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'Keep Fighting, Never Give Up' is a book that will give you the solution to your problems. It is an accurate book given to everyone to know the positive outlook of life and also to the people that think that they are everything, and people that called something nothing and call nothing something. It also points out about the people that think that they can use their money to do everything regardless that money comes and goes.

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Keep Fighting, Never Give Up


Anslem Ntadom Chijioke

Copyright © 2018 by Anslem Ntadom Chijioke.

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The secret way you can make your enemy ashamed is not only by killing, robbing or using diabolic means but the secret is to fill your mind with taught of doubt, lack of confidence.  To one man who for a long time had been haunted by insecurity and fears, I suggest that he read through the Holy Bible how Moses fought against Pharaoh and their soldiers by underlining in red pen every movement that Moses took in that fight which contains relative courage and confidence.  He also committed them to memory without double mind, distraction that means putting all your effort and focus on your faith in God.  Whenever negative thoughts concerning your power against your enemy come try to use the most powerful name which is Jesus to cancel it.

Do not build up obstacles in your imagination, takeaway every so called obstacle.  Difficulties must be studied and efficiently dealt with, but they must not be seen for only what they are. They must not be inflated by fear, taught; do not be awestruck by other people and do not try to copy them.  When fear is coming on your mind repeatedly, try to use this dynamic words; “if God is with us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31).” After reading, keep it and start memorizing it in your mind slowly and confidently.  Learn the origin of your inferiority and self-doubt feelings which often bring to childhood-self knowledge leads to cure.  Make a true estimate in your own ability then raise it to percent.  Do not become selfish, but develop a wholesome self-respect.  Believe that God will make it happen as it was in the days of Moses against Pharaoh.  Put yourself in God’s hand.  To do this simply means I am in God’s hands, and then believe in him by receiving all the power you need in your fight against your enemy.  Believe that God is with you that nothing can defeat you when he is with you because He said that he will protect us, in the days of our suffering even against our enemy that is troubling us he will give us power to defeat them in all manner of ways that can make it happen.  Do not wait for it to happen rather make it happen and see it done.

Believe that you now receive power from God; some people are waiting for something to happen for them to see how it happens without putting any effort.  A discouraged man said that he has tried every angle for it to happen but seemingly without result, so I guess there is no power on earth can save me from my problems, he sighed.  And a man said, “I wouldn’t look at it that way, I believe you are wrong in saying this, there is no way that can save you from your problems, I personally have found that there is an answer to every problem.  So there is power that can save you from your problem”.  And he said to the discourage man, why can’t you try prayers?

Surprisingly, the discouraged man said “of course I believe in prayer but perhaps I don’t know how to pray but now I am willing to try prayer if you will show me how to pray.  He did apply practical prayer techniques and due course got his answer.  Now he believe that he can make it happen and the greatest effort you can apply in any matter is to pray without discouragement or double mind. 

Brethren, any obstacle your enemies have put in your life can solve through prayer in that case every problem can be solved and solved right if you pray with faith that it’s done.


Devious strategies to defeat your enemies are to attack where he is unprepared; move when he does not expect you.  The secret to success is having a strategy and knowing when to move, and when to be patient and wait for the perfect time of God for you to make you move.  If you know your enemy, and then plan your strategy, you can easily attack where he is not prepared and move when he does not expect you to move.

But there is another part to this strategy as well – the mental warfare side.  Not only do you want to attack where he is unprepared and move when he does not expect you, but you also want to make him think that you are going to attack, when you are not.  Make him think that you are about to make your move, when you have no plans of moving at that time.  This strategy will play on his minds, drain his mental and physical energy, and irritate him to the point that he will make mistakes.

Keep your enemy on his heels, play the game in such a way that you are completely unpredictable and it will drive your enemy into crazy trying to figure out what you will do next.  Never allow him to relax.  When he tries to relax, that is when you will hit him hard.  When he is strong and ready, sit back, be patient and relax while he is stress, pump up, and ready to go.  Attack your enemy’s mind, and many times, he will defeat himself or flee from you.

This is a time-tested strategy that has been used throughout the ages.  Never let your enemy know when or where you will attack.  When your enemy doesn’t know where or when you will attack, he has to be prepared for an attack for all times, and he has to try to shore up his defenses in multiple places.  This is exhausting for him.  It tries him out, it frustrates him and at times it enrages him.  That is when you have him exactly when you want him.

Once you have angered him, he is on his way to defeat. An angry man cannot think straight; he is not able to see things rationally, and he will make mistakes.  This is why the ancient cells used to raise the kilts and taunt their enemies.  It was ask to stand in front of them and the whole army giving them the finger and daring them to do something about it.  It was a screw to the opposing army, and was insulting and greatly angered them.  The angry warrior is highly susceptible to making mistakes.

Omengbeoji also taught that, in strategy, secrecy is of the utmost important if the enemy knows what you have planned; it is easy to counter your attack.  Keep your strategy secret. Always keep your enemies guessing.  The stress associated with knowing that they are going to get hit hard, but not knowing when, where or how, really takes toll of your enemies.  This strategy keeps your enemy’s fight or flight response activated constantly.  When someone’s fight or flight response is activated, the overall effect is that your body speed up, tenses up, and you become very alert. Your body releases adrenaline and noradrenalin into the blood stream, and these stress hormones causes increase in the heart rate and in blood pressure.  At the same time, your body releases over 30 different hormones that prepare the body for threat.

These changes, and the hormones released into the body, have many effects on the body that are essential at the time that you need them, but are very detrimental to the body if the body is continually in the fight or flight response mode.

❖  Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your pupils dilate and you start to have tunnel vision.

