Kidnapped Cheer Squad in Slavery Hell - Kristine Lichtlider - ebook

DESCRIPTIONThe Raptor Cheer Squad; Beautiful, spoiled, and on top of the world...until they are kidnapped one by one by a mysterious group of men. Taken to a remote mountain hideaway, they are tortured to their breaking point and forced to serve the perverted sexual whims of their captors. Will they ever escape? Or is it their fate to be sex slaves forever?EXCERPTWelcome to your new home, putas,” Pedro said as he dragged on the lead connected to Becky's yoke. “What do you think of the place? Oh, that's right, none of you can see.”“Should we take off the hoods and show 'em, boss?” Cowboy asked.“Might as well,” Pedro said.Becky knew that they were inside of some structure mainly because the cold rain was no longer freezing her naked skin, and smooth stones had replaced the rough terrain under her bare feet. When her hood came off, she was shocked to see that they were inside of an old church.Her eyes went wide and she squealed behind her bit gag as she took in the various sights. Instead of pews or tabernacles, there were medieval torture devices crammed into every spare space. Some of them were horrifically familiar, others strangely frightening because of their alien design.“For the next week,” Pedro said as he unhooded the girls one by one “this will be your home. We're going to break you in this old church, break you down to nothing and then build you back up into obedient, horny slave girls.”Cowboy pulled off Ada's hood, and then pinched the Muslim girl's nipple in a vice like grip. She shifted from foot to foot, tears pouring down her face as she pleaded for him to stop.“What's that, slave?” Cowboy said, craning his ear as if he were trying to listen to her “tighter, you say? Bet this is the first time your heathen ass has ever been in a church.”“Be careful with that one,” Pedro said “I think Sven likes her.”“so fucking what?” Cowboy said with a sneer.“You ain't ever seen him mad before,” Pedro said, taking the hood off of Junko. “How ya doin, precious?”She turned her head away as he brushed her cheek. She pulled at the yoke binding her wrists, in spite of the fact that her skin was rubbed raw.“Oh, that's right,” Pedro said “this one don't like the touch of a man.”“Then we'll have to make sure we break her of that,” came a new voice.The captive girls and the men who were tormenting them all turned to regard the new speaker. He was a slender young man, with a curly mop of hair atop his head and a smarmy I-have-it-all-figured-out smile.“Mmk Fckerberg!” Jean said around her gag.Becky's eyes widened further. It really was Mike Phuckerberg, ceo of MyFace. What he was doing here she couldn't imagine, but she didn't hold out much hope he was there to rescue them.“They figured you out, boss,” said Cowboy.“They shouldn't call me by my name,” Mike said, brow furrowing.“What do you want them to call you, jefe?” Pedro asked. “I can have them singing it by the end of tomorrow.”“Hmm,” Mike said as he walked down the line of naked girls. Cleo tried to turn her breasts away from him as he fondled them freely, but Cowboy grabbed her hair from behind and forced her to be still. “You know, I think they should call me God. It's close enough for them.”The girls, particularly Becky and Cleo, were angered by that notion. Mike laughed and stepped right up in front of the cheer captain.

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Kristine Lichtlider’s

Third Novel of Lust, Submission, and Revenge

Published by Lot’s Cave

Kidnapped No.3

Kidnapped Cheer Squad in Slavery Hell, © 2017, by Kristine Lichtlider

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

Sweat flicked off of the girl's well-formed limbs as she leaped up and down, generous bosom bouncing.

“Juniors, Seniors, who's the BEST?” she shouted. “Go Go Raptors the heck with the rest! Gooooo Raptors!”

The girl shook her pom poms, sweat running in rivulets down her toned, bare stomach to further dampen her short flouncy skirt. The uniform was dark blue, with gold highlights, and a stylized dinosaur with a football in its claws adorned her chest. On the back it simply had the initials IUD in blue and gold.

