Krystal's Dirty Deed - Angel Scott - ebook

DESCRIPTION: Krystal sure likes to do dirty, naughty things. She likes being with girls and has some fun with Amanda. But something interesting happens while Krystal does the deed with her son! Find out what kind of trouble she gets into this time! EXCERPT: Before Krystal could reach Amanda, her son reached for her. He pulled her down the stairs and pushed her to the couch. She watched as Kris yanked off her outfit within seconds flat. It didn’t take long for Kris to insert his hard cock deep into her already wet pussy. The cock moved in and out of her at a steady pace. Krystal forgot all about her next dirty deed. At least for now. “What the fuck!” Kale yelled out. He snuck into the stripper’s room because he thought he would be meeting one of the new strippers in a few minutes. He wanted to be there early to prepare himself. But instead, Kale found his best friend fucking his own mother! Both Krystal, and Kris looked over at the voice in shock, and in horror. Who could be in the room right now? Both Krystal and Kris thought to themselves. Everyone should be dancing or doing lap dances. Maybe even drinking. Not downstairs doing diddly squat. Most of the women stayed upstairs the entire time. Unlike a few of the older gals, like Krystal, Chasity, and Amanda. “What the fuck are you doing here, Kale. Get out!” Kris yelled out. He stopped moving his hips and removed his hard cock. He felt a little embarrassed, but he still didn’t feel completely ashamed. Kris loved his mom. He liked her. Plain, and simple. Nothing he could do about the damn feeling. Kris tried for the last few years to feel different. Nothing changed. He dated other women, but his thoughts always ended up coming back to his own mother. He couldn’t explain it. Love just stayed with his mom. “What the actual fuck, man? Your own mother!” Kale yelled out. He threw his hands up into the air. His face looked whiter than normal. Like a pale color. Ghost white color to be exact. “Shut up! Don’t say a fucking word and get out!” Kris yelled. He walked quickly over to his best friend. He pointed to the door with his finger. “Why should I get out? You’re doing something illegal, and unnatural. I want to understand this. I knew something could be wrong. You seemed waay to clingy to your mom. My gut told me that maybe you got way to close to her. I’m right aren’t I?” Kale asked. “None of your damn business, Kale. I need you to promise me, you will keep your damn mouth shut. I’m your best friend. Best friends need to keep secrets and do what’s best for their friend. It’s best for me to be with my mom. But, I also fuck other women. Just for your information.” Kris explained proudly. He crossed his arms and smiled awkwardly at his best friend. Kale nodded. “I know you fuck others, Kris. I saw you do it when we lived together for those few months after graduation. I tell you what, I will keep my mouth shut if I can join and get to fuck my own mother. Deal?” He reached his hand out and waited for his best friend to shake it. Kris arched his thin eyebrow at his best friend. “Really? You just bitched about me with mine, and that’s what you want in return?” “Hey! If you get to, why shouldn’t I? My mom’s hot too."

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by Angel Scott

Published by Lot’s Cave

Krystal’s Dirty Deed, © 2018, by Angel Scott

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

Krystal woke up to fingers sliding up and down over her thin thongs. Her son towered over her body while moving his fingers directly over her clit and then down to her slit. Watching her son’s eager eyes and seeing the fingers move up and down caused Krystal to moan loudly. She felt some dampness in her thongs already, which gave her the hint that she either dreamed nasty things or that her son already did several touches before she woke up. Either way, Krystal would need relief now before she could go back to sleep. Damn it. Krystal thought to herself as she rolled her brown eyes.

“Don’t roll your damn eyes at me, momma. Just enjoy it. Like you did before.” Kris demanded. He continued to move his fingers around the crotch like a fucking pro. His fingers moved up and down, slow and steady. He loved touching his hot momma like this. He felt lucky as hell.

Kris loved his momma. He always did feel closer to his mother more than his father. A momma’s boy. He never felt any shame over it either. Kris didn’t care when his friends made fun of him for wanting to hang out or see his mom all the time. Now that he fucked his mom, his feelings for her grew. A lot! Maybe too much. He leaned down and kissed his mom on the lips. Passion filled up inside Kris’s mind and body as his lips lingered around on his mom’s thick lips. His fingers continued to move over the shaved groin. Up and down. Slow and steady. Hearing her moan made him moan.

Krystal moved her head away from her son. “Take my panties off, Kris.” Krystal demanded softly.