❖  Blood glucose levels increase

❖  Muscles tense up

❖  Non-essential system like your digestion and your immune system shut down.

❖  You will have trouble focusing on small task, as brain is focus only on the threat.

❖  Cortisol  (the stress hormone) levels increases.

All these responses are meant to help you survive during a dangerous situation by preparing your body to either run for safety or fight for your life.  And during a dangerous is exactly what you need.  But, or bodies are not designed to be the fight-or-flight response mode constantly.

This is where the strategy is effective for a person who is fighting his enemy. By making sure that your enemy knows that you are going to attack him, but never letting him know when the attack will come, he remains in the fight-or-flight stage constantly, or at least on and off for long period of time.  Not only does this drain him mentally, but it also takes a big toll on his body, affecting his digestion, thus nutritional intake, his immune system, which is tied into his digestive system, his muscles start to get knotted up, his heart rate is increased and I can guarantee you that his blood pressure will be through the roof.

His cortisol level will consistently stay high, causing even more problems for your enemy.  High levels of Cortisol are responsible for the followings:

❖  Impaired cognitive performance

❖  Lower thyroid function

❖  Blood sugar imbalances

❖  Sleep disruption

❖  Decreased muscle mass

❖  Elevated blood pressure

❖  Lowered immune function

❖  Slow wound healing

❖  Increased abdominal fat

All of these things weaken your enemy both mentally and physically, making it easier for you to defeat him at the time God chose it to be.

When it comes to an enemy which you must defeat, you must have good strategy and use prayer and everything at your disposal.  Too many warriors only look at defeating their enemies on a physical level, which is important too, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy.  Use every strategy at your disposal.  Keep him guessing, keep him stressed out, keep him angered.  Soon, the combination of all of these things will start to get to him.  He will grow impatient, irritated, angry and rash; and he will make mistakes and provide you with the opening that you need to defeat him.

Be patient and work your strategy. Don’t feel that you have to defeat your enemy immediately. Strike when he is unprepared, drained, and out of sorts.  Move when he least expects it. Don’t let him relax unless you want him to relax, and when he does, move with overwhelming force.

When fighting, follow the perfect way, a friend of mine ask me why do you always insist of talking about the perfect way.  I replied “why do you think that I insist of taking the right way?  To the fighter there is only one way, the path of the fighter.  That way is not easy way, it is not the one that most people choose because of choice.  The easy way or the difficult way, the fighter does not look at his life in those terms.  The average person looks at life in terms of what is best for him or her personally.  The fighter looks at life in terms of what is good.  To the fighter, there are not many choices to choose from, there is only right and wrong.

Fighters are dedicated to what is right; so they do not see two ways, but only the perfect way.  And they do not consider whether that way is easy or difficult, only whether or not is right. The way may not be easy for the fighters but the choice of ways always is.


In our lives we have all been on a roller coaster, whether it is in our teenage years or in our adulthood years, there has been a point in our lives when we have fallen out with friends that we were really close to or broken up with the “love of our lives”.  But we have to learn to forget about those things no matter how hard they may be.  The following article will be given step by step instructions on how to get revenge on your enemies.

Step 1:

Be smart:  This is the ultimate way to hurt your enemy!  Especially if your enemy is smarter and more competitive than you.  There are many ways that you can gain intelligence, but the one thing where we all get our intelligence from is books.  Read as many books as you can.  It can be science, mathematics, English, history or even magazines and newspapers.  All of these things will help you gain information.  By being smart, you will totally fire up your enemy.  Some of you may be too lazy, but all you have got to remember, is your enemies face when you beat them in war off or in lives.  Remember being smart will open you lot of doors in life.  You will have a well-paid job and lives a happy life with lots of friends.  People will become interested in you and want to be your friend.  Even the people that don’t like you that much will ask for your help.  You will be respected and popular for your intelligence and that will burn up your enemy inside, although they may not seem to see on the outside.

Eventually, they will realize what an idiot they were for leaving you and ask to be your friend again.  In that case by being smart you can discover your entire enemy’s plan that is were you will start from the inmost part of his plan to pull him down.  Don’t get the idea that you are at least carrying the world on your shoulders, don’t strain so hard; don’t take yourself so seriously determine to like your work.  Then it will become a pleasure, not drudgery, perhaps you do not need to change your mind on your fighting, change your self and your fighting will seem different.

❖  Plan for life and fight your battle, lack of thinking can make you feel lose your battle

❖  Don’t try to do every thing at once that is why time is spread out, heed that wise advice in the bible and have more experience in your battle.

❖  Try to get a perfect metal attitude, remembering that ease or difficulty in your battle depends upon how you think about it, think it’s hard and make it hard.  Think it’s easy and it tends to become easy.

❖  Become efficient in your fight, “for knowledge is powerful” (over your battle).  It is easier to fight a battle with a smart mind.

❖  Practice being relaxed, easy does it.  Don’t press or tug.  Take it in your stride.  Discipline yourself in such a manner that will affect your enemy, mind to go mental, pray about your fight because God said that He will fight for us in the day of our trouble, and keep your battle in your schedule.

❖  Pray about battle you will get relaxed efficiently by so doing, go with courageous person, don’t go with a discourage man that can disappoint you in a middle of the road why going make hast why the sun shine.

Step 2:  Don’t give up on Things:  They will only be happier if you give up doing things that you used to do.  Continue life as normal.  This may be hard, but try your hardest to live your life to the fullest.  This will of course take time but eventually like everything else in life, you will forget about them.  Time goes by you can do it.  Once you’ve started something, don’t give up.  It is too hard or even if you just don’t have time for that one thing at the moment, still keep trying.  It may be hard at first but once you start getting it you can have a lot of things doing in it.