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Excerpt: And that was when her thoughts were interrupted. Phyllis first realized someone was standing nearby and she froze, her finger buried all the way in her teeming pussy, her body flushing with embarrassment. It took the girl a moment for her eyes to focus on the naked man. It was natural that she see the huge, erect penis jutting out from between his thighs. The blunt, magenta head was pulsating with anxiety, and Phyllis could see the many blue veins road-mapping the fleshy cylinder. When the girl raised her eyes to the man's face, she could see lust-filled eyes staring wildly down at her, gazing between her upraised knees where her hand covered her virgin cuntlips. And at that moment Phyllis knew she was going to be fucked. It should have been a rape. Any court in the world would have convicted him of rape, but Phyllis was always glad she had never yelled, because it was her daughter's conception, and she loved Kerry very much. 

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Longing For Lottery Lady

Walker Mackenzie

Copyright © 2017

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Life had dealt her one low blow after another ever since she'd met Bernie. Short, chunky, but solidly masculine, her ex-husband had driven his truck through Phyllis's home town one day, eighteen years earlier, when she had been a mere eighteen. Bernie had seemed so lovable and adorable, Phyllis had flipped over him. He'd spirited her away in his truck, taking the starry-eyed girl to the city, and there he'd married her and set up house in a sleazy five-room fleabag apartment house. And nine years later, Phyllis had divorced him, sent her eight-year-old daughter, Kerry, to elementary school and got a part-time job. Two years later, with Kerry in junior high, Phyllis got a full-time job and earned enough money to make up for the alimony payments Bernie never sent anymore.

The sleazy, five-room apartment was even sleazier. Her bedroom, which she shared with Kerry now that there was no longer a husband around, was right off the small kitchen with a dining area built in. A long hallway led to the living room, which one passed through to reach the other hallway. Two other bedrooms and a bathroom adjoined that hallway, and at the end of it was the door leading out of the apartment.

Phyllis wished she could leave this apartment forever. The electricity was bad, with dim lights because of poor wiring. And the cockroaches abounded in uncountable numbers. No matter how clean Phyllis kept the kitchen, no matter how often it was sprayed, not matter how many times the exterminator came up, the roaches always came back.

The dark bedroom in which she now huddled was almost frigid. Phyllis had no idea how Kerry was able to sleep. Her daughter, now eighteen years old, was taller than she. Where Phyllis had long, dark-blonde hair, Kerry had short, midnight hair. Where Phyllis's skin had a slight tan to it, Kerry's was milk-white, contrasting with the ebony color of her hair. Both females had brown eyes, but Phyllis had a long, straight nose, and Kerry had a short, upturned one. In short, Kerry's face was more like that of her father than her mother. Fortunately, the girl's body was more like her mother's. Kerry's bra size was almost the same as Phyllis's thirty six-C. Her waistline was an inch larger than her mother's twenty-two inches. And her hips were the same as Phyllis's thirty five inches. For a eighteen-year-old girl she had matured in a hurry. And where Phyllis had a nightly bout with sleep, trying to catch some, Kerry slept easily.

The bedroom was small, with twin beds and a night table of contemporary modern styling between them. Everything was of blond wood. The linoleum on the floor was bright yellow, but fading now with age. And white curtains covered the two large windows keeping out the streetlights, but not keeping out the bitter cold.

It was at times like this, when she was unable to sleep, that Phyllis thought back to her first meeting with Bernie.

The small Midwestern town where she had been born never knew the wicked winters she had discovered in the city. On Sunday afternoons, after church, when all the other girls hurried home, Phyllis liked to walk through the large park on the edge of town. Her favorite area in the park was an old pond no one bothered with any longer. Grass had grown over the entire area, and surrounding trees were covered with dense foliage. This part of the park was too far for others. No one ever came here any more, which was one of the reasons why Phyllis liked it so much. At the far side of the pond were two large marble columns, but the weeds and foliage had grown up around them, making them barely visible. And it was at the base of these Doric columns, in a small area hidden by high, thick bushes, that Phyllis used to come and rest. It was here she could be at peace with the world. Here, life didn't seem dull, for here Phyllis could do as she pleased.

The hot afternoon sun beat down on her, and she lay back in the small clearing, feeling the grass under her. She felt totally alone, as if in the Garden of Eden, but with no Adam to disturb her. The rays of the sun penetrated her clothing, and as she lay on the grass, it occurred to Phyllis she might get chlorophyll stains all over her clothing, and her mother would be angry. Her skin tingled and pleaded with her to shed the cumbersome clothing, so Phyllis did just that.

