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What is Life exactly, and why are you interested to know more about Life? You want to know more about Life in this world, and afterwards. …And you are interested in all species of Life, all forms of Life, and in extraterrestrial Life too. You want to learn about the true origins of Life, about divine Life, and about your own meaning in Life. …Because you want to know more about yourself since you are alive, and this is very important. …And you can never know yourself if you do not know everything about Life including all the above. There is so much more about Life never studied by Biology, never studied in school, you want to know it all, and it could be in this book. Why are you determined to search for this kind of knowledge? What is it so important in Life that you would like to know? You might only be curious, but did you know that curiosity for this particular knowledge and for important abstract knowledge in general is a genuine human need? …And you always have to be developed at the genuine human level in order to get this need, and therefore to be interested in Life. …Otherwise, you get other needs, as common addictions for example, or animal needs, or servitude needs, but not genuine human needs. …Because you can never have one or the others, since these needs happen to be of different developmental levels, with genuine human needs at the very top. Therefore, it is either knowledge in your Life, or ignorance. It is either genuine human fulfillment in your Life, or addictions. It is either freedom in your Life, or only servitude. This is a comprehensive model of Life explaining everything alive and intelligent in the world, from the smallest cellular components of organic Life to the human organism and to all forms of Life on Earth and everywhere around. …Because everything is alive everywhere, and everything is worth understanding. If you want to learn more about Life and living, this book is for you.  

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Discover Life in all her forms and realities.

Third Edition

By Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed.

Published by Valentin Leonard Matcas

Copyright © 2019 Valentin Matcas

All rights reserved

Cover: Valentin Matcas

I dedicate this book to everyone eager to learn and develop continuously throughout life.


1 The Miracles of Life

2 Creating Natural Living Beings

3 Living Intelligences in the Raw Field

4 Life, Intelligence, and the Divine

5 The Other Forms of Life

6 Origins of Life

7 Model for the Organic Life

About the Author

1 The Miracles of Life

What is life exactly, and why are you interested to know more about life? You want to know more about life in this world, and afterwards. …And you are interested in all species of life, all forms of life, and in extraterrestrial life too. You want to learn about the true origins of life, about divine life, and about your own meaning in life. …Because you want to know more about yourself since you are alive, and this is very important. …And you can never know yourself if you do not know everything about life including all the above. There is so much more about life never studied by Biology, never studied in school, you want to know it all, and it could be in this book.

This is a comprehensive model of life explaining everything alive and intelligent in the world, from the smallest cellular components of organic life to the human organism and to all forms of life on Earth and everywhere around. …Because everything is alive everywhere, and everything is worth understanding. If you want to learn more about life and living, this book is for you.

Why are you determined to search for this kind of knowledge? What is it so important in life that you would like to know? You might only be curious, but did you know that curiosity for this particular knowledge and for important abstract knowledge in general is a genuine human need? …And you always have to be developed at the genuine human level in order to get this need, and therefore to be interested in life. …Otherwise, you get other needs, as common addictions for example, or animal needs, or servitude needs, but not genuine human needs. …Because you can never have one or the others, since these needs happen to be of different developmental levels, with genuine human needs at the very top. Therefore, it is either knowledge in your life, or ignorance. It is either genuine human fulfillment in your life, or addictions. It is either freedom in your life, or only servitude.

…And this is always the case, because Life wants it this way, with everybody. …It is always your choice, yet if you cannot understand Life, there is nothing that you can ever understand, and you end up living your life just like everybody else, addicted, in servitude, and therefore in darkness. …Because knowledge is your choice, it is a human achievement, and now you know how to find it.

Who can ever answer your questions about life, about yourself, and about the world? Who can ever shine a light in your life? Do not wait for Science, since Science has already offered you all it knows about life, on TV and throughout school. …And now when you want to know more, Science answers always with the laconic: ‘we don’t know, yet.’ Why? …Probably because Science is ignorant indeed, and manages to hide it well.

Why do you persist in studying more about yourself and the world, more than what Science can offer? Because at the genuine human level, you have your genuine human needs, and these high needs will never leave you alone, until you fulfill them. One important genuine human need is your need for higher knowledge, and this is why you seek to learn about life, and about your reasoning, needs, meaning in life, culture, society, universe, development, lifestyle, etc.

Another genuine human need is your need for righteousness in the world, and this is why you are tired of lies that you get from Science and Academia instead of valid knowledge, if you happen to be able to identify the lies and beliefs coming from Science, politics, economics, and society in general. It is all a matter of virtue, while virtue itself is a direct result of fulfilling your genuine human needs. You are continuously aspiring to detach from the constant mediocrity surrounding you, and regardless of how much this mediocrity tries to pull you back, you insist to find an elevated, cultural, intellectual lifestyle allowing you to learn and develop at the genuine human level. …And now you are certainly strongly motivated to learn and outperform yourself, if you really seek to unlock the genuine understanding of life, the one that Science hides from you through invalid information, diverging your research and interests.

Let us study now briefly the official definition of life. Well, but there is no definition for life, since Science does not have one. What Science can offer is a succession of statements about life, related to life, but not defining life. You may search in your favorite encyclopedia, and here is what you find:

1. Life is a characteristic distinguishing living beings from non-living.

2. The smallest contiguous unit of life is called an organism.

3. Organisms are composed of one or more cells.

4. Organisms undergo metabolism, maintain homeostasis, grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce, adapt to their environment in successive generations, etc.

