Laugh often, love much - Roxanne Jade Regalado - ebook

A beautiful story about a love lost and found. An engineer by by day and lead vocalist of his band Damned Love, John Mendez finds himself still in love with his "ex-girlfriend" Charmaine Lozada. Charmaine is his girlfriend from high school through college. But circumstances after college brought them apart. Now that he's in an age that is appropriate to get married and have kids, John realizes that Charmaine is the right one for him. John searches for Charmaine and finds her on Facebook. He finds out that she has a 5 year old son and is a single mom. Will he be able to capture her heart again after all this time?

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Roxanne Jade Regalado

Laugh often, love much

I'm dedicating this book to my family, loved ones and friends. This is for you guys!BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

The realization

"Hey Josh! It's great that you're able to practice with us tonight..", said Alfred.

Alred is Josh's high school and college classmate and at the same time bass guitarist of their band Damned Love. Damned Love is a band that Josh formed together with his classmates back in high school and college and his officemates. He is the lead vocalist of the band. 

"Yeah, I try to make time for what's important to me which is my job and of course our band.", said John. 

"Great! But you need one more important thing in your life, buddy!",said Alfred.

"Come on, stop teasing me bro!", said John. 

"Teasing? You know that I'm serious.", said Alfred.

"Oh goodness!", said John. 

"You badly need a girlfriend. Time is passing by, and you don't have a girlfriend or a wife for that matter. If I were you I woud start looking and start dating. I have a wife and two kids already, bro!, said Alfred proudly. 

"Just you wait and see, Alfred.", said John. 

Just then, all the rest of the band members arrived and they started practicing. John gave his best in singing their own songs. Even if it's just practice, he wants everything to be perfect so that by the time they perform they have mastered all their songs already. 

Everything went well with their practice. After the practice, Josh, together with all the other band members decided to go out of the apartment that they rented together to have dinner and some drinks at a bar located at the heart of the city. 

Upon arriving at the bar, they all ordered buffalo wings and fries for their dinner. They ate their dinner while talking about their lovelife. John was quite silent at first since it seemed that he had nothing to share because he had no girlfriend as of the moment. But then the guys asked him to share something so he told them about his long time girlfriend before named Charmaine. He told them that after her he had numerous short term relationships with other girls but nothing seemed to matter to him except for Charmaine. 

So then, he realized that he's still in love with her. She has been his girlfriend from first year high school up to fourth year college until they parted ways after graduation. Alfred and his other bandmates advised him to search for this girl. They even promised to help him look for her and assist him with whatever way they can to try to help him to get back with her. They're worried of the fact that John is still single when he should be dating, in a serious relationship or married already by now. 

After dinner, John and his friends talked about everything under the sun. Their topic ranging from from girlfriends, wives, careers, children, pets, and their next gig. Amidst all the talk, John's mind wandered back to his high school up to college sweetheart named Charmaine. He likes that name very much. It sounds so feminine, as feminine as Charmaine. Although she acts like she's one of the boys, he still finds her feminine.  Maybe because she's so beautiful, to say that she's pretty isn't enough. 

How could he forget her. She's been his closest and most trusted girl. She helps him in whatever way she can. With his school work and projects, with his problems if he has any. He seems at a loss after his college graduation when they decided to part ways and call it quits. It's just that he's been his girlfriend eight years and they were afraid that if they got married right after college, they might end up separated or divorced. Just like what happened to some long term couples. 

So they both made a pact to break up and try dating other people and see if they still loved each other. They promised to date other people just for fun without getting too serious and making sure that the person they dated isn't too serious as well in order to avoid heartaches in case they decide to get back together. What a mess! 

"Earth to John!", said Max. Max is one of the band members, he is the lead guitarist,  and he is also one of John's office mates. 

"Don't worry, man, I'm sure there is a way. With the technology that we have these days, I'm sure you can just easily get in touch with her again. Who knows, she might also still be in love with you.", said Franco. Franco is also a member of the band, he is the drummer and John's friend ever since high school. 

"Thanks for all your support guys! I tried to get in touch with her by calling her but she must have changed her number already. But don't worry, I'll get in touch with her through facebook later tonight when we arrive home or maybe tomorrow if it's already late when we get home.", John said.

"Great! That's good to hear bro! It's nice that you're finally doing something about it and you're not just daydreaming about her.", said Albert. Albert is the keyboardist of their band. He is also John's roommate back in college. 

"I'm just giving both of us some space and freedom, you know. Because at the time it seemed like it's what we both needed. But now, I think its time to communicate with her to see how things are going. I just don't know what the future holds for both of us and sometimes it scares me.", said John. 

"I totally understand you, bro. You are scared that you might end up together at the same time you're also scared that you will not end up together. How amusing! But seriously, I do want both of you to get back together.", said Alfred.

"I hope so, too! I wish things won't be this complicated.", said John. 

After dinner, they all went back to the compound where they have their rented apartments to rest for the night. 

John finds it hard to fall asleep thinking of Charmaine. He hopes that she's doing fine and most importantly, he hopes that she's still single. 



The search for Charmaine

 John woke up early the next day. He took a shower and dressed himself, he wore presentable house clothes. He ate his usual breakfast which consists of a banana and a bowl of cereal with condensed milk. He is health conscious and he makes healthy choices when it comes to food. 

After breakfast he washed the dishes and went back to his room. He turned on the laptop and opened facebook in the google browser. He typed Charmaine Claro but saw so many people named Charmaine. He clicked on images and clicked the photo of one that looked like her but is holding a five year old child. 