Excited by the idea of being totally naked in the park, the girl looked around, reassuring herself of the privacy, and then she rose and removed everything, letting the sun bathe her soft, girlish flesh. It felt so good. But then, the sun always felt good on her body. Phyllis loved sunbathing. Here, in the park, was the opportunity for a complete tan, and she reveled in the sunlight, shimmying her body, shaking large, girlish breasts from side to side, glorying in nakedness.

Each time she came to the park and stripped down felt like a new experience for Phyllis. The feeling was always one of being naked for the first time, exposing her flesh to the life-giving rays of the sun.

The golden-haired girl lay back again, this time feeling some of the coarse leaves touch her naked flesh, stirring a new excitation in her, as if a thousand tiny fingers were massaging nerve-endings through her femininely stimulated body. Phyllis had the urge to caress herself all over.

There was that vague, thrilling sensation deep in her vagina. It was a sensation experienced on the few occasions she had been alone with a boy, talking. Only this time the feelings were more dramatically intense, more demanding.

After talking with a boy, Phyllis would hurry home to her bedroom, and there she would press the tip of her forefinger against the shuddering clitoris extending from her vagina and rub until she had brought her self to some minor orgasm. Because the girl's parents had brought her up to believe sex and masturbation were dirty things, Phyllis always felt guilty afterward.

But this particular afternoon, lying totally naked in the park in the hot sun, the girl had an overpowering desire to fondle her body. The urge to feel physical pleasures, no matter now small, overpowered the teachings of narrow-minded adults.

The palms of the girl's hands were warm as she placed them against her curving hips, sliding them up along the narrow curve of her waist, languishing in the sensual pleasure of her own, girlish, naked flesh.

Reaching the full, raised mounds of her swollen breasts, Phyllis cupped her palms over the nipples; the pinkish buds of her sensitive breast points. They were already hard and sensitive. Her fingers pinched them between thumbs and forefingers, thrilling in the contact as licentious pleasure rippled through her girlish body. The flames of lust raged wildly out of control. Long legs spread widely apart, Phyllis raised them higher, tugging them wider apart. The thought of being out in the open, so nakedly exposed to everything made arousal within heighten to a greater sense of necessity than ever before, bringing on an overpowering feeling of urgency. She released fingers from her budding breast-tips, running a hand down over the smooth, flat plane of her girlish belly, until her fingertips touched the wispy beginnings of feather-light pelvic hair. The hot lips of the hungry young girl's flaring vagina wetly opened as her fingers approached, and Phyllis realized the heat rising from within herself surpassed the blazing rays of the sun. An overly sensitive clitoral nubbin sent a throbbing message to her anguished brain, begging to be touched and caressed.

Aflame with desire burning in her girlish belly, Phyllis slid her outstretched middle finger into the soft, hair-lined gash of a virginal cunt, spreading the spongy flesh apart to bare the quivering pellet of her lust-aroused man-in-the-boat. The young blonde began massaging it, sending agonized delights coursing through her trembling body. The finger moved up and down, back and forth, rhapsodically massaging her clitoris, building symphonies of delight to a new pitch in her childish body. Wanton writhing made the ground rub against her back, and everything tingled that much more.

The girl never once dreamed her salacious fingering was being observed. Bernie Arten, an itinerant truck driver who had delivered a load of furniture the previous day, was wandering in this part of the park, and he had observed Phyllis as she had gone to her secret place. When she had turned off the trail by the pond, he had moved around through the dense growth, coming up behind the small clearing by the white, marble columns. Bernie remained hidden in the bushes as he watched the girl undress and lie down before starting to finger her cunt.

Phyllis, blissfully unaware of her observer, continued rummaging her finger against her soft clitoris, enjoying herself to the utmost. She had no idea each detail of her trim, girlish figure was being observed. Her long, blonde hair was splayed out behind her on the grass, framing a sleek, beautiful face with a long, straight nose, and rich, pink lips. Her tongue kept flicking out and licking her lips each time, wetting them again and again.

Phyllis appeared to be more than merely nude. Her movements created the image of a brazen tramp, writhing on the grass, waiting for some imaginary lover to pounce on her. The girl seemed to raise her cunt as she fingered it, as if offering it in invitation.

