Katie's Hotwife Reawakening - Thomas Roberts - ebook

Katie absolutely loved banging her sexy movie star, Brad Peterson! Now she's so desperate to experience more explosive climaxes, not even pregnancy can stop her from experimenting with huge sex toys and wild public orgies. Then Brad returns, and poor Mack must helplessly watch as his sexy wife gleefully cuckolds him again!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"What do you want, Katie? Why are you here?" Princess asked."I want Brad to use me. I want to be his." She couldn't have picked words more likely to cause my stomach to clench and me to throb."That's fine, but you need to beg him, Katie. Lots of women want Brad Peterson. What's special about you?" Princess was looking for something specific from my wife. "Tell him.""Brad, please use your big member. I'll suck you, I'll even let you use my rear. I'll belong to you, Brad. You can hurt me. More than these clamps. I don't care. I'll whore for you, Brad, just please let me touch me." Katie looked like she was near tears with need.I'd just heard the dirtiest things Katie had ever said, and she'd said them to another man. She was offering him her body and her soul. I wanted her to take it back or for him to turn her down, but part of me wanted him to accept her.She's betrayed me, I agreed to come here, to watch my wife with another man, but not this. This was too much. I told my legs to stand up, but they wouldn't obey me, they wanted to see how this turned out too. Darn legs, turning sissy on me."Katie, don't be shy, show Brad what he's getting, show Brad your naughty bits."My wife immediately dropped to her hands and knees, her privates pointed straight at Peterson. Resting her head on the carpet, Katie used her hands to spread herself open. It was as though she was going to be fisted again.I couldn't see her, but I was treated to the sight of my wife's breasts and the clamps, pushing into the carpet, bulging out at the sides. She was making desperate noises as her hips continued their pumping motion.I could see the outline in Brad's pants. Much longer than mine and thick. It looked like a small log. Princess stroked him as they watched my wife display and humiliate herself.I watched her too. I'd never seen my wife subjugate herself sexually before, it was an arresting sight. She really did look like an animal in heat as she dripped, and her hips moved.At that moment, I would have given everything I had, or would ever have, for a to be big enough to satisfy her. I looked down my pants. "You're a real disappointment to me, you know that?" Maybe every man talks to his pants from time to time. It's okay, they don't listen.Katie wouldn't look me in the eye. I tried to read her face, always a tricky thing to do; I think I saw both lust and shame. Shame at her own lust and how she was humiliating both of us."Hold your head up, Katie," Princess ordered.Katie held her head straighter, staring straight ahead. She still wouldn't look at me."Katie, you can't deny this. Look at your husband."After a long pause, Katie did look me in the eye. She was breathing deeply. I think I read her look as I love you. I know I'm acting like a whore. Let me have this, please.'I hope she read my look as Yes you are, damn I want you right now.'.

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Katie’s Cuckold Adventures

Katie’s Hotwife Reawakening

By Thomas Roberts

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Edited by Sandy Ebel

Copyright Thomas Roberts 2018

This book is intended for ADULTS ONLY and all characters at over 18 years of age.

This is an erotic work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is accidental and damned amazing.

It helps to have read “Katie’s Hotwife Awakening” first, mostly because I like to sell books. But, it’s not needed.

There is sex, lots of it. There is wife cheating and all kinds of goings-on. If that offends you, please don’t read this book. But if you’re looking for a fun, dirty read, this is it.


My wife was on her hands and knees, juices visibly flowing from her pussy onto the expensive Oriental rug beneath her.

I sat on the love seat, only feet away, as Katie begged her film star ideal to fuck her.

“Please, Brad. Oh God, please put it inside me. I need you.”

I was torn between the feel of my hard cock throbbing in my pants and intense jealousy.

They’d done it before, I’d watched, but I’d never seen Katie as a subservient as she was now. She’d done everything he’d asked, she’d humiliated herself for him, and now she was begging him to use her.

Princess, naked now too, put her hand on my thigh. She seemed to understand my distress, and when I looked at her, she smiled for the first time.

Chapter 1

I won’t kid you, it took a while for things to get back to normal. I was used to living with Katie, but a pregnant Katie? That took some adjusting.

The pregnancy hormones had her craving sex, and they also caused her boobs to enlarge. The effect was minimized somewhat by her growing belly, but a man can’t have everything. I really love her boobs, and the new enlarged versions were pretty great.

