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Opis ebooka Keep The Incest: Taboo Erotica - Sebastian Brigham

Warning: This is a VERY taboo, vintage, hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description.*****Dorothy Martin was standing on a footstool in her closet, arching on tiptoes in a way that hoisted her skirt just to the tops of her flesh-colored nylons and hinted at the creamiest white soft skin imaginable. Her muscles were tense, and the round tightly spaced cheeks of her behind flexed and rippled sumptuously against the tight cling of her rayon skirt. She was a picture of utter concentration and absorption. She was watching hereighteen-year-old brown-haired brother Kenneth fuck.Rance Martin and his beautiful blonde wife Eleanor had had an urgent phone call from the latter's sister in Muskegon that her husband had had a fatal heart attack and she was utterly beside herself. So Rance and Eleanor had told Dorothy and Kenneth to look after themselves for a couple of days until they could get back from Muskegon and help poor Alma make the necessary funeral arrangements and take care of those thousand and one pressing and agonizing details which always accompany death in a family.Dorothy and Kenneth were a little set back, and after their first expression of sympathy for their Aunt Alma, felt a little miffed because it looked very much as if the planned Martin trip to California would certainly be delayed if not postponed in view of this unlooked-for circumstance. And today was the second day that Rance and Eleanor had been gone from the pleasant little bungalow on North Mildred on the North Side of the Windy City of Chicago. And young Kenneth had lost no time in taking advantage of a golden opportunity.

Opinie o ebooku Keep The Incest: Taboo Erotica - Sebastian Brigham

Fragment ebooka Keep The Incest: Taboo Erotica - Sebastian Brigham

Keep The Incest

Sebastian Brigham

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents





















Rance Martin and his beautiful blonde wife Eleanor had had an urgent phone call from the latter's sister in Muskegon that her husband had had a fatal heart attack and she was utterly beside herself. So Rance and Eleanor had told Dorothy and Kenneth to look after themselves for a couple of days until they could get back from Muskegon and help poor Alma make the necessary funeral arrangements and take care of those thousand and one pressing and agonizing details which always accompany death in a family.

Dorothy and Kenneth were a little set back, and after their first expression of sympathy for their Aunt Alma, felt a little miffed because it looked very much as if the planned Martin trip to California would certainly be delayed if not postponed in view of this unlooked-for circumstance. And today was the second day that Rance and Eleanor had been gone from the pleasant little bungalow on North Mildred on the North Side of the Windy City of Chicago. And young Kenneth had lost no time in taking advantage of a golden opportunity.

Black-haired Dorothy Martin was nineteen, insolent and haughty. There had been times when her mother and father had wished they had exercised the parental right of applying at least the palm of the hand if not the hairbrush to her jouncy back-side, but thus far she had gone through her young life unspanked. The same was perhaps even more true for Kenneth, who was going through that difficult intellectual snobbery period which so many adolescents have when they reach eighteen. But the surprising thing to Dorothy was that her brother was not only showing an interest in the opposite sex but actually going all the way right here in their own house!

It wasn't exactly the way Kenneth Martin had planned it. He had had a few dates with Dody Brandon, a plump, gum-chewing classmate of eighteen whose hair was the color of ripe wheat and whose heart-shaped face and big blue eyes and full red sensual mouth were matched to the body of a young Venus with big firm titties and a juicy pair of bottomcheeks that Kenneth had been itching to sink his fingers in from the very first moment when Dody Brandon had walked into Senior English this last February and been told to take her seat in the row just ahead of him and to his left. Throughout the semester—and it was now the end of June— Kenneth Martin had been stealing greedy and hopeful glances at Dody's big firm titties. He could only see the right one in a kind of profile from where he sat behind her and to the side, but if looks could have been translated into reality, he would have seen the color of her nipples by now. As a matter of fact, he was doing just that, and he was also discovering the true color of her pussyhair... it wasn't wheat color at all, but a dark brown and very thick for a girl her age, almost completely hiding the plump pink lips of her cunt. And he had also made a fascinating discovery—Dody Brandon wasn't a virgin. But then, there was no need of quarreling over such a detail; in the first place he wasn't a perfectionist, in the second, it was just about his own first sexual experience, and in the third place if Dody had been a virgin, he probably wouldn't be humping her right now in his own bedroom.


