Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way! - Sanjay Gupta - ebook

Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way! ebook

Sanjay Gupta



Folks, Every millionaire and billionaire was laughed at for their ideas in END it matters, who laughs finally...My eBook stock has already given 33.68% returns in just 6 months, discover these 5 great Multibagger invest in these stocks and relax. purchase my eBook to discover names and read other valuable advise!

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Sanjay Gupta

Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way!


I have written this book, for all the readers, who don't have prior knowledge of stock market (persons with stock market expertise will benefit too!) and love to generate wealth by investing in long term, patience and shares holding for long term has power, which I have explained in my book. Folks, I have mentioned only those concepts which rocks and helped! me to grow my portfolio over years, and enabled me to become financially free, means out of rat race, hence I was able to resign my day job, no nonsense formula was discussed in my book, only you will find concepts which works!BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way! NO NONSENSE FORMULA


Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way!  NO NONSENSE FORMULA



In Loving Memory of my brother & sister who passed away.

I look up to the sky and talk to you.

What I wouldn’t give to hear you talk back.

I miss your voice, I miss your laughter, I miss Everything About You.


  “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”



Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way!  NO NONSENSE FORMULA

By Sanjay Gupta



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"Life will pay whatever price you ask of it."



Though my other books are not on stocks but, my strategies work like magic, they are really GEM, certain my readers & friends, made suggestion that I should write a book on stock. So, I decided to write a book on stock with stock market concepts, which are easy to understand, my book explain each concept in details and my strategies are very simple to understand and apply. No NONSENSE formula.

Stocks can generate lot of wealth. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix formula; you need to have lots and lots of patience to hold shares... 

My book will empower you to make better financial decisions; it will enable you to select the best mutual funds and shares. In each chapter of this book you will discover something of value and learn how to invest in share market.

As much as possible, I have tried to share the information and knowledge I had used to grow my portfolio. I would like you to go through all the 11 chapters and apply the same principles and strategies I had used. In this book, I will share some of my experiences and the important lessons life has taught me, from time to time - Which factors were responsible for my repeated failures? After two deaths in my family and continuous humiliation in office and social life, what strategy did I use to get up, once again? And how I discovered my greatest strength i.e., INVESTING.

You will learn how to avoid the mistakes I have made, and why I have made.

By the time you complete reading all the 11 chapters, you will be a powerhouse of information and in a position to advise the so-called advisors (though you are not required to do that).

You will discover how to make better financial decisions and which tools to use for building a great portfolio, which will lead to the financial freedom that you always wanted to have.

You will know and understand how you can make better financial decisions. Financial knowledge is necessary. I firmly believe that actionable knowledge-> brings clarity of thought -> which brings confidence -> which brings financial freedom -> which brings a winning attitude -> which brings a blissful happy life -> which brings opulence.

I would like to thank the authors of the two great books which I read, again and again, when the going gets tough and when I start to doubt myself.


Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki


My life is highly inspired by the words of Tony Robbins and Les Brown, so you will find that lot of words in my book reflect that. I would also love to thank my beautiful daughter Naysa from whom I have learned so much. She has an extremely sharp memory and doesn’t forget what she has learned.


For example, a few days ago I was playing a game similar to snakes and ladders with her. According to the game, if you win you advance certain places but if you lose or are in the wrong place, you are punished with fines etc. I was winning over and over again, so after three games I told her that I was tired and didn’t want to play further. To this, she replied, “Papa, a few years ago, you told me a story in which you explained that What WINNING means - It is not over until I win.” So, we played several rounds of the game and finally, in the seventh game, she won! It was only after that, she said, “Papa, I am tired. I’m going to play outdoor games with my friends.”


I ask you - why don’t we all develop this kind of attitude?




Folks, life is beautiful and you need to enjoy it. You don’t need to spend your life in fulfilling other people’s goals and dreams. And you don’t need to live your life in guilt and shame. You have everything you need within you. You just need to discover it. Impossible is nothing. Even Impossible says - I M (am) POSSIBLE.