This is the official definition of life taken from a famous encyclopedia, summarized here. The particular branch of science studying life is called Biology. You may study Biology entirely, yet you will always remain confined to these four statements about life acting as the official definition of life.

Why? Because some things in this world are meant to remain just the way they are, in darkness, and this includes not only this officially accepted definition of life, but this includes many important topics of Science. …And this is how we have ended up with this particular ‘definition’ of life, in today’s modern world. If you are an employed Biologist for example, then you have to stick to this simplistic ‘definition’ of life, and teach it to your students. Teach the correct definition of life, and you certainly get in trouble. For all non-biologists out there, if it happens that you want to know more about life, then you are on your own, since this is as far as Science can take you.

Clearly, these four statements attempting to define life do not really form a genuine definition of life, but they only state some general facts about life, some simple characteristics observed in life. Empiric definitions are observations of specific characteristics, and therefore this definition of life offered by Science is empirical in nature, not analytic, and not cognitive.

Why is this the case exactly with the definition of life, one of the most important subjects to understand? Is it because Science is still young and ignorant, incapable to understand and explain life itself? Well, not only. …Because studying life is difficult indeed, since you are bound to an only perspective of study, a unique point of view, since you are permanently placed within life itself, but never outside. …And this is the case because you can be nothing else but alive throughout life, and you cannot step outside life to study it from above, as a whole. Do not think that you may exit life at death and be able to understand life entirely then, from the outside, since it will never happen. You are always alive, as long as you exist in any form of life, since Existence defines you as a living being always. …And consequently, you are always bound to a vicious loop of reasoning keeping you in the empiric nature of your study, loop of reasoning blocking you from identifying and eliminating your beliefs and stereotypes about life, and therefore blocking you from achieving a genuine, analytic and cognitive definition and understanding of life. …And this happens not only with life, but this happens with all comprehensive, primordial subjects of the world, as Existence, the Universe, Intelligence, Interconnectivity, Religion and Spirituality, and more.

This entire book series, ‘The One,’ has around fifty important research topics, including those mentioned above. We have been through vicious loops of reasoning before, throughout the multitude of models of this entire book series, through the same constraints, and we have always managed to maintain our study cognitive, analytic, and valid throughout the most tedious circumstances and perspectives. …And we did so with care, by avoiding irrelevant and invalid facts and beliefs, along with all errors of reasoning that these may cause. We have been so careful throughout all research, that I wrote two books about the human errors: ‘Errors of Reasoning,’ and ‘The Sources of all Evils.’ This happened while studying the world we call Reality for example, while studying other realities, while studying Natural Laws, and while studying the human mind. We have always managed to move our perspective within and outside our systems of study, through the simple fact that we are multidimensional beings, capable of transcending these systems of study, being able this way to perceive them as a whole, through us, and through our genuine reasoning. Life is the most delicate, the most tedious subject to study and by far the most interesting, not only because it is very vast and complex, but because we are always within, always risking to make false assumptions of what is outside, compromising the model. …Because this is what characterizes comprehensive research studies always: nobody can perceive and understand them wholly, and therefore, everybody takes the opportunity to assume everything they please, since nobody can ever prove them wrong, while nobody can ever prove them right either. They all do so including Science, and this fuels everlasting debates as the one between Creationism and Evolution for example, with the beliefs of Science confronting the beliefs of Religion. …And this is always the case because people cannot distinguish between beliefs and valid knowledge, because only beliefs lead to debates, since you cannot reason through beliefs but only negotiate and contradict others. …While valid facts lead to reasoning and to successful solutions always, throughout valid analytical, cognitive models, and not through dogma and empiric research.

Well, do not let this apparent limitation stop our research. The human mind is very kin and resilient, and it happens to be an integral part of the overall Intelligence, Intelligence spanning life entirely. This way, even without an outside perspective, we still have the possibility to understand life entirely, while staying clear of vicious loops of reasoning. …Or this is the case if we are able to distinguish between facts and beliefs. Can you distinguish your own beliefs from among all facts of your cognitive system? Which exactly are the cognitive structures that you may trust the most within your cognitive system? …Because you need your reasoning at its best in order to be able to understand life and the rest of the comprehensive subjects and concepts mentioned above, and many times, you cannot understand one without understanding the rest, since everything is connected in the world.

Let us not discard the trivial ‘definition’ of life provided by Science, but let us understand all motives and circumstances creating and holding it in place. Let us now study the definition of life one statement at a time.

1. Life is the characteristic distinguishing living beings from non-living ones.

This first statement is the summary of a larger paragraph that I condensed on purpose here, only to highlight its main idea. Here is the entire paragraph from your favorite encyclopedia:

‘Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes (such as signaling and self-sustaining processes) from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.’

Do you see how, after discarding empty words and trivial remarks about life, you may condense this paragraph in one line? Study it carefully now, and see that, in fact, this is a cyclic affirmation, claiming that living beings are alive while non-living beings are not, with life simply distinguishing now which is which. This is true anyway, and it is very trivial. These cyclical statements are always valid, and they may be used in any situation, always being true: straight lines are always straight, or heavy objects are heavy when they are heavy, or speed is what distinguishes fast objects from slow ones, etc… Is this what you want to know about life?

