Jane Gray and Raven Idols - Bogdan Lebedev - ebook

Jane Gray and Raven Idols ebook

Bogdan Lebedev



Two brothers Agni and Raven (Also in the novel often appears the second name of the Raven - Crow.) Istukanov from early childhood dream of deeds. For Agnia, the main goal is engineering, Raven dreams of saving everyone he can. And then Raven learns about the nine-day Queen Lady Jane Gray. He very much loved this girl, but she lived 500 years ago. What if the brothers get to invent a time machine? And can the Raven save Jane Gray ??? ... 

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Bogdan Lebedev

Jane Gray and Raven Idols

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Chapter 1. Jane Gray. Biography.


Lady Jane was born in October 1537 in Bradgate House, the family estate of the Gray family. Before her, Francis and Henry Gray had a son and a daughter, but they died soon after birth. Spouses did not lose hope - and here, as from a horn of plenty, they had one after another three daughters. Disappointment grew with the birth of each of the girls, because they passionately wanted a son. But, apparently, so fate decreed.

In her earliest childhood, Jane had a remarkable mind and a great desire for knowledge. More than anything else, she was worried only about her own development and improvement.

Her mind and views have reached a degree of maturity, which marks only a very few. Latin, Greek, French and Italian, she learned in early childhood. This seemed to her a little, and a little later she supplemented this list with Spanish, Old Babylonian, Hebrew, and Arabic. Reading was a favorite and at the same time one of the few entertainments for a girl brought up in strict customs of puritanism.

But this does not mean that Jane did not complain about other favorite women's entertainment - music and dancing. At the court of the last queen, not only did they comprehend the sciences, but also sang, danced, staged magnificent carnivals.

The girl loved life very much and was happy for every new day, no matter what this day was. She loved nature, studied the life of plants, animals and birds.

Unfortunately, Jane was not born later, otherwise she would have become a great man, her kindness and honesty deserve respect and a low bow, because there are practically no such people like She ...

Jane, as the eldest, daughter, the parents decided to raise as the future queen. Suppose she was fifth, after her mother, in the queue of heirs, but the chance to get the throne at least some, but there is ...

The custodian of King Edward VI, Lord Admiral Sir Thomas Seymour Sudley, originally planned to give Jane his guardian. And after the execution of Sir Thomas, Lady Francis continued her attempt to carry out this plan. The king was very fond of Jane, who was superior to any young man of that time, but he only respected the girl, but he was not going to marry her: if he married her, it would be great ...

For a long time Jane lived with Thomas Seymour, where she studied and raised in a Protestant style. For her, conscience and honor were always in the first place. She loved pure relationships, and no matter what her parents often beat and humiliated her, for Jane, kindness was always above all.

Edward VI was getting worse and worse, and he was forced to change the law of succession. The precarious state of health of the king opened up bright prospects for the ambition of the regent of the kingdom - John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who had long dreamed of power. He instilled in the king that his sisters Mary and Elizabeth, listed in Henry VIII’s will as direct heirs of Edward, are not entitled to this, because the parliament’s decision had previously declared illegitimate, and the late King’s niece Mary was excluded from the will and was also deprived crown inheritance. And since all three of these princesses are deprived of this right, then, of course, it should go to Lady Francis, and from her to her daughter, Lady Jane.

Edward agreed, and put his signature.

Under pressure from the Duke of Northumberland, members of the Privy Council approved Jane's claims to the throne. Everybody put their signatures, even Thomas Cranmer and William Cecil.

Northumberland began negotiations on the marriage of his fourth son, Lord Guilford Dudley, with Lady Jane Gray.

Guilford was a year older than Jane, but already gained a reputation as a rowdy and a drunkard. Jane's upbringing did not allow her to marry Guilford, but she could not go against the will of her parents.

On July 6, 1553, in the seventh year of his reign, the sixteen-year-old King Edward died at his residence in Greenwich. He died peacefully, the fact of his death could be hidden all this night and all the next day. It was necessary only not to disclose the death of the king before Princess Mary would be sharpened in the Tower and everything would be ready for the proclamation of Queen Lady Jane Gray.                                                                               ******                                                                      OUR DAYS, CHILE.

