Learning in Montessori Classroom - Bednarczuk Beata, Zdybel Dorota - książka

Learning in Montessori Classroom książka papierowa

Bednarczuk Beata, Zdybel Dorota


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  • Wydawca: UMCS
  • Kategoria: Edukacja
  • Język: angielski
  • Rok wydania: 2014

"Learning in Montessori Classroom" is a unique collection of conceptual analyses and empirical reports written by leading specialists in Montessori pedagogy from different countries. It was the volume editors' deliberate decision to keep a variety of texts in terms of style, structure and way of ealing with citations. This diversity should be perceived a source of richness and inspiration, but also as a reflection on culturally diverse ways of reading Montessori in contemporary world.

Liczba stron: 256

Format (wymiary): 17.0x24.0cm

ISBN: 9788377845165