Why is Science offering the world this kind of knowledge? …Because nobody knows what life is, nobody knows what the world is, nobody knows how humans can feel and reason, and by not knowing these, nobody knows too much in this world. While everybody behaves as they know everything in the world, and Science does the same. Scientists counting by the tens or hundreds of thousands throughout the world are just as smart and just as ignorant as the rest of the world. …And now, everything that you want to know in life, you have to research and figure out on your own. It is the same in Medicine: you always have to heal yourself, because nobody would, since Medicine is a branch of Science and therefore it is just as empiric and insuccessful as Science. …And it is the same with all domains of this world: you have to get involved and help yourself always, because they never do.

Regarding Science and its definition of life, it is a well-known strategy to provide a specific question with an answer that is already part of that question, allowing the answer to be always true even when it does not fulfill your need to know. This is certainly not a fair conduct, yet how much in the world is fair when it comes to receiving your own share of wealth and knowledge from the overall common good? It is said that ninety-nine percent of the wealth in the world is kept in the hands of a privileged one percent. People think only about money, yet it is the same with rights, priorities, power, status, knowledge, influence, benefits, privileges, etc., since our social system is far from being fair. This way, higher knowledge is kept away from you, whether you are from the Brotherhood or the Masses. …And this is why only organic life from Earth is considered to be alive in the Universe, it is uniquely researched, with Science lying repeatedly many times to cover its previous lies, always being backed up by the very strong consensus of the entire scientific community. …And it gets away with it, just by hiding the truth, by discrediting and denying the truth entirely, by embedding its lies in redundant, trivial words. …While everyone knows it, and everyone accepts it.

The question is why. Why doing it? What knowledge is there so important to hide, mostly about life? Is it the incompetence of some scientists? No, Science does not have to hide its own ignorance, since our civilization is young from astronomical perspectives, and therefore we are all entitled to be ignorant, as long as we keep developing. Even more, admitting our ignorance always reveals our weaknesses and errors, determining and motivating us to persevere and overcome them, and therefore to continue developing.

Then why does Science behave this way? Science follows a specific agenda on behalf of a higher power from the top of Society and beyond, through its entire scientific consensus. …And through this agenda, Science remains consistent with the other domains of the world as Politics, Economy, Education, Industry, Religion, Spirituality, Entertainment, Drugs, etc. These all follow the same strict agenda, which means that our entire civilization is bounded, constrained, and exploited. …And this is only as much as we may perceive from within, but who knows how far this strict control really extends? …And you can never apprehend it if you cannot understand life, the world, and life in the world. …Therefore, the ignorance of Science is more of a strategy meant to keep people ignorant of a higher meaning, presence, or existence.

Furthermore, why this continuous, extraordinary effort to orchestrate an entire civilization to behave and function in this extremely forced manner? It is all done to keep you bounded, in an inferior state, and at work. Is it really worth it, to employ this extraordinary effort spanning our entire civilization, probably extending higher above and beyond? Apparently it is, since it has always been this way; just study History and Religion. …Why? Because you are very, very valuable, important, profitable, and extremely capable, for those exploiting you, and you will never understand who you truly are, what you are really capable to do, and what you are entirely worth, if you do not understand life, entirely, in all her forms and realities. This is a topic indeed worth following, it relates to your own life, and to life all around you and beyond, so let us see first not only why you are bounded, but how and by whom.

What do you do in order to keep domestic animals bounded, confined, in proper order, obeying, always in tune to your interests and demands? You build fences wherever you want them to stay, and you train them to obey you just the way you want. …But human beings are not domestic animals, they are conscious beings, capable of abstract thought. …And this is exactly why they always find a way to overcome physical boundaries, regardless of how tall and strong they are. What do you do then? You bound humans with lies, the most atrocious abstract boundaries you have, meant to confine their very abstract thoughts, and render them blind and ignorant. …But human beings are not only conscious, but some are very intelligent, capable to reason and see through all lies, escaping this way all boundaries imposed, and all claims over them. What do you do then? Well, nothing simpler: you make them lie to each other while cloaking yourself in their own ignorance. …And this is exactly what happens not only in Science but everywhere in Society, Economy, Politics, Education, religions, everywhere, on all levels: people are played against each other, they fight, lie, oppress, cheat and steal, everything being part of the usual social competition, many times doing it for cheap fame and for simple material success, which always lowers their mode, status, and aspirations in life, affecting even their entire higher self and existence. Whatever the consequences are, people always play this role in Society, and they stick to all social norms, written and unwritten, down to the last detail.

This is exactly why all four statements from the officially-accepted ‘definition’ of life do not reveal much truth, while the very important knowledge of life and about life still remain hidden. Even more, a rigorous understanding of life helps you understand yourself entirely, including your higher self. Know yourself entirely, and no one, nothing can ever bound and use you, ever. Why? Simply because you as a higher being are very capable, standing above anyone’s reach.

This book studies life in general with the main emphasis of understanding yourself entirely as a living being, from every level of your existence, including anyone and anything participating in your existence and making it possible.