Katie’s tits were large to begin with. I became concerned the weight of them would make her fall on her face. Instead, they just gave her back aches which combined with all the other miseries of being pregnant, caused me to spend a lot of time caring for her.

Sometimes, it was better to just hide. I’m no fool; there are times when it just makes sense to become invisible.

I even started playing golf again since we lived in a country club community. It would get me out of the house for five or six hours, but when I set a course record for lost balls in one round, I had to cut back. I’m not sure what game I was playing, but it wasn’t golf.

One lazy Saturday as we were lying around, I got up to go to the bathroom. “Pee, I must,” I said on my way out the door.

“Hey, Yoda, as long as you’re up, bring back some food.” Her hunger never let up.

We seemed to be fresh out of krill, so I just brought her some cookies. Wisely, I kept the krill thought to myself. She wasn’t as fast as before, but she could still throw a mean punch.

While Katie was in a good mood, I decided to broach the “Brad” topic. There was information I wanted and now seemed like a good time to get it.

“So, honey bunch,” I began.

“Don’t give me that shit, what do you want?”

I thought it had been a good time.

“I want to talk about Brad. Brad’s cock and what we’re planning if anything.” This caused Katie to adjust her belly and give me the ‘look.’

“What do you want to know, Mack?” she answered in a flat voice.

“I know I’m on the small side,” I said, getting a sniff out of Katie. “I also know Brad not only met your movie star fantasy, but also gave you a taste of a large cock.” Those words seemed to get Katie interested in the conversation. “I also know you liked it, he provided something for you. True?”

“Yes. Both statements are true. I’ve always had a thing for Brad Peterson, but I didn’t know I liked large ‘things’ until one was inside me. But, oh my God, did that feel good!” She confirmed my suspicions which really didn’t need confirming.

“Here comes the hard question, are you ready?”

Katie squeezed her eyes shut and hunched her shoulders as if to prepare herself for something physically difficult.

“Okay. I’m ready.” Her hands gripped the sides of the couch, but her lips were smiling.

“Are you going to want another large cock?” I asked.

Katie’s eyes flew open in surprise at the question. Her hands covered her mouth as she stared at me in astonishment.

“Mack, you’re all I need. I don’t need some massive pecker poking at me all the time.”

“Look, you know I surprised myself by being turned on watching you. Scared the shit out of me because I thought you wouldn’t want me anymore, but it also gave me a giant hard-on.”

“Giant,” Katie giggled, “You said ‘giant.’”

“Alright smart ass. A tiny hard-on, but it was really hard. Watching you cum like that, watching you surrender yourself, hell, I’m hard right now just thinking about it.”

“Are you, Mack?” Katie was running her hand over the front of my pants. “Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you. I think you’ve made me cream myself, too.

“But I didn’t surrender so much as I was taken by that cock. He boarded the good ship Katie and just fucked her senseless,” my wife continued, looking at me with wide eyes, making sure that I got her point.

“I didn’t put up much of a fight because I didn’t want to. I was overwhelmed and, oh God, it felt so good. I can’t describe the sensations. He had me, and I couldn’t think, he took away my will. Just this enormous cock taking me to a different planet. Come on, you’re fucking me now,” Katie demanded, jerking me off the couch and into the bedroom.

It was sometime later that she could return to my question. We had already made love once, and we were in the middle of round two. Katie was panting as I ate her.

“I’d never do anything without you Mack. You know that.” pant, pant, pant. “But if the situation came up, and you were okay with it….”

With a roar, I came all over the sheets.

“Hey, what about me? Get back down there and finish what you started!”

My head was pushed back between Katie’s thighs.

Chapter 2

The pregnancy also caused me to watch too much internet porn, particularly as we neared her due date. Which raised an interesting question: Is there such a thing as too much internet porn? I’m going to need to do a lot more research on that question. Why was I drawn to cuckolding clips? I wasn’t a cuckold, was I?

During the pregnancy, I bought something I’d always wanted and could now afford—a shiny black Porsche. I know, tiny dicks drive sports cars. Fuck you, I like my car. And my tiny dick.

Katie had no end of fun, amusing herself by giving me grief about that car. Obviously, I was making up for having a tiny cock by buying an expensive sports car to zoom around in. I didn’t care, all those guys with big dicks were driving beaters.