In each person's life, an event happens, the most important thing in life. And in the life of a simple Chilean family an important event happened. Finally, Thomas and Josephine had two sons, with a difference of only three days. One Thomas called Agni, and the second Josephine called Raven. Thus, brothers Agni and Raven ( Crow ) Istukanov were born.

Their childhood did not pass as rapidly as their parents would like. At the age of 6, Crow went to school, and Agni was at 8 due to illness. Unfortunately, the brothers' parents had an accident and died when Istukanov was 12 years old. Agni easily suffered a loss, but Crow almost committed suicide: more than anything, he was afraid to lose his mother once. With his studies, they were not so hot, they didn’t like studying.


Crow ( Raven ) dreamed of heroism, he raved films about heroes, he dreamed of saving the girl, becoming a knight for her without fear and reproach. He was practically afraid of nothing. Entering the University as a programmer, Crow dreamed of creating his own life algorithm to go back in time and save his mother. Raven had already forgotten about his father: he was not so sad for his father as for the loss of his mother. Outside, Raven Bull was quite attractive for girls, many in the university had an eye on him: a sports figure, athletic build, Raven loved sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Agni paid little attention to his appearance, although he welcomed a healthy lifestyle. Agni was shorter than Crow, he loved history, and therefore he learned to be a teacher of geography and history. Among the hobbies there was only one: physics and astronomy. Agniy was wary of the girls and did not start a relationship with anyone: he wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes, he thought that women would interfere with his affairs, Agni tried not to fall in love with anyone, so as not to be nervous because of such nonsense, like love. At least that's what Agni thinks about.                                                                                  ******

The first two courses, the brothers studied together for a programmer.

Autumn 2016, exams were near. The most difficult time in uni.

The teachers tried to support the students, but they were not good at it. Apparently the bad ones are psychologists.

- Tomorrow we have a history record, man,- Agni said at lunch. 

- So what? - asked the Raven, putting things in a bag, - I myself did not know what? 

- Well, well, well, well, - Agni waved his hand, - If you are purple ..

- Violet to me, man, - said the Raven, - History. Was there anyway?

- What do you mean by that?

- I..

But then, as if from nowhere, a bell rang through the university. Started a couple of stories. 

Entering the audience, Agni and Raven sat down at the table by the window and opened their notebooks. The raven just stared out the window. He was not up to a couple, he was all in his thoughts. He was related to rather closed people, he kept something in himself constantly, as if he was afraid to share his personal, painful ones with someone. Or maybe he just had no one to share it with him. Brother Crow loved, respected, but could not tell him everything, everyone has his own personal, something very secret, something that a person keeps in himself. The secret is not always bad, it so happens that you need to keep something secret from another person. But Crow had too many secrets. And maybe just in his soul was going to a mess, which is likely. Kavardak of dissatisfaction with life. Yes, he lived in one of the best countries in the world, he was proud of that, but in his heart he had his personal, his innermost. So special that he could not share it with his brother or his parents, whether they are alive. Perhaps sometime such a little man will appear, to whom the Crow will entrust his inmost things. And maybe he will be happy. Who knows who knows..

Crow treated love very rosyly, unlike his brother. The raven fell in love with every beauty that he saw either on the streets in Santiago de Chile, or on TV, or on the internet, or somewhere else. But Crow knew that now is the time, that to meet his sincere love is a great rarity, real and disinterested feelings died a long time ago. In the distant past, and not in South America. It was in France, England and other European countries. Latin Americans, though descendants of the Spaniards, but then mixed and Indian blood, and Croatian, and from other countries in the region. In history, Crow knew that the very era of gentlemenhood was in France and England about 200 years ago, and the worst century in terms of world history is the 20th century: hunger strike, war, bombardment of peaceful cities, millions of deaths. This is all terrible. Such an influx of violence has not been in any era in the history of mankind. It was during the Second World War period that the Nazis fled to South America, therefore, especially in Argentina, some Nazi repositories, symbols and other symbols of Germany remained. In the south of Chile there are many Croats, and in Uruguay there is a village where there are even signs in Russian. Someone would not say, but Russia is so powerful Power that even in such a distant land as Uruguay there are signs in Russian.

Living in modern times, Crow felt how much the world has changed, money has taken the main place for people, so a man began to spoil as a person, like I. This is not poor Indian slums in Mumbai, where people are kind and happy because the poor are not spoiled by money and wealth .