We learn that in the world, the powerful always destroys the weak, the good always conquers the bad, while real life seems random, allowing us to behave in any way we wish. This is how we simply copy both what we see and learn in the world, and so we drive our lives throughout every possible threat just to find something new, as though we were immortals. We encounter very powerful beings throughout life, mostly in other realities, yet we tend to ignore and underestimate them, while, surprisingly, they do the same with us. Why don’t they kill us all if they are so powerful? Well, why don’t you just stump all ants in the woods, since you are bigger and stronger? …Probably because it is a waste of time and effort, or probably that, throughout life, you have developed certain responsibilities, and certain feelings toward the little ants. Is it the same with the all-powerful life?

There are extremely powerful beings and entities leading Humanity from beyond, tightly controlling Society, making us do all the work for them, many times life after life. Who are they? If they are so great and capable, then why do they need us, exactly? …Because very powerful beings should never depend on insignificant ones for anything, even for basic subsistence. It is the same with the relationship between you and the ants. Then what do they really make us do? Well, despite of what they may claim, they make us do what they are incapable to do themselves, not because they are too busy or too lazy, but because they are incapable. …Or because we are part of their life chain, or because they are not allowed to do it themselves and now we do it and take the blame. …And this is exactly why they keep us in ignorance, so we never find out who we are and what we do.

…And if we do not abide to their demands, will they kill us all? Nobody has the right to harm us, so they should not. …Or they do so anyway, you never know, since it happened before. …Since what it always seems to happen is that after ages of servitude, they still end up killing us all, so why the effort? …And how can you ever understand what kind of life roams out there and up there if you cannot understand life, your life and theirs, along with the world, your world and theirs?

…Yet there are menaces continuously throughout life, and therefore it is important to understand life if you want to understand yourself entirely, and genuinely control your existence. For now, let us understand the behavior of Science in order to distinguish what it is scientifically correct or false about life, so we know what information we may count on throughout our research.

At a first glance, you may see Science covering important issues behind silly scientific remarks, forcing you to repeat them word for word every time you take an exam, or while writing a scientific report, and every time you teach a class. Why? As another remark, note that, from the start, Science attempts to define life empirically, through what you observe and perceive about life, and not in a cognitive, analytical manner, the way you might expect from any rigorous scientific research. This happens because Science itself cannot exit life and study it entirely, as a whole, a mandatory perspective in every deductive study. Whatever the case, it seems that Science never even attempts to study life rigorously, restricting itself to the empirical study of what we call organic life, the exclusive life on Earth. Why? Is the study and search for other forms of life unimportant? No, not at all. As stated above, understanding life rigorously is imperative for knowing about your entire self, and about the wider world all around. By not knowing what life is, you fail to know who you really are, and therefore you are being used in every way by anyone and anything that happens to be of a different form of life, with and without your knowledge… Let us now study the second official statement about life.

2. The smallest contiguous unit of life is called an organism.

In fact, this is not really a scientific truth, but a scientific consensus. They decided to accept this knowledge, and now the entire world does. The same consensus of scientists decides today whether Pluto is a planet or not for example, while you flunk your exam if you state one answer or the other. This second statement of the official definition of life has a very definite purpose, and we will see why.

Does it really matter if the smallest contiguous unit of life is the organism itself or the smallest cell from the tip of the tail for example, or the most insignificant virus just passing by? Yes it does, and in very many ways, since this very simple scientific empirical statement from the definition of life has priority in court, and decides what has the status and rights of a living being and what does not.

Here is what it might seem to be a not-too-significant example, yet it generates very important social issues, and it relates to life entirely. You may find it valid or not, depending strictly on your ideology. By the officially accepted definition of life, the human fetus is not considered a living being, for the simple fact that the human fetus is composed of a rather small number of cells and it is positioned within an organism. …And it does not have the status of a living human being now, not even the status of a regular living being, and therefore it does not benefit from all its rights. Consequently, abortions are scientifically and legally considered to be medical interventions, not murders, and so they are not punished accordingly. This way, Science itself conspires alongside Society and Justice into killing deliberately billions of children. Why? Do the research, and see that these are dead children of the Masses and the Lower Brotherhood, but not of the upper social classes. Why? …Genocide. …Remember those beings up there killing Humanity? They do so systematically, one bloodline after another, from among those who do not serve them directly. …And even more, they do nothing the whole time, since Humanity kills Humanity all the way, through laws, illnesses, wars, dictatorships, discrimination, ideologies, population control, eugenics, and abortions. …Genocide.

Examples are many to give, since when you research life you have to research death too, mostly when it is the death of your own people. …And it is always the same scenario: Science follows blindly specific agendas and it creates its preordered set of scientific laws according strictly to these agendas. Scientific laws legally allow and motivate atrocious actions and interventions to take place, and billions suffer and die, coincidentally according to their genetic background. This is clearly genocide on massive scales, and in this manner, everything goes on according to higher plans, affecting drastically the whole civilization, just because some obscure assistant scientist gets to drive an Audi to work now, not a Chevrolet, always proud of what he’s accomplished in life. He’s a scientist now and he understands life entirely, that all organisms are alive, but not their cells and larger components, since these do not breathe on their own.