She finished her routine, blonde pigtails ceasing to fly. Her bright, large blue eyes stared out at the girls in front of her, a smile on her large pouty lips.

“Well?” she asked, hands on her sweet hips. “What do you think?”

The girls sitting on the gymnasium floor before her exchanged glances. Their expressions ranged from supportive to out and out disdain. One of them, an extremely long-haired girl of Asian descent, stood up. Her own uniform came short on her muscular but still feminine legs, wide but pretty nose twitching as she looked balefully at the blonde girl.

“The heck with the rest?” she asked incredulously. “Is that really supposed to fly, Becky? It's 2016 for fuck's sake!”

Becky's eyes narrowed, angular expressive brows coming low over her blue orbs.

“Moon, can you NOT use that salty language while you're in uniform?” she said. “We're representatives of Illinois University at Downers Grove! And what's wrong with my cheer?”

Another girl stood up, brushing her braided hair out of her brown, beautiful face. Her makeup was just as impeccable as Becky's, and she favored the cheer captain with a beaming smile full of perfect white teeth.

“I liked it, Becky!” she said.

“Thanks Cleo,” Becky said. “I'm glad SOME of us haven't lost our positivity!”

A tall, leggy brunette remained seated, eyes glued to the cell phone in her hands. Her attire differed from the others only in a knee brace on her right leg. When she spoke her hands never stopped working the app.

“I don't wanna burst your bubble, Cap,” she said somewhat kindly “but I agree with Moon. The heck with the rest is kinda cheesy.”

“Well, thank you for being polite about it, Jean,” Becky said, nodding at the seated girl. “You know I respect my squad's opinion.”

Becky's eyes ran over the girls seated before her. They weren't exactly an elite squad—yet—but Becky intended to change that.

Lashonda sat next to Jean, craning her neck to see the screen in her hands. The petty black girl had natural, bushy hair, dark brown with a few lighter highlights. She was shorter than Jean, but not by much. It figured that Lashonda couldn't pay attention to the routine with a piece of tech so near. She may have looked like a perfect ten, but she was a nerd through and through.

Sitting on the other side of Jean was Angelica. The dark haired Latina was perhaps the prettiest member of the squad, or she would be if she smiled more often. Her golden nose stud caught the overhead lights as she rolled her pretty eyes at Becky.

At Angelica's elbow was Junko, the most nontraditional cheerleader Becky had ever seen. From her shaven head to her severe make up, the girl just breathed trouble. Danger in a pretty package. It was rumored that Junko was into girls, but Becky had never been rude enough to ask.

Cleo sat next to Junko, and Becky smiled at her bff. Cleo had went to the same high school as Becky, and they'd been friends since kindergarten.

Next in line was the freckled face of the squad's newest member, Beulah. She was from Louisiana, a Cajun queen with the biggest set of natural breasts Becky had ever seen. Her uniform strained to contain them, and her generous curves were barely concealed by her short skirt. She smiled at Becky, hugging her knees on the floor.

Becky tried to avoid looking right at Moon. Everyone knew the feisty Korean girl coveted the cheer captain's chair. If she hadn't been so damn good, Becky would have found an excuse to get rid of her. As it was, Moon was probably the second most gifted cheerleader in the squad—right after herself, of course.

Ashmi Privat sat next in line. The Hindi girl was short, but stacked, and had similar problems with her uniform as Beulah. Her midnight black hair was as soft as spun silk, and her already comely features were enhanced by just the right amount of purple eyeshadow.

Becky made sure to smile broadly at the next girl, Ada Bashir. She was a Muslim, and Becky wanted to make sure she felt welcome. Ada wore long tights under her skirt, and a long sleeved shirt under her top. Her habib didn't clash with her uniform since it was in the school colors of royal blue and gold. The middle eastern girl was quite pretty even if her hair was covered most of the time.

“Where's Cherry?” Becky asked, glancing around. “Anybody seen her? Wasn't she just here a minute ago?”

“I think she had to pee,” Beulah. said helpfully.

