemorrhage, and therefore death. Yes, Medicine kills you in every manner and not only through drugs, but through invalid knowledge too. Study all statistics, to find out how there are more deaths resulting from medical malpractice than from all car accidents and war casualties. …And this is only proved medical malpractice, because almost all current medical practice is medical malpractice. …Again, some domains of Medicine are still valid, as Dentistry for example, along with specific surgery and bone fracture treatment.

Just by taking medication will not get rid of your virus. You need to patch up the holes in your blood vessels and you need to do it fast, or you keep on getting infected even if Medicine may manage to decrease the rate at which you get affected. Your subconscious will keep on sending you the need to eat that specific food containing that specific type of cholesterol, more and more intensely, since you already have it in your kitchen and all that you have to do now is eat it, and you get well. It may surprise you, but your subconscious already knows where all its nutrients and minerals are found throughout all the cabinets of your kitchen, and throughout all compartments of your fridge, through senses, experience, and through your full cooperation while shopping for groceries. But you might not eat that anyway, so you do not gain weight.

Are you really cured now if you eat some of that type of fat? Yes, certainly. Your body, cells, and subconscious intelligence are capable to heal themselves, and even to build immunity to various pathogens gradually, so they never bother you again. …But if new and mutated types of pathogens keep on forming and coming in through the front door and you always let them in, your immune system will eventually collapse, and this means death. Patch that hole and close that door, this is all that you have to do, it is this simple, and this is what your cells and subconscious try to determine you to do.

This is only a simple example, since pathogens will enter your body in every manner. As a reference, technically, your lungs are entirely open wounds, since you have to bring blood in contact with the air in order to intake oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Can you still gain weight if you eat necessary fat, as the particular cholesterol from the example above? Yes. Even more, all fat is very good and very useful to the entire organism, while the amount of fat that you eat has nothing to do with the amount of fat that you deposit. It is true that the more fat you eat the more you deposit sometimes, yet you may eat bread or cookies and you will deposit just as much fat, since your cells are capable to convert proteins and fiber into fat. It is tedious and less efficient, but your eating intelligence has to do it when you refuse to intake fatty acids. There are fatty acids impossible to make within your organism, as the cholesterol from our example. What you must know if you want to lose weight, is that gaining weight is never a matter of you eating fat, but it is always a matter of your subconscious mind being more or less determined to store fat within your body. Find the cause why it is determined to store fat, fix that, and your eating intelligence will stop sending you the specific need to eat fatty acids throughout meals.

…And we will cover this subject in details throughout the book, because it is not only your eating intelligence storing fat in your body, but your reproductive and recovery intelligences too, along with others. Why do they all make you fat? It is a matter of preparing for specific circumstances when you are not capable to gather food. …And since organisms are not like cars, because you may always restart cars when you run out of fuel, but organisms die when they lack nutrients entirely. Fat reserves may be used as energy and this may be transformed into various nutrients so it can last you for some time, therefore it is a highly treasured resource within your body, and all cells love it and feel more secure while having it. …And the more you try to get rid of the fat, the more your subconscious is determined to stock more. …And this is why the miraculous thirty-day diets that you find throughout books and websites cannot work, because the more you manage to lose weight in any artificial manner, the more you gain back later on, while you will think only of food the whole time, compromising your success.

What can you do? The only method to lose weight is to do it in a natural manner, which is by convincing your subconscious mind that it should lose some weight, and you will lose weight indeed, at last. …And your good bodily appearance will last you indefinitely too, since it becomes part of your homeostasis. How? You may do so by switching your body entirely to a favorable mode of life, and we have a coming chapter studying modes of life entirely. …Yet there are other natural methods to lose weight, and we will study them throughout the book too.

We have identified our first constraints influencing your health: your incapability and unwillingness to identify and fulfill your needs. This might look like a particular case, but your health always relates with the way you look and feel. Even more, gaining weight, gaining fat, and gaining cholesterol influence your health the most. If you want to improve and control your health, you need to improve and control your looks and feelings simultaneously, and vice versa.

There are more constraints influencing your health. For example, your strong determination to lose weight was not the main cause to destabilize your health system and your homeostasis. Social stereotypes determine you strongly to lose weight throughout life for various reasons, you follow them blindly along with your social attitudes and your invading ideologies, and you end up gaining weight and getting sick, not losing weight. Why? It is a trap, and we have to study how it works.