What would exactly happen if you consider cells to be just as alive as the organisms that they form? Would the world really collapse? Well, it might, indeed, the world as you know it. To start with, all cells in the world are truly alive, regardless if they live independently or in organisms. This is always the case and we will see why, despite of any definition of life that you may consider, since any consensus determining scientific laws remains rather insignificant compared to Life Herself. To stress this idea further, all seven trillion eukaryotic cells forming your body now are considered by Science to be non-living beings, while they are about twenty times larger and significantly more evolved than prokaryotes. Prokaryotes are the cells or unicellular organisms considered by the scientific consensus to be alive, because they do not form organisms, but live life independently.

Furthermore, eukaryotes, these seven trillion cells forming your body, are not the only living beings participating in your existence. You have unicellular organisms in your digestive system, bacteria, helping you digest and assimilate food, and these prokaryotes are more numerous than the eukaryotes forming your body. You live in symbiosis with them all, trillion bacteria found mostly in your intestines, and by any scientific law, they are all considered officially alive, with all the rights and privileges of a living being. …And as you notice, they are far more superior than your fetus, considered officially non-living. …And what Science states, always has priority in courts, overruling everything. Science makes the law and dictates Society.

When all cells in your body are considered alive, both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, then your fetus has to be considered alive too, a developing human being, it gets human rights and status in the world equal to everybody else, and so abortions become murder and are dealt with in court. How would this change the world? Drastically. Let us spend some time here and study two specific cases next, since they are directly related to our quest of understanding life.

Women have the right to decide whether they may have or not babies. It is one of our rights to choose to fulfill any of our needs and to decide exactly when to do it, how, and in which sequence. In fact, this is what differentiates animals and humans from first level organisms: choice throughout life. Furthermore, this is why, in general, animals move around and plants do not. As a human being, you should have a human status, which is a third level status, not an animal status, which is a second level status. I study the human status and the human rights in other books of this series: ‘The Human Status,’ and ‘The Human Rights.’ Therefore, any living being of the second level or higher may certainly decide whether to procreate or not, whether or not to have sex. …Yet once you engage in the acts of procreation you act toward procreation exclusively, and so your decision has been made. …Because as a genuine human being, once you decide to conceive life, you cannot change your mind afterward, to take that life away once it exists, and if you do it, it is considered murder. …Because humans have rights to fulfill all their needs in this world, including their needs for pleasure, yet humans do not have rights to kill other humans even when they do it for pleasure. …And this is exactly why Life does not send humans needs to kill other humans, but only needs meant to allow them to remain alive, to develop themselves, and to behave and change the world according to what she desires.

You may or may not agree with the above depending on your pleasures and ideologies, yet any ideology from Earth might be irrelevant now when you involve human death regardless of how many follow it, since the Universe has very strict, very well defined Higher Laws in place, laws governing all living beings in the Universe. These Higher Laws have always existed, and they span the Universe in all its realities. They are implemented according to distinct statuses, which hold very specific rights. I call them Higher Laws, and they apply to everyone and everything from all realities, living or not. Break these laws in any way, and any higher being has the right to intervene against you. These higher laws may either protect you or confine you, depending on your deeds.

Just study Society very closely, and you see that there are very, very specific invisible laws in Society, highly respected by current authorities, laws many times unwritten or unspecified, but always followed by the Brotherhood for example, and also by the Elite. These are the Higher Laws, and higher beings beyond and above Earth enforce them here. The powerful beings and entities abusing Humanity from beyond also have to follow these Higher Laws in details, since if they do not, then other higher beings gain the right to intervene to ensure their instatement, and they intervene.

How do they abuse us and follow the Higher Laws at the same time, when these Higher Laws had been in place since… forever, in order for these bad deeds never to happen? Simply, these powerful entities never abuse us, but we are tricked into abusing ourselves in every possible way, while they only profit out of this entire suffering and misfortune, a lot. I do not mention Religion here, but every time it is your choice in something or you must give permission explicitly or implicitly for specific events to take place, and it seems awkward for you to be so privileged while you are made to believe that you are insignificant. It is always related to these Higher Laws and rights, and you are mostly played into being the one lowering your status deliberately and allowing to be exploited, or you are lured into braking these Higher Laws yourself in order for you to lose your higher status, deliberately. Whatever the case, others always profit, while you pay for it throughout life…

Even the aliens find a way to abduct you fully legally according to these Higher Laws. Sometimes they use only your mutual agreement to any of their actions, sometimes they use simply your random remarks stating your desire of seeing and meeting aliens for example, sometimes they use your lower animal status that Society claims on your behalf when you remain ignorant of these higher orders and you lead a lower life…

These Higher Laws apply to everyone and everything. Just study History, Religion, or Mythology, and you see that the mightiest ancient deities were judged and punished for one deed or another according to these very High Laws, the way it had happened with Marduk for example. Be very careful with these laws, since it is relatively easy to break them, deliberately or not, thinking that no one ever finds out for example, or getting tricked into breaking them, since these Higher Laws transcend realities and follow you everywhere throughout your wider existence.

I study the Higher Laws in another book of this series, ‘Higher Laws.’ They are very easy to know and follow, because the Higher Laws simply follow rights and status that all living beings and intelligences have everywhere in the wider world. In short, the Higher Laws make sure that all living beings and intelligences are allowed to fulfill all their needs and they are not harasses unnecessarily. What many living beings do, they twist the Higher Laws in order to oppress and harass other living beings, and they do so by making their victims harass and oppress each other, while they profit. …And this happens in Society today, and it creates all problems. I study Society in other books of this series: ‘The Human Society,’ and ‘The Human Conspiracy.’

