Ladies Love Young Men: Extreme Taboo Case Study Erotica - Carrie Oakey - ebook

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.*********Case History: Helen C. ... Age: 38.The subject is a shapely, attractive divorcee who is employed as an executive secretary in a large advertising firm in New York City. She lives alone is a cozy, modern apartment overlooking the East River which was where this taping took place. 

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Ladies Love Young Men

Carrie Oakey

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 1

Case History: Helen C. ... Age: 38.

The subject is a shapely, attractive divorcee who is employed as an executive secretary in a large advertising firm in New York City. She lives alone is a cozy, modern apartment overlooking the East River which was where this taping took place.

"Forgive me if I slur my words now and then because I've just had three drinks before you came. I'm something of a moral coward; I have to prime myself with booze before I can tell the truth. Well, better a drunken confession than none at all, right?

"I want to say the thing fast and get it out of my system ... I, a mature woman of thirty-eight, being sound of mind and body, did willfully fornicate and fellate a boy of eighteen. Say, that's very illiterative, isn't it? All those f's! Well, all the best words seem to start with 'f' so it's a good way to start my story.

"To begin at the very beginning I was the only child to a pair of school teachers. My parents had been married for almost eighteen years before I was born and you might say I came as a surprise to both of them.

"For teachers who worked around youngsters all the time, they seemed to be awkward with me. I always had the feeling that they were somewhat embarrassed by having a baby when they were both middle-aged. I seemed to be a living announcement of the fact that they still liked to screw.

"I believe in early marriages. It gives children a chance to grow up with fairly young people. Parents look old enough to a child, but mine looked like my grandparents. When I entered my teens, my mother and father were already past the age of fifty.

"Talk about a generation gap! There was hardly any communication at all between us although I did get more than enough of the material things of life. I realize now, looking back, that my parents gave me things because they couldn't give me themselves.

"When sex began to rear its lovely head, my life really became complicated. To begin with, my parents didn't believe in it. They were so puritanical it was sickening. I was not allowed to date boys because my parents said that the male of the species meant only 'trouble'. Needless to say, I was a very lonely girl.

"I developed crushes on several boys at school. I still remember Paul, a handsome fellow with curly brown hair and blue eyes who sat next to me in class. Since I was a pretty kid myself, he expressed interest in me, but I was always too shy to do anything about it.

"I watched with envy when he turned his attentions toward another girl who wasn't as socially backward as I was.

"My parents both taught in the high school I attended but they made sure that I never became one of their students. They wanted to escape the possible charge of showing favoritism to me because I was their daughter. I didn't mind not attending any of their classes because they inhibited me enough at home.

"As the only child of a pair of school teachers I just had to excel in my studies. When I won a scholarship to college, I was able to be free, at the age of eighteen, for the first time in my life. My mother gave me a last bit of maternal advice before I left for college: 'Remember to save yourself for your husband, dear.'

"I felt like laughing out loud. She sounded so damned old-fashioned!

"When I went to college I planned to do something about my social life. I was now out of that dreary house and ready for life and love. I fully expected to roll over and spread my legs for the first guy who wanted me. I was coming out of my shell.

"I suppose I over-reacted to my puritanical upbringing because I soon got the reputation as a man-chaser on campus. At eighteen I was well-developed with firm, jutting breasts, so I had the bait to land my first fish. Hank was the very first.

"Hank was a senior who had a passion for freshmen coeds. When I showed up on campus he tried to date me right away. He wasn't a handsome boy, but he did have a rugged sort of charm. He was in college on a football scholarship and was being led along with snap courses that didn't require much brainpower.

"Actually, if it wasn't for the fact that he won football games, Hank wouldn't have lasted through his first semester. That old bromide about college football stars taking up courses like basket weaving was all but true in Hank's case. I, with my scholarship in education, was miles away from Hank intellectually, but this didn't stop me from throwing myself at him.

"The football star was something of a boor, but since he was my first date, I thought of him as a brilliant wit. Hank made it known from the start that he was after my body and he drove me out to a lover's lane. He parked in a secluded spot, and in the front seat of a car, I lost my virginity.