Can you maintain your health, lose weight, and remain vibrant throughout life? Yes, but not with stereotypes controlling your cognitive system, and through it, controlling your life and behavior. Never underestimate social stereotypes, since you are but a small variable compared to the plans that they have for you. However, the human mind is extremely capable, just like your immune system, and sometimes, all that it takes is a simple start, a simple push to get you on the right track to learn the truth about your health problems affecting now your health, development, and achievements throughout life.

Can you really lose weight and heal yourself as you desire? It all depends on the amount of influence that you have over your subconscious mind, and through it, over the whole body. Even more, it all depends on the amount of will and determination that your body and subconscious intelligence have now to cooperate with you.

…And this is exactly what you want in life: complete influence over your body, over its shape and appeal, over its state, functions and behavior. How can you get it? There are many ways, since there are many types of influence that you may exert over your own body. Let us study them.

There is the direct, forced control used by Medicine. Pills may alter the activity of your mind and body, yet their success is guaranteed only statistically, and with significant side effects… If you are happy with your surgeries, food additives, pills, shots, and vaccines, then Medicine is the answer for you. …And Medicine will also fix you up some more every time it causes you to run into bigger and bigger problems. Alternative medicine uses natural remedies, yet it is relatively similar to conventional medicine in practice and results, both offering rigid methods of controlling your body. …Yet they never teach you exactly how your body works, or how to control your body yourself… In a similar way, cults, religions and eastern schools of thought may offer you the chance to control everything in life not only your body, through specific rituals, prayers, and meditations. …Yet again, you never learn to control your body directly but indirectly, through intermediaries or through strict rituals, more or less occult, and this is what control is all about.

If you have already tried all these throughout life, if they do not work or if they make matters worse, and if you are still searching for answers, then proper, valid, comprehensive knowledge about your body is what you need in life, indeed. You need not only knowledge about your mind and body, but you also need knowledge about what to do and how to behave in order to help and cooperate with your mind and body in order to remain healthy, always. …And if they ever get sick, you need to know how to behave in order to enhance your mind and body’s recovery modes of life.

How exactly can you control your body and your subconscious mind? Surprisingly, you cannot, or at least not rigidly the way you may expect, and not entirely, regardless of how much you ever try, regardless of what you may ever attempt to do. …Because you always end up making matters worse and you know it. Why? …Because your body already functions and lives life with the greatest efficiency ever, far superior to anything that you or Medicine can ever achieve. Why? …Because Science lacks the necessary valid knowledge, since you are a highly complex living being and it is technically and cognitively impossible to control your cognitive system entirely as a conscious intelligence, even after knowing everything about your mind and body.

You may still control your mind and body in what it concerns your own specialty as a conscious intelligence. In rest, you may only collaborate and maintain the harmony within your mind and body, doing your part well and hoping that the rest of primal intelligences do the same and manage to heal the body, or manage to feed it well, or manage to keep it in optimal conditions, etc. …Yet if you are not doing your part well the way you are expected, if you do not fulfill your needs as you should, then do not expect too much from your mind and body. …And you will have to carry them around as they end up being, in any shape, appearance, and medical condition they may end up.

Be very careful while attempting to control rigidly your body or subconscious mind for any reason, for any fashion, for any wish or priority. …Because if you follow misleading health remedies and advices, and they all seem to be misleading today, you may cause your distinct parts of yourself to act one against another, while trying desperately to achieve the same goals. …And this is exactly what happens today not only with you but with everybody. This is why people gain weight exactly when they try to lose it more, this is why people lose their happiness, health, energy, and vitality exactly when they try to get more, and this is why people fall sick, get worse, or die during conventional treatment, while all that they try desperately to achieve is strengthen their health and facilitate their recovery. …And this is exactly why life quality and expectancy decrease today despite all achievements in Science, Medicine, Society, and Civilization, since everything is connected, and if you want to manage one, you have to manage them all.

2 Your Extraordinary Mind, in Your Extraordinary Body

Every time you want to lose weight you eat less, and you exercise more. You lose weight before the week is over indeed, since while you are on a low diet the energy that you lose exercising comes from your bodily resources only. You eat less, you lose energy, and therefore you lose weight. However, even if this reasoning and behavior are mathematically correct and could apply to all simplistic mechanisms out there, you are attempting to control rigidly the most diverse and the most extraordinary living organism ever know: the human body. Everybody had tried this simple weight loss method, they lost weight, and only days later they started eating excessively, they could not help it, their metabolism slowed down while their appetite increased, and by the time the month was over they gained everything back, and then they kept on gaining and gaining weight ever since, and they cannot help it.

