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Lesbian Erotica: submissive Erotic Stories

Illy Camberry

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Lesbian Erotica: submissive Erotic Stories

Suzanne Submits

Lin Long Tongue

Black Seductress


Suzanne Submits

The morning mist covered the grass and flowers; it was a beautiful May morning in Georgia. Birds were chirping and a slight breeze rustled the leaves in the trees that lined the long driveway that led to a spacious mansion. It was difficult for Nora to believe that she was only sixty miles out side of Atlanta; it seemed to be a very different world. Nora parked her ten-year-old Honda and rang the buzzer on the huge door. The thirty-nine-year-old black woman was greeted by a thirty-five-year-old black maid. Nora told her that she was here to see Suzanne Stone about the house-cleaner position. The 5'6" woman took Nora to the study, offered her a chair, and introduced herself as Emily. The maid informed her that she would call Ms. Stone. Nora stared at the sway of her large and shapely buttocks as she left the room."Good morning, how are you today?" The 5'10" black woman stood and was taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of the 5' 2" blue-eyed-blond Ms. Stone. She regained her composure and replied, "I'm fine Ms. Stone. It's nice to meet you!" Even though her 36D breast were well covered with a white blouse; Nora caught Ms. Stone looking at her stretched blouse and this made her nipples harden and gave Ms. Stone even more to look at.Ms. Stone explained that the staff was reduced due to the fact that only herself and her two daughters resided at the home and one of her daughters was away at college. "Your duties would be to clean upstairs and assist me with my bath, dressing and minor things that I may need. Oh yes, there would also be some chauffer duties. Emily takes care of downstairs and does the cooking. We have landscaping and pool crews come by to take care of the grounds. I am willing to compensate you for the extra chauffer duties, room and board is also provided for you. The agency highly recommends you and as far as I am concerned, you may start immediately.""Yes, that will be marvelous. Thank you very much. I was hoping this would happen, my luggage is in the car.""Excellent, Emily will assist you." The two black women carried her bags to a large bedroom upstairs and Nora was told that she was next to Ms. Stone's room. That way she would be close by when needed.Nora knocked on Ms. Stone's door and wanted to know if she should start cleaning now. "No, it would be better for you to get familiar with the estate today and then start cleaning tomorrow." Suzanne Stone walked with her, showed her all of the rooms, and gave her a tour of the lavish grounds. Nora was in awe, the swimming pool looked like something that she saw only in the movies. She inquired about swimming privileges but was coldly informed that the pool was not for the help. She was told that she would be treated well but to always remember her place.When they got back in the house,the 41yr.old Ms. Stone ordered Nora to run her bath. She was stunned to see her white employer enter the bathroom naked as the day she was born. Her eyes traveled from the shoulder length blond hair to the tiny rose bud pink nipples and down to the sparse blond hair surrounding her pink pussy. It seemed strange for Nora to be in the bathroom with a naked white woman. Nora was no stranger to being with naked women but not under these circumstances. Suzanne Stone sat in the tub and asked her black servant to do her back. Nora was then instructed to fetch a bath-towel and dry her mistress off. Then she dried and combed her blond hair. Nora then helped her dress and went down stairs to visit Emily when she was dismissed. She found Emily in the kitchen preparing lunch and told her, "Who the fuck does that white bitch think she is?"What do you mean?""She treats me more like a slave than an employee.""She's not so bad, a little uppity perhaps but she is fair.""I'm going to slap that white bitch down and show her who is in control. When I get through with her, she will be on her knees worshiping my black pussy. She will know who the boss is then!""Ha, ha, I sure would like to see that!""Oh, you will, I'll make the white cunt eat your pussy too!""You're serious aren't you? How the hell are you going to do that?""You'll see, just wait Emily, just wait and see."Three weeks went by and Nora was cleaning Ms. Stone's room. Suzanne entered the room with a glass of wine in her hand, she was a little tipsy, and Nora noticed that she drank more wine than she should. Suzanne Stone began taking off her clothes and stumbled, Nora caught the tipsy woman in her arms and prevented her from falling on her face. Not even a thank you; Ms. Stone told Nora to run her bath water for her.Nora was fixing the bath when Suzanne stormed naked into the bathroom holding up her middle finger! "Look at this, you better learn to clean better than that! What do you have to say for yourself?" Nora could not believe all the fuss over a speck of dust on her finger.The black woman was trying to hold back her anger and said that she was not finished cleaning the room yet. She was ordered to finish and do it right.Nora was fuming and decided that now was the time to make her move. She removed her clothes and entered the bathroom. Suzanne looked up from her bath, saw the voluptuous ebony body, and turned crimson, she finally was able to say, "What are you doing? Her eyes never left the huge ebony tits and lush patch of black pubic hair between the shapely black legs."I'm going to join you in the tub; that way we can wash each other's backs.""NO! No, you can't do that! Get out of here, go away!" The black seductress ignored her pleas and joined the frightened white woman in the tub. The sexy black woman stood right in front of the sitting white woman, Suzanne was trembling with fear, the black pussy was only inches from her face. Ms. Stone could smell the strong aroma that emitted from the aroused pussy right in front of her face. Nora was becoming more aroused; the blond stared at her hot cunt as if she was hypnotized; Nora felt a tingle in her pussy as it became wetter. The sultry black woman grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pulled the white face tight to her aroused black pussy. She demanded, "Eat my black cunt bitch, I'll show you who's boss. Yeah, that's it, lick it good, suck the mother-fucker." The poor white woman's face was pressed so tight to the juicy pussy that she was unable to answer.After Nora climaxed, she carried the helpless Suzanne to the bed, sat on her face, and reached back and roughly, finger fucked the little pink slit. " I want to cum on your pretty little white face