"Baby, I've always been nuts about you,' was the way Hank started his seduction.

"He planted a hard kiss on my mouth and then I felt his lips part. I allowed my lips to part, too, and he probed inside my mouth with his active tongue. A French-kiss. For a girl who rarely received the regular kind this was like being raped. My face burned and I responded to him by probing my own tongue up against his.

"This seemed to be all the encouragement Hank needed, because he zipped his fly open and exposed his penis which was engorged and throbbing. I gasped when I saw a real live sex organ for the first time.

'"like it, doll?' Hank muttered thickly, it's all for you!'

"He took one of my hands and placed it on the tube of flesh. My fingers curled over the long sexual member naturally and I gloried in the strength and warmth of it. After so many years of dreaming about sex I now had it, quite literally, in my hands.

'"Come on, Helen,' he urged. 'Take off your clothes.'

"I hesitated for a moment, my stern upbringing making itself felt. Impatiently the football star shoved the hem of my dress all the way up to my hips. He deftly pulled my panties down with one stroke and bared my hairy cleft. Hank grunted with pleasure and then pressed his mouth against my vagina.

"My whole body shook with a mixture of pleasure, shock and disgust. I had heard about cunnilingus before, but this was the first time I had ever been so closely associated with it. But, then, it was the first time I had ever been so close to sex before, so everything was new and exciting to me.

"Hank chewed on my slitted opening hungrily while kneeling on the floor of the car. His erect dick rubbed against the leather covering of the seat and I thought he might become so aroused that he would shoot his load then and there. But the football player was well-versed in handling women and knew how to hold back his juice.

"My vagina warmed and grew moist under his oral caressings. Hank licked inside with his tongue and touched me in all the right spots. I squirmed in ecstasy as the big, rugged athlete sucked between my legs. After living a life with my legs closed for so long I spread them wide to embrace his bobbing head and working tongue.

'"You're sweet and tasty,' Hank told me when he broke contact, i bet you're cherry.'

"I swallowed hard and nodded. 'This ... this is my first time,' I said.

"He grinned wickedly. 'Yeah, I can smell a virgin a mile off,' he told me. 'Now I'll give you a fuck to remember.'

"Hank was the crude type but refreshingly direct. He got out of his kneeling position and, by holding his rod with one hand, guided it against my well chewed cleft. As soon as the knobby head of his penis penetrated me I cried out quietly.

"I had been brought up to believe that sex before marriage was evil so that I couldn't quite let myself go at this most intimate moment. Still, my need for love was greater than my fear of it, so I embraced Hank as he came down on top of me, his long rod sinking into me deeply.

'"Oh! Oh, Hank!' I gasped aloud as he plowed through my virginal veil.

"The husky football player ignored me as he pumped with a sureness born of long experience. Hank thrust into my flesh with piston like movements. I was naked from the waist down while Hank's pants and shorts were bunched about his knees.

"He still wore his shirt and jacket which didn't add anything to the romantic mood I had hoped for. As a matter-of-fact it was all pretty vulgar. And, yet, for an eighteen year old girl making it with a guy for the first time I was hardly in a position to complain.

"Hank kept ramming that iron hard stick of his into my sexual opening until I clawed at his back for the want of release. My insides were on fire as he kept pumping away. He stopped suddenly and thrust the entire length of his meat into my body and sighed.

"Then something hot and moist shot inside the cavity of my flesh. He was coming.

"The husky boy kept pouring into me and, when he was empty, he sat back up in front of the steering wheel with his dick partially limp and flapping. 'Helen, you're a pretty good lay for a cherry,' he said with a smile.

"I placed my hand against my vagina. I was bleeding. So, after eighteen years, I had become a woman. 'Thanks,' I said softly.

"Once Hank had my body he seemed to lose interest in me as a person quickly. A girl told me that the football star was that way; he couldn't establish a lasting relationship with anyone.

"While Hank went from girl to girl with the abandon of a butterfly going from flower to flower, I imagined myself as being in love with him. Actually I was only trying to justify my honest lusts.

"I wanted to prove to myself that I had given into Hank out of genuine affection rather than something as basic as a virgin wanting to get laid. The puritanical streak my parents had driven into me would not permit me to enjoy sex freely and openly.

