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DESCRIPTION: Coming to grips with her incestuous life-style, Regal Bay Police Officer Joan Kuykendall discovers that loving her son and daughter is not the only route to pleasure open to her.  From enjoying her daughter's lovers to enjoying her own son, Joan embarks on the second half of her life with eyes, and thighs, wide-open. EXCERPT: Joan couldn’t resist taking Mitch’s full nudity in with her eyes.  He was very nice to look at, she realized, and resembled his father very much.   “I’ve been down on the beach all afternoon and I'm really in need of a shower,” Joan told her son.  As Mitch dried his naked form, just an arm's length away in the bathroom, Joan began to pull her bathing suit off. Now dried off, Mitch felt embarrassed standing naked beside his mother as she too became nude.  Joan paused after tossing her suit into the clothing bin and turned to ask, “Did you have a good time, last night?” “What?  What do you mean?”  Mitch stammered. “I could smell the sex on your clothes this morning when I picked up your room,” she grinned.  “Did you fuck her here or at her place?”  Mitch had wrapped a towel around his waist to hide his lengthy cock from his mother’s gaze as she teased him.  Mitch was speechless.  “I'm not embarrassing you, am I?” she asked with a wicked sneer.   “Mom, really!” Mitch grunted.  “This isn’t a good time.” “Why not?  Because I’m standing here in front of you, just as naked as you are?”  Joan took her breasts in her hands and watched her son’s eyes, which went right to them.  “Are they nice?  I know you like them, but how do they compare with your girlfriend’s?  Are hers bigger than mine?  I’ll bet they are.  From what I saw, I know they are.” “Mom!  What are you doing?” Mitch groaned, but was obviously enjoying himself.  She could see it in his eyes.  “You know I like yours.  I like your entire body.”   “You do, do you?” she purred and closed the distance between them.  She looked up into his eyes and gave her lips a slow lick.  “What can I do to take your mind off of her, right now?” Before her son could answer, Joan went to her knees before Mitch and reached for the towel wrapping his waist.  She lifted it aside and saw her son’s cock then, just inches away.  She looked up to see excitement in his features, before brazenly taking his cock in her warm hand.   “Hoooo, Mom!?” Mitch gasped. Joan spit his cock out and grinned.  “I just wanted to check something out,” she told him.  His cock was rapidly filling with blood and rising to attention, even before she had wrapped her fingers around it. “Oooohhh!” Mitch groaned as his mother's hand began to stroke his dick.  He grew steel-hard in seconds.  When his mother took his cock into her warm, wet mouth a minute later, he just about screamed.  

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by K.W. Steiner

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Published by K.W. Steiner at Lot’s Cave

The Matrons of Regal Bay

Joan's Tale, © 2018, K.W. Steiner

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Chapter 5


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

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Chapter 1

“Dispatch…this is Three-Four.”

“Go for Dispatch, Three-Four,” Joan replied into the headset she wore as she toggled the switch at her belt. She was away from the dispatch desk refilling her cup of coffee for the third time. She had been due to leave work at six that evening, but her relief had called in sick and Joan was waiting for the girl she had relieved at eight that morning to come back in. Although it had been a quiet day in the Regal Bay Police Department, it had also been a very long one for a Monday. Noting the time of the call-in as eight-forty, Joan made her way back down the short hall to the dispatch office and the desk she shared with the three other women who acted as the RBPD’s dispatchers.

“Dispatch, I’ve got an abandoned car sitting in the median halfway down from the intersection of Pine and Parkway,” the husky voice of the patrol officer sounded in Joan’s headset. “I’ve run the plate and it’s clean. Vehicle is locked and unoccupied. Probably out of gas or broke down.”

“Roger, Three-Four,” Joan replied to the officer. “I’ll give Willard a call.” Willard was Willard Gardner, owner and proprietor of Gardner Towing, the RBPD’s usual vehicle recovery team.

“Thanks, Joan. I’ll stay on station until the truck arrives.”

Joan shook her head at the officer’s familiarity with her. “Roger, Three-Four. Dispatch clear.”

