Jailhouse MPREG - Pam Paulson - ebook

Clyde was being sentenced to 11 months in Jail for Robbing a BANK!Arriving nervously, he struck a chord with Will, the Guard right away, and the gaze they gave each other was one of passion and magic.Let them unwind and get hot and steamy in this magical male pregnancy short novella.Happy ending guaranteed, so buy now!  

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Pam Paulson

Jailhouse MPREG

First published by Pam Paulson in 2017

Copyright © Pam Paulson, 2017

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Jailhouse Mpreg

In the jailhouse



Jailhouse Mpreg

I sat there hopelessly awaiting my sentence. The year was 1848 and I have been charged with a high crime of assaulting a police officer and stealing his revolver and then robbing the saloon for the it's a beer. It was kind of a dumb charge to be charged with but I figured that if I was going to be charged with anything I might as well get some beer out of it. I didn't always used to be a criminal but there came a time in my life where I really needed some funds and I couldn't pay my rent to my landlord. I didn't want to go have to work at the Goldmine because it was backbreaking work and I got a little bit lazy and fell behind. My landlord gave me a few months to collect my past due rent plus penalties but I just couldn't get it so that's when I had a couple too many drinks to drink that day and wallow in my pain and I made the bad decision of assaulting a police officer thinking that I would figure the rest of it out after that.