"At any rate the crude football player had turned me on to screwing and I needed the warmth and weight of another male body. I was not very selective and accepted a pushy jerk who walked around the campus with a perpetual erection because no other girl offered him an outlet.

"The less said about Jerry the better. Although I tried to convince myself that I had fallen in love with him it just didn't work because I cringed every time he placed his sweaty hands on my body.

"After Jerry came others and I was known around the campus as an 'easy lay'. In high school the boys had called me 'stuck up'. I never seemed to hit that happy medium.

"I never seemed to meet the right boy, either. While every stud on the campus was willing to bang me the fellows I could really go for only wanted me for a one night stand.

"In my desperate need to prove myself a woman I had scared off possible lovers. I had been lonely in high school because I was too virginal and now I was lonely in college because I was too much Miss Round Heels.

"My stern upbringing came to the fore telling me that I was being punished for my sins. Guilt engulfed me like a tide and I had my first nervous breakdown.

"In a need to purge myself of guilt I confessed my sins to my parents in the hospital. They gazed at me without emotion. 'I always said that boys meant trouble,' my mother finally said through tight lips.

"I cried in reaction to her coldness and my own sense of despair. I decided to get off the sexual merry-go-round and return to my old virginal self. Of course I could not become a virgin again but, at least, I could act like one.

"Once I left the hospital I devoted myself to study and graduated with honors. To show my parents that I was a daughter they could be proud of I went into teaching.

"I tried to convince myself that I liked teaching just as I had tried to convince myself that I had loved all those men I had had sex with. When I looked at all those rows of bright, young faces before me I recalled my own lonely childhood. Where had the years gone to? Where had my youth fled to?

"The teaching profession isn't the place for a girl to find a husband. There are more old maids in the field than any other. The male teachers I met were either married already or simply the type who preferred their single status.

"I thought that Frank was one of the latter types when I met him at the high school we both taught in. He was ten years older than I was and a bachelor. My parents encouraged a match between us.

"I was so surprised that they seemed to be that much interested in me that I invited Frank to dinner. Since my parents were retired teachers by then we all had something in common to talk about.

"Gradually Frank drew closer to me because of our mutual interests and I think he proposed to me for no other reason that it seemed to be the proper thing to do.

"After almost three years of 'courtship' in which Frank didn't make a single sexual move towards me he popped the question, as the saying goes.

"I was twenty-five at the time and ready for my first proposal. I believe I accepted because it, too, seemed to be the proper thing to do. If my relationship with Frank was anything it was proper.

"On our wedding night Frank insisted on undressing in the dark and going to bed with pajamas! When he reached out to touch me and found me nude his hands drew back as if they were feeling a hot stove.

"'Helen,' my groom whispered, 'I didn't think you would want to do it so soon.'

"I was too stunned to speak. Frank had the strange idea that we had to get used to sleeping with one another first before we had sex.

"It was up to me to make all the advances so I slipped my hand into the fly of my husband's pajamas and grabbed his cock. It was hard and of normal size so I couldn't understand why he had been so hesitant about making love to me. He wasn't impotent ... just a prude.

"As always I tried to tell myself that I loved Frank but it wasn't long before I realized I had made a mistake in marrying him. Not only was Frank low powered as far as straight fornication was concerned, he wanted nothing at all to do with oral love.

"I never became pregnant so I didn't have a child I could turn my affections to. I continued teaching and found myself growing old before my time. As the years passed Frank's small interest in sex diminished still further.

"He was content to grow old fast while I strove desperately to hang on to youth. I thought of finding a lover but something held me back. I suppose it was the puritan in me which said that adultery was a no-no.

"At thirty-seven I fell in love ... really ... for the first time in my life. The obvious thing to do in my case would be to divorce a husband I never cared for to marry the lover I was wild about. But there was just one hitch ... my lover was all of eighteen.

"I met Anthony in one of my classes. As soon as he sat down in front of me my heart began to beat faster. He had curly brown hair and blue eyes and the sweetest face.