She's still as beautiful as she was before and she didn't gain any weight. But who is this child, John thought. Could she be married? The thought made him sick to the stomach. How would he go on with his life, if it turns out that she's already married? She's the only one for him.

John messaged her. He told her that he wants to know how she's doing and that he would want to see her, if it's okay with her. He also asked if she's married and who's the little girl in the picture. John then decided to to turn off his laptop. He will check for her reply later in the evening or tomorrow as she might be busy.

Josh rested for a while in his bed. After about 30 minutes of rest, he decided to clean his room and when he's done he washed his soiled clothes. He then went downstairs to eat lunch which consists of spanish sardines and a cup of rice. He also prepared iced tea for his drink. When his done, he brushed his teeth and went upstairs. He's happy that today is Saturday because he will have lots of time to for grocery shopping at the local supermarket.

John listed the things that he needed to buy. The items on his list are soap, shampoo, tissue paper, dishwashing liquid, eggs, hotdog, ham, canned tuna, spanish sardines, potatoes, bananas and apples. After listing the things that he needed to buy, he took a quick shower. He dressed himself in presentable clothes and went to the supermarket. As usual, there's so many people there. He bought the groceries without wasting time. He bought buko pandan for dessert during dinner later that evening. On his way home he stopped over a Chinese restaurant to buy some take out Chinese food which is steamed fried rice and siomai or pork dumplings. After that, he went sraight home. 

He carefully placed the items that he just bought at their designated places. Then he sat in a chair facing a table, prayed and ate dinner in silence in the living room of his rented apartment. After dinner he ate the buko pandan dessert that he bought at the supermarket. After diner he washed the dishes and brushed his teeth. He then went to his room and took a bath. Instead of going to bed, he continued with his search for his one true love. He checked his inbox in Facebook but still she didn't reply to his message. He tried to search using Google search but still the same thing. 

Oh, Charmaine! If only you knew that that you're the one for me. You're the only one that matters! John felt like shouting these things in his apartment but what use would it be. He feels like giving up. He felt tired. John went downstairs to the dining area, and drank a glass of wine. He needs to feel numb. He needs to forget about her now until she will reply to his message. John went back upstairs and instantly fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed. 

The next day John woke up with renewed energy. Right after he woke up, he tidied up his bed and went to the bathroom to take a bath. He then dressed himself in clothes for going out. He now had a plan in mind and decided not to give up on his search for Charmaine. He checked Charmaine's facebook page and saw that she's now in Bacolod, which is her hometown. So, she's in Bacolod and he's in Cebu. Their geographical distance doesn't seem to bother him. Love will find a way, he thought.

John remembered that he has a friend and at the same time officemate here in Cebu who is from Bacolod. He thought of asking a favor from him to call home and ask a family member to look up Charmaine's phone number. Jacob didn't waste any time. He decided to call his friend and officemate named Mark. 

"Hello. ", said the voice on the voice on the other line. 

"Hi Mark. This is John.", said John.

"Hey John, what's up?", said Mark. 

"I'm fine, and how about you?", I'm great.", said Mark. 

"Listen, buddy. I hate to do this, but I need to ask a favor from you.", said John. 

"Sure, no problem. What can I do for you?", said Mark. 

"Listen, I have a girlfriend before who is also from Bacolod like you, we kinda lost contact but I want to get in touch with her again.", said John. 

"You must still be interested in her to go through all this trouble.", said Mark.

"I sure am, I guess. I tried to send her a message in facebook but until now she hasn't replied to me.", said John. 

"Oh, bummer man. So, what can I do to help? Look up her number or something?", asked Mark. 

"Yeah. If you can please ask somebody in your house, probably you're family member to look up her landline number in your telephone directory at home , that would be great. Her lastname is Lozada.", said John. 

"Sure, John. I'd be glad to help. I'll ask my sister to list down all the numbers under that family name.", said Mark. 

"Thanks Mark, I really appreciate your willingness to help.", said John. 

"Sure man, I'll give it to you probably tomorrow.", said Mark. 

"Thank you so much.", said John. 

"You're welcome. See you at work tomorrow.", said Mark.

"Yeah, see you. Bye, take care!", said John. 

"Bye.", said Mark.


Search and you shall find

 John woke up at 6 am the next morning. He instantly went to the bathroom to take a bath. When he's done, he dried himself and dressed up for work. He then went downstairs and ate a banana and drank a cereal drink, that should serve as his breakfast for today. He brushed his teeth and went back to his room to tidy up his bed. He then went to call a taxi and went to work. 

He works as an engineer for a real estate company. He's been with the job for 5 years already. It's his first job and hopefully his last. He wanted it that way since he hates changing jobs. He hates not having the money that he needs when in between jobs and starting all over again. He is doing his best with the job that he has right now, the job that he loves. He hates to think that Charmaine went back to her hometown, which is Bacolod. She was only in Cebu for her high school and college studies. 

John arrived at work 30 minutes early as usual. He went straight to his room and turned on the air conditioner. He went to his desk to study the plans that he made for a new house that needs to built three months from now. He continued making the plan when there's someone knocking on his door. He said "come in" and so Mark got inside his room. 

"Hi John, I hope I'm not disturbing you or anything. I just want to tell you that I called home last night and asked my sister to look for Charmaine's landline phone number, she said okay and she will be giving me the numbers when I call her tonight. 

"Okay that's great!", said John.

"All right. That's all I've got to say and I won't disturb you further. I'll be back here tomorrow.", said Mark.

"Sure. See you tomorrow buddy! Bye for now.", said John. 

"Take care bro. And I do hope that both of you will get back together.", said Mark. 

"I'm hoping that we will get back together. Bye now, bro. See yah!", said John.