Lesbian Redhead Relatives - Kathrin Pissinger - ebook

A Lesbian Redhead Family Love AffairThis collected edition contains 5 extremely taboo stories about a naughty redheaded family and their lesbian adventures, previously released as:- My Younger Sister and the Stolen DildoMy sister Judit gets on my nerves like only sisters can, so it's only fair that I reciprocate it by playing occasional pranks on her, like bursting into her room, while she's "busy" playing with herself. But what was it that she hastily hid underneath her bed? And where did she get it from? And, more importantly, how would it feel inside of me, or her, or both of us?- Our Mother and the Strapon ThreesomeGetting caught in the act had another surprise for me in store, as she settled our "dispute" with a generous offering of sex toys for each of us. Having never handled a strapon before, I followed mom's instructions, which she seemed to enjoy just as much as I did. Before I knew it, the strapon was already testing out my sister's tender pussy, but only when I finally switched it to our mother did it get used thoroughly.- My Cousin and her Stallion BoyfriendPlaying "spin the bottle" on a sleepover with my cousin Caroline revealed a few naughty secrets about her and her stallion Sprinter. Curious as I am, I went on to investigate further, until we found ourselves between the legs of the large horse, with only our animalistic pleasures in mind.- My Niece and her Horny AssholeOn a family gathering, I became introduced to my distant niece Kathrin, who turned out to be a girl after my own heart. Spilling my drink "accidentally" on her cleavage gave me an opportunity to start licking, which soon had us both wet and hot all over. But having my pussy sucked in the crowd was just the beginning of our sexual adventures, which became more depraved and dirty the more the evening went on, and we wouldn't stop until we had all our holes stuffed while soaked in each other's urine.- My Indian Neighbour and her Bratty OffspringWatching the bratty neighbours, I decide to get over there and teach them some respect for their mother, while at the same time giving the poor woman some relief in the form of a good pussy lick from her daughter, whose ass is ripe for a hard treatment.

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Lesbian Redhead Relatives


Text Copyright 2016 Kathrin Pissinger

This is a work of fiction. All sexually active characters are at least of 18 years or older. Any resemblance to events or people, past or present, living or dead, is not just coincidental but would be fucking surprising.

Front cover based on the picture “Tina” by SuicideGirls, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

The license terms can be found at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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Hi there. Nice to meet you. Since we're about to become intimately acquainted, you can call me Kat. I'm your friendly lesbian kink explorer, smut peddler and deluxe porn story author. My stories are full of wonderfully depraved lesbian domination, doused with a good dose of peeing, some rough fisting, stretching and hard insertions, anal as much as vaginal, a little bit of public humiliation, abuse and degradation, with the occasional spanking and bondage, sometimes coupled with some gratuitous sperm play in my rare bisexual moments and, of course, all of that with lots and lots of beautiful, regular, naughty and oh-so-willing women.

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Well. Let me get out of your way, then, so nothing may stand anymore between you and orgasmic bliss.





For Elena, my auburn redhead.

My Younger Sister and the Stolen Dildo

I grinned, when I listened to the sounds, coming from my sister's room. They were the noises she always made, when she was in there, “busy” with herself. I licked my lips. Let's see how she's going to wiggle out of this one, the little slut, I thought, and gripped the door handle tight. With a quick, decisive push, I threw her door open wide, loudly entering her room. “Hey sis!” I called, sending her reeling in her chair. I had to admire her, she was sneaky. With one smooth motion she flung something underneath her bed and sat a little contorted in her chair, as if to cover something up. “What're you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she hissed. “What do you want?” She avoided looking at me, and instead glanced nervously at her laptop, pushing her legs tight and folding her arms in front of her chest.

“Nothing as well,” I replied laughing. “Just wanted to see how my little sis was doing.” I walked in slowly, heading for the bed where I saw her push that secret little thing under, that she seemed to be so nervous about. “What've you got there?” I asked, feigning surprise, as if I had just seen something underneath her bedframe.

