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Five Book Set: Lady Anne Grey’s aunt needs her help. Their family needs an heir, if not, the estate and their wealth will fall to a cruel distant cousin. As a dutiful niece, Lady Anne agrees to help. But what kind of help? to be a surrogate mother, that's it. So, she starts the forbidden and taboo liaison with her uncle.England 1806.Book #1Lady Anne Grey’s aunt needs her help. Their family needs an heir, if not, the estate and their wealth will fall to a cruel distant cousin. As a dutiful niece, Lady Anne agrees to help.But what kind of help? to be a surrogate mother, that's it. So, she starts the forbidden and taboo liaison with her uncle.Book #2Lady Anne Grey agrees to help her aunt and uncle to get an heir as it surrogate mother. But Lord James, their neighbor in the country, seems attracted to innocence beauty, Lady Anne.In the day the young lady is courted by young, handsome man, but in the night her uncle doing anything but innocence to her small, young body.Book #3Lady Anne courtship with Lord James goes too smoothly.So in order to beget an heir faster on her, Uncle Jason needs to try harder. He has to double his nightly pounding.The good lady feels pity for her gentle, loving uncle so she decides to help…Book #4Lady Anne’s uncle nightly visit finally bears a fruit. She is expecting a baby.But a baby is big and she is so tight.Only her uncle can offer a solution…Book #5Her uncle gets his heir…And now, the love of her life, Lord James, finally proposed.Lady Anne’s life seems so perfect…To thanks his niece, Uncle Jason decides to give her his last gift…

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Lady Anne #1~5

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Copyright © 2017 by Rosie Zweet

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the publisherexcept for the use of brief quotations in a book review.First Edition: June, 2017

Author’s note: All characters are 18+


Book 1: For Uncle’s Heir

Book 2: My Uncle’s Nightly Visit

Book 3: Helping Uncle Getting Hard

Book 4: Stretched for His Baby

Book 5: Last Ride before the Wedding

Book 1

For Uncle’s Heir

Chapter 1.1

1806 England

I wait in the darkness nervously for my uncle to come to my bedchamber, unsure what to do. My aunt told me just to lie down and let my uncle do the deed. She said it will painful a bit too.

I hear a muffled sound from the room next door and my heart starts to race madly.

Until now, I still can’t believe when my aunt summoned me at my eighteen birthday, a week ago. She asked me to give my uncle an heir in her stead. I can reject her request, of course, but they are the only family I have since my parents died ten years ago. This is the only way I can help them or lest the estate and title will fall to my cruel distant cousin. I have no other prospect besides. And my fiancé jilted me for another two months past. I know it’s not because how I look. With full lips, small nose and heart-shaped face, many people call me beautiful. I suspect it’s because of my lack of dowry. If it succeeds, my aunt promises me a dowry.

I hear another sound again, louder this time. And suddenly, I see a shaft of ray and a creaking sound of the door as it opens, and my uncle walks in, with a candle in his hand.

He is not that bad looking for someone in his late forty. He is tall and still in good shape despite his thinning and graying hair. His face is stern unsmiling as he puts the candle on the table.

Uncle only wears a nightshirt, down to below his knee. He walks on bare feet and I noted his sturdy, rough looking calf.

I never saw my uncle’s bare feet before.

My heart is beating painfully now. He comes to the bed, the bed creaking under his massive weight. I immediately close my eyes in fear, but he says nothing.

I feel his body covering mine, hovering over me, I sense it. He then gathering my nightgown to my waist, still silent, saying nothing. He is not a man with many words, I know it.

He opens my legs. I feel his hand wandering on my thigh, his touch hot to the skin. His touch is sure and bold.

His hand moves slowly to the apex of my thigh. He cups my flower down there, it is bare, of course, my aunt commanded me to forgo drawers. His fingers circling there and pinch the pearl of my womanhood. And my eyes fly open, I see my uncle’s stern eyes look at me hard, his nose flaring and there is a feral look that I never saw before, for he is always sweet and kind uncle. But he is anything but sweet now.

Oh, my! I feel the tip of his finger inside me. I feel stretched, little painful and odd. But he keeps his finger busy down there, and then it starts to feel good. I bite my lips to stifle my moan.

His finger still circling me down there and I feel a wetness and tingling sensation. He pumps his finger in and out inside me, I feel stretched more. And I hear wet smack down there.

Am I peeing?

His finger is going faster and rougher, opens me wider.

What is he doing down there?

“Uncle…” I whimper.

“Quiet, Girl,” he scolds me like he usually did when I was a little. I bit my lips again, hard, and close my eyes. Let him do whatever he wants, I am sure he knows what he is doing.

Creating a baby, sure is a funny thing.

He inserts another finger inside me. It hurts yet feel good too. I hear my uncle’s breath is ragged now, and he lets out a growling sound. His fingers are still going fast, and I am growing wetter by the minutes.

Oh, God, this feels good.

“You’re now ready, Girl,” my uncle says with tight voice, there is no trace of his gentle and sweet self.

He opens my legs wider. Then, I feel it. It is something that much bigger than his finger. It feels hot. And I feel his hot, harsh breath on my cheek. He seems to find difficulty to put it in.

I feel stretched wide like he is going to rip me apart. I feel a sting and burn sensation as the thing inched in.

What is this hot thing? I wonder.

My uncle jerks his hips further, and the thing, his tool, comes inside further. It is hurt so much, and I fight the tears that threatened to spill out.

With a hard shove, my uncle bottoms me up, and I scream in pain.

“Quiet, Girl,” he growls and panting harsh, his breath ragged above me. He doesn’t touch me anywhere but down there with his spearing tool.

His hips buck me, again and again, while I howling in pain.

“Easy, easy,” he says as if to himself.

I sob. “It’s hurt, Uncle,” I whimper. But he seems can’t hear me as he keeps hammering. He has savage look in his face, deaf to my plea.

After a while, finally he slows down, and he stilled for a moment. “You’re so bloody tight, Girl,” he pants.

My uncle cursing? I never heard him cursed before.

He moves in and out me again, feeding his tool inside me, slower this time, but as if forgetting himself again, he bucks, bucks, and slams hard into me. I feel so helpless, impaled on his pistoning tool. But instead of pain, I feel pleasure, it spreads slowly inside my belly, my body feels as if it wants to burst. The funny feeling is going stronger as my uncle sawing in and out me fast, and faster.

I am getting wetter, and the smacking sound growing louder, as he goes in and out me, pumping, filling me to the brim. And my hips are bucking in answer, meeting him half way.

He grabs my hips, and anchoring me to the bed, and hammering at my womanhood fast and hard.

His face twisted in a silent moan. Then, he slams in me again and again. The funny feeling is spreading fast in my belly. I cry loud and I feel my womanhood clutches hard at his hot, pistoning tool, spasming and milking him.

My uncle roars, and his hips jerk, jerk, and jerk. And I feel hot fluid injected inside of me. He is still jerking, once, twice in small little movement, sending more molten lava inside me.

I feel exhausted and spent. My heartbeat is slowing down now. And my uncle too, it seems.