For that matter, Dorothy wasn't supposed to be there either. It was Saturday afternoon and she had originally decided to go to a movie with her best girlfriend, Sue Wells. Sue was just six months older, but already engaged to be married, and she had already done a good deal of talking about the joys that would be hers legally once the ring was put on her finger and the words said over her and the sheets drawn and the door locked between herself and Tom Jurgens. Dorothy naturally had read enough about fucking and such variants as Frenching, but she was still a virgin. Sue wasn't, obviously, because she and Tom had hit it off so well from the very start that the two of them had tried to find out if each was suited to the other on their very second date. That had been five months ago, and by now Sue and Tom were pretty sure that they wanted to get married so they could fuck all they wanted and not have to sneak around to find a place to do it as they did now.

What had happened was that Tom had been out of town—he was a junior salesman at the Torrance Finer Food Company, which sold to restaurants and hotels and institutions—and Sue hadn't expected him back until next Monday. He had called her up only eighteen minutes after Dorothy and Sue had made a date to go see “Ben Hur” down at the Loop, and Sue had called Dorothy back apologetically to tell her that she was awfully sorry but she just had to break the date because she and Tom were going to be together all afternoon and evening. And of course Dorothy had understood. And she was also a little envious, because from the way Sue had raved about what it felt like when a man stuck his cock inside your pussy and was gentle and tender and kissed your titties and goosed you while he was humping you, you had all sorts of sensations that sent you off into heaven. They were far better, Sue had assured Dorothy, than diddling yourself with your own finger—something Dorothy was doing surreptitiously at night with more and more frequency, since after all she was a young woman and herself of a ripe age to find a permanent fucking partner. Instead of which, she was still cherry.

So what had happened was that Dorothy had unhappily gone on back home and arrived about twenty minutes after Kenneth had started fooling around with cute young sexy Dody Brandon. Kenneth had expected that he'd have the whole bungalow to himself because he had overheard Dorothy talking to Sue on the phone originally this morning about seeing the movie, and he knew that it took four hours for the whole show which would give him more than enough time to have his first piece of cunt.

And finally, so that the perfectionist who may read this story will have every detail explained in the most transparent way, Dody Brandon herself had agreed to service Kenneth Martin on an impulsive whim, when she had managed to wrest out of him the embarrassed and stammered confession that he'd never had a piece of pussy before in all of his fife. Dody Brandon was known as an “easy lay” over at Lane Tech High School, but that was a sour-grapes rumor started by a couple of fellows who had made a couple of passes at her and been thrown out trying to reach first base, much less getting Home with her. She liked cock as well as any girl in the student body, but she was discriminating, and she would have you know that from the very outset. If you thought that the rumor that she was easy to seduce made it possible for you to slip your hand under her skirt on your first date and find home plate right then and there, you had another couple of thinks coming. And like as not Dody would never go out with you again if you tried a stunt like that the first time. The second or third, that was something else, if she had already taken a liking to you. She was a smart chick, even though her grades didn't exactly show it, being a C student; she had already found out from her mother about the pill, and she had been taking them for the past year. And since she had started taking the pill, she had had now fewer than seven different male cocks slide down the tight warm squishy groove of her eager cunt, and now Kenneth Martin's was the eighth.

Dody's father and mother were reasonably well to do, but they were out of town a good deal of the time and they gave her considerable leeway. For example, four of the fellows she had let fuck her after a second date had had their first piece of Dody's tasty quim in her own bed in her own house on North Devon Avenue. And yesterday in geometry class, just before the last bell, Kenneth Martin, who sat right next to Dody, had looked at her in such an imploring way, that she couldn't help giggling and she had followed him out into the hall and teasingly whispered, “Don't think I haven't seen the way you've been giving me the eye all semester, Kenny. But I bet you wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it. I think you're cute, but that doesn't mean you're going to get into my panties.” And he had blushed so furiously that Dody's eyes had grown very wide and then she had pointed an accusing finger at him and, almost doubled over with giggles, hissed, “I'll just bet you never even had a girl, that's what I bet, Kenneth Martin!” And so, feeling the earth open up under him and swallow him up, he had desperately bragged that she was terribly mistaken and that he could probably give her a better time than any boy she had ever known.