Observing eyes traveled over the elegant length of the girl's neck. Bare shoulders sloped down to a lovely collarbone. The blonde's naked, bouncing breasts were large and full. They jiggled in a most provocative way with nipples of rich pink that appeared bullet-shaped, though tipped back a little. There was a lovely sheen to the girl's skin, created by a light coating of perspiration. Phyllis imagined other hands all over her young breasts, still unaware a male watching her was imagining the same thing. She had no idea she was as exotic as she was erotic, causing shudders of thrilling anxiety to shoot through her observer.

The girl shut her eyes, imagining other lips and hands all over her. Her body writhed as her moon-shaped breasts continued bouncing above the delicate, taut, curving configuration of her ribcage. Her flat, unblemished stomach rose and fell with quick breathing.

The man stared at the rich pink color beneath the sparse blonde hairs on her mount of Venus. He gazed at the apex between her thighs, noting the girl's finger was rubbing against the sensitive button of her clitoris at the apex of a glistening, coral, pear-shaped mouth, and the sight made the man's hard cock throb all the more as he quietly shed his clothing.

One of Phyllis's hands continued rubbing the sensitive extensions of her nipples, but the other hand kept on working on the clitoral bud, rubbing and massaging, making the girl bounce her ass on the ground again and again, making the male observer want to charge right out and jump on her. But Bernie decided to wait a little longer, until she was really fired up. Then he would ream her sweet cunt so thoroughly she wouldn't be able to walk for a month.

Hot, passion-juice seeped from between lint-covered labia as the girl continued stroking her moist vagina, rubbing and caressing the quivering lips as well as teasing the aching clit. Phyllis continued stroking and titillating the little bud, and as the animal heat built higher and higher in her young body, she gasped, feeling how natural and wonderful it all felt. Her clitoris demanded more of the young girl, tingling from forbidden caresses, making her arch her back up off the ground again and again, wantonly wriggling and squirming to the rhythmic movement of a rubbing finger. Phyllis pushed her long, tapering digit down hard, running it past her sensitive clit into the innermost secret depths between her tender lips. Curving the finger, the girl tucked the tip inside her feminine channel, teasing the entrance for a while. Then, unable to restrain herself, Phyllis rammed her middle finger between her wide-open labia like a spear pushing through pudding, probing the soft, heated inner depths of her passion-aroused vagina. She shoved the finger as far in as she could, barely touching her hymen, knowing it was still there, intact. The palm of the girl's hand pressed against the erect clitoris, making it quiver even more. Now Phyllis's middle finger began sawing in and out of her feminine tunnel as her loins rose up and down with wild eagerness. With her other hand she pinched and rubbed the hard nipples extending from her breasts. More and more fire was being generated in the pit of the blonde girl's quaking stomach. Her eyes, wide open, rolled upward, staring unseeing at the tall white columns on either side of her as they reached up to the sky, and her wetly quivering tongue washed over her parched pink lips. The girl's brain was utterly consumed with passion.

And that was when her thoughts were interrupted. Phyllis first realized someone was standing nearby and she froze, her finger buried all the way in her teeming pussy, her body flushing with embarrassment. It took the girl a moment for her eyes to focus on the naked man. It was natural that she see the huge, erect penis jutting out from between his thighs. The blunt, magenta head was pulsating with anxiety, and Phyllis could see the many blue veins road-mapping the fleshy cylinder. When the girl raised her eyes to the man's face, she could see lust-filled eyes staring wildly down at her, gazing between her upraised knees where her hand covered her virgin cuntlips. And at that moment Phyllis knew she was going to be fucked. It should have been a rape. Any court in the world would have convicted him of rape, but Phyllis was always glad she had never yelled, because it was her daughter's conception, and she loved Kerry very much.

Bernie kneeled down beside her, lightly running his hands over the girl's shuddering breasts. He squeezed and pulled on her nipples, then said, "I don't want to hurt you. Honest, but seeing you here like this, well... I've just gotta fuck you."

Phyllis wanted to cry and plead with the man, but she could see the determination in his eyes. Things were moving so swiftly, even if she had been against what happened next, she wouldn't have had breath to cry out.

He was sliding between her thighs, holding his rigid cock solidly. The rubbery head brushed across the wet slit of her tight, unopened cunt. The full, fleshy length throbbed like some kind of monster preparing to strike as his body-weight slowly, but firmly, pinned Phyllis to the ground. The man was panting, and the blonde could smell the liquor on his breath, letting her know he'd been drinking. He was slightly drunk, but he wasn't mean-drunk, and quite possibly this was one of the reasons why Phyllis found herself attracted to him. He had black hair and a solid, burly body. As the man leaned down, Phyllis realized he was going to plant those liquor-coated lips of his on hers. He was going to kiss her.