What I notice lately is the Human Society is constrained to include these Higher Laws explicitly into our civilization. We must follow these Higher Laws now at all social levels, and people get punished more and more by human laws paralleling them, regardless of how important these people are. Even more, these Higher Laws are used against you in every way, to compromise you. Furthermore, now even governments may not give laws hurting people, without following these higher laws to the point. This is why now you may not start a war and harm and detain people, even those of your own country, if you are not under the martial laws explicitly for example, and you need a very good reason to switch your mode of society to the martial law, also in accordance to these Higher Laws. You may not even exploit and harm animals unnecessarily anymore if you do not do it in order to fulfill your needs.

Why is it important to know all these? …Because no one will ever tell them to you. Watch Discovery Channel for example, and you will learn about bees and roaches, wild trees and bull frogs, but you will never learn of the rules and laws governing life everywhere. …Because they will never tell you that life is intelligent everywhere, and when you have intelligent life everywhere in the wider world, you need laws to synchronize the behavior of intelligent life, and these are the Higher Laws. …And they are not hard to follow. All you have to do is respect the status and rights of all life around you. If these happen to be under you in your life chain, as in your food chain for example, then you are allowed to use lower beings to fulfill your needs, but never unnecessarily. There are no designated authorities to enforce these laws, but you have random higher beings always eager to get involved when the Higher Laws are broken. This is how they tend to their own environment, since all higher living beings tend to their environment through their own higher needs, and so should you. …And this describes the wider world.

Anyway, this is why all nations require you to have a minimum age for everything that you do, so they do not harass you. This is why you may not be employed, trialed, nor detained, ever. These are considered exploitation, since your human status is too high for anyone to take advantage of you in any manner, even for them to fulfill their needs.

Why can you eat chicken but they cannot exploit you in any manner? There is a hierarchy of living beings and intelligences, stating clearly the status of all living beings and intelligences in the wider world, from the slightest, random, disabled one which is of the zero level, to the Supreme Creator of the wider world, the Deity Himself, who is of the ultimate, tenth level. Genuine human beings are of the third level, animals are of the second level, servants and slaves are of the first level, angels are of the fourth, fifth, and sixth level, and so on. In general, you may use only living beings and intelligences lower in status than your own in order to fulfill your needs, if these happen to be in your life chain, as your food chain.

Therefore, humans cannot use, exploit, or harass other humans in any manner in order to fulfill their needs. There is currently a social scheme held in place throughout Society in order to allow humans to serve other humans, I refer to it as the artificial social environmental matrix, it is a valid, fictitious environment on its own with its own laws and fictitious, corporate identities. …And you have to request to enter the artificial matrix on your own, and when you do so you switch identities on your own, you become a fictitious being, and therefore you exchange your human status with your fictitious, corporate status, which is of the first level. …And now any one of any higher status can harass, exploit, and oppress you in any manner. You even carry your documents, licenses, and ID cards to state your fictitious identity, which is your brand, or your name written in all capital letters.

You already know the Higher Laws, not only from Justice, Education, and Society in general, but also from religions and schools of thoughts, since they are given many names: sins, karma, commandments, etc. The Higher Laws are not the same as the Natural Laws of the Universe, since Higher Laws are implemented through consensus, with the purpose of creating order throughout the Universe, while Natural Laws of the Universe may derive into the laws of Mathematics and Physics from Reality, and they are structural part of the Field, Existence, Life, and the Universe, applied regardless of any wish and consensus, and no one can break them. …Unless you know how to bend them, but even then, you may bend them here in Reality and in the usual realities of your wider existence. Now you know who you are in the wider world, what you are worth there, and how important you really are, according to your human status.

Do you see how you may take drugs and entertain yourself as much as you want in order to feel good, but when you engage in procreative activities in order to feel good, you are playing with Life in order to feel good, you are playing with the Divine, you are challenging the Higher Laws, therefore you have to make sure that you are continuously responsible with your behavior to respect the status and rights of the living being that you are conceiving. …And when you harm or kill this human being, then you go against the Higher Laws, and you may expect anything to happen in your life then, since higher beings get involved, and they all take their measures of justice in various manners, to affect you, your family, your opportunities, your whole life, the entire Society, and even your higher life and higher soul.

…Because once you engage in the sexual act, you, all your cells, your subconscious and conscious mind, your entire body, you all work together throughout the entire reproductive process with one main goal: to have a baby. A specific living cell within your body is activated then, it grows, and with the first division, it becomes a genuine multicellular organism, further growing throughout successive cellular divisions into a genuine human being. Kill deliberately or not this growing human organism, and you commit murder.

Does this developing organism have a soul? If it does not, many people might not consider it a living human being. Science does not mention souls in any of its laws, since by its definition of life, souls are neither cells nor organisms, and therefore they are not alive. Well, are fetuses really alive? Yes, along with all cells in the world, prokaryotes and eukaryotes. We will certainly study all organic life along with all other forms of life throughout this book, including cells, cellular components, organisms, souls, and spirits, yet we still have some chapters to go before we answer this question.