“Oh, she did, did she?” Becky snapped, pretty face scrunching into a scowl. “Sneaking off to get high is more likely.”

“I'll go look for her,” Ashmi said, starting to rise.

“No, that's okay,” Becky said “I'll track her down myself. I know just where she's hiding.”

Becky turned to Moon and forced her tone and face to be neutral. Might as well throw her rival a bone.

“Moon,” she said “can you run over the routine again while I track down the only white girl at IUD with dreadlocks?”

“Sure, captain,” Moon said with exaggerated niceness “would that include the cheesy line?”

“Yes, include the cheesy line,” Becky snapped. She closed her eyes and shook her head, pigtails bouncing. “I mean, it's not a cheesy line! Just do it, Moon! Please!”

“Aye aye, muy Capitan,” Moon said, offering a salute. It became an obscene gesture as soon as Becky turned her back. Junko stifled a laugh behind her hand as they watched the captain leave.

Becky's sneakers made little sound as she marched across the gym floor with purpose. Cherry Garcia Hendrix was another new arrival to the squad, with tons of athletic ability and an ass that just wouldn't quit. Unfortunately, her attitude was much too lackadaisical for Becky's standards, and her drug use would have gotten her booted off the squad if she hadn't had a prescription. For 'anxiety'.

As if! The only one with anxiety was Becky from having to deal with such a wastrel.

Becky opened the door to the girl's locker room and went past the showers. There was a maintenance exit which was supposed to be locked, but never was. Becky ignored the STAFF ONLY sign emblazoned across its battered surface and pushed right through. She descended a short flight of stairs and out another door. She ended up outside the gym, next to a pair of smelly dumpsters.

“I knew it!” she said, coming around between the dumpsters and laying eyes on Cherry. The girl was red eyed, exhaling a long pull from her joint. She started at Becky's voice and turned around quickly, a smile spreading on her face.

“Hey, Becks,” Cherry said, offering the joint. “Want some?”

“Don't' call me Becks,” Becky said, rolling her eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you that? Why aren't you at practice with the rest of the squad?”

“I needed a little break,” Cherry said, puffing on her joint. The acrid smell made Becky's eyes water. “You know how it is.”

“No, I do NOT know how it is,” Becky said “I don't do drugs.”

“Yeah, yeah, or alcohol,” Cherry said, putting out her joint. “I bet you've never even been laid.”

Becky's face turned red as a beet.

“I...that's none of your business!” she stammered. “Come back with me to practice now!”

“All right, all right,” Cherry said, grinning ear to ear. “Just messing with ya, Becks.”

“Don't call me Becks,” Becky said, turning to leave. Cherry followed a step or two behind.

They re-entered the building and started up the stairs. Becky arched her platinum eyebrow at the door, which was slightly ajar.

“That's weird,” she said as she pushed through it into the locker room “I thought I closed it.”

“That's cuz you did, bitch,” said a harsh male voice.

Becky sucked air into her lungs as she beheld a middle aged man, not much taller than herself but very stocky. She glanced at his overalls and assumed he was a janitor.

“What are you doing in the girl's locker room?” she demanded. “Why, we could have been naked in here!”

“Was kinda hoping so,” the man said with a gap toothed grin that chilled Becky to the bone. Cherry bumped into her back and stumbled, falling to her rear.

“Ow, what gives, dude?” Cherry said. “Why’d ya stop halfway through the door?”

“There's a creepy janitor in here,” Becky said “but he was just leaving so....BYE!”

“Oh, I'll leave, puta,” he said “and you're coming with me.”

“I'm what?” Becky said, aghast. “I'll do no such thing!”

“Oh, hey there,” Cherry said from behind her. “How you guys doing? Mind helping me up? I'm a little bit stoned.”

Becky's head whipped around to regard two large men looming over Cherry. Their faces were adorned with oft-broken noses, eyes beady and sinister. They were bigger than the largest linebacker on the Raptors offensive line.

