London Mysteries - Carla Aira - ebook

A detective story for children set in London. It mentions and briefly describes monuments and museums in London and not only creting suspence anc uriosity.  Lexicon, grammatical structures and rules are graduated step by step to guide young students in the study of the English language 

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carla aira

Cover by Paolo Calloni

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London. The capital city ofthe United Kingdom. The city of business and tourism. One ofthe most important metropolis in the world.

Trafalgar Square. National Gallery. Sunday. It is nine o’clock in the morning, just an hour before the opening of the big gates. The square is quiet: Nelson Column in the centre, the two lions alert on both sides. Buses and taxis all around. Usual life in London: chaotic traffic, busy roads. A cry! “WhereisLeonardo’s masterpiece? There is not the painting on the wall !!!”

Russell Square. British Museum. Sunday. It is 9.05 in the morning. It is a very quiet place in the green. Just trees and flower beds all around. The colonnade is not yet crowed with tourists and scholars up and down the stairs.

A Cry!! “The chess…Where are the Lewis chess!!!”

Tate Gallery, now Tate Britain. Millbank, along the River Thames. Sunday. It is 9.10 in the morning. There are boats on the river and people, many tourists, along the banks. The city is already totally alive.

A cry!!! “Beata Beatrix, Beata Beatrix …Where is Beata Beatrix!!!”

City of Westminster. Marylebone Road. Not far from Regent Park and Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes House, and from London Zoo. Madame Tussauds, the famous Wax Museum. It is 9.15 on a Sunday morning. The gates are not open yet, but there is a long queue of people at the entrance ready to go in.

A cry!!! “The queen…Where is the queen? There is not her statue!”

New Scotland Yard. The phones are busy. Chief Inspector Leroy is on the phone with London Mayor. Policemen, agents and inspectors: Londoners are extremely puzzled. London is shocked!

​Chapter 1

Inspector Cluekey

“Inspector Cluekey, Inspector Cluekey ….Where is Inspector Cluekey? I need that man!”
Chief Inspector Leroy is furious: art thefts, in London, on a Sunday morning! Incredible!
Inspector Clukey comes: he is a tall, thin man, pale, with untidy fair hair and deep blue eyes. He usually wears a white T-shirt with a blue sweater on, jeans, and, of course, a Macintosh. Only his shoes are clean and smart…it is one of his manias: he loves shoes! As a whole he looks like the typical policeman of a detective film.
He is in front of Chief Inspector Leroy in New Scotland yard, the famous and prestigious London police headquarter. Chief inspector is very elegant in his striped, dark blue suit; he is bold and has penetrating eyes and a curved nose. It is easy to understand that Chief Inspector is totally out of control. 'He is French, Latin origin! He has not our British self control.' Cluekey thinks.
“Inspector Cluekey you are here now, on a Sunday morning, because terrible facts are happening in London. Theft, art theft in the National Gallery, in the British Museum and in the Tate Gallery. Oh…and in Madame Tussaud there is no longer the Queen… I mean the wax statue of the queen.”
“Mmmm…very odd – the inspector calmly answers - What do you think … ?”
“Don’t waste time thinking. Go there and see personally. Visit the places and ask questions. Investigation is your job!"
“Of course. Goodbye sir.”
“Solve the mystery, Cluekey, as soon as possible. The public opinion is shocked and our Mayor…. “
The door closes. Chief Inspector remains alone. He shouts and phones. Inspector Cluekey smiles: it is always the same when there is a crime.
"Come with me sergeant Hidden please: let’s go and see …there is surely an explanation for all this! Oh, it is a very busy Sunday!”
Nigel Hidden is inspector Cluekey’s right hand man: he has a dark complexion, dark eyes, dark curly hair and big black eyes. His smile is friendly and he shows an extrovert personality. He comes from Nigeria, once an English colony. He is a very good sleuth!
[1] sleuth: detective

Chapter 2

At the National Gallery