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Rusty was in for a shock when he rounded the barn corner, and found his boss’s pretty daughter trying to smoke a cigarette! Why hadn’t he realized how much she’d grown up? And she looked outrageously sexy in that skimpy vest and shorts!Suddenly he ached to cool the fire in his blood by plunging deep into her hot little body. And he’d figured out the perfect way to get away with it!~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~He was treating her like a little kid again! Damn, she hated that!“Fine!” she retorted, throwing her shoulders back in a rebellious gesture. “Name something, anything at all! I’ll do it for you without complaining, just you wait and see!”Rusty took a step in her direction, then stopped. “Anything?” he echoed, clenching his big fists. “Anything at all, if I don’t tell your father I caught you smoking behind the barn?”Holly defiantly lifted her chin. “Anything!” she insisted. “I don’t care how dirty or disgusting it is, I’m going to prove to you once and for all that I’m not a baby anymore!”Rusty’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, you’ve already managed that, darlin’,” he assured her in a low, intense voice. “God only knows why I didn’t see it before now!”Something was going on that she didn’t understand...but Holly had issued the challenge, so she had to live up to it, no matter what the consequences might be. She boldly walked across the room and planted herself right in front of him, so that they were practically nose to nose.“Well, what’s it going to be, Rusty?” she demanded, jamming her small fists on her hips. “Mucking out the stables for a month? Fixing the old harvester again? What?”An odd smile curved Rusty’s lips as he stared down at her. Holly suddenly had the unnerving sensation that he was secretly laughing at her...and his next words confirmed her suspicions. “Is that the very worst that you can think of, little one?” he mocked, brushing back a wayward curl from her face. “I can think of much worse punishments!”Holly’s pulse began to hammer in triple-time. What could possibly be worse than getting all grimy and greasy inside the big harvester engine?“Anything, you said,” Rusty slowly repeated, tilting his head to one side. “Holly darlin,’ I’m gonna teach you to never disobey again!”The girl’s face paled, and she had to fight another urge to spin on her heel and run away. “What—what do you want me to do?” she whispered, and hated the way her voice shook.Rusty hesitated for several long seconds, and the silence seemed to stretch out into eternity. Then he smiled, and shivers began to chase up and down her spine again. “I want you to kiss me,” he ordered.Cool relief washed over her, and she released a thankful laugh. “Is that all?” she exclaimed. “That’s easy!”She quickly leaned up and pressed her lips to his tanned cheek...then jumped back again in surprise. Her lips felt like they were on fire!“Oh, no, Holly!” Rusty warned, catching her wrist. “You want to be a grown up, you’re going to start acting like one! Kiss me the right way—the way a woman kisses a man!”Icy terror surged through Holly’s small frame. Kiss him...really kiss him?She’d wanted to forever, but...“But I don’t know how!” she stammered, flushing in the dim light. “Rusty, I’ve never kissed anyone before! Not like that!”“Then it’s about time you learned, isn’t it?” he countered, pulling her closer. “I’ll show you what to do...and you’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you? Or I’m going to tell your father everything!”

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The Hazard Chronicles

“Light My Fire”

By Becca Sinh

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2012 Becca Sinh

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

(This book was originally published under the title “Burn, Baby, Burn!” To read more quality erotica by Becca Sinh, please visit

“Okay, I’ve got it what do I do with it?”

Holly glared down at the smoldering cigarette dangling between her slender fingers, as if she expected it to offer some brilliant piece of advice.

“I never should have listened to Kathy!” she finally informed the paper-wrapped twist of tobacco with a disgusted scowl. “You stink. She’s crazy, puffing away all the time!”