“Oh god,” Becky said as they each grabbed one of Cherry's arms and dragged her to her feet. “We don't want trouble.”

“No thanks,” Cherry said as one of them men wadded up a face towel in his hand “I'm not really sweaty—mmph!”

One of the giants held Cherry's arms from behind while the other shoved the wash rag into her mouth. Cherry's red eyes went wide as they were able.

“Oh god,” Becky said “somebody He-”

The Latino janitor clamped his iron paw over her mouth and nose, shoving her against the wall and pinning her with his own body. Becky struggled fiercely, but couldn't budge him an inch. His grip was so strong that she couldn't even close her jaw, making a bite out of the question.

“Shut up, little puta,” he said, face a mask of rage. Without turning his gaze from Becky he spoke to the giants behind him.

“Rick, AJ,” he said “get that one prepared for transport. We have a schedule to maintain.”

Becky couldn't move, but her eyes darted over to Cherry's plight. One of the massive men, the one wearing a cowboy hat who held her arms, grabbed both Cherry's wrists in one of his huge hands. He held out his free hand to the other, the one in the suit and tie. His fellow placed something in the open hand and the cowboy hat wearing thug wrapped it around Cherry's wrists. There was a high pitched growl as he closed the zip-tie tightly, binding the girls' hands behind her back.

Cowboy hat kneed Cherry in the hamstring, forcing her to kneel. He used another zip-tie to secure the wash cloth in her mouth, zipping it so tight the rag almost disappeared into the dreadlocked girls' mouth. Cherry choked, trying to speak or perhaps scream, but all that came out was a muffled whimper.

Becky watched in horror as they restrained her ankles with another zip-tie. Then Suit produced a roll of duct tape from a duffel bag on the floor. To Becky's eyes it seemed that there were over a dozen such rolls within its confines.

Working in concert, they wrapped the duct tape around Becky's wrists, covering the zip-tie as well as her skin. With a grunt, they forced her elbows together, eliciting a shriek from Cherry's gagged mouth. More tape was used to glue her limbs together tightly, making her generous bosom thrust out lewdly.

Cowboy hat seized Cherry's kicking feet and held them while Suit wrapped tape around her legs. Soon her legs were covered from ankle to thigh. They rolled Cherry onto her belly and yanked her feet up behind her, then used another zip tie to secure her legs to her bound hands.

“She's loud for a stoner,” said Cowboy hat.

“So fix it,” the janitor growled. The quick way the larger men obeyed him made it obvious he was in charge. Becky glanced at her locker, which contained her phone. If only she could reach it!

The giants wrapped tape around Cherry's mouth, muffling her into near total silence. They didn't stop there, using the tape to blindfold her as well. Only Cherry's upturned little nose was left exposed on her face. Cherry squirmed on the floor, unable to free herself but determined. If only she had shown such enthusiasm for cheer practice t hey could have went to State championships.

“Your turn, Puta,” the janitor said, leering into Becky's face. He ran one hand up her thigh, increasing Becky's efforts though not her results, until he touched her virginal twat. His fingers wormed past her panties to nestle inside her love cradle. “Oooh, nice and wet. I think this one likes it rough.”

“How come he gets all the fun?” Cowboy hat asked, wiping sweat from his brow.

“Shut up,” Janitor said, turning his face away from Becky at last. “Let's get it done.”

Becky had no chance against three men so much larger than herself. Janitor kept a hand clamped over her mouth while the other two men secured her just like Cherry. The zip ties hurt terribly, digging into her ripe flesh almost to the point of drawing blood.

She only had a split second to scream between Janitor taking his hand off her mouth and Suit shoving a washcloth into it. Fervently, she hoped that someone had heard. It was difficult to breathe with her mouth filled so completely, and as they wound duct tape around her head to hold the cloth in place she wept.

“Crying, little puta?” Janitor said, squeezing Becky's nipples painfully through her uniform top. “Once we get you back home, I'll TEACH you to cry!”