Being a daughter of Eve, Dody had known that he was lying, and it had only convinced her that this would be a delightful experience to be able to teach a nice-looking fellow like Kenneth Martin what pleasure a boy and a girl could have together when they got better acquainted in a horizontal position and packed as snugly as a cock and cunt can merge. So she had pretended to be very awed by his boast and had taken him at his word and called his bluff by whispering, “All right, then, Kenny, I'll just see how good you are. My folks'll be out of town tomorrow, but that old cranky housekeeper we've got, Mrs. Judson, will be there cleaning so I can't have you over to my place. Where can we go?” And naturally Kenneth Martin had suggested his own house, being quite certain that his sister, as was her custom, would spend the afternoon with her perennial girl friend Sue Wells.


Dorothy Martin arched on the footstool, her slim fingers clamped to one of the ceiling beams in her closet. There was a wide crack there just between the ceiling itself and the wooden moulding, and it was wide enough to look way out and then down, and her brother's bed was at the opposite end of the long room next to her closet, so she could see what was going on. Dody Brandon was naked except for her yellow cotton bobby sox, and her brother, muscular and slender, his black hair tousled and his face screwed up with concentration, was lying over her, his left arm under her shoulders. Dody had her fingers clasped around the back of Kenneth's neck, and her plump bare calves and thighs clutched over Kenneth Martin's wiry and slightly hairy legs. His lean muscular bottom was tightening and opening as he arched and then sank up and down over Dody Brandon's naked body, and every time he went down, Dody would emit a little “ohh, that's so good, oh don't hurry, let's make it last a long time—my gosh, you sure are good at this—you mean it's your first time?”

“Uh huh,” Kenneth Martin panted, “I read a lot of books, and I got some dirty pictures from a store on Division Street one time that shows how it's done. And anyhow, Dody, you're so sexy I got all fired up and I guess that's why I'm doing it so good.” And then, naively; he had asked, just like a little boy who wanted to be praised by his elders, “You sure I'm doing okay?”

“Mmmm, Kenny, I should certainly say you are —put your other hand under my bummy and squeeze it, I like to have my bummy squeezed when I'm getting honked,” Dody sighed as she wriggled accommodatingly to ease her position under the lanky, excited naked youth. Actually, Kenneth Martin wasn't entirely naked; he had on his shorts, and he had naturally unbuttoned them to permit the emergence of his stiff young and certainly adequate cock.

When Dorothy Martin had entered the house, she had glumly gone upstairs to her room, and that's when she had heard giggles and the sounds of kisses, and then, amazed at all this, put her ear to the door and heard Dody Brandon say, “Ohh, you sure got a big dong on you, Kenny honey! Let's get to bed fast so I can see if it's going to fit nice and tight in my little lovebox!”

Her first impulse had been to fling open the door and give her brother hell for daring to get away with such a thing. But the sound of those kisses and her brother's hoarse moans and gasped-out praises of Dody's nakedness had stirred a shuddering warmth in Dorothy Martin's loins. So for the first time in her life she was spying on her brother. She had always known about this big crack in the ceiling of her closet, but this was the first time she was using it.

She didn't know it, but that impulse of being a peeping Tom (or rather, Thomasina!) was going to lead to the most remarkable drama of her young life and one in which not only Kenneth but her father and mother would also participate!


Dorothy Martin knew even more theoretically than her brother about what she was watching now for the first time, and since she had been eighteen, her slim right forefinger had been her sweetheart. She rather fancied herself as being superior to most of the young males who hovered around her like moths about a candle, because after all her parents had doted on her so as to make her feel that she was something special. And to be sure she was. Physically, Dorothy was alluring and delicious, with the softest white skin and firm jouncy figure imaginable. And at nineteen she was overripe for fucking, except that she'd only had a few dates where boys had been allowed to be really close enough to her to start realizing what appetizing cockmeat she was going to turn out to be, such as movies—where they could put an arm round her waist or maybe slip a hand onto her knee and learn whether she would slap it indignantly off or let it stay there.

Thus far, they'd had it slapped off, for Dorothy had made quite a point of letting ambitious young men know she “wasn't that kind of girl.” Secretly, though, at the ripely mature age of nineteen, she was beginning to get very curious about what sex could really be like with the right fellow. And theoretically, she knew all about the differences of male and female and that “coitus”—that was a highbrow term she'd read in a book she'd accidentally come across at the library—was the way you got babies.