A second issue related to abortions is overpopulation. It is said that overpopulation may destroy Society from inside out. Do a very careful research and you find that people of higher and very high social status have significantly more legitimate and illegitimate children, while people from the bottom levels of the social pyramid have less or do not have children at all. Now calculate how long it takes the Masses to lower its population through the lack of reproduction, and be replaced by social layers from higher above.

The name of this massive change in the social structure is called eugenics, or genocide. The difference between eugenics and genocide is that through eugenics you privilege or discriminate through eradication specific genetic characteristics over others, while through genocide you privilege or discriminate through eradication entire bloodlines over.

Note that you do not need mad doctors, tyrants, dictators, or famous funders of bold dogmas and ideologies to implement terrible eugenic and genocide programs in Society. Eugenics and genocide may be instated through abortions only, it happens today globally, and it is all made possible by our insignificant scientific detail in the officially accepted definition of life: cells within an organism are not alive, only the organism as a whole is alive, along with all unicellular pathogens from everywhere, but certainly not your unborn child…

There are similar scientific details placed deliberately within every scientific law. Science, just like justice, is meticulously strict and detailed to prove or disprove everything happening in the world, many times challenging your intelligence, making you feel lied to, robbed, abused, and oppressed. As an example, Science spends its resources into trivial debates, whether cells or organisms are alive, for example. While the main concern here is clearly to find and define everything alive, not only cells and organisms, but other forms of life too.

Why does this happen? …Because this strict agenda conducting our scientific consensus in general, conducting Society entirely, comes from beyond, from beings and entities cloaked by Science conveniently as non-existent, fooling the Masses. Do you see how finding and understanding the true definition of life takes more than a strong, determined mind, since you need to perceive and understand everything happening everywhere around, and not only the concept of life?

Let us now study the third statement from the official definition of life.

‘3. Organisms are composed of one or more cells.’

This statement reinforces the previous one, since they clearly overlap. Is Science so ignorant to state the same thing twice, or there is more at stake here? Let us put the second and third statements together: ‘The smallest contiguous unit of life is called an organism. Organisms are composed of one or more cells.’

These statements, together, strengthen the agreement that only organisms are alive, with everything else lacking the status of a living being. Is this important? Yes. Not only that this scientific law allows abortions, but this is how the official definition of life considers only organic life to be alive, and nothing else. This way, your questions about spirits and life after death for example, seem very silly now, and they do not apply to Science at all by definition, but to Fiction, Religion, and Philosophy. It seems that Science does not offer the necessary scientific answers throughout the growth of our civilization the way it should. Through its false, pre-ordered and concealing scientific laws, Science interferes with, and rigidly alters deliberately the growth of our civilization, in a harmful manner. …Because a civilization lacking overall awareness of its own environment has a low status, and therefore may be used by any entities of a higher status. Civilizations are considered alive at a higher level of organization, just like societies, ecosystems, and biospheres.

How low is the status of our civilization? Its status does not depend on you directly, regardless of how much you know about life in the universe and about other realities, because the definition of life is stated by Science officially. …And this is exactly what you know about life, this is exactly how aware you are of your environment, and therefore this is exactly the status you get, for you, for your society, and for your entire civilization.

You have the status of a third level living being if you are a conscious intelligent living being, and if you manage to hold this status throughout your life through your intelligence, awareness, and lifestyle. If not, others may claim an animal status on your behalf, if you genuinely behave only by fulfilling animal needs. Humans are not born with a human status since they lack consciousness at birth. It is only through learning and education that humans achieve conscious intuitive intelligence, and even then, it is easy for anyone or anything to prove that you are not intelligent, just by challenging your lifestyle, interests and awareness, many times without you even knowing it. With a lower status, anyone with a human status or higher may own you the way farmers are allowed to own their cattle, and this is in total agreement with the Higher Laws. In general, whoever holds your birth certificate owns you, just the way you own your car and house because you hold their certificates.

Who owns you exactly? You do, if you have in your possession your birth certificate in original, with no registered numbers on it. If not, just do a research to see who or what has it, since those are your owners, called lords. In general, there are still nations in the world with free people, yet governments of other nations own their people sometimes, other times these governments sell their people or lose them as collateral, and who knows, many times, people end up in the ownership of extraterrestrial or intraterrestrial beings or entities, with all rights and privileges…

Yet that is not exactly your certificate of birth, and therefore it does not concerns you the living human being, if it does not have your name on it, but a name written in capital letters. Because by agreement, names written in all capital letters are registered brands or registered corporations. Therefore, no one can own you, the genuine living human being or the soul, but they may own only a fictitious corporation that is associated by agreement to you, the living human being. …And also by agreement, it is considered that you, the living human being, may represent this fictitious corporation in any manner, and not the other way around, as you may now assume. More precisely, you, the genuine human living being are the living identity of this fictitious corporation, and not the other way around. The implications if this little detail are major, because through this little detail you, the genuine living being end up harmed, abused, and exploited in every manner, and eventually killed by those owning and ruling all brands and corporations, without even interfering with the Higher Laws, and therefore no one will come to aid you throughout your loss and suffering. …And it happens on massive scales here on Earth and throughout the Matrix, and no one cares, higher and lower.