The last thing Becky saw before they blindfolded her was their leering faces.

Chapter 2

Moon was surprised that Becky didn't return, but she wasn't about to miss the opportunity.

“Team,” she said “we seem to have been abandoned by our captain. I set forth a motion to change the words in our cheer. All in favor, say aye!”

She glanced around at the squad, and found no one was listening to her. Beulah. and Ashmi were chatting, Jean was playing Pogemon while Lashonda offered pointers and Ada squinted over their shoulders, trying to grasp it all. Junko was staring at Moon's chest and legs, while Angelica was posting to MyFace.

“Why doesn't anyone ever pay any attention to me?” she fumed. “Hey, Angelica, I know YOU hate the stupid cheer.”

“Not enough to embarrass myself coming up with something different,” she said without looking up.

“But...but...” Moon stammered “why are you even on the squad, then? If everything is a joke and doesn't matter.”

Angelica stood up and dusted off her bottom.

“I'm only on the squad because of a scholarship,” she said “that, and to drive Becky crazy. I couldn't care less about football or school spirit.”

“Oh. My. God!” Cleo said, pretty mouth open in shock. “How can you say something so terrible? If you don't have spirit, you don't have a soul!”

“Oh, leave her alone, suck up,” Junko sneered. She leered at Angelica's shapely legs. “I think Angel has the right idea. It's Friday, let's get the fuck up out of here!”

“Are you sure it's okay to leave?” Beulah asked, green eyes turning from Moon to Junko. “I mean, Becky said she'd be right back.”

“That was half an hour ago,” Junko said. “IF she ain't back by now, she ain't coming back. Probably took a drag off of Cherry's joint and got popped by campus security.”

“How can you say that about Becky?” Cleo asked earnestly. “She's just perfect! She'd never do drugs!”

“She'd never do drugs,” Jean said mockingly and the squad, except for Beulah and Ada, laughed.

“I'm going to go find her,” Cleo said, rising to her feet. “Who's coming with me?”

Everyone stared in different directions, pointedly avoiding Cleo's gaze.

“Oh, you people suck!” Cleo said. “Fine, I'll go find her myself!”

“Wait a moment, friend,” Ada said in her accented English. “I accompany you.”

Cleo smiled as the Muslim girl rose to her feet. “See? Someone around here has spirit.”

“Yeah, I'm sure,” Junko said “enough spirit to fly a plane into a building!”

Jean and Angelica laughed, while the others mostly berated Junko for her racist joke. Ada looked humiliated, casting her gaze downward.

“Don't listen to that, that DYKE,” Cleo said, taking Ada by the arm. “Let's go.”

“Well, guess practice is over,” Moon grumbled. “Dismissed, everyone!”

Her command had no weight, as most of the girls were dispersing on their own. Junko stared in confusion as most of them were not heading back to the locker room.

“Hey,” she said “where are you guys going? Don't you want to, y'know, change, maybe shower?”

“No way,” Angelica said, hiking her skirt up a few more inches. “Wearing this little number, I won't have to buy my own drinks all night!”

“I'm with ya girl,” Beulah said “I'm about to get tore up—and if I'm lucky so's my vagina!”

“Gross,” said Cleo.

“I'll change later,” Lashonda said “I'm late for a raid on World of Warcraft.”

“Well,” Moon said as the girls filed out of the gymnasium “looks like it's just us.”

“Sorry,” Junko said “I don't do Koreans. Nothing personal.”

“What?” Moon said. “What in...uh, I wasn't even talking about that, Junko. I'm not really into girls.”

“Really?” Junko said with a grin “are you sure? Have you ever been with a girl?”

“No,” Moon said “are you high? I mean, there was that one night during truth or dare that my boyfriend dared his cousin to suck on my boob. It felt really nice but I was visualizing Brad Pitt the whole time and-”

“Whoah there,” Junko said, holding up her hands “I didn't ask for your damn life story! I bet you'd like it if you tried it, though.”

