Level Up With Amazon: 50 Ways to Make Money with Amazon - Tashema Lindsey - ebook

Level Up with Amazon is the perfect reference to understanding how to Make Money with the World's Most Innovative Company. This book provides 50 detailed resources for every age, skill, and global location in the world to make money with Amazon. There are no limitations to Making Money with Amazon when you know where to look and how to execute. Perfect for kids, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, brands, manufacturers, creative individuals, and anyone that wants to earn passive income, a side hustle, small business, or full-time career paying job.

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Table of Contents

Title Page

Level Up With Amazon: 50 Ways to Make Money











Level Up with Me Day - For Celebrities, Public Figures, Serious Individuals, Small & Medium Sized Businesses

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Self-Published by Tashema Lindsey

First Printing, August 2018

The information, ideas and suggestions in this book do not guarantee the reader will make any specific amount of income. The author shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising as a consequence of your use or application of any information or suggestions in this book.

Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty:

While the author has used her best efforts in preparing this book, she makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book. The publisher and author specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose and makes no guarantees whatsoever that you will achieve any particular result. Any case studies that are presented herein do not necessarily represent what you should expect to achieve, since business success depends on a variety of factors. We believe all case studies and results presented herein are true and accurate, but we have not audited the results. The advice and strategies contained in this book may not even be suitable for your situation, and you should consult your own advisors as appropriate.

The author shall not be held liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. The fact that an organization or website is referred to in this work as a citation and/or a potential source of information does not mean that the publisher or author endorses the information, the organization, or website. Further, readers should be aware that Internet websites listed in this work may have changed or disappeared after this work was written.



MY DADDY – WHOM I MISS dearly, but I carry his “Legacy” to always appreciate every moment!

My Mom – Who teaches me daily about Strength, Family, and Unity. Thank You for all that you do! #LoveYA



Brittnay, Anthony, Malik, Tayvion, Brandon, India, and London

Everything that I Am, Everything that I Strive for, Everything that I Love!

I hope that I have Inspired you to “Be Great” (right Anthony?)

You have no limits!



Kendra – Thank you for the long talks & every ounce of encouragement. Love you to the moon!

Joyce – Thank you for laughter, joy, and inspiration. Love you more than you know!


FOR JEFF BEZOS - WHO followed his Genius and created an opportunity for us all.

You have IMPACTED my life far greater than you will ever know....




Amazon is on Another Level


Level Up #1   Kids Selling on Amazon

Level Up #2    Video Games & Streaming

Level Up #3    Owning Stock

Level Up #4    Part-time Campus Associate

Level Up #5    Alexa For Kids


Level Up #6    Write & Sell Paperback Books

Level Up #7   Write & Sell eBooks

Level Up #8    Audiobooks & Voiceover Work

Level Up #9   Create Comic Books


Level Up #10   Sell Android Apps

Level Up #11   Sell PC & Mac Video Games

Level Up #12   Work with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Level Up #13   Sell Software & Services in AWS Marketplace

Level Up #14   Trade in Used Technology

Level Up #15    Become a Drone Pilot/Assistant


Level Up #16   Work with The Alexa Team

Level Up #17   Build Alexa Skills

Level Up #18   Alexa Voice Services

Level Up #19   Alexa Fund

Level Up #20   Alexa Fellowship

Level Up #21   Alexa Prize

Level Up #22   Start an Agency for Alexa Opportunities


Level Up #23   Sell Your Music

Level Up #24   Sell Your Film, Short, Series

Level Up #25   Sell Your Educational Course


Level Up #26   RV Living & Earning

Level Up #27   Work from Home Jobs

Level Up #28   Warehouse/Fulfillment Associate

Level Up #29   Work at One of Amazon’s Companies/Subsidiaries

Level Up #30   Help Reinvent Healthcare


Level Up #31   FLEX Your Muscles

Level Up #32   Run Your Own Delivery/Logistics Business

Level Up #33   Sell Your Professional Services

Level Up #34   Sell Your Handmade Products

Level Up #35   Be an Amazon Influencer

Level Up #36   Affiliate Income

Level Up #37   Complete Micro Tasks Online

Level Up #38   Create Print-On-Demand Merchandise

Level Up #39   Sell on Amazon – Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, or Wholesale

Level Up #40   Private Label & Sell Your Brand on Amazon

Level Up #41   Sell to the B2B Crowd

Level Up #42   Become a Business Consultant

Level Up #43   Provide Freelance Services to Amazon Sellers

Level Up #44   Solution Providers

Level Up #45   Provide Funding/Loan Money to Amazon Sellers

Level Up #46   Open an Offline Store in India

Level Up #47   Amazon Pay

Level Up #48   Non-Profits and Charites


Level Up #49   Receive Free Product for Reviews

Level Up #50   Earn Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

Level Up with Me Day - For Celebrities, Public Figures, Serious Individuals, Small & Medium Sized Businesses


IT IS IMPORTANT FOR me to acknowledge those who have helped me along the way, through struggle... pain... and crying days to—

Laughter... Joy... and Inspiration. This book is possible because you each have in some way poured into me AND because you give of yourself and knowledge so abundantly!

