Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress - Todd Hicks - ebook

Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress ebook

Todd Hicks



Who are Kerry and Katrina? It begins with Kerry becoming a master magician who uses his powers to keep everyone safe. He then trains Katrina to use sorcery.

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Todd Hicks

Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress

Mission to save the Royal Family

These two magicians save others from harm and battle challenging foes. Their biggest mission is to save the royal family in London from an evil villain who has enormous magic power and a dangerous mansion before it’s too late. This book is for all ages.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress: Mission to save the Royal Family


By Todd Hicks


Copyright by Todd Hicks in March 2016








































About The Book


This is a black magic novel about two magicians who save others from harm and battle challenging foes. Their biggest mission is to save the royal family in London from an evil villain who has enormous magic power and a dangerous mansion before it’s too late. The characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance of them to any actual persons is purely coincidental.


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Chapter One

Who are Kerry and Katrina? It begins with Kerry becoming a master magician who uses his powers to keep everyone safe. He then trains Katrina to use sorcery. Together, they make a powerful crime fighting duo.


Somewhere near a nuclear power plant in London, England, a lizard was walking near a lake. Radiation from the plant got into the lake and contaminated it. This situation led to drastic consequences. As the lizard drank the now-contaminated water, it underwent a dramatic transformation.


The lizard noticed its body making major changes. It suddenly started growing taller and bigger. Additionally, it started growing wings while slowly turning into a dragon. The lizard-turned dragon reached a height of 50 feet and a width of 10 feet.


Another drastic change took effect. The dragon could now talk and emit fire. As it exhaled, it let out a fireball. The monster realized it could spew fire simply by blowing its breath.


It then said, “Whoa! I can breathe fire now. I might as well use this new power to create havoc. I will now call myself Leonard the Dragon.”


The dragon then flew to a nearby park and set a large ball of fire on the ground that started spreading. Those who were in the park started running for their lives. Unfortunately, the fire caught six people who were close to the dragon before it set the fire. One of them was able to save himself by rolling over on the ground but the other five were not so fortunate, as they quickly died. The dragon soon flew away to cause destruction elsewhere.


Help was on the way, but only a little. A truck from the local fire department arrived to put out the fire in the park but the fire became more massive and it soon spread to the houses that were nearby. Alas, the firefighters could not put out all of these fires quickly.


Thank goodness for Kerry Rod a.k.a. Kerry the Sorcerer. While inside his castle a few miles away, Kerry looked into his magical ball to see if any major danger was occurring in the area or elsewhere. Seeing that his help was needed, he powered up his magic amulet and flew to the scene of the fires. The firefighters had only two of the fires under control.


Kerry knew he needed to douse the other fires himself. He also knew he had to do it with one spell if possible because there was too little time to spare and his amulet would only stay charged to the maximum for a finite amount of time.


He said, “Hocus pocus. Create a fire extinguisher and bucket of water for the fires not being attended to.”


As commanded, Kerry’s amulet emitted magic dust and created a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water around each fire. The fires were doused within seconds, saving many lives and homes. About a mile away, the dragon was encountered by the king’s knights as it was walking on the streets and trampling motorists to death. Five knights who were clad in armor all over approached the dragon from the front with swords.


They had on body armor suits that were made of steel but it did them no good, as the dragon’s fire was hot enough to melt their armor and fry them to death. Next, two armored knights stabbed the beast from behind but their swords could not penetrate its skin. Suddenly, he turned around and eliminated them. The dragon then flew away. It was soon encountered by Kerry the Sorcerer in the air.


After Kerry told him to stop, the dragon said, “Prepare to meet your doom.”


As the dragon threw a flame toward him, Kerry said, “Abracadabra, douse the fire.”


Suddenly, a wave of water met the fireball and put it out.


“I must take a different approach,” Leonard the Dragon thought.


Then he sent two fireballs that missed Kerry intentionally and then hit him from behind. Kerry felt pain for a few seconds from being lit on fire but he produced an aura of fire from the power of fire he naturally possessed and neutralized the dragon’s fire.


While Leonard continued to breathe fire on Kerry, the hero said, “Hocus pocus, change the dragon back into whatever it originally was.”


The spell did not work, mainly because Leonard was not transformed into a dragon through magic.


Changing tactics, Kerry said, “Hocus pocus, strip the dragon of his fire breathing power.”


The spell worked. After Leonard futilely tried to burn Kerry, he flew away and Kerry decided not to pursue him.













































Chapter Two

After crossing the drawbridge, a woman rang the doorbell next to the front door at Rod Evil Fighting Kingdom, the castle of Kerry Rod.

After Kerry answered the door, the visitor said, “Hi, I’m Kabrina Wand. I’m here to be your apprentice.”

“Yes, come right in,” Kerry the Sorcerer obliged.

They walked to the sorcery room. Soon after they entered, Kerry began schooling Kabrina.

“The first thing you need to do is learn how to make your own magic. Follow this recipe.”

“Okay,” Kabrina complied.

She began mixing and cooking the roots, herbs and elements that were listed on Kerry’s recipe in a large cauldron. Meanwhile, Cruella the Evil Witch (Ella Meanie) was causing trouble in St. Louis, Missouri. Luckily for people there, Cruella was not in the mood to kill them. Instead, she just wanted to cause mischief. One thing she chose to do was spank some people.

For example, when a few of them walked past a tree, she pointed her magic broom at it and said, “Swat them on their backsides.”

The tree then formed a creepy face, hit the three walkers on the behind with its new long, slender limbs and laughed, “Hoo hoo ha!”

The witch herself laughed, “Ah ha ha ha!”

She then turned a man in his twenties into a frog and started sprinkling people with pepper spray. She flew around the city continuing to do these mischievous deeds. Once Kabrina finished making her potion, Kerry instructed her to put an amulet he gave her into the cauldron of magical water to soak for a few minutes. As Kabrina took out the amulet which was glowing due to being fully charged, she put it on around her neck. Kerry then started telling her how to use it.

“To cast a spell with your magic amulet, say the words “hocus pocus” or “abracadabra”, then speak the command you want your amulet to carry out. As it takes up more time, I’m trying to perfect our magic so that we can cast spells without having to say those special words first.”

Kerry then gave Kabrina a small rock.

“Toss this rock up and try to turn it into a tennis ball.”

After Kabrina tossed the rock toward the ceiling, she clutched her amulet and said, “Abracadabra, turn the rock into a tennis ball.”

The rock instantly turned into a tennis ball.

Impressed, Kerry said, “That was very good although you could have substituted the words “the rock” with “it”. Remember, you want to cast your spells as quickly as you possibly can. Let’s go work on opening and closing the front door and drawbridge.”

Once they came to the front door of the castle, Kabrina followed Kerry’s command by saying, “Open sesame.”

The door opened up and the drawbridge was lowered partially.

Once the magicians flew out, Kabrina said, “Close sesame.”

The door and drawbridge instantly closed. Kabrina repeated this process and went back to the sorcery room with Kerry.