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Contest tasks say a lot about the quality of a programming competition. They should be original, engaging and of different levels of difficulty. Finding a solution should cause the contestant to feel great satisfaction, whereas being unable to solve a given task should encourage an individual to broaden their knowledge and develop new skills. This book contains the best tasks from algorithmic and programming competitions organized or co-organized by the University of Warsaw, together with their exemplary solutions.
The selection of the tasks was undertaken by people who have played significant roles in the history of Polish algorithmic and programming competitions as their participants or organizers. All of the authors of texts presented in this book are closely affiliated with the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw, whether as former or current students or as academic staff.
Each of the tasks presented and discussed in this book was used during one of the following events:
Polish Olympiad in Informatics, Junior Polish Olympiad in Informatics, Polish Olympiad in Informatics Training Camp, Central European Olympiad in Informatics, Polish Collegiate Programming Contest, Algorithmic Engagements.

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