Jan Van Scorel: Drawings & Paintings (Annotated) - Raya Yotova - ebook

Jan van Scorel was a Flemish artist from the northern part of the Netherlands who is one of the leading figures of the romanticism movement in the Flemish Renaissance painting. Undoubtedly, his great style and technique were influenced by the famous Italian masters of the epoch, whose work he was well acquainted with in his journeys and his life in Italy. Remarkably to van Scorel it is that he did not receive initial training as an artist in the Netherlands and formed his artistic taste and style under the influence of Italian masters, particularly strong this influence was by Raphael. Achieved popularity and glory in young years in Florence and proved to be a zealous Christian with his visit to the Holy Land of Jerusalem, van Scorel was spotted by Pope Adrian VI and appointed by him as a Vatican painter.

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