Reflections of our philosopher were interrupted by a voice that sounded to Crow at first from afar (as far as the Crow went into his thoughts), and then with each word became louder and louder until the student finally realized that this voice was addressed to him . See, what an honor! The teacher broke the pair for the sake of Raven! It is worthy of pride for the crow. Not everyone is given this!

- What bird, flew to the warm edge? - Teacher snehidnyal.

- No, Sir Peter, - Crow rose, - I was a little distracted.


- You are staring at the window for a couple, - Peter shouted, - Crow. Tomorrow you have an exam. How are you going to take it? And what are you smiling, Priscilla? You are next. Good. Raven, what was I talking about now with a couple?


- Um ... You talked about .. about the story .. - said the Crow. There was laughter in the audience, and the teacher didn’t even believe his ears:

- How clever you are, eh! For the trick put 5+, dude! After all, you have to think, of course, that in the history lesson I will talk about history. What is the theme? Well?

- The story of life, - said the Crow. 

- God, what are you doing, man, - whispered Agni, - He spoke about ..

- Agni. Do you want to go to the podium? Let me sit at the desk, and you will read a couple to us.

- No, sir, - Agni stumbled to his notebook.

- Why is it so? You all know everything for everyone, - the teacher was very unhappy. Well, of course, you can understand him. After all, he is crucified here, reads a lecture in front of hundreds of blockheads. Even a drop of respect and gratitude for such ungrateful students is thirsty (and all is due to education), and here all sorts of insolent Ravens gaze out the window for half an hour. How so?!

- I am just learning, - Agni shrank at the table.

- So! Raven, maybe you will now remember that we have a lecture. Martha! Do not try to prompt.

- He was talking about Joan of Arc, - when Peter yawned, Martha, who was sitting behind, had time to prompt Raven.

- You talked about Joan of Arc, - the Raven said, - Silence reigned, then laughter broke out in the audience, and the teacher knocked the hammer on the podium.

- Silence in the audience! Quiet everyone! I said be silent! Raven Are you kidding me? What kind of Edritova mother Joan of Arc, that would have taken her devils. What the hell would take you! What are you, Raven, joking? Have you smoked Colombian cannabis?

- No, sir ... After all, I am not in Colombia, - the Raven retorted, which once again amused the audience. The teacher had already become crimson from anger and cried out:

- Your wit is inappropriate and leave your jokes after a couple. To the blackboard.

- But ..

- To the blackboard, I said, but not something stabbed!

- This is a murder, - a student shouted from behind,  - Crow. We will bury you with honors, in a bronze coffin.

- In gold, - said the Raven, - Like the Pharaohs.” 

- I'll kill you tomorrow at the exam, assholes, - the professor shouted, - Crow. You know about the pharaohs! Come to the board. Alive. With a bag.

- She won't be useful to you anymore, - cried another student, - You're a mummy now. 

- C'mon, Thomas, - Crow dismissed his friend as if he were an annoying fly, - And you dung beetle.”

- Phe-poo-poo-poo, - Thomas threw an indignant glance at his classmate, - How ugly! 

- To the blackboard, man, - repeated the teacher.

- Go, man.

- What am I to you dude, man? - the teacher got mad when the Crow approached the board, - Stand in the center, so that the public would see you better.

Raven stood in the center and looked around the audience. He seemed to feel like a teacher, he saw from here the entire audience, almost all students, except for very distant rows. There, he noticed that students of older ages played cards, probably with money or something else, two girls in the left corner of the back table made a marafet on their face, spreading out cosmetics, as if in a salon, and not a pair in uni. Most of the students chained their eyes to Crow, in anticipation of fun: everyone knew that Crow with history was not so hot, he liked exact sciences more. According to history, Agni, his brother, was a specialist. But now Raven was standing here, and Agni only looked hopelessly at his brother. Although it seemed to Crow that Agni was smiling slightly.

- Crow cover, - a student whispered to her boyfriend, who also studied in this group.

- The fun will be! Extend your life.

- So. We have 40 minutes to the end! How do you overlook the fact that all these 40 minutes we talked to our bird!

The audience roared, and the professor nodded:


- Well, fine. Dear student Crow Eduardovich Istukanov. Good day!

- And you! - chill ran through the body of the Raven. He still wanted to pass the exam in history, something to go to the next course and the next year go to the programmer for a full higher.