I Thank Each of You for Being a Part of My Community – Either Amazon or Personally!

Michelle Anthony—-   Kiara Anthony

Ciara Anthony—-   Cordelia Blake     

Mike Blake  —-    Ken “Big” Blake

Monica Busby  —-   Alyse Carter     

Erick Cannon—-    Pierre Clark     

Sam E. Cohen—-   Lonnie Collins

Lindsey Dam—-    Susan Dilworth    

Tyneshia Edwards—-   Chris Green     

Kristina Green—-   Brianna Moller -Green    

Floyd Harding—-   Valerie Harris     

Charlotte Heyward—-   Karen Steinhilber-Holmes

Elaine Jackson—-    Tamika Johnson

Jacqueline Jones—-   The Jones Family

John Lawson—-    The Lindsey Family    

Prince Ronnie Love—-   Nicki Lynch 

Barrington McIntosh—-   Caroline Onyedinma

Afrika Porter—-    Tiffany Sloanparks

Tieron Chinedum-MabiraWamae Spear—- Eddie Traughber    

Jill Traughber—-    Doreen Wong

Coach Stancil (Mr. and Mrs. Stancil – THANK YOU!) of Peachtree Ridge High School Football Team

The ENTIRE Football & Counselor Staff of Peachtree Ridge High School

If I missed you on this page of acknowledgements, please forgive me.

I will add you to the next book coming soon!


I WONDER IF JEFF BEZOS really knew 20+ years ago, that his company would make so much of an impact in so many people’s lives? Let alone change the world?

Jeff Bezos started Amazon July 5, 1994 from his garage. As of 2018, he has built up a massive EMPIRE. From his HUMBLE beginnings as an eCommerce business to becoming one of the most Innovative Companies in the world and now identified as the richest man in the world!

Let that sink in for a minute...  That is a Major Level Up!

What is most lovable about Amazon is the fact that Jeff Bezos is NOT afraid to FAIL. Amazon has had many failures with product launches and company purchases just as it has become successful in other areas. Overall, Jeff Bezos puts his head down and works with an experimental mindset and competitive spirit. Today, eCommerce shopping and Cloud services are its biggest wins!

Those of us who shop on the eCommerce platform LOVE Amazon and its focus on customer service. According to a study by the Verge in partnership with consulting firm Reticle Research, “Amazon is the most trusted and well-liked tech brand.” Consumers not only trust Amazon but they are passionate enough about the company to refer family and friends to the brand.

Amazon.com has millions of products to choose from. There customer service provides unparrelled benefits, including refunding a purchase if you are somehow not satisfied. Plus, Prime members receive two-day delivery and a host of content including movies and music.

Yet, it’s not all sunshine and roses in Seattle. There are some people who dislike the company. When Amazon makes moves in acquiring companies or entering in a different industry it is seen as disruptive. Companies shutter when they learn that Amazon is moving into its industry. The stock market sends companies in tail spends when it learns of the “Amazon Effect” entering a specific territory. There are even hundreds of social media memes screaming that Amazon is trying to take over the world. 

You may also have heard about employees who have negative things to say about working for Amazon. Specifically, boycotts of workers at its warehouses internationally. Even the President of the United States has negative opinions of the company.

When you are that big of a company, especially when you Level Up in an industry, there will be good things and bad things spoken.

What most reports fail to report or understand, is that Amazon’s rise is truly “BIGGER” than Jeff Bezos. Many people do not realize, that Amazon is a micro-network of individuals, communities, and small businesses. When Amazon taps into an industry, it transforms jobs, communities, and entrepreneurship.

A small sample of how Amazon Levels Up:

✓  Provides more than 500,000 jobs worldwide

✓  Captures a community of individuals who share their thoughts and reviews for products.

✓  Builds families, cities, countries, and maybe even space one day

✓  Creates entrepreneurs who establish and grow global businesses

✓  Provides logistics and storage for millions of products

✓  Provides loans to spur growth in small businesses

✓  Secures enormous amounts of data in the cloud for corporate and government entities

✓  Not afraid to enter new industries

✓  Helps other companies innovate and Level Up their selling power with tools and resources

This is an impressive network of benefits!