Now, if you have never had nor saw your certificate of birth, if you just did some research over the Net and just found out that you are owned and by whom, do not panic. You may still claim your human or higher status, and with an equal status to your owner or higher, you do not have to consent to any claim, so you do not have to bow to anyone regardless of what anyone says. Also check the name on the ownership papers. If your name is written in all capital letters then that is not even your natural identity, but your fictitious, corporate one, and those are all owned indeed, by various families, people, institutions, or organizations, and they make a profit through you this way. …Because no one may own you the natural living being, since you have your human rights.

Slaves are slaves because they are constrained to be slaves in every way. However, all that it takes is to state that they are not slaves, not anymore, and they are free to do as they please, by any Higher Law. Why? Why is it so simple? Because through the simple fact that you claim your freedom and decline your slavery, you imply that you are a conscious being, perfectly aware of your environment, and should be treated accordingly at your own higher level status, and through your own higher level rights.

These are not empty words, there are twenty million slaves in the world as I write, in all countries of the world, including yours, all constrained in one way or another to slavery, with their full knowledge. The question is how many slaves are there in the world without their knowledge, but through their ignorance of simply failing to understand the hidden meaning of some basic words, or the simple meaning of some basic legal procedures, like applying for the social security number or the ID card and license defining you now for life? …Billions? …All? …You?

How do you claim your status in life? Do you have to apply officially? No, not at all, regardless of what anyone may tell you. In fact, you do not even have to claim your status verbally nor written, since you might be tricked into claiming a status lower than the one you actually have. As an example, it is a combined effort in the world today to lower directly the meaning and statute of the word human and make it synonymous to animal or even to corporation, making this way the human status a second level animal status, or a first level corporation status. This is already the case with the term and statute person, people, persons, body, corps, corporation, and so on, these are all of the first level status, having first level rights. All that you have to do is to disclaim the lower status that anyone may force you in any way to associate with you. To disclaim any lower status that you are being forced to claim, just state then that you are a free, conscious, intelligent living being, you do not agree with them, you have other things to do, and therefore you are free to leave whenever you want. Be very careful with the words in use, because many have different meanings through the particular statute from that particular jurisdiction, and these are many to consider and you can never know them exactly. This is the case with the word understand meaning under-stand, meaning standing under particular people and corporations, or abiding to them. …Or the words: person, Sir, vessel, court, savage, salvage, remedy, driver, citizen, city, district, etc. It is enough to use these words knowingly or not, and you may lower your status deliberately to the first level, and then they are free and entitled to do anything to you. Do not use any terms and concepts either even if they are in the mainstream Science or Society or not, since they change their meanings easily through statutes to mean anything they please. This is why they use statutes, to change meanings as they please. They change even national and social symbols as they please, so study the flags and names in use to find them different, which means that you are not in the particular jurisdiction that you assume to be, you are somewhere else, not even in your own nation or city. Be careful! This is why they have to use a court, since courts are separate territories and you are not where you assume to be when you are in court.

…And if you show any awareness of any of these and there is a lot more, then they will certainly take their revenge on you, so be careful. Just search the Net, learn from the experience of others, and be very prepared. I study these subjects in other books of this series: ‘Freeman,’ ‘The Human Rights,’ ‘The Human Status,’ ‘The Matrix,’ ‘The Human Society,’ ‘Deep State,’ ‘The Human Behavior,’ etc.

What can you do? It is enough to claim that you are not part of their specific consensus, you are free, you are a living human being, and nothing that they do apply to you. However, even this affirmation becomes invalid if you show them your ID for example, since it states your name in all capital letters, and that way you prove that you are a corporation, a non-living being. It is the same if you sign any agreement stating explicitly or implicitly your name in all capitals, since again, you are that corporation. Again, if you are applying for your social insurance number, or for any card, ID, bank account, bank loans and transactions, electricity accounts, etc., if you insist that the name they wrote throughout the forms does not represent you, since your name is written in normal lower letters and not in all capitals, then you will certainly never get any of those numbers, documents and transactions approved, and consequently you will never get a job, you will never go to school, never drive according to the law, etc. Again, be careful with this knowledge, since you might lose your freedom on purpose, even your life. …And they will make sure that you suffer the consequences.

Make sure that you are innocent according to Higher Laws and try not to confront anyone if possible. If you are innocent indeed according to the Higher Laws, then you may claim and demand higher intervention. You might get it or not, it might surprise you or not, and there are many interesting anecdotes going around…

If banks and corporations have your birth certificate do not panic, since corporations of any kind have lower rights than you, and than your cat and goldfish, and therefore they do not have the higher right to own you. They might own your corporation, which is your identity written in capital letters, and that might be the only thing constraining you now to pay back your loan…

To go higher now, you may claim the status of a fourth level being once you manifest awareness of other planes of existence and of extraterrestrial life for example, if this world we call Reality includes extraterrestrial places, beings, or civilizations, or if you have a higher lifestyle, higher interests permanently, higher abilities, if you reason permanently, etc. It is the same for Society and for our civilization. It is said that we used to be fifth level beings only five or six millennia ago, before the invasion, we had dropped to the second level then, and only recently, behold, we are third level again, aspiring to fourth. …Or this should be the case, because if you never fulfill genuine human needs and meanings, then it might be hard for you to prove your third level status and rights if you ever claim a third level genuine living human status and rights.

Let us continue now with the fourth and last statement of the official definition of life.

4. Organisms undergo metabolism, maintain homeostasis, grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce, adapt to their environment in successive generations, etc.