Last love - Prof. Bharat Sakate - ebook

Last love ebook

Prof. Bharat Sakate



A Passionate snake woman craves for her love. She  searched her love, in every continents, in every world since several births. She wants to unite with her love.  Her love is not a snake man. Who is her love? Is she unites with her love? 

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Prof. Bharat Sakate

Last love

This book is dedicated to my lovely mother and father. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

The oath of Seven Births

Last Love



Osu’s voice echoed all over in forests, birds flew away with his roar from the huge tree. It was call for Melone. His eyes visualized only hissing snake. Although he was great leader of Bantua tribe but love of daughter made him humble. With kalus, he stepped towards the snake with manly fear in heart. His heart was raised striking speed. Every stroke, he could listen very keenly, the sound easily reaches to his ear to brain. Kalus was the nephew of him. Kalus holding his pointed stick ready to attack but the snake was only hissing. Osu was looking into the eyes of snake, eyes stared at something. Osu looked towards the snakes gaze, it was to the east, snake stared at another snake. Among the bush, he saw a huge black cobra was standing on his tail looking at the hissing green snake. His wide length, width of body was fearful to Bantua leader and his accompaniments. Within few moments they gathered around him to do something but Osu was calm. Kalus scratching his hairy beard said, “Shall we kill this snake?”

Osu said, “Kalus, it is not ordinary snake, he was standing on his tail’s edge with widening mouth and gasping towards that snake. We need not to do anything. Within a moment, here will be a fight. Between these two snakes. We have to leave this place as soon as possible. We have to search the Melone. Let’s search her. We are not safe here”.