- You mentioned Joan of Arc, - the professor continued, - Tell us, we have forgotten something. Who was this mysterious Jeanne?

- Chuvikha, - answered the raven, but Agni took his head. There was a laugh in the audience. 

- Bah! Yes, this is new history data. These rank or position? - the teacher apparently also wanted to raise his mood from such nervous work.

- It was a reformer in France, - the Crow strained his memory.

- And what did she do?

- War.

- Made a war? Such a new interpretation in Spanish? You watch! And when did she live? 


- In the past.

- It's clear that this is not in the future, - the teacher smiled, - Let's go further. What is your favorite era?

- France or England. 

- Epoch, not country, dude. Do not confuse, or your brain after the Colombian cannbis can not distinguish the essence of the issues? 

- England or France from the Middle Ages to the 1899th year.  

- 1889? Why such a date? Interesting Does 1900 mean shit already?

- Yes.

- What do you know about the history of your favorite era? 

- It was cool there!

- You lived there means, yes? Cool preserved. 

The audience roared again with laughter, but Crow was not amused. He began to be very embarrassed by such a turn of events, he did not want to think so about him. I didn’t want to be a laughing stock, but if he didn’t know the answers to the questions, what could he do about it? Never mind! 

- The era of gentlemanhood originated in France and England, but today it has died, - said Raven, - I love the history of England, I know about several dynasties.

- ABOUT! Yes, you grow above yourself! Tomorrow at least something will be able to answer the exam! Cool! 

- Yes, I know about Tudors.

- Tell us, we have become forgetful last days. In Santiago could, he weathered the memory in the Andes!

- This is one of the brightest dynasties in the history of England, Henry VII, who assumed his position in 1485, is considered to be the ancestor. The dynasty itself existed until 1603. After the death of Henry in 1509, one of the brightest kings in the history of mankind, Henry VIII, took the throne. Under his rule ..

- Enough! - the teacher interrupted the Crow, - Here the good fellow. So you can know any topic if you want! You can sit down, continue the pair. 

- Can I finish?

- If not for long, please.

- The history knows many cases of wars, repressions, hunger strikes. Take our twentieth century, two won, two hunger strikes, the bombing of Japanese cities. About this, I thought, looking out the window at the pair. But the Tudor dynasty distinguished itself by one short reign, which lasted only ..

- Come on, quietly in the hall! About whom Raven speaks, - the teacher turned to the audience, - Who of the Tudors did not have long rules?  

- Mary Bloody rules for several years, - someone shouted from the audience.

- Elizabeth, - some girl shouted. 

- And they laughed with Crow, - said the teacher, - Elizabeth is one of the longest boards in history.

- This is about the nine-day queen Lady Jane Gray, - continued Raven, - I learned about her when I was preparing a history report at the college, at the graduation course about Tudors. She reigned in the summer of 1553, from July 10 to 19. She was a very kind and fair girl, for her kindness and generosity were always in the first place. She knew many languages, and Latin, and Greek and Hebrew. What she just did not know. She would have set the heat in our day, but she was executed. She was executed by Maria the Bloody, my most disliked in the history of the queen and generally the most disliked by me man. That would be a time machine and save Jane Gray! She was executed on February 12, 1554. She was buried in Taer, in the chapel of St. Peter in Chains, in a local cemetery, next to her husband, Guilford Dudley, whom she had never loved.


- Sit down, Raven. Today you have 7.

But the bell had just rang and all the students poured out. Couples for today are over. 

- Well done, - Agni praised his brother, - How shitty I started and how brilliantly finished! Dude, surprised!


- You are well done, - a girl in a black jacket approached Raven, - My name is Barbara.

- Very nice, - Raven did not take his eyes off his classmate. 

- I need to trash, - Agni abruptly walked away and winked at his brother, they say, do not get lost.

- What plans do you have for today? - Barbara asked. 

- Why, take a walk around Santiago, around Providencia.

- I live there just.

- I can keep you company, - Crow took Barbara by the hand. When he touched her, it was as if he had been shocked. Perhaps here it is, his fate. That is what happened and what Raven dreamed of for so long.

- I've been looking after you for a long time, - Barbara was a little embarrassed by her own words. Out on the street, Raven breathed deeply in the clean and fresh mountain air of the capital. After the stale air of the university walls, he wanted to enrich his lungs and his every cell with fresh and clean street air.