Officer “Three-Four” was Greg Hamilton, who at one time had been more than just a fellow officer on the Regal Bay Police Force. Greg and Joan had once been lovers for more than a year following her divorce, although it was kept a secret from nearly everyone. Greg was a married man, and still was. His wife Kelly was also on the force, was also a dispatcher, and Joan even thought of Kelly as a friend, even though the only thing they had in common other than their work was Greg. What Joan had been to Greg was little more than a mid-life crisis fling, someone to provide for him a little something different from what he was getting at home. For Joan, Greg was much the same. A younger man to enjoy some time with after her divorce, someone to make her feel sexy and desirable again.

Joan Kuykendall was the mother of three children, two of which still lived at home. Now 43-years-old, Joan had seen her oldest daughter Janet come out as a lesbian shortly after leaving home for college. This announcement had taken place the same week that her husband of nearly 20 years had informed her and the family that he was filing for divorce. Mitchell had never liked Joan being a police officer, even if she had spent her entire career in the offices. Joan Andrews, as she had been then, had earned her Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science at West Virginia University. Joan had been born and raised in Athens, Ohio, across the river from the near-by university, where she had met Mitchell Kuykendall during her junior year. Mitchell was from Regal Bay and after proposing to her, he had brought her home with him. They had been married in a small ceremony on a warm summer afternoon, right on the beach. Neither of them had a large family, and only Joan’s mother and father attended from her side. After their honeymoon, Mitchell had gone to work for his father, who himself was a hard-working fisherman and owner of a three-boat fleet. Joan went to work for the local police department, though not in her preferred field. Over the next few years she bore her husband three wonderful children. Nearly twenty years later, and shortly after Mitchell had taken control of his father’s small company following his retirement that Mitchell had made his announcement. He insisted that it had nothing to do with another woman, but rather the fact that he just didn’t love her anymore and wanted to move on.

Joan accepted the divorce with little dispute. She would maintain their home, and raise the children there. Mitchell would continue to pay the mortgage on the house and provide for their children, though the money would go directly to them for their futures. Joan would receive nothing by way of monetary compensation, and that was fine with her. She made more than enough in her job to take care of the bills and her family.

Joan’s youngest children, daughter Jewel and son Mitchell, Jr., had faired well after the divorce. Jewel had been sixteen and a junior at Regal Bay High School when her father had moved out. Mitchell, Jr., or Mitch as he wanted to be called, had been fourteen and a freshman. Four years later, they both remained at home, neither wanting to attend college. They did have jobs, due to Joan’s insistence.

“I’m here,” came the announcement from Pattie Freeman. Joan turned to find her colleague, a somewhat heavy-set woman of 52, coming through the door of the office. Her uniform looked as if it had been tossed into a pile that morning and pulled back on before she came back in. A dark stain just above her right knee was very obvious. In one hand she carried a large purse that looked packed to the seams. In her other she carried a large McDonald’s sack. “I dropped my fucking soda in the parking lot,” Pattie complained. “Bounced right off of my leg when I was getting out of the car. You got any change for the machine?”

“Sure,” Joan replied and retrieved a small porcelain jug labelled “Cursing Jar” that was kept on the desk next to the main dispatch monitor. She jiggled it to let Pattie know that there was indeed money in it. Not that it was supposed to be used for sodas, but what the hell?

“You’d better get out of here, then,” Pattie told her. The McDonald’s bag was set on the desk in front of the main monitor while the heavy handbag went down into the desk’s footwell. “Are you back in at eight, then?”

“No. Kelly said she’d make it in after seeing the doctor,” Joan told her. “She probably won’t be in before noon. Have Simon man the desk when he gets in. He’s scheduled for six in the morning, but he usually comes in a bit early.”

“What’s she got to see the doctor for? She finally get knocked up?”

Joan shook her head. “Not that doctor.”

Pattie chuckled. “Oh, that doctor! The shrink.” It was no big secret that Kelly Hamilton had been seeing a therapist. Not too many around the station knew why, although Joan did. Greg had told her some time back.