Kris took his fingers off her long enough to do her request. It only took a few seconds for Kris to slide those pesky thongs off and go back to fingering his mom’s crotch. Slow and steady. Up and down. The pussy started to get wetter with each stroke of his fingers around the full vagina. Up and down. In and out. Kris teased the pussy with his fingers for a few seconds, and then moved out and onto the clit. Round and round. Up and down. The fingers moved in and out.

Kris leaned in and kissed his mom’s neck, causing her to moan louder. He liked hearing her moan. His cock already felt semi-hard from just touching her slender figure. With his free hand, Kris moved his fingers across the sides and tummy.

“Kris, I need your cock now.” Krystal moaned.

Kris quick touching his mom on the pussy and sides so that he could moved to the front of the groin. He grabbed his cock and guided it slowly into the pussy. Inch by inch. He moaned softly as his cock moved deep inside the slit.

Krystal moaned louder as the cock moved deep inside her and back out. The cock moved in and out. Slow and steady. She reached for her clit and moved her finger around in small circles. The cock moved in and out. Slow and steady.

Kris moved his body back and forth. Slow and steady. He wanted his cock to get a little harder before he moved faster. He also liked enjoying his mom’s pussy for a while. His cock continued to move in and out. Slow and steady.

“Oh, god, son!” Krystal moaned as she moved her finger around faster on her clit. She moved her finger a little faster and started to buck her hips against her son’s crotch. Her pussy slammed down over the hard shaft. Up and down. Hard and fast.

“Oh, god, momma!” Kris yelled out as his mom moved back and forth against his crotch. The pussy slammed harder and faster over his cock. He wasn’t ready for it, but he would need to be ready now. He moved a little faster with each stroke. In and out.

Krystal liked the fast movements and she liked being in control. So, she decided to sit up and move away from her son.

“I will be on top, my boy.” Krystal said as pointed towards the bed.

Kris nodded and laid down quickly. He didn’t want to get out of the sexy mood. It can happen if you take breaks or take too long with changing positions. He waited for his mom to climb onto him. It didn’t take long for his mom to get on top of him and grind against him. The pussy moved up and down over his hard shaft. Hard, steady, and fast. In and out.

“You bad girl, mom. You made me think something was wrong for a minute.” Kris said, as he suddenly reached for his mom’s ass and smacked the right ass cheek with his bare hand.

“Ooh Kris. Mommy likes that. Do it again.” Krystal demanded as she bounced up and down over her son’s hard cock. In and out. Up and down. Hard, steady, and fast.

Kris smacked the left ass cheek this time. He liked doing this to his mom. He wondered if she would like another type of sexy kink. Won’t know until you try. Isn’t that the saying. Kris knew his mom would let him know if she didn’t like something. So, Kris reached up and grabbed his mom’s neck. He squeezed it lightly.

“How do you like those apples, momma. Fuck me, bitch.” Kris demanded. With his free hand, he fondled the right tittie.

Krystal liked the chocking part as well as the smacks on her ass. The new kink from her son made her quiver with desire. She moved faster and harder over the dick. In and out. Up and down. Hard, steady, and fast.

“You must like it. You didn’t object. You better make me cum, momma. You dirty bitch.” Kris demanded as he let go of the tittie and smacked the ass again.

Krystal moved as fast as she could. Up and down. In and out. Her juices flowed out of her and making it slippery as hell. The cock tried to go into her ass a few times, but she wanted the cock inside her pussy right now. In and out.

“Fuck, yes, momma.” Kris groaned. He reached for the clit and rubbed the clit with his finger. That caused his mom to scream out in pleasure.

“Cum with me, son!” Krystal yelled. Her juices came out in a steady flow. She moved fast, and hard over her son’s cock. In and out. Up and down.

Kris could feel the juices flow out, so he let loose and let his own goo flow out of his cock. The big load floated deep inside his mom’s drenched pussy. He moaned as he finished cumming inside his mom’s pussy.

Krystal stopped moving now and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks baby.”

“You’re welcome momma. I’m tired now. Should we get some sleep?” Kris asked as he let go of his mom’s neck. He watched as his mom nodded and climbed off him. He got off the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean up. He grabbed some tissue and wiped his cock off. Kris liked watching his mom clean herself up. That body made him feel all sorts of feelings; Love, passion, horniness, and content.

Kris and Krystal put their underclothes on and headed to the bed. They both slept for the rest of the day. Krystal would need to work in a few hours. The day moved on while they slept soundly.

Chapter 2

Sunday afternoon started,