- Let's sit down here, in this square,” Barbara straightened her hair and cleaved them with a bronze-colored hairpin. Crow had seen many girls, had seen many photos of girls of the past, and Barbara reminded him of the girl from the photos of the 1700s.The raven crouched beside her, and Barbara sat close to the raven and put her hands on her fellow student’s lap, which greatly embarrassed Raven. He awkwardly pushed aside the girl’s hands, which offended her a little:

- I dislike you?

- No, no, no, no, no, that you, - Raven hurriedly tried to rectify the situation, - Everything is just so unexpected.

- Why pull on that, - Barbara undid the jacket, - It's so hot, man! Come on in New York! Like in America!

And the girl, without talking, clung to the body of the Crow and pressed her lips to the lips of an embarrassed classmate. The crow turned red, but Barbara did not notice this because she was passionate about her work. The raven was still very closed, because he had kissed a girl for the third time in his life (the first time he was kissed by a girl on the beach in Viña del Mar when he was 5 years old, the second time he was kissed by a college classmate because Raven had not laid her when she poured tobacco on a pair, on the last desk.) And now it was the third time. Sensations from the Raven were very incomprehensible, because, although they studied in the same group, they did not know each other at all, they did not even meet. I never even went to the cinema, but here you really are like in the USA, where there are no complexes.

- Yes, you relax, man, - shameless Barbara pressed her breast to the body of the Raven, who shivered with adrenaline. And finally, the Crow relaxed and forgot what is on the street. Although in Chile it is so accepted when loving couples roll on the grass and embrace, kiss, and even make love ... The young man pulled the girl to him and also clung to her lips with his lips. He felt the passionate breath of Barbara, who was all burning with carnal desires.

- I want you, Raven! Undress me, I'm hot! Take off my jacket! It is very hot outside, the summer is still soon, the month of November. 

- I ... I ..

- Yes, unbutton it, do not pull the cat by the tail, or the tail by the cat .. hahaha!

Embarrassed, the raven began to unbutton and tie the jacket from his classmate, who could not stand it and literally, with a sharp movement of his hand, pulled him off, almost knocking the Crow onto the grass.

- And this is an idea! - Barbara literally inspired, and threw Crow on the grass, then she jumped over the back of the bench and literally landed on Crow, pinning him in the grass. With her legs, the girl wrapped her arms around Raven. Barbara put her hands on the head of the crow, and with her breasts she crushed the crow so that it was hard to breathe ..

- Let's not here, - raven croaked, trying to get up. But the mischievous Barbara did not let go of her classmate, as if the unfortunate Raven was raping her. Then Barbara began to lower her arms lower and lower over the body of the Raven, who could see the dog in a uniform out of the corner of her eye, and next to two pairs of legs.

“Fuh,” - he thought lightly, - Police. (In Chile: Carabineros de Chile, Spanish, av. Av.).

- Guys, - one of the cops spoke, - you have to spread something, the grass is dirty after a night rain!


- No, dude, dried up already! - Barbara waved her hand, not realizing that they were cops. The police just laughed, and the second cop said:


- Hey dude! Your sweetheart raises you! Okay, senorina, watch his neck do not roll him in a fit .. This, like him? Pedro. Tell me ..

- Um .. Dude, agony?

- What agony, Pedro? - Cop twisted at the temple, - Orgasm. Here, man. Orgasm! All, we get out of here! We are waiting for La Legua (dysfunctional area of ​​Santiago, av.av.), there will definitely catch some trash! Colombian drug dealers! Beware, Juan and Pedro go to your soul! Hahaha

And the cops left, and Raven and Barbara continued making love.



Coming home in the evening, Crow was just overjoyed.

- What's up? - Agni asked, seeing the joy of his brother.

- That same thing!

- BUT! Dude, damn it! Barbara.

- Barbara-Barbara!

- And if she gives birth now? - asked Agni, - Are you ready for family life?


- I won’t give birth, we were protected, man, - the Raven shook his head, - I’m not such a fool yet! I can not risk the life of a child. 

- What is the risk? - asked the astonished Agni.


- Okay, let's sleep. Tomorrow we have an exam.




Tomorrow's exam was successful, Raven and Agni received 6 and 7, respectively, and were transferred to the next course.