While she was pregnant, Katie couldn’t even get her ass in the seat of my Porsche, much less swivel her legs inside. Later, I enjoyed the sight of my wife sliding into that car wearing a short skirt and a tight blouse, preferably a white one worn without a bra so I could see her nipples. With her dark hair flying, she attracted more attention on the freeway than the car did.

She was a fearless driver who couldn’t quite grasp the significance of speed limits or any other limits for that matter. It was all those other cars that kept her from going for the land speed record.

When she was ready, Katie hit the fitness center with a vengeance. We lived close to the clubhouse where there was a full fitness facility. When she wasn’t jogging, she was working out.

The baby fat didn’t just melt off, but she worked hard, and in a short time, her weight and figure were back to normal. Then surpassed normal and into WOW.

Katie had been lucky. She had no stretch marks, and except for the fact that we now had a tiny bundle to care for, it was impossible to tell she’d ever been pregnant.

There were some weird things, well, weird for me anyway. Katie claimed that while she was actually giving birth, she had one of the best orgasms of her life. Apparently one of the delivery nurses had warned her it could happen, so she wasn’t freaked out by it.

But I was freaked out; a baby’s head was coming out of my wife’s ‘fun hole’ and she was screeching with an earth-shaking orgasm. Nobody told me about this phenomenon. Frankly, it gave me a woody; luckily nobody could see the thing.

Two things came of this event, I mean, besides the baby. One was Katie wanted to try ‘fisting,’ once she healed. She thought it might have been the size of the baby’s head that made her orgasm so good. Even if it wasn’t, maybe my fist could substitute for my tiny dick.

My tiny dick didn’t take offense at that. My tiny dick didn’t take offense at much if we had Katie, and we got off from time to time.

The second thing, and this seemed really strange to me, was Katie didn't breastfeed. We have a nanny, and Katie just didn’t want to be tied down. But she did use breast pumps so the baby would have her mother’s milk.

Stay with me here, I know what I’ve just described is not strange at all. The strange part was pumping her breasts could also cause Katie to orgasm. Not every time, but often enough so she looked forward to milking herself and was visibly disappointed when she didn’t cum.

For me, watching my wife pump her breasts caused me to develop an erection every time. Maybe I said it already, but I really love my wife’s boobs, and watching her touch them and use that pump was incredible for me.

Chapter 3

Katie continued to talk about fisting. She wanted to find out if she could duplicate the orgasm she’d had in the hospital. After a lot of consideration, she decided it would be best if she were on her hands and knees.

I had no say in the matter. My job was to supply the fist, the lubrication, and to push it inside.

This didn’t seem like something that could be done ‘cold,’ so we spent a lot of time cuddling before I went down on her. I worked on her until she told me to stop because she didn’t want to be swollen.

Katie scrambled onto her hands and knees, excited to begin. After smoothing out the towels beneath her, I spread massive amounts of warm lubrication on her pussy. I didn’t think it was possible to use too much lube in this situation, but if it was, I did it. Next, I did the same thing to my hand. Lube was dripping off, showing up as a dark stain on the green towels.

Starting with one finger, I was quickly able to add two more. We’d done this much before. When I added my pinkie, Katie told me, “Mack, you have really thick fingers. Fuck me a little like this before going further.” My aim was to please, so I moved my hand in and out, as much as I could. Katie made soft moaning noises the entire time.

“Okay, Mack, try adding your thumb,” she directed breathlessly.

This was more difficult, but not impossible. I had to fold my thumb under my fingers and into my palm, making my hand wedge-shaped. After a minute or two, Kate was comfortable with all five fingers inside her.

“Now try pushing your hand inside. Careful, please.”

After adding more lubrication—much more lubrication—to both her vagina and my hand, I started to push. At first, I just slid along with the lubrication until I reached my knuckles.

Katie helped by reaching around and pulling her lips apart while spreading her legs further, making the opening larger for me. As she pulled we both pushed, and slowly, my entire hand slipped inside of her.

“Oh God, Mack. Oh God! Your fist is inside me, isn’t it?” she panted out the words.

“I’m so full. Oh, Mack. You’re filling me up, honey,” she sounded happy.

“Now fuck me, slowly. Let me get used to it, but don’t take your hand out of me,” she directed.