Why? Because, by the laws of Physics, they have more incoming energy from the food, the one that they are forced helplessly to eat, than the energy that they exert through physical and mental activity throughout the day. The difference of energy is a significant surplus, and it is deposited as bodily fat. Energy is conserved in nature; in this case, the energy transforms into fat, and nothing is lost.

Yes, but the question is how to deal with this situation. This happens because you cannot lose weight without the full agreement of your subconscious, since your subconscious knows how to cope with every situation manifesting both from within and without, and your body is the one forcing you to eat more when you try to eat less, only to have some fat stocked in you for further use, now that it seems that you will certainly need it… And so you eat and you cannot help it.

Why? Because your mind, body, your organs, your cells, they are more complex than you expect. You may not force them to behave in certain ways, or you destabilize them, you confuse them, and you end up harming yourself. The question now is not how to lose weight, but how to lose weight with the full agreement of your body, benefiting you both. At least, is this possible? Yes. Human beings are meant to be slim and agile, smart and attractive, strong and healthy, living life fully, with the greatest efficiency and satisfaction, and so should you.

People may think that your health and bodily weight depend on Fitness and Nutrition only, which is wrong. Nutritionists only cannot give you the kind of information that you seek. Losing weight, keeping your body in shape and leading a healthy life cannot be done only through nutrition alone, through a ‘perfect diet,’ regardless of what all books out there try to teach and sell you. This does not work in practice. You need to consider more than fitness and nutrition throughout life, or the weight that you barely manage to lose comes back to you with extra weight, pain, illness and misery. There is more to understand in order to be able to have a genuine healthy living. To know it entirely, research it, implement it and then record it in a book, you need to be a Doctor, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Endocrinologist, Physicist, Fitness Therapist, Anatomist, Psychologist, Sociologist, etc., and you should have all the legal licenses and permits to practice them all. …And you will never see it, since Science and in general scientific knowledge is modulated and many times erroneous in nature, and this is what misleads you and everybody else. This is why, when you search for the best book to teach you more about your health, how to lose weight, and how to keep your body in shape and stay vibrant, you find only chunks of information, everything related only to one of the subjects mentioned above. This is called ‘modular knowledge,’ enforcing ‘modular thinking,’ and it happens because our scientists maintain their research studies only within their narrow specialties, many times remaining ignorant of the rest. They write their books in this monochromatic manner, with nothing applying entirely to your body and to life in general, since Life covers and transcends everything. This is why Medicine is able to guarantee your recovery only statistically when you get sick, and you end up with a temporary recovery, with many side effects, and you have to go back and visit your doctor ever after. …And this is why weight loss procedures coming from Medicine are harmful, and only temporary. Read most of the material in the field, do what they say, and it will make you feel, be, and look worse. In fact, I do not know of any book or video out there to teach you the perfect diet to help you lose weight and keep you healthy, in shape, feeling strong, vibrant and vigorous. If I knew of any, you would have known it too. …And if you knew it, then everybody would, and obesity with all its related illnesses would have never been a problem. We would not have eighty percent of the population of many wealthy nations today being overweight or obese, and at great risk of terminal illnesses.

Why? Why is there nothing to help you with your diet and health? Why does all existing material make you feel, look and be worse? There are only two answers: doctors do not know what to do in order for you to lose weight, live healthy, and keep your body in shape. …Or they know it, but they keep it secret for various reasons. Which one is true? Sadly, both. What is worse, this happens in all social domains and on all social levels, not only in Science and Medicine…

I remember my Food and Nutrition Professor teaching us to stop eating salt since salt is useless and bad for us, and that in fact, nobody knows exactly what salt is used for in the organism, but it only makes the food taste better. She was a University Professor and a Doctor in Nutrition, she knew everything she needed about Nutrition only, while I was a Physics major and I knew exactly how salt is used within the body from Physics perspective, and how imperative salt is for larger organisms. I am not stating that salt is good for you and you should eat plenty of it right away, or you may do so if your organism demands it temporarily, yet salt is a crucial material used always in many physical, chemical and ionic processes throughout the body. Stop eating salt, and your body will not be able to perform most of its internal processes. …While your body will push you to find and eat salt through all painful means. You will feel week, you will get week, and eventually you will get sick and certainly die.