In January, Raven switched to a programmer for a full higher, while Agni remained at the historian-geographer. Each of them chose what was to his liking. Indeed, this is necessary in life, everyone should choose the profession that is to his liking.Barbara was passing fad, and at that time, when they had sex in the park, she already had a boyfriend who went on a business trip to Antofagasta.


For Crow, it was not a blow that Barbara was busy: he knew somewhere in his heart, he just needed experience, he got it. And everything else does not matter.

Two years later, the brothers graduated from the university and received diplomas.

Crow Received Diploma "IT Technology Engineer"

Agni received a diploma "Historian-geographer of the highest category." He graduated from and graduate school and became a doctor of historical sciences. But Agni loved physics too.

The brothers Istukanovs decided to mark the end of their studies with a hiking trip to the Andes, to the caves. Having been in a cave, they suddenly found strange scrolls.

- What is it, man? - asked the Crow, looking at the parchments.

- They are very old, - Agni gently took the scroll in his hands, - There are some drawings and graphics here. This is about a time machine something.

- Time machine .. Journey .. Jane, - The raven froze for a moment. He remembered about her, about Tu, Who was the girl of his dreams, but who lived 500 years ago.

- What about parents? You do not want to save them?

- Do not read me the moral now, man, - Crow nervously shrugged his shoulders, - These are drawings of a time machine. We take these instructions and we will invent a time machine, dude!




Returning home, Agni laid all the parchments on the floor and squatted. The raven sat down beside him.

- You know, for many decades, NASA and the Pentagon have been trying to invent a time machine, - Agni said, - And they are not succeeding. And you believe that we are smarter than them. I doubt it, man.

- But it’s worth a try, - Crow nodded, as if in a sign of ridiculous confirmation. 

- And if the house goes up due to our experiences, - Agnes began to panic. 

- It will not take off, - Crow began to study the drawings, - It says that to create a time machine, its box is needed, in which the mechanism itself will be located. The box should be 2x2, dude, any ideas?

- No idea, xs, - Agnes shook his head, - But the carton just will not work, right? 

- You're an idiot, no, - Crow spun at his temple, - Something more powerful is needed here, - Let's arrange this metal cabinet. Rake all the crap out of there.

- There are figurines there, that ain't crap.


- Before that there’s shit, - Crow threw open the cabinet doors and literally dropped all its contents onto the floor in one motion. About 20% of all the statues broke, and the rest were softened by a large silk carpet lying on the floor.


- Then read, - continued Raven, - And although I am an IT person. Come on, I'm better! The next item is four lasers aimed cross-wise, and they should be closed by a semicircular box. Then you need an engine that will activate the circuit and the most important circuit is the Spinning Block: it will make the time travel possible. 

- spinning block? 

- Well, and dozens of small details: the scoreboard, remote controls, buttons and all the trash. This is bullshit. 

- And what is this spinning block made of? - Agnes was perplexed, - You say so, as if inventing a time machine is such a trifle that it is terrible how funny! 

- There are many schemes, there are whole drawings.

- Are you sure that these drawings are accurate? - the feeling of alarm did not for a second leave panicky Agnia. Unlike Raven, Agnes was more cowardly. 

- At 100%, - Crow nodded, - With a fresh mind, let's figure out what it is.                                                                                         ******

For months, the brothers tried to solve the riddle of the spinning block, until finally the raven made the assumption that it should be located in the middle of four laser beams. Judging by the mathematical calculations, this assumption turned out to be true. There remained such a trifle: to assemble the Block itself.

Only a year later, the brothers invented the Twisting Block, and hid it in the case with laser beams.

- Connect the blue wire to the red socket, connect the red cable to the blue socket, connect the yellow cable to the red and blue cables,” read Raven from the instructions, and Agni connected the wires in the system, “Put the power relay from 0 to 3.44, the flow rate should not exceed 400, action radius 10_11 + -2, grid switching mode by 3, stable energy capacitor, battery saving and charge up to 100, allow dates to the current year, connector 2, plug 3, 4. Blue socket, 8 switch. Energy flow 18. The function of the binary plug activate. The binary fork allows the simultaneous movement of two objects and more in one movement in a given period of time.

Only an hour later, Crow finished reading and the last item in the instructions was: "And we say to ourselves, Lord, amen, and take care of our soul for our successful experiment! Click" Start "and do not think about the consequences. First, click and then think! Motto USA.