A sizzling wet tongue thrust its way into the young girl's mouth, and his hands began squeezing her breasts. Perhaps because of his drunkenness the man didn't realize he was squeezing her breasts too hard, and Phyllis whimpered with pain. As if to make up for hurting her, Bernie released her breasts and dragged his mouth down to her nipples where he licked and kissed them, sucking them and hoping to soothe the ache he had caused. But the taste of the girl's nipples was so arousing, the man unwittingly bit down on them, making Phyllis gasp with pain again.

Phyllis knew she could have screamed, but she was also aware her screams would probably go unheard. This was a very secluded area. Its loneliness was one of the reasons why she had chosen it. In all the time she had come here, this was the first time anyone else had also come along. The chances of a third person being nearby were extremely remote, and even if a man was there, he might be worse than the man attacking her. If the truckman feeling Phyllis's body was rough, it was unintentional. Someone else might purposely harm her. So Phyllis sobbed a little, but didn't scream, knowing it made sense to keep her mouth shut.

Bernie raised his head, saliva dripping down the corners of his mouth as he stared at the beautiful girl's writhing body. His hands returned to her breasts, squeezing and pulling on them as he stared down between her thighs at her tender cunt. God! It was a beautiful cunt.

Phyllis lay bask, staring up at his dark face. She should have been terrified out of her mind. She wasn't. In fact, when the man smiled down at her, she smiled back.

"Are you going to kill me afterward?" she asked, knowing deep down this man wasn't the kind to do something like that.

"Are you kidding?" Bernie asked. "Hey, kid, I'm here to make the two of us happy. I don't want to really hurt you. Jeez! You have some fabulous body. To kill you would be one helluva waste. Christ! I might kidnap you and take you home with me so I can fuck you again . ..

The idea was far from unpleasant to the romantic girl. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more Phyllis liked it. Going home to her parents after something like this would be almost unthinkable. They were the kind of people who would put the blame for her attack squarely on her, and she would be locked up in her room after that.

"Would you really do that?" Phyllis asked the man who was fondling her breasts and rubbing his hard cock against her pink slit.

"Why not!" He shrugged. "I live alone, I got no one to come home to, and I'd love having a pussy like you waiting each time I got back from a trucking trip. But first, let's see if you fuck as good as you look."

Phyllis didn't really believe him at the time. She found it impossible to accept the fact that a total stranger would want to live with her.

She watched him grip the thick, heatedly throbbing penis with one hand, then guide the blunted head toward the wet opening between her own tender thighs.

"Here we go, baby," he gasped, ramming his masculine hips forward, anxiously trying to slam the lengthy piece of cockmeat inside all at once.

"Uuunnngghhhh!" she gasped in pain. "I'm a virgin. Be careful! That hurts."

The agony gave Phyllis the courage to plead with him, but she stopped when she felt him clamp his hand over her mouth. He was leaning down, putting weight on that hand, so when he thrust forward again, he rammed her head against the dirt beneath, and Phyllis thought she was going to pass out. The lubricating fluid in the girl's cunt made his initial entry a little less agonizing than it might have been, but as the penis continued pushing into her, Phyllis realized she was going to suffer more than a little pain. The driving penis felt as if it were splitting her body in half.

"Christ! You have one tight pussy there," Bernie told her, groaning as the swollen tip of his thrusting cock was tightly clutched by the mouth of her sweet cunt. He stared down at her lint-covered mound, watching the pink cuntlips strain as they were widely stretched by his thick, pulsating, massive hardness. The man lunged again, pile-driving his powerful prong deeper into the tightness of her steaming snatch, feeling the flesh seemingly cringe before the powering pressure of the mighty dong.

Phyllis lay there, tears streaming down her face, thinking it had become a nightmare without end. What had started out as what she believed to be fun, had become something horrible, Inch by agonizing inch the hard cock continued making inroads into her, and when the girl was certain she couldn't take any more, a searing pain seared through her body as the moving phallus tore her hymen. The penis continued moving deeper and deeper, making the girl's abdomen ripple with pain. And then she felt his bushy pubic hair rubbing the crevices where her thighs joined her torso, and when his testicles slapped against her perineum, she knew he was all the way in. The pain was so searing, it was all Phyllis could do to keep herself from shouting at the top of her lungs.

