We learn to understand our life through the language of the day. If we Live the Moment consciously, then we also recognize what it wants to tell us. Advice from Gabriele.

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Live the Moment –

and You Will See and Know Yourself


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

3rd Edition, 2008

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Original German Title: “Jeder stirbt für sich alleinDas Leben und Sterben, um weiterzuleben”ISBN 978-1-890841-35-5 (English Printed Edition)

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God is the life, the eternal ocean, the Being. He is the life of every soul. Once the soul has immersed again into the ocean, God, it has become a mighty droplet in the eternal Being, in the all-encompassing ocean, God. Thus, it bears in itself all the laws of God; and through this droplet all the laws of God radiate and act. Nothing is concealed from the droplet in God. It bears the All-wisdom and the All-love within, which it radiates and passes on without ceasing. And as it gives, so it receives from the All-power, God. This is why the droplet is mighty.

The mature soul of our sister is a droplet in the ocean, God. Her soul knows the laws of God and, therefore, all matters pertaining to life, because everything is law. The droplet in the ocean, God, is the unfolded divine consciousness. It is the mature, light-filled soul in God. The All-power, God, touched the droplet in God, the soul of our sister, and she began to write what flowed from the droplet in God, from her soul. The truth about the processes that take place in the law of the Eternal and in the law of sowing and reaping flowed from her.

God, the Eternal, sent the spirit being, the soul of our sister, to Earth in the earthly garment, so that she may express in human words what human eyes do not see and what human ears do not hear, but which is nevertheless effective and active. And so, our sister drew from her unfolded consciousness and put into words what takes place in many people, what happens to them and around them, so that if he wants to the reader can recognize and change his life and way of thinking. The words in this book are the truth, because they flowed from the truth, from the unfolded spiritual consciousness of our sister. From this, may many people recognize that they must change themselves, to escape danger and fate.

The dangers that lurk around many people are seldom sensed before the causes become effective. This book, “Live the Moment and You Will See and Know Yourself,” is therefore given so that people may recognize in time the negativity that is amassing in and around them and waiting to erupt. The person who strives to live the moment lawfully will recognize many dangers in time, and with Christ’s help will counteract the causes, so that they will then either dissolve in time, and he will no longer have to bear the effects, or he will have to expiate only a part of the causes that he produced, himself.

Christ, the Redeemer of all souls and men, helps and supports every soul and every person.

Ask, and it will be given to you!

Seek, and you will find!

Knock, and it will be opened to you!

The divine world, the heavenly brothers and sisters, greet their brothers and sisters in earthly garment through me, Brother Emanuel, as I am called on Earth.

I am a servant of God, the cherub of divine Wisdom, responsible for the mission of the Lord. I am a being of heaven and not in earthly garment. I protect our sister, God’s prophetess and spiritual ambassador, who has drawn what is written in this book from her spiritual consciousness and has clothed it in the language of this world.


Brother Emanuel

What is the moment?

The moment is a building block of the day. Each moment allows many sensations and thoughts to come up in us. When we examine them closely, they look like pictures: memories of events and experiences or pictures from the world of our imagination.

What radiates toward a person in each moment is what he should recognize and clear up on this day. Each person has a different state of consciousness. The moment approaches him accordingly – with the feelings and thoughts that he can recognize and understand according to his consciousness. So, what the moment brings him is not a “foreign” picture because it is his own previously created product.

So, what the moments – the day’s building blocks – bring to each person are the reproductions of his own productions.

We can also call the pictures that are radiated to us by the day’s building blocks, radiation-images. Each moment has as many radiation-images as there are people. Therefore, it can be said that each moment is individual and corresponds to every single person, because each moment wants to communicate to soul and person what the person himself has fed into the mighty causal computer – that is, into the course of the stars – since a person will be directed by the stars until he has overcome the law of cause and effect.

Every detail of the human ego is stored in this causal computer – all sins, faults and offences. The causal computer consists of the material stars and of the stars of the planes of purification. The law of sowing and reaping is stored in them and they form the wheel of reincarnation.

The causal computer is in the All-computer because the divine penetrates everything. The All-computer comprises the whole information network of the universe. It is the law of God, the omnipresent power.

I will go into more detail later about both the causal computer and the All-computer, as well as the pure, fine-material constellations, through which flows the eternal law, the absolute law.

So, the moments, the seconds, the minutes, the hours – indeed the whole day – speak to every single person in his own language.

Each one of us can understand the language of the moment, the day’s building block – the seconds, minutes and hours – because they are the reproductions of our own productions. The day’s building blocks speak differently to each person, all according to his own products. The causal computer brings once more to the surface all the human aspects that the person has fed into it during previous incarnations and during this life and that have not yet been cleared up by him. These are all our violations of the eternal law: our negative sensations, thoughts, words and deeds, our passions, compulsions or excessive human desires. It can also be the ties that bind us to our neighbor, for example, in depriving him of his freedom by forcing our opinion on him.

The causal computer brings out as an effect everything that soul and person have not purified. Therefore, it speaks to each one of us in our own language! Each one of us can hear in his own language what he has stored up and can see in images what he has emitted – for they are his own products. We can be aware of them only when we live in the moment, yes, when we live the moment.

However, many people do not grasp the day’s moments. For this reason, they do not recognize the language of their own product; they let themselves be controlled by forces that are not their own life force. In this way, they become driven people, who let themselves be used by different energies and forces, by souls and energy fields.

Which law determines our life?

We should ask ourselves the following questions: Why am I a human being? Do I have a task as a human being?

Furthermore, we should ask ourselves: What task do I have? Is there a higher power that assigned it to me? If we believe in a higher power, we should also acknowledge its laws.

Many people know the physical laws of the All*, for example, the law of gravity. If we acknowledge this law, the law of the attraction of mass, we should also be able to acknowledge the law of cause and effect as a spiritual law – referred to above as the process of our “productions” and “reproductions.” What a person sows is what he will reap.

* The All is what we call the universe or the cosmos. Here it means the limitless universe which reaches all the way to God, to the heart of the Being, that is, it encompasses the material as well as the non-material planes of existence including the heavens. Words like All-computer, All-harmony, All-power, etc. refer to the All.

Our life is the seed. We sow either a lawful or an unlawful behavior.

If we sow and build on the cosmic law of love and All-harmony, on God, we will harvest inner happiness, peace, health, strength and a corresponding quality of life. But if we sow and build on the “flesh,” on sin, on the unlawful, we will harvest accordingly. Just as you call into the canyon, it will echo.

So, if we sow peace in our sensations, thoughts, words and actions, if we are upright, honest and good, we will harvest peace and cosmic power. If we sow discord and condemn our neighbor, if we sow hatred, envy and strife or violate the life in and on the Earth, we will harvest accordingly. Our harvest always corresponds to our seed.