Only now, for the first time in her delectable young life, she was seeing fucking for what it really was—in the person of her own younger brother and Dody Brandon, who was of course much younger than she herself was. And the idea that these “kids”—for she'd always up till now thought of Kenneth as a kid—could be actually doing what grownups do, what married people do, was just incredible to her. So she couldn't take her eye away from the crack in the wall through which she was witnessing all this.

Dorothy Martin stared as if she were hypnotized. Her calf muscles ached from the strain on them in having to stand on tiptoe to get just the right angle to look down through the crack which let her view her brother's bed on which he lay atop Dody Brandon. Her nostrils twitched and flared more and more quickly, and her magnificent titties began to rise and fall with a turbulence unused to her usual poise. She began also to experience a tingling sensation right between her quivering, tensing thighs. It was a familiar feeling. It was the feeling that she had alleviated many a night with her dainty finger, lying in bed alone in her room with the door securely closed and the shades down, pretending that maybe she had a boyfriend the way Sue Wells did, a boyfriend who would be right there with her in bed stroking her bare legs and her bubbies and maybe slipping a hand under her behind and pinching the cheeks while he kissed her hard on the mouth and then moved over her to put himself deep into that furry groove which was now itching so annoyingly between Dorothy Martin's beautiful creamy legs.

She gasped to herself when she saw Dody clamp her bare legs over Kenneth's wiry calves, saw Dody's toes curl and twist in those yellow bobby-sox, saw Dody's plump, pretty arms swift to clutch her brother's shoulders and hug him down over her swelling ripe young titties. Dody's wheat-colored hair was rumpled and massed all around the pillow, and her eyes were wide open and her mouth was glued to Kenneth's. It was the most lascivious picture Dorothy Martin could have imagined, even when she thought of her own imaginary lover alone in bed with her in the dark. And naturally it left her stunned.

However, her first reaction was one of horrified concern; what if her brother got that nasty little tramp pregnant, what then? She was somewhat relieved when suddenly she heard the naked girl giggle and say, “Now, aren'tcha glad I toldja how to do it to me without usin' a rubber? Only dummies hafta do that, Kenny honey. Me, I found out where Mom keeps her pills, and I take 'em regular, see. That way, you can't get me into trouble. And doesn't it feel lots better having your dong right down inside my box, without anything on it?”

“Gee, yeah, Dody, oooh, gosh, it feels wonderful!” she heard Kenneth hoarsely pant. She saw his muscular young bottom contract as he thrust himself deep into the girl, and saw Dody's bare legs squirm about and rise up higher on his thighs as they took an even more possessive hold.

Dorothy Martin shivered. The feeling between her legs was getting warmer and moister and itchier by the minute. But in the difficult and strained position of arching high on tiptoes and clutching the molding with both hands to balance herself so that her eyes would be fixed at a sort of down-angling look into her brother's room, there was really nothing she could do about it. She clenched her thighs tightly, hoping to disperse the churning sensation which was beginning way down deep in her matrix and titillating the soft inner lips of her pussy. She heard Dody moan, “Ohh, Kenny, honey, you can't be doin' it just for the first time, you jist can't. You're doin' too good—mmmm, oh, honey, honey, sock it to me good and hard, I can take it, and I need it bad now, Kenny baby!”

Dorothy could hardly believe her ears, much less her eyes. But she knew that neither of her senses was lying to her. This young chit so much younger than herself, already a practiced and passionate piece of pussy, actually doing what her girl friend, Sue must be doing with her fiance maybe right now for all she knew. And her own brother, her kid brother who wasn't dry behind the ears yet! Why, it just wasn't to be credenced at all. And yet there it, was, her ears taking it in, her eyes seeing her brother's wiry bottom tensing and jerking as he arched himself and then dug down into Dody's eager young cunt.