“Well, I’ll give Simon-boy a call and have him pick up some bagels on his way in,” Pattie said, adding an ironic giggle after. Simon Greene was Jewish, and Pattie never missed an opportunity to remind him of it.

Before leaving, Joan gave Pattie the run-down of where the seven patrolmen on duty were as well as making sure she had the duty sheet handy. Outside, the summer night air was cool and damp and Joan found that it had rained at some point during the last few hours. As she walked across the lot to where her Navy-blue Camaro sat, she waved at one of the passing patrol cars as it made its way in. That would be Meghan Fletcher, a second-year officer on the force and friend to Joan’s daughter, Janet.

It was well after nine by the time Joan pulled into her driveway. Mitch’s second-hand F-150 pick-up wasn’t in the drive, so he wasn’t at home. Joan entered through the front door and was greeted by the distant thump of music coming from upstairs. It was an indication that her daughter was home and with her music up loud, she would probably be entertaining. Joan left her uniform jacket and purse in the living room and headed up the stairs. At first, she was just going to ask Jewel to turn the music down a bit, but upon opening Jewel's bedroom door, Joan changed her mind.

Inside, the room was dark except for the pulsing, swirling lights of Jewel's disco globe. The music, her favorite dance-hall techno, thumped and pulsed. On the bed, central in the room, Jewel sat facing a man, straddling his hips as he lay back, his hands tucked under his head on her pillows. Both were completely naked. Jewel had her hips rolling and twisting atop her lover, riding his cock in time to the music. She had both of her pert, firm breasts in her own hands as she rode her lover. In the darkness, Joan could not tell who her daughter was enjoying, but the flash of white teeth showed that he was indeed enjoying himself.

Joan eased her daughter's door closed and headed for her own bedroom, stopping only to confirm that Mitch wasn’t in his room. Joan knew that Mitch would still be at work until mid-night, as he was scheduled to close at Applebee’s that week. Once in her bedroom, Joan stripped out of her uniform skirt and blouse, and wrapped herself into her lavender plush-velour robe. Bare-footed, she padded down the hall towards the upstairs bathroom where she encountered Jewel coming out of her bedroom. Her daughter was completely nude and gasped when she came upon her mother.

“Oh, shit! You scared me, Mom!” Jewel exclaimed. She subconsciously pulled her hands to her breasts. “When did you get home?”

“Just a little while ago,” Joan answered. Her eyes went to the open door of Jewel's room, where she knew her daughter’s current lover still lay on her bed. Jewel smelled of sex and sweat. “I had to stay late and was going to shower before grabbing some dinner.”

Jewel gave her mother a slight grin, and then pulled her bedroom door closed. “We already had dinner,” she said. “So just make something for yourself, okay?” Jewel went past her mother and added, “I'm going to grab a couple bottles of water. We'll keep it down.”

Joan watched her naked daughter dance down the stairs before turning to head for the bathroom. She thought about stopping in and saying hello to her daughter's lover, if only to learn his identity, but waved it off. Instead, she continued on to the bathroom and as she stepped into the shower, she heard Jewel's bedroom door bang closed once again, signaling her return. A moment later, the music's thump did indeed soften, if only a little.

Joan's shower was relaxing and she toweled off before picking up her robe. She paused, and instead of wrapping up, Joan left the bathroom and walked the distance to her bedroom as brazenly naked as her daughter had. However, she was not encountered, and in her room, she pulled on a pair of black underwear and a large pink t-shirt for her evening in. She slipped on her sandals and robe before heading downstairs to fix herself a light dinner.

After enjoying a pre-made salad and a bowl of cream of broccoli soup, Joan moved into the living room to watch some television. It was after ten and she channel-surfed until she came to the Hallmark Channel, where a murder-mystery program starring some former child-star actress was playing. Joan retrieved a bottle of Seagram’s Escapes from the refrigerator during a commercial break, and a second half an hour later.