"Handsome lads had sat in my classroom before but none had affected me as much as Anthony. It was six weeks later before I found out just why he impressed me so; he reminded me of my first crush when I was eighteen.

"The boy looked so much like that other lad of so long ago I wondered if he were his son. However, when I checked his name, it wasn't even remotely similar. It would've been ironic if I had fallen in love with the son of my first crush.

"My affection for Anthony quickly grew to passionate desire. The cardinal sin a teacher can commit is having sexual relations with a student. In my career I had seen two men being dropped out of the teaching profession because of the advances they made towards teenaged girls.

"I also knew of men who were interested in young girls sexually but always managed to hold their desires in check. Pedophilia, I always thought, was strictly a male sickness because I had never known of a woman who had the same passion for young boys. But, I knew of one now ... me.

"Although I tried to repress my desire for the eighteen year old lad I found myself making up excuses to be with him. As a teacher it was easy for me to assign Anthony to certain classroom duties.

"Since ours was the last class of the day I had ample opportunity to keep him with me after the school had emptied. My first duty for him was to erase the blackboards.

"By the time he had finished we had the classroom to ourselves. I gazed at the way his tight trousers fit snugly over his ripe young ass and his bulging crotch. Mature women aren't supposed to be turned on by the bodies of teenaged boys but I couldn't keep my eyes off Anthony.

"It wasn't long before I couldn't keep my hands off him.

"I first touched the lad intimately when we were in the cloak room. I had gotten the lad in there on some pretext after school. The closeness and warmth of his vital young body was like a magnet to my hands.

"Almost in a daze I cupped one of them over his ass and another over his crotch. 'Anthony..., ' I said in a low voice.

"He was shocked by my touch at first but he didn't draw away from it. A timid smile tickled about the corners of his lush lips. When I rubbed his crotch I felt his penis swell and grow swiftly.

"How wonderfully he reacted. It sometimes took me a half an hour of such caressing in bed to get my husband to react as much.

'"Anthony ... let me do it...,' I begged and opened his fly.

"The lad's erected dick came out. I had been handling my husband's limp, unexciting sausage for so long that I had almost forgotten what a strong, virile pole of manhood was like.

"Anthony's penis wasn't as large as my husband's but it made up for that lack in sheer hardness. I slipped to my knees and pulled the lad's pants and shorts down. He didn't move as I cupped his smooth buttocks with both my hands.

"The boy had a small patch of brown pubic hair and narrow hips. He was so very young! The last time I fellated a male was years ago when I had first tried to interest my husband in oral love.

"Now I could have a male member in my mouth again. I licked the boy's uplifted rod and he shivered with excitement. It was so good to know that I could turn a male on even if this one was only a child.

"I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward. When the eighteen year old boy's sex organ filled me I sucked with gusto, clamping my hands over his ripe ass. Anthony issued little moans of delight and surprise as I fellated him.

"I was sure that the lad was a virgin and my sudden erotic advance had taken him completely by surprise. But I knew that he didn't object to it because he stood in front of me with his male organ buried deep in my oral cavity.

"I mouthed the youngster until he spewed out his sperm. Anthony tried to warn me ahead of time not knowing if I wanted to drink in his juice or not. He placed his hands on my cheeks and said, 'I'm going to come.'

"For an answer I clamped my hands on his smooth buttocks harder and fellated faster. When his fluid leapt against my throat I sighed with pleasure. He tasted as sweet as he looked.

"The sperm of teenaged boys wasn't as bitter as that of older men. I kept mouthing the lad until I drained him dry. I kept on mouthing him until his penis grew limp.

"When I stood up to face him I found that his face was flushed red and his blue eyes were bright with lust. For the first time I started to come out of my sexual daze and realized just what I had done. I had orally seduced one of my young students!

"'Anthony,' I said nervously. 'Something just came over me. Please don't tell anyone.'

"He shook his brown curls and slipped his hands over my waist as if wanting my body this time. 'No, I won't tell. Let me ... I mean ... I want to ... I mean..., ' he stammered and slipped his hands over my hips and breasts.

"The boy was so aroused that he wanted to continue having sex relations with me. I was tempted to remove my clothes and show him my body but I stepped out of the cloak room and didn't look back.