The pain was like water in the girl's body. It had started as a trickle, and had progressively become a running swell, and finally a flood of washing agony. Phyllis lay there, sighing and sobbing, not even noticing Bernie had stopped thrusting and was resting for the moment.

"Christ!" the young truck driver was gasping. "Ohh Christ! What a cunt! What a fantastic cunt! Oh Jesus! Wow!"

"It hurts, terribly," Phyllis cried to him.

"Yeah, well it does hurt the first time, kiddo. But we'll have a lotta times after this to make up for the pain," Bernie told her. "That is, if you're serious about wanting to come away with me."

"Will you marry me and make it all legal?" Phyllis asked.

"Shit! Here I am, fucking a kid, and she wants me to marry her, just like that. You got nerve, kid, I'll give you that. You want me to marry you? Why not! I could never hope to do better somewhere else, anyway. I'm Bernie. Who're you?"

Sniffling and sobbing a little, Phyllis realized how ridiculous this whole thing would appear to an outside. Here she was, being fucked for the first time in her life, and she didn't even know the name of the man doing the job.

"I'm ... uhhhhh ... Phylllis," she told him. "Phyllis Arten," He smiled down at her, not believing his good luck.

"You'll really marry me?" the girl asked.

"Phyllis, I've been trucking for five years now, and the only broads I ever come across who're willing to do anything with me are the play-for-pay kind. And most of them are dogs. You're the prettiest cunt to ever come into my life. I'd be a real prick to let you go, now wouldn't I ? Yeah, I'll marry you."

Rest-time was over. Her masculine lover was gasping and groaning, as if straining to hold back a premature orgasm. And then he began driving his cock in and out of her, fast and hard. The spongy magenta head struck deep in the girl's cunt, bouncing off her cervix as the cock widened the vaginal tunnel, making it easier to rummage in and out.

The pain was driving Phyllis mad, at first, and all she could do was lie there and whimper, thinking this agony was her damnation for having allowed something like this to happen so readily. Even though the man had claimed he would marry her, Phyllis still didn't believe him, and she thought of herself as being ruthlessly raped.

The pain made the girl want to shut her eyes, but she adamantly kept them open, staring up into the face of this man who was fucking her so powerfully, building crescendos of sensation inside her.

"Like it?" Bernie asked at one point.

"I... uhhh... don't know..." Phyllis replied truthfully, feeling a funny mixture of sensations pouring through her body.

"That's because you ain't looking at it," he gasped. "Here now, if you see what's happening, it does things to you."

He grabbed her long, dark-blonde hair and tugged her head up. Through tear-filled eyes, Phyllis saw the man's penis being shoved in and out of her tight cunt. The long, thick staff would pull back until only the mottled magenta head remained locked between her vaginal lips. The hard cock hesitated for a moment, poised wetly outside the clasping grip of the seething cuntlips. She could see the silken strands of her own light, pubic hair were sodden and matted against her body with some of his own dark curls caught between their curling tendrils. The flushed, pink lips of her vagina were clearly outlined by the pressure of the man's cock. And then he slowly, very slowly sank his hard pike into the sodden depths of the womanly enclosure, burying its length inside the girl's body. The hard cock slammed against Phyllis's cervix with a powerful thud, and her eyes watered.

Bernie groaned again as he fell forward, letting her head fall to the ground. He pressed the full weight of his body against the girl's nakedness, thrilling to the pressure of her pillowing breasts against his hairy chest. He rotated his ass, making grinding motions as the cock pounded jerkily in and out of the squeezing pussy. Wet, sucking sounds filled both their ears, and Phyllis realized the very obscene-sounding of it thrilled her, making this a more enjoyable experience. Deep inside her clasping cunt, the head of the man's plundering prick seemed to bloat to an impossible thickness, filling the girl until it seemed possible her vaginal walls might literally burst because of the pressure. She moaned, but it wasn't with agony. The pain was slowly settling down, disappearing, fading away as sexual fire burned through her body.

"Please . .." Phyllis was sighing. . . "ohhhhh please, please ..."

Bernie's thrusting body seemed to consume the girl's every part. Her neck tensed where his mouth had sucked on it, and this was another thing that assured Phyllis of never returning to her parents. She knew a black-and-blue mark was forming, and if her folks ever saw that, she would be ostracized permanently.