LITTLE DID I KNOW 10 years ago, how much Amazon would impact my life. I accidentally started an account on MTurk (One of the 50 ways) as a means of making extra money. I completed small micro tasks for years never understanding the value of the company that created the platform.

In 2015, my world came crashing down. I was going through a divorce, literally experiencing homelessness, fighting to keep my young daughter who was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer alive and healthy, trying to stay strong so I could provide for my children.

Amazon became my life vest. I was able to breathe and level up my life as a mom and as a business woman. One small gig from MTurk morphed into several opportunities including running an eCommerce company. I made more money and became an entrepreneur! In today’s global environment, that is how you Level Up, especially from homelessness.

This book is a means of teaching people to level up their life and/or income with Amazon as I have done. Rather you want to make extra money, set up a side hustle, grow a business, establish freedom on your own terms, or just grow as an individual, there is something to get you going!

It doesn’t matter where you live or come from. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. What matters is that you are willing to do the work needed to learn, grow, and keep going despite disappointments, obstacles, or even bad press from the real world (friends and family) or your own negative thinking.

Explore one, two, or three avenues that you can work with and Level Up your knowledge on them. It is my hope that this book becomes a practical blueprint and recipe to all that Amazon provides in the form of making money. Whatever amount of money that you need to have flowing into your wallet or household, I hope that you will consider one of the 50 Ways with Amazon.

And if Leveling Up with Amazon is not for you, it’s okay. If you are just curious or had no idea Amazon offered that many money-making ways, this book is for you to learn and enjoy.

Have fun learning these opportunities.

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If you have questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected]




THERE ARE 5 LEVELS for Kids to Make Money with Amazon:

Kids Selling on Amazon

Kids Playing Video Games & Streaming

Kids Owning Stock

Part-Time Campus Associates for College Kids

Alexa For Kids (Hello, Alexa!)

Level Up 1

Kids Selling on Amazon


KIDS CAN LEVEL UP SELLING on the Amazon.com platform. With parent approval and assistance, kids can sign up for an Amazon Seller account to sell a variety of products on the platform. Amazon requires its 3rd party sellers to be over 18 years of age, so a parent will need to create an account in their name or establish a legal binding corporation with the child having ownership in the company.

If you are a parent or mentor and are not familiar with selling on the platform, I highly recommend leveling up to learn the ins and out of selling on Amazon. The eCommerce Kids Institute is the only leading entrepreneurship program that teaches kids how to start and grow a business on Amazon.

In 2015, the initial concept for eCommerce Kids started as a homeschooling project centered around entrepreneurship. Founder Monica Busby along with her homeschooled son, Jarel Busby began a project selling on Amazon to teach him business skills. Jarel started with a $120 investment and turned that investment into $3,300 in sales in 30 days.

Jarel asked his mom if they should start teaching other kids how to sell on Amazon? He felt that the tools he was learning and extra money in his pocket should be extended to other kids his age. In that moment, the initial concept, the skills and success were given form as eCommerce Kids.

The program provides an online course, mastermind group, mini-sessions with million-dollar Amazon sellers, and growth coaching designed to help parents support “kidpreneurs” and help kids make money on the Amazon platform 24/7.

In 2017, product sales from eCommerce Kids Institute on the Amazon platform generated $3,747,720.60. Quite impressive for a group of young people! This alone proves that kids can make money selling online, they just need the tools and guidance to do so.

Suitable For –

eCommerce Kids Institute is suitable for pre-teens and teens age 9 - 19, who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to start their own business. Kids who currently sell products at school or on other online platforms can benefit. It is also great for families who want to start an online business with their young children. The program teaches setting up a North American account which covers United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, kids can sell on any of the International platforms Amazon does business in including the U.K, Australia, and Japan.

Skills Required –

Reading, writing, and math skills at the 5


grade level.

The will and ability to learn eCommerce terminology.

The ability to shop in retail stores, online, direct from wholesale companies, or at trade shows.

The ability to prep products and pack boxes.

Time Required to Start an eCommerce Kids business –

The initial online course is 3 days and covers about 8 hours of audio and written content. There is an additional 4-10 hours of preparation to set up an Amazon account, shop, and ship products to fulfillment warehouses. This time varies and depends on your own personal preference. The online course can be reviewed with kids at any time from a mobile device or computer.

To maintain and grow an eCommerce Kids business, it is recommended that families spend a minimum of 10 hours weekly.

Tips –

What in the world are kids selling on Amazon.com to generate more than $3 Million in sales?