- I will not press, - Agni shrank.

- Get away, coward, - Crow pushed his brother away and pressed the Start button.

- Everything, pi .. - Agni waved his hand.

There was a sound, and then the whole room was clouded with smoke. Agni screamed and tried to run, but his legs seemed to stick to the floor. But the melodic voice of the program reassured him:

- Your time machine is ready for use. Have a good trip and be careful.

- We did it, dude! - Crow jumped for joy, - Let's do a test test and go ahead, I'm to Jane Gray. I will save her! Thank!                                                                                     ******

Agni and Raven Istukanov invented a time machine and moved their base to caves in the Andes mountain system in Chile.

- We have invented a system with which we can travel to the past. Someone of us will travel, and someone is here and keep in touch with those who in the past through a special sound sensor, as well as report information about the past.

- I'm going to the first case, - said the Crow.

- Where?

- In 1553, I want to see Lady Jane Gray, - declared the Crow ...




                                                                       ENGLAND. 09 JULY 1553. 

Jane was walking in the garden and was awaiting a response from Northumberland about her rule. The girl did not want to rule England, perhaps somewhere in the depths of her pure soul, Jane understood that she was simply being used for her own purposes. Her husband Guilford Dudley was clearly not the one for whom he gave himself. The girl felt a lie from him. All of her childhood spun in her head, she remembered all the mockery she had to go through, everything she endured from her parents, from the courtiers ... Jane remembered the sly smiles of Dudley's family.

- Tomorrow, the Council should proclaim you the Queen, - Duke of Northumberland stepped onto the lawn from behind the path, - I know you don’t trust our family, but know if you are submissive, we will defeat her ..

- I'm not going to win anyone, - Jane spoke after a minute, - My conscience and my upbringing ..

- You know, I admire you, but evil exists in the world ..

"The only evil is you, the adults, who are manipulating us, the young, - thought Jane, but said nothing. And that a young girl could argue against a cruel tyrant. Never mind!!!

- Do you love Guilford? The duke asked.

- Why these questions? I'm married to Guilford, I don't want to answer ..

The duke nodded and left, and Jane sat on the grass near the lake .. The girl remembered the years she had spent under the tutelage of Henry VIII's wife, Catherine Parr. A nervous shiver pierced the young body of an innocent child at the thought that she became the Queen of England. She sincerely did not want power, and at the same time she wanted very much to get power in order to finally correct the mistakes of past monarchs and lead the English people in the right direction, as the Lord God himself wants. She wanted and made an oath that she would always be faithful to her people and would do everything to ensure that the English people lived in prosperity and joy. She did not reach the age of majority, so she has no right to make any laws, but she did not lose faith in the fact that when she reached 18, England would be proud of her, and she would be happy to do good to the English people and be generous with people.

                                                                                                ****                                                                        SEPTEMBER 24, 2016, ANDES, CHILE.



The raven and Agni built furniture and made their cave under the house from stone and trees. The door they built from a large stone, which is connected under the engine. Now the brothers had a secret refuge where they would live. Sitting down at the stone table, Agni spoke:

- Why do you want to see Jane Gray? This is a very long journey, it is a big risk.

- I want to save her, - declared the Raven, took a cup and poured tea into it.

- Save Jane? - Agni asked. His surprise knew no bounds, - And if you can't come back, then what?

- I'm ready to sacrifice myself for Jane, - exclaimed Raven, -I still want to save her from school.

- When was she executed?

- February 12, 1554, - answered the Raven.

- What date do you want to go?

- During her reign, July 10, 1553, - answered the Raven.

- Well, - nodded Agni, - But damn, man, - This idea, it is just hard!

- I enter the time machine, and you keep in touch with me.



                                                                              ****                                                                    10 JULY 1553, ENGLAND.



On July 10, the Privy Council publicly proclaimed Jane Queen. Jane with her husband and parents solemnly went on a barge to the Tower, where temporary royal apartments had already been arranged.

Arriving there in the boat, the girl did not find anyone there. The house was still empty, but the great lords soon began to gather: the President of the Privy Council, the duke of Northumberland and his wife, the marquis of Northampton and his wife, the counts of Hastings, Pembroke, and Arundell.