again. Yes baby, suck it all up, and drink my love juice." They both reached another shattering orgasm.Nora lifted her sopping cunt from the fresh fucked face and held the white woman in her strong arms. Nora kissed her passionately on the lips and observed, "My pussy taste good doesn't it bitch? Tell me how much you like my black cunt.""Yes it taste good, I love it."They got up to dress and Nora said, "From now on, I am the boss and you will do whatever I tell you to do. You are my bitch, my little fuck slut. Do you understand?""What!""Wrong answer bitch." Nora slapped her hard across the face, bringing tears to her blue eyes, clutched her blond hair and pulled her head back and demanded, "I am the boss now. You will call me mistress and do anything that I tell you to do! Now, do you understand bitch?""Yes..Yes mistress, I understand." Before they went down stairs, Nora asked Suzanne where her daughter was and about her husband. Suzanne told her that one of her daughters was away at school and the other was visiting her father. Suzanne sobbed as she told Nora that her husband left her over a year ago for some whore. Rifling through the closet, Nora threw two robes on the bed and demanded that Suzanne put one on. Suzanne reached for her panties and bra but Nora ripped them out of her hands and said, "Just the robe bitch, learn to do exactly what you are told. Tomorrow we are going into Atlanta and get you a new wardrobe, I want my bitch to dress sexy!"Emily was shocked to see Nora sitting at the table with Ms. Stone. She was equally shocked to see them at the table in just their robes. Nora told Emily to have a seat at the table with them. The maid looked over at Ms. Stone for approval and was told by Nora that she was now in charge. After dinner, Emily was preparing to serve dessert but was told by Nora to wait awhile. "Let's go to the pool for a skinny dip! I have Suzanne's dessert between my legs and will feed it to her by the pool!" They both looked right at Ms. Stone and she blushed and hung her head.Nora took charge and ordered Suzanne to take off her robe and she did the same. The ebony goddess walked over to the embarrassed blond and kissed her passionately, pushed the blond to her knees and demanded that she eat her cunt. "That's it baby lick it good, make your mistress happy, suck it bitch, put your tongue all the way up my horny hole and wiggle it around. Yeah baby, you're getting better all the time." Nora glanced over, saw Emily with her hand up her skirt, and told her to take her clothes off and get the fuck over here."I know that you didn't believe me when I told you that she would be on her knees worshiping my pussy. But look at her gobble it up, she loves my chocolate hair pie." Emily stood next to Nora and was thrilled when the little blond feverishly devoured her sopping cunt. Both black women reached several orgasms and laughed at Suzanne when she did not want to stop eating black pussy! The wealthy white woman was quite a sight, on her knees licking the thighs of the two black women, trying to get every drop of love juice. The moonlight enabled them to see her white face glisten with pussy juice.About noon the next day, Suzanne and her black mistress jumped in the white Caddy convertible and headed for Atlanta. They went to a mostly black area and entered a shop that catered to strippers and hookers. Nora picked out lots of lingerie and mini skirts, satin robes and sexy maid's outfits. A tall slender 18yr. old black girl with nice 36D cup tits helped them pick out stockings and thongs. She offered to go to the dressing room with them to assist the ladies with the fittings. Suzanne was embarrassed once again, she felt so uncomfortable changing in front of this stranger. Nora noticed the girl staring at Suzanne's white body and told the girl to touch her. Black fingers brushed over her ass and pussy. With her other hand the young black girl pinched the nipples on the tiny white tits. Nora asked, "Did you ever see such small tits?" "Only on my 11yr. old sister.""Show her your tits; let her see what real tits are supposed to look like!" The young lady took her blouse off and unclasped her bra. She then placed the small hands of the trembling white woman on her perfect bosom. Suzanne massaged the ample mounds, her eyes sparkled, her pussy started to fill with fluid, and her knees grew weak. The buxom young black beauty pushed her white face to the huge black tits and Suzanne eagerly nursed on the pointy nipples. The white woman was pushed to her knees and licked and sucked all the juice out of the hungry black cunt. When they left the store, the young woman helped them carry the bags and boxes to the Caddy. She then asked them to please come back soon.Suzanne and Nora entered a lesbian bar that was having happy hour. They sat at a small table next to the stage. The white woman looked around in wonder at the mostly black crowd of women. She had never been in a place like this before. Music was playing and exotic dancers took turns dancing for the crowd. Then a tall black dancer with big tits and curves in all the right places began dancing in front of them. The dancer stripped down to her stockings and garter and sat on the stage just inches from the their faces. She gyrated her hips and humped her juicy pussy into the white woman's pretty face. Suzanne's eyes opened wide when the dancer stuck out an extremely long tongue and licked her own pointy nipples. Nora told her to put some money in the dancer's stockings. Suzanna stuffed three twenty's in the garter. Nora invited the dancer to join them for a drink when she finished her dance set.The dancer was stopped several times before she reached the table. She wore a see-thru top and a skirt that barley covered her shapely ass. The dancer pulled up a chair, sat between the two women, and introduced herself as Flame. Nora said, "You sure are popular, I didn't think you were ever going to make it to the table.""It's my long tongue, all the bitches get turned on when they see it." She stuck it out and flicked it like a serpent. Looking Suzanne straight in the eyes she asked, "Do you like my tongue? Would you like to feel it up your little pink pussy?""Uh..I.. don't know, I guess!""Sweet meat, I live right down the street and I don't have to go back on stage for four more hours, happy hour is over and I don't go back on until tonight. Let's all go to my place and get real comfortable!" Heads turned and folks stared as the two voluptuous black sex kittens pawed and played with their blond-white-girl-toy as they strolled down the street.Once inside the apartment, Flame served drinks and Nora told her that it was a nice apartment. As they relaxed on a white leather sofa the dancer asked, "What's the story on you two? Are you lovers, friends or what?"