Now, if doctors recommend you to eat less or no salt at all, then you may do so. I never interfere with Medicine, with Science, and with your doctors. If your doctors do not tell you anything at all but you decide to limit the amount of your salt intake because it says so on the Internet, then you may want to think twice before you interfere with any of your normal needs coming naturally from your body. Throughout this book, I will give you advices, and I will help you understand how your body and mind work, from various perspectives. I will also tell you about my personal experiences. For example, I eat salt normally, what my body demands, no more, no less, down to the last gram. This is not an exaggeration, since the human body has a great precision and efficiency if you allow it, and if you know how to work with it. This is exactly why you have to be very precise when you add sugar or salt to your food during your meals, or it will taste too strong or too weak. Study the precision that your feelings require then, and you will find it measured in grams, and even that is not too precise. Your body always tells you what to eat and in what amount, through hunger, habits, desires, feelings, constraint, and taste. Respect them. Just taste someone else’s food, and you will find it inadequate for you. Why? Because their bodies need a slightly different combination of nutrients and materials in order to function at top peak, and this precision is, as stated above, down to the last grams of sugar or salt in your food.

…Yet you do not have to eat sugar at all, since carbohydrates from flours, nuts, and cereals for example may be transformed into glucose just as well and just as easily. These, along with fruits and dairy products can assure you the proper amount of calories to keep you healthy, vibrant, energetic, and in shape endlessly. Just make sure that they are all genuinely natural, otherwise the drugs that you take with your food will destabilize your mind and body so significantly, that you will never be able to keep your inner harmony, cooperation, and homeostasis.

Did you know that elephants go through a tremendous effort to find salt deposits, dig for salt, and eat it? …And they have to find it weekly, otherwise no more elephants… Did you know that one hundred years ago, in England, people were told to drink seawater, since Science had just discovered that seawater was the elixir of life itself, a miracle cure for everything, so everyone had to drink four kilograms of seawater a day? Coincidentally, a privileged distribution company held the monopoly of the entire seawater business, profiting accordingly, and probably manipulating the medicine and science of those times through greedy doctors and researchers… I am not exaggerating; people forced themselves to drink four kilograms of seawater a day, they got sick, they drank more, they got sicker, and months later, when that fashion faded away, everybody forgot about it and just lived their lives normally. If normality can ever define the Human Society during those times and after.

I am not stressing here on salt, but on what people are told to do, think, and eat, and in what amounts, and they do it! People comply, since they do not understand the exact mechanism of how their body functions, they do everything that they are told to do, it does not work, and it always causes them to feel worse.

Two decades ago, scientists found out that there was so much cholesterol in the white part of eggs that it puts you in a hospital. People started eating the yellow part instead, everybody was happy, and years later, when scientists announced that in fact, there is five times more cholesterol in the yellow part of the egg, everybody praised Science for its achievements, and started eating eggs normally. The same happened one hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, last year, last month, it happens today, people are told one thing or another, they believe it, they do it without understanding the exact mechanism and it does not work, harming them and their loved ones many times badly.

Why is this always the case? …Because as seen, Science and Medicine are not the actual scientific and medical domains of Society, since they both lack pertinence. …But Science only monopolizes the Human Knowledge, while its branch Medicine is not even alternative medicine, but it is a simple impostor harming the world more than wars and ignorance combined.

We are at the most advanced level of civilization, our achievements on all fields astonish us, and we cannot even look back to compare today’s Science, Culture and Society with what they used to be… However, in this beautiful, perfect world where we live happily today, the great majority of population is overweight, on drugs, on medication, on food substitutes, on everything, only to help them live from one day to another. …And it seems that people’s health is getting worse, life expectancy also decreases gradually, to last exactly until retirement and a few years after, while people struggle so badly with health issues, that they cannot even call it life...

Why does everything happen in the world today the way it does? What is the exact mechanism? Why do people have the same news that they watch every evening? What makes people be the way they are, and behave the way they do? Why are scientists always impotent in answering the most important questions, the ones you need the most in life? Why is there no remedy for obesity, while more and more people become obese, suffer a lifetime, and then die of related illnesses? Why are people eating only half of a meal then throwing away the rest, while there are less fortunate people on the other side of the world with nothing to put on the table in front of their children? Why does food kill you today? Why here obesity causes illnesses that kill you, while on the other side of the world malnutrition causes illnesses that kill you too? …Because what goes, around comes around.