Arundell and Pembroke first kneeled before Lady Jane and kissed her hand, greeting her like a queen.

- Welcome, Your Majesty, - Earl Pembroke bowed his head in front of Jane, kneeling.

- What are you, - said Jane, embarrassed, - Stand up, sir!

Jane has not yet realized that she became the queen of England. It all seemed like something nom, these guests, this hall, Guilford, who was pushing Jane onto the golden path leading to the throne.

- Go, honey, - Guilford said.

- Where? - Jane started to get nervous, - I want to go home, leave me alone, what do you want?

- Expensive! “Jane was approached by her mother, Lady Frances — you are now the Queen of England.”

Jane stopped dead. The girl did not want to be a queen. She just screamed and fainted, and when she regained consciousness, she was already sitting on the throne, and the duke put a crown on her head. All those present in the hall bowed their knees before the new Queen. Jane herself shouted through tears:

- If I am destined to reign, then I ask God's blessing to rule the country for the glory of God and the benefit of my people !!!

- Long live Queen Jane! - the hall roared, - We swear to you in loyalty and long reign to you!

- Your Majesty, - the Duke of Northumberland spoke, - You must crown your spouse, Gilford.

- I appreciate your family, but the crown is not a toy for boys and girls. I can give Guilford the title, but not the crown.

After her words, Guilford's mother literally ate the girl with her eyes, and Guilford himself was confused: apparently his dreams collapsed, because despite her age, Jane was the smartest at court, and not only at court.

- I'm very tired, I want to sleep, - Jane said, and went to her chambers. Guilford's mother forbade her son to share a bed with Jane, because she did not coronate Guilford. Jane was left alone in the chambers.

She thought about the future. She again remembered the words of Catherine Parr, all her advice and moralizing. Jane sat on the bed and took the piece of paper in her hands, began to draw a horse, a field into it, and portray herself and Catherine Parr. So much so she was attached to her, much more than to her parents, who only beat her and nothing more. But now she is queen, now even her parents bowed before her in the throne room. But that's not the point. Jane understood that a man could kiss, but to think that you would fail. It's not that they got on their knees. The girl did not want anything to kneel in front of her. She believed that she should follow God's commandments, which say: "Everyone is equal among themselves." She was above the people in status, with no doubt, but only in status. And no more. And in flesh and skin, everyone is equal, even blacks and Asians.Reflections of a young and intelligent girl interrupted by a rustle behind a curtain. The girl screamed and cried out:

- Who's here? I'll call guard now.

- Don't, - an unfamiliar young man came out from behind the curtains, - I swear in peace. Just listen to me, Jane ..

The raven moved away from the curtains and stood in front of Jane. Here she was, she was near, he saw her real, her clever and kind eyes, her hands, ready to extend their help to anyone who wanted from a vagabond to a nobleman. Her hair developed when the wind blew from an open window, and Crow immediately remembered the film where Guilford was combing her beautiful hair on the lawn, only this Jane, the real one, never loved her husband Guilford ..


Raven for a moment did not even believe his eyes. He thought he was sleeping. I thought that was crazy. I thought that it wasn’t a time machine at all, but a certain program, a virtual game that tore his brains. But no, it was a reality! In front of him, Crow saw that same Jane Gray.

The boy's heart beat so hard that it even throbbed in his temples. The traveler’s lungs through time simply burst from the rapid breathing. He wanted to grab Jane's hand right now and pull her out of this hellish and cunning place. But everything has its time.

- You will still look at me, or explain who you are and where you come from in my chambers? And you know who I am? - thoughts Crow interrupted the voice of the newly-made Queen of England.

- You are Lady Jane Gray, Dudley already, I'm sorry ... You are nine ... You are the Queen of England, the smartest girl of this epo ... You are the smartest girl of England and not only you .., - Raven faltered, not knowing how to communicate with the Queen. As luck would have Agni did not get in touch at the right time.

- Enough, - Jane smiled, -Thank you, of course, but I'm used to being modest.”

- I know, - said the raven.

- I know who you are, - said the girl, - you are simply in love with me, I will not detain you or call security, you just leave my palace until you are noticed and thanks for the support. Here, take this medallion as a keepsake from me and let it always protect you.

- Thank you, but I can not take ..

- Do you want to hurt me?

- I’m hurting anyone but you, - Crow shouted.