Jenna Plays Hard - Katrina Millings - ebook

Jenna was looking for a man who could take charge. She wanted to know what it felt like to truly belong to someone. She wanted a master. When the opportunity to give herself completely to rough and tough crime boss, Dino, presents itself, she realizes he's the man she's been waiting for. Now if she can only please him and convince him to keep her as his submissive, her dirty little secret desires will all come true.Keywords: BDSM, erotic short stories, sex stories, rough, anal, deep throat, fingering toys, punishment, domination, submission, master,older man younger girl, humiliation, discipline, sadist, masochist, obedience, alpha male, rich man, wealthy man,crime boss, mafia

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Jenna Plays Hard

Copyright November 2016

Jenna Plays Hard

By Katrina Millings

Copyright November 2016

I wanted a master. I needed a master. I knew I was submissive, but none of the men I'd been with had ever been willing to take me hard and mold me into the perfect dirty little slave I so wanted to be. I craved discipline, boundaries, punishment and reward, but how would I find a man to give me all these things? After a lot of thought, I did what a lot of people do this day and age. I went online and searched for my dominant. That didn't really yield as many results as I'd hoped. I was about to give up ever fulfilling my fantasy of utterly belonging to the right man when I found what I was looking for in the last place I'd have expected, much closer to home.

My father had a perfectly legitimate and highly successful business as a real estate developer, but the money that had founded it came from what some might consider a rather unscrupulous source. His best friend, Dino, had lent him the start up cost years before I was born. The word mafia was never spoken aloud in our house, but everyone knew Dino was the head of the most powerful mob family in the city. It didn't really bother me. In fact, the dark side of him that was never brought into the light only made him more appealing to me. I'd had the hots for him for awhile. He hadn't paid me much mind when I was growing up, but now that I'd turned twenty-one, I'd caught him looking at me more than once when my parents invited him over to dinner.

It's bad enough to secretly lust after your father's best friend, but it was even more complicated than that because I was best friends with his daughter, Gina. She and I had gone to the same private school and I had slept over at her house a lot. One day I decided to stop by and see if she wanted to hang out at the mall and maybe grab some lunch. The maid answered the door and let me in.

“I believe Ms. Gina left early this morning to fly out to visit her mother, but I'll check and make sure she isn't still here hiding in her room,” the woman said.

Gina's parents had divorced years ago. Dino had raised her, but she flew out of state to spend time with her mother often. We hadn't been spending as much time together since we'd both started college, so it didn't surprise me that she might have left without telling me. She'd actually distanced herself from me by quite a bit in the past few months. I had the feeling she suspected her father and I had some chemistry brewing and didn't care for the idea.