With the completion of the program, Joan was about to channel surf in an attempt to find something more entertaining than the late-night news when she heard the back door to the deck open and close. She knew it had been locked, having checked it previously, so someone must have gone out back, she reasoned. Thinking that it must have been her daughter, Joan turned off the television and followed. She had been wanting to have a talk with Jewel about her overt sexual activities for some time. After-all, Jewel was not yet twenty-one. Instead of finding her daughter on the deck, however, Joan found a young man sitting in a deck chair smoking a cigarette. He was dressed in jeans, though remained shoe-less and shirtless. Joan did not recognize him when he turned to look at her. He flashed a look of surprise, even as his eyes gave her a quick once over, she noticed.

“We haven't met,” Joan said. “I'm Joan, Jewel's mother.” She held out her hand, and he took it tentatively.

“The police officer,” he nodded. “Hello. I'm Josef.” He held out his hand and she took it. “Nice to meet you.” Joan noticed his eyes didn't linger on hers, rather they made the sweep across her body, taking in her slim figure and full breasts. Joan was well aware that her daughter already had a rack as large and full as her own dd-cups. Also, where Jewel's hair was longish curly blonde, Joan had been keeping her dusty blonde hair shorter of late, if only to hide the fact that it was seemingly getting greyer by the week.

“Mind if I join you?” Asked Joan though she moved to sit in one of the deck chairs without getting a reply. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Josef’s eyes follow her closely as well as the fact that he wore a wedding band on his left hand.

Joan settled back and cross her legs. She took in the fact that Josef was much older than her daughter was, as well. Mid-twenties, at least. “I’m curious,” she asked. “How old are you, Josef?” Joan asked.

Josef smiled and laughed a little. “Yes, I'm a bit older than Jewel. I'm twenty-seven.”

“That's more than a bit,” Joan replied. She reached for the pack of cigarettes that lay on the table between them and without asking, she drew one out and lit it with his lighter. She sucked in a lungful while contemplating him, and then blew it out into the dark night sky. “Where did you two meet?”

“Twenty-questions?” Josef asked with a grin. “I guess I deserve it. Well, I met Jewel in school a couple of years ago. In fact, I was her history teacher.”

“Is that indeed a fact?” Joan asked. “I don’t recognize you. What’s your last name?”

“Heron,” he replied. “Josef Heron. I’ve been teaching a little over three years now.”

Joan nodded, her eyes on him. He raised his hands and laughed, “It’s not that I go after my students! I ran into Jewel a few weeks ago at the Starbucks, downtown. We got to talking, and, well, things kind of spiraled…” Josef grinned and waved a hand upwards, in the general direction of her daughter’s bedroom.

“I notice that you’ve got a ring on,” Joan pointed out. “Are you married, Josef?”

Again, he laughed lightly and shrugged. He replied, “My wife and I, we’ve got something of an open marriage.” He met Joan’s eyes and added, “We’re swingers, to use a seventies term.”

Joan nodded and smiled. “Interesting.”

Joan wanted to see just how this young man might react to an obvious gesture on her part then. She stood up, letting her robe swing open to display for him the fact she wore very little beneath, and immediately took a seat in his lap, facing him. She draped her forearms across his shoulders and Josef's hands immediately went to her hips.

Josef was grinning when he looked up into her face. “This is a surprise,” he croaked.

“Is my daughter a good fuck, Josef?” Joan asked wickedly in a hushed breath.

“Pretty good, for her age,” he replied as his hands went up her sides beneath the robe, pulling her t-shirt up with them. “She's feisty and energetic, but sometimes I'd like for her to slow down and savor the moment a little more.”

With little thought or warning, Joan leaned down, planted her mouth to Josef's and kissed him deeply. His hands went to her ass then and squeezed her cheeks at either side of her panties. Joan could feel his bulge growing against her crotch and pushed her hips forward, grinding against it. His hands went up her back and pulled her to him while he thrust his tongue into her mouth. They kissed deeply for a long time, his hands moving up and down her back and along her naked thighs. She continued grinding into his lap as her breathing began to turn to a panting. Joan was so very horny all of a sudden and needed this, what had started out as a teasing, to turn into a full-fledged, hard-core fuck.

