Laurie's Pet: Volume One (Bestiality Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***He laughed at her fright. "He would... if you tried anything stupid. Baron's harmless... unless you do somethin' dumb like tryin' to escape. Then he'd tear yo' ass right off!"He was washing his hands in the small, begrimed lavatory and then he went out into the main room. She couldn't see the men who awaited her, but she could hear them shouting and laughing at something dirty Sheriff Potter must have told them. She felt inhumanly cheap and humiliated... lower even than an animal, but she knew she had to do it. Anything was better than a couple of years at the Farm!She showered leisurely, dreading the moment when she had to step out and go to meet her fate in the other room, but something made her terribly uneasy even as she bathed her tired and dirtied skin... it was Sheriff Potter's dog!Damn... he's almost human! He watches me like he was a man! Those eyes... I swear, there's a dirty ol' man in there somewhere! Shit... those men can't be much worse than having this animal starin'me down!*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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Laurie's Pet: Volume One

Max Edelman

Copyright © 2017

Darque Taboo Press


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Disclaimer: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic, adult language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable which might include: multiple sexual practices, heavy and strong BDSM themes and elements, erotic elements and fetish play. This e-book is for sale to adults ONLY. All characters depicted at least eighteen years of age or older.

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"Terry, you've got such a dirty mind! Honestly, that's the meanest notion you've ever had!" The vivacious bikini-clad redhead was not nearly as angry as she pretended to be, and her boyfriend knew it. Ann's curiosity for the kinky was well-documented and he knew it was only a matter of time before she would agree to his crazy notion.

"Aw, come on, baby... it'll be a million laughs!" he grinned wickedly, rubbing baby oil on his muscled chest as they sat together on the deck of the battered old inland cruiser. They were tied to a buoy, more than a mile from shore, and the old boat rose and fell with the gentle wake of a passing fishing trawler in the distance.

The pretty redhead was pensive for a moment, her hands on her bikinied hips. "Oh, all right... but I'm going to be sorry I let you talk me into this. Laurie would kill me if she found out! Not to mention dying of embarrassment!"

"Shhh... let's slip into the bow stateroom before the action starts!" He opened a hatch on the foredeck, a wooden cover with peeling paint. It creaked as the hinges opened slowly and then he led the way down the ladder into the tiny area that had been the crew's quarters when this old hulk was a private yacht, before she was relegated to being rented to college seniors like Dave and Terry.

Ann eased down the ladder, stepping cautiously into the darkness of the bow area as Terry helped her with his hands on her hips. He nuzzled her bikini-covered behind as she climbed downward, pressing his nose into the half-concealed furrow of her pert, saucy buttocks.

"Mmmm... don't start anything you can't finish, lover," she purred in a soft whisper, "Remember... we came down here for the show."

"Yeah, I remember... come on, the crack is right over here somewhere." He fumbled across the narrow, restrictive quarters and crawled onto a bunk that lined the opposite side. "Yeah... right here! Come on, they're getting undressed!"

Ann scrambled behind him, bumping her shin on the edge of the bunk and cursing softly under her breath. Her girlfriend and Terry's roommate were only a few feet away, behind the bulkhead that separated the once-stately owner's quarters from this crew area forward. The walls were inch thick mahogany and she knew the other couple couldn't hear them unless they were especially noisy, but it was still thrilling to take such a chance... they were going to watch as Laurie Prentice, nineteen and still the belle of Settlers' Springs, lost her virginity!

* * *

"Dave, darling... mmmm, that feels so nice!" The long-haired blonde girl breathed huskily as they sprawled across the full-size bed in the faded master's suite. They were still clothed and Laurie was on her back-her boyfriend had his hand under her shirt and was softly but insistently massaging the full, pert globes of her breasts inside.

Laurie was the kind of girl you usually saw in high school yearbooks-prom queen, class secretary, most likely to succeed. And she had been all of those things, and more... but she was still not a woman. More than a few times, she and her long-time boyfriend Dave had come close... but they had both secretly agreed that this was to be the week-end when they went through with it. It had been Laurie's secret for weeks... she had no way of knowing that Dave had told his friend and roommate, nor that there were two pairs of eyes watching her in this most private moment.

"Your hand... it feels so strong there." She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her denim shirt, shamelessly and without regret-for she had always known that sooner or later she would give everything she had to give to her wonderful Dave. She had known him since high school and everyone just sort of assumed that sooner or later it would be Mr. and Mrs. Dave Masters.

He took over the delightful task of unbuttoning her shirt, his fingers trembling with eagerness as the college sophomore nervously undressed her... not for an instant aware that his roommate and Laurie's best friend were a few feet away!

* * *

"They're going to do it... this time it's for real!" Ann whispered as Terry leaned over her, close to her ear. She was on her hands and knees on the bunk, her eyes close to the crack and Terry was kneeling half-behind her... his hands busily tugging at the bottom of her still-wet bikini.

She giggled and gave her heart-shaped buttocks a sensuous wiggle as he got the bikini bottom over her firm, freckled cheeks and started to ease it down her thighs.

Her curvaceous, sensuously-wiggling ass was naked now as Terry pulled h«r tight-fitting bikini down her legs and tossed it aside. He could see, even in the near-darkness of this forward compartment, that Ann was ready and willing... her small, hair-rimmed pussylips were moist and blushed with pinkness. He leaned over and breathed hotly on the gently quaking folds of her cunt... and her whole body shuddered with naked, unashamed arousal!

"Ohhh, Terry!" she whispered as loudly as she dared. "Eat my pussy, baby... what a treat! We can watch them and fuck at the same time!"

He started to protest that he would be able to see very little with his face between her slender thighs, but he went ahead with it anyway... Ann had one of those pussies that was always sweet-tasting and wet, and there wasn't any doubt about how she liked being eaten. She loved it!