He began to moan now and to pant, because he couldn't keep it up much longer, and he exclaimed in a husky, trembling voice, “Aaahhh, ohh, gosh, Dody baby, I'm going to burst, I can't hold it back much longer, oh Dody, get ready—” and she was gasping, “You gotta, I'm not there yet, oh please, don'tcha let me down now, Kenny, or I'll never let you poke me again, so help me—faster, dig it into me faster'n harder too, Kenny sweetie—there, there, I'm almost there, now, ohhh, Kenny, sock it to me now!!” She saw her brother's agonized, congested face rise from Dody's, his eyes bulging and glassy, saw his back and thigh muscles wrench, and then heard his wild yell of agonized exultation as he sank down on the naked teen-ager whose bare legs swept up and locked ferociously around his heaving bottom. And her hands had cupped his cheeks and she was kissing him wildly, and arching herself, and sobbing, “Ooohhh, oh yes, oh it's so good, oh how much you shot into my box, oh baby, that was heaven!”

And it was over. Dorothy Martin had watched a fucking for the first time. And as she slowly and cautiously got down off the stool, taking care not to make a single sound, her legs were weak under her, and her muscles ached... and it wasn't just from the stress of standing on tiptoe to watch; it was because in her pussy, in that virgin cleft, she was experiencing even more torrid yearnings than Dody ever could.

She really didn't have a yardstick to compare, to be sure. But because of Dorothy Martin's maturity and beauty and her own frustrated virginal state, the scene she had just witnessed was going to mark her psyche indelibly and prepare her for the transformation of her delicious and voluptuous young life!


Dorothy Martin was in a quandary after what she had seen through that treacherous crack in the wall. She realized she had something to dangle over her brother's head like a kind of Damoclean sword if ever she needed it because all she had to do was tell her mother and father that Kenny had brought a girl into their house while they were out of town, and Kenny's name would be mud. Then she stopped to think a little. They would probably ask her how she knew what was going on, and then she would have to tell all about the crack in the wall, and that would make her out to be a good deal of a sneak. No, she would just keep it to herself and remember it if ever Kenny needed a lesson in toeing the mark.

She vaguely heard their drowsy voices, and she guessed that they were dressing and preparing to leave. Kenny didn't know that she was back home, of course, so she decided to stretch out on her bed and take a nap. But the trouble was, she couldn't. The lustful images of Dody and her brother squirming about and fucking made her restless. Her legs shivered and there was a warm, quivering feeling right between her thighs. She quickly took off her dress and slip, panties, bra and garterbelt and charcoal-brown nylons and pumps, and she glanced at herself in the mirror and shivered again: the face she saw was flushed, the eyes humid and wide, and there were beads of perspiration on her forehead. She glanced down at herself and saw how her white nylon panties clung against her crotch, pressing tightly against the crisp thick black triangle of her virgin cunt-hole. She seemed to see herself for the first time, and she stared entranced at herself, in a land of narcissistic enjoyment. She wondered what a man would think of what she had to offer just under those tight, so very sheer nylon panties and under the matching bra.

If a man had been present to appraise her, he would have answered her with direct action... with a hard-on, to be exact. Her face was oval, haughty, with small, ripe lips (the upper one had an arrogant curl to it which further pronounced her haughty mien), and she had an aquiline nose with very thin, widely flaring nostrils. Her cheekbones were high set, and with her slightly almond-shaped gray-green eyes, and pure, high arching forehead, she had a kind of Eurasian look to her which was maddeningly exciting. She wore her glossy black hair in a thick pageboy, curls beautifully turned under and caressing her neck and shoulders. It was combed up high from the forehead which emphasized that fine full pure arch and suggested that she was also an intellectual. Actually, Dorothy Martin, in spite of being nineteen and thus two years older than her brother Kenny, was a self-centered and rather superficial girl who tended to judge life by material standards and who was impressed only on a date when a boy had a new car and a big allowance to spend and knew where to take her to the most expensive restaurants and theaters. Yet physically she was really magnificent and mouthwatering to see in this dishabille. She had titties that were surprisingly ample, very full and firm and round, set closely together and perched high on her creamy chest. She had a delightfully slim waist, but it flared into ripely curved hips. The cheeks of her bottom were upstandingly rounded, impudent and jouncy, and the furrow between them gradually widened as it reached the base of those two succulent hemispheres. By contrast, which made her even more feminine, and desirable, her thighs were long and seductively curved, beautifully muscled, merging from slim, sinuously mobile calves. When she had stood on the stool to watch her brother fuck Dody, the muscles of those lovely calves had rippled and flexed and writhed under her finely grained soft white skin, and the charcoal brown nylons, gauzy and snug as a second skin, had faithfully transcribed those undulatory movements.