Joan pulled her mouth away from Josef's and gave him a mischievous smile. She let her robe fall away, and then pulled her t-shirt up and flung it away. Her large pink-tipped breasts came into full view for him. “Suck my tits, Josef,” she instructed, taking the lead with him. For his part, he did what he was told, and latched onto her left breast's nipple, immediately sucking it into his mouth. His hands cupped the fleshy mounds and dug into them. She purred into the chilly September night sky.

“Oh, yes,” Joan moaned as Josef gently chewed upon her thick, pale nipple. He switched off to her right nipple after a few moments, and then Joan pulled his mouth back to hers and she kissed him passionately once again.

After another round of tit-sucking, Joan lifted Josef’s mouth from her flesh and said, “Let's get off this deck.” She moved from his lap and took his hands in hers, pulling him to his feet.

“You want to go inside?” he asked, a bit of worry in his voice. “I doubt if Jewel's asleep.”

“Don’t you worry about my daughter. I've got another place in mind,” Joan told him, and guided him out into the darkness of the yard. She led him across to a bench near her property line, nestled in among a few trees, that looked back across the wide lawn. She dropped onto the bench's padded seat and pulled Josef by the hips closer. She looked up into his face even as she began to unfasten his jeans.

“I want to suck your cock,” she informed him matter-of-factually. “I want to see if I can taste my daughter’s hot pussy on your fuck-stick!”

“Wow! That's fine with me!” Josef gasped. A moment later, he sighed as his freed cock was wrapped by Joan's warm lips. “Oh, fuck, that's nice,” he moaned as Joan began to bob along his length.

Joan let Josef's cock slip from her mouth long enough to say, “I really think I can taste Jewel on you,” and then went back to slurping upon his offered cock. In the growing moonlight, Josef could only just make out Joan's head of blonde hair going back and forth along his length. He stood, his hands on the top of her head, as she sucked him for a good five minutes. It wasn't long before he could feel a tingling deep in his balls. He knew he'd cum if he didn't stop her soon, and told her so.

“Maybe we need to change things up, then,” Joan said after letting Josef's cock slip from her greedy mouth. “Take a seat,” she insisted. As they changed places, Joan stepped out of her panties and tossed them into the night. Once Josef was seated on the padded bench, she stepped up to straddle him once again. This time, Josef had his saliva-coated cock in hand and held upright, and Joan didn't have a pair of thin panties protecting her pussy.

Josef looked deep into Joan's crotch, taking in the sight of her thickly furred blonde pubic mound, and the set of pale pink labia that parted as the older woman straddled his waist and parted her thighs wide. Joan lowered herself to him, and he guided his spongy pink knob against her wet vaginal mouth.

“Ooohh,” Joan sighed as Josef's knob shot up her chute. She dropped lower, taking him deep, until she settled her butt onto his thighs. “That's so good,” she added with a twist of her hips. She lowered her head into his shoulder then and whispered, “I could get used to you,” and then kissed Josef’s forehead.

After releasing his cock to Joan's grip, Josef's hands went to her hips, and as she began to ride up and down his length, he stroked her pale flesh from ass to breasts. He tugged at her strawberry nipples and drew a gasp of delight from her lips when he pinched them.

“This is the first time I’ve had a mother and daughter in the same night,” Josef told her as Joan fucked herself upon his cock.

Joan settled onto his lap for a moment and replied, “Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t the first time Jewel and I have shared a stud in the same evening. I’ve got something of a fetish for fucking my daughter’s lovers, by the way.” Joan resumed her work upon his cock with her cunt, rising and falling in a slow rhythm. She leaned in and kissed his mouth before adding, “If you play your cards right, this won’t be the last time, either.” She rolled her head back and continued on riding Josef’s strong dick in near-silence until she began to feel the first tingles of a climax deep within her belly.

“That’s it,” she sighed. “I’m about there.” She began to slam her hips harder and faster, her flesh smacking against his, the sound echoing through the trees as she fucked herself towards an orgasm on her daughter's most recent lover's cock.

She looked hard into his eyes and growled, “Oh, fuck me!” A moment later, Joan gasped as her pussy exploded around Josef's cock. “That's it! That's so fucking good!” she announced to the night as she rode out her climax.