Light of the cross - Anastasia Volnaya - ebook

Anastasia Volnaya is a modern poet and prose writer whose creative is multifaceted. Creative and soul organization of Anastasia was inherited from her parents - father - musician Vladimir Danilchenko and mother - fashion designer Nadezhda Voronova. Together with her husband, Maxim Zheltov, organized the creative union of DanZhel (the union of the poet and artist).At this book to present poems and essays by Anastasia Vonaya, dedicated to faith and love. As well as searching the meaning of life and finding harmony of peace through the cognition and acceptance of God.

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Table of Contents

Feather and paper

The time

Angel made of glass


Boy and angel

As lilies white

White mare


Poetry - glass

Will be another day


Winter prelude


I would have a sip of sky. Or first day of autumn





Sweet-winter Arina


Everything is invented

Again poems about autumn


New Year's milk

Aquarium with skalares

Landscape to Birthday

I will keep silent

Man and woman

Spring`s angels


On the other side of the rainbow

Creative loneliness

(Без заголовка)


Morning of Sappho

To Nadezhda Voronova's picture

Good and evil

Man and woman


Nastya. Winter image

Feather and paper


The woman – clean standard sheet. The man – a feather. Paper will readily accept words, thoughts, feelings, images entrusted to it by a feather. Paper is capable to store, glorify and immortalize carefully what is entrusted to it by a feather.

Paper will forgive blots and mistakes. Paper will give the chance to correct the crossed-out lines. Paper, like white wings, with pleasure will uplift an gist to the sun, expressed on her clean heart by a feather. There is no fertile field, than clean heart of paper. The union of a feather and paper generates the richest shoots, but only when all letters are entitled by words – "I love you".


The time

Not having flesh and therefore feeling pain. With chasms instead of eyes and therefore all-seeing. Having immense cruelty and therefore gives lives. Touchingly merciful and therefore killing. Silent and therefore all-knowing. All-knowing and therefore silent. Great to incomprehensible. Incomprehensible to great. Dominating over a thought and subject only to a thought. Forever living and therefore knowing death. Knowing death and therefore forever living.


Angel made of glass

Golden month has painted light of beauty of night. As the darkness which has contained light is fine! The glass angel standing on a window sill has been surrounded with an aura of light reflected in him. As if live, as if animated, he trumpet the anthem in the small horn to light. Heart of darkness – light. Who has believed in darkness, in this phantom, the myth? Darkness doesn't exist. There is no darkness. Also as there is no death. Darkness – a canvas under light paints. Death – a step to new life. The angel made of glass will sometime break, but light filled him once, is eternal. And the anthem that it is played on a small horn, will always sound.



He was white and airy.

She was a burning brunette.

She built for him fire.

He gave her rains.

She has disappeared round the corner a wonderful tower.

He became in the afternoon and everywhere looked for her.

She exhaled stars from sparks, knowing that he