Moon put her hands on her hips and glared.

“You know I'm a black belt, right?” she asked hotly. “I could totally kick your ass if I wanted to.”

“Oooh,” Junko said mockingly “look who brought her big girl panties to practice today! No one beats my ass unless I'm naked and in the mood.”

Moon sighed and put a palm over her face.

“God, why do you have to be so lewd, all the time?” Junko shrugged. “Let's just get out of here.”

She stopped to glare at Junko hard.

“What?” Junko asked.

“You'd better not be checking me out in the shower,” she said, jabbing a finger in Junko's shoulder.

“I told you, I'm not into Koreans,” Junko said. “Besides, just because I'm into women doesn't mean I'm into YOU.”

“What?” Moons said, blinking in disbelief. “But...but I'm a 34 D cup size! I've got this great ass!”

She turned in a circle and thrusts her bottom toward Junko's face.

“And my hair, my teeth...I'm a ten! How can you not be attracted to me?”

Junko laughed and headed for the locker room.

“It sounds like you want me to find you attractive even though you're not gay,” she said. “Don't worry, it's actually quite common.”

“Oh gross,” Moon said, following Junko. “I so don't care that you don't find me attractive, I mean, I care but not that way! I just don't see how, logically, if you were into girls you wouldn't be into me.”

Both girls walked out the gym and took the short flight of stairs up to the girl's locker room. Junko held the door open and stared back frankly at Moon.

“It's that conceited attitude that not only makes you unattractive, it also keeps you from being cheer captain,” she said.

“Oh don't even go there!” Moon said, blinking back tears. “You don't know what it's like having parents who push you every step of the way to be the BEST. I took second place in a tournament once. You know what my father said to me?”

“Congratulations?” Junko asked.

“No, he said SECOND PLACE IS FIRST LOSER and made me walk home!” Moon was sniffling now, unable to contain her misery. “So go ahead and make fun of me, you shaven headed cretin. You can't hurt me more than I've already been hurt.”

“Oh Christ, c'mon,” Junko said as she stripped out of her uniform to reveal a toned, healthy golden body adorned with a modest amount of tattoos. “Don't be like that. I didn't mean anything by it.”

“Yes you did,” Moon said, sniffling “you meant every word, and you were right. I AM a bitch. But I don't know what else to be!”

Moon started sobbing as Junko stepped out of her panties, revealing a tribal tramp stamp. She rolled her eyes and walked over to the other girl and put an arm around her shoulder.

“C'mon now,” Junko said as soothingly as she could “stop crying, huh? Here, let's get you out of your uniform and into the shower. If you're going to make your mascara run the least you can do is wash it off at the same time.”

“Crying in the shower,” Moon said as she stepped out of her skirt with Junko's help. “I'm so pathetic.”

“I said stop that already,” Junko said. “The truth is, I actually DO think you're pretty hot, but you're just so damn conceited most of the time.”

The two girls stepped into the shower and turned on the hot spray. Water cascaded down their sleek bodies to slicken the tiled floor.

“Surprised that Cherry and Becky aren't here,” Junko said.

“Thank god they're not,” Moon said, stepping up behind Junko. She suddenly cupped the tattooed girl's breasts in her hands.

“What do you think you're doing, straight girl?” Junko asked, though she didn't move away.

“C'mon, Junko,” Moon cooed. “You have to be like, a LITTLE bit attracted to me, right? You can't deny you've fantasized about this.”

“No way,” Junko said, eyes losing focus “I don't do...Korean chicks.”

Moon moved her glistening mouth close to Junko's ear, breath hot on her neck.

“Oh yeah?” she purred. Moon moved her left hand down Junko's belly, past the anarchy tattoo covering her navel. Her nail barely brushed Junko's moist, thick and smoothly shaven pussy lip, and the girl swooned.