Quickly, she extended a leg, blocking my way. “N-nothing,” she said again, even more nervously. “Go away.”

I laughed. “Ah, now you've got to show me,” I said and quickly bent down to have a closer look. A long, round object lay down there in a corner, and I reached out far, grabbing it, and soon pulled out a thick, floppy, green and thoroughly slippery dildo. MY dildo. Well, one of my dildos, but still mine! The little slut was using my sex toys!

“Where did you get this?” I asked, suddenly slightly upset.

She shrugged. “As if you don't know,” she moped, looking embarrassed to the side.

“Oh,” I replied. “So you're using my stuff, and now you're upset that I found out, huh? God, you got some nerve, Judit.”

“I was going to give it back,” she said, acting cool and confident to mask her embarrassment. She may be 18, I thought, but she was still acting like a total teenager.

“Give it back after you've left your pussy stains all over it, huh?” I replied, pointing the thick end to her. “Look at it! Who gets wet like that anyway?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Like it matters,” she said in a bratty tone. “You've got so many anyway, and besides…” She paused and bit her lip, deciding it was best to keep quiet about what she was going to say.

“...and besides what?” I asked inquisitively.

“Besides, you use all that lube on them and…” she said, pausing again. “And, you know. You'll make them dirty anyway.”

I narrowed my eyes until they were just little slits in my head. “Have you been spying on me, Judit?” I asked with trembling voice, knowing full well what she was getting at. So what? I liked it in my ass, there was nothing wrong with it! And it was certainly not a reason to leave my dildos dirty!

“A-accidentally. I didn't mean to,” she said apologetically.

I folded my arms and tapped my foot. “Accidentally, huh?” I asked. “Well, little sister, then this is how it's going to be: You spy on me, I'll spy on you. And since you like my dildo so much, let's see how you use it.” I threw the thick, green rod over to her, where she caught it with surprising nimbleness. “Go on, show me. Show me, or I'll tell mom.”

She stared at me with an open mouth. “Reka, please,” she pleaded, suddenly sweet as sugar. “Please, I'll never do it again! Don't do this!”

I've had enough of her little games. Never do it again? Ha! Like any teen had ever managed to abstain from sex for longer than a week! No, this was punishment, and this time, she was going to have it. “Come on,” I said, stepping forward and grabbing her by her stupid little pigtails, that she liked to do her fake black hair into. She was a natural redhead, a little darker than myself, but she would dye her hair black, because she thought it was cooler. Like that tattoo on her arm, like her whole attitude. Fake, and fake cool. Well, I was going to show her how real redheads did things.

With a harsh grip, I pulled her down on her bed by her hair, pushing up her skirt as I did. As I expected, she had already taken off her panties, and her auburn pubes were sticking out between her thighs, which she still held pressed tight together. I ran my finger between them, finding her hot, wet pussy in no time, digging a little in between her labia. “Shit,” I said, “how can you be so fucking wet down there? You horny little slut!”

“Please, Reka, stop this,” Judit whimpered. “This is wrong, don't do this to me, please.”

“Oh, and spying on me isn't?” I replied angrily. “And stealing and using my dildo isn't wrong either, huh? Don't try to act like you're any better than me, you stupid little slut. Now spread your legs, or I swear I'll fuck your butt right here.”

Trembling, she began parting her legs, finally giving me a good view on her snatch, where her twat juices began to run down along the insides of her thighs. “Very good,” I said, running my fingers approvingly across her pubes, where they got slick from her pussy. “Now let's see how you used that dildo, shall we?”

She groaned, but didn't resist me any longer, and instead brought the green shaft down underneath herself, its thick head pressed against her hairy muff. Without much effort, she pushed it in, and I watched with some fascination how her young, tight, tender cunt was taking in one of my biggest dildos so easily. She held it, gingerly, with her fingers and moved it slowly in and out, much too slow and gentle for my tastes, and so I grabbed her wrist and began to assist her a little.