“That's not what your pussy says, Junko,” Moon said. A grin crossed her face and she released her right hand from Junko's breast and clamped it onto her throat instead. “I bet you love it like this. All rough.”

“Hey,” Junko said, opening her eyes “take it easy, Moon. That kinda hurts.”

“Hey,” Moon said mockingly “it's kinda supposed to. Get against that wall.”

Moon maneuvered the girl until she was pressed up against the slick tiles. Junko grimaced as Moon pressed in with her own body.

“My nipple rings are digging into the wall,” Junko said. “Not so rough, please.”

Moon reached between Junko's generous ass cheeks and stroked her pussy from underneath. The quivering mound of flesh grew moist with more than just water.

“Take my fingers, bitch,” Moon said, thrusting three of her digits into Junko's wide open cunt while her thumb tickled the anus. “Oh, it goes right in. I knew you were into me, Junko. I'm not stupid. I see you checking me out. I notice when you pay oh so MUCH attention to my sex stories with my boyfriend.”

“Oh god,” Junko said, gasping as Moon thrust four fingers into her twat “please, do it harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Oh, you want to cum, huh bitch?” Moon said. Her arm worked furiously, driving her hand inside Junko almost to the wrist. She tightened her hand into a fist and Junko clawed at the wall as she suffered an apocalyptic orgasm.

“So much for you not being attracted to me,” Moon said with a snicker. She left Junko on the floor, shivering even though the showers were steamy and hot. “Well, consider this a onetime only deal. Grudge fuck if you will.”

Moon lathered up with soap as Junko staggered to her feet. Her eyes were wide with respect as she gazed at the nude Korean girl bathing before her.

“Unless,” Moon said as she rinsed off “you help me in dethroning Becky as cheer captain. Then maybe this could happen more often.”

“You're going to bribe me with sex?” Junko said, shaking her head. “I didn't know you had it in you, Moon. I didn't know at all...”

Junko went to embrace Moon, but the girl fended her off.

“Uh uh,” she said, holding Junko at arm's length. “I'm still not a full time lezzie. You're not laying claim to me and I'm not going to be your girlfriend. But I will fuck you to a screaming orgasm, any way you want me to, at least once a week as long as you help me take that blonde bitch out of the equation. I mean, how racist is the system if we have a white cheer captain when the squad is so much more diverse?”

Junko fretted. She didn't hate Becky, not at all. Still, it had been a great deal of fun to be at Moon's mercy…

“All right,” Junko said “I suppose it won't kill Ms. Barbie doll to be taken down a peg. I'm in.”

“Bravo,” said a male voice. Both girls spun around just in time to see Cowboy point the dual Tasers in their direction. He pulled the trigger and they were penetrated by sharp needles right in the breasts. Moon was particularly unfortunate; The missile had been dead center on her nipple.

“Taste 50,000 volts, you lezzie bitches,” Cowboy said. Moon and Junko both seized up as electricity inundated their bodies. It was painful, but they were paralyzed and couldn't even scream. They toppled to the floor, Junko draped across Moon's twitching form.

“Damn, this has been easy,” Cowboy said as he gave the naked girls one more jolt for good measure. “That takes care of the karate chop saki bitch the boss said we should be worried about.”

Suit came around the corner as well, turning off the camera on his phone.

“Speaking of the boss, he's gonna love the video I just texted him,” Suit said “bonus footage!”

“You dumbass,” Janitor said, coming around the corner and smacking Suit on the arm. “Don't send crap like that over the internet! We don't want to leave any kind of trail here.”

“All right,” Suit said, swallowing hard and putting his arm behind his back. “Good thing I didn't actually send it yet.”

As Janitor knelt next to the two naked girls, Suit caught Cowboy's eye and showed him his phone. Cowboy slapped a hand over his face and sighed.

“Well, putas,” Janitor said, stroking Junko's thigh. “Looks like you're in a pickle. Can't move, can't do anything but lay there and gasp for breath like landed fish.”