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Jade is a photographers model, and Jaded follows her career as she dives ever deeper into the disturbing world of pornography. She is the model who never says no, she is a complete slut, she is submissive, she is bisexual and she is about to learn that extreme pain is also on her growing list of things that she loves!Comprises: Submission, The Neighbour, The Mistress and The Collector.

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Table of contents



Part 1 - Submission

1. In the beginning

2. Realisation

3. The Deal

4. The Shoot

Part 2 – The Neighbour

5. Surprise From Above

6. Teasing

7. Say "Hola"

8. Sit and Stay Doggy

Part 3 – The Mistress

9. The Assignment

10. The Shoot

11. Escape

12. Finality

Part 4 – The Collector

13. Mae Ling

14. The Contract

15. Compromise

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Beth Kean


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Part 1 - Submission

1. In the beginning

"Introducing Jade, Kinky African Slut," those were the opening lines on her new website. She didn't consider herself any kinkier than any other girl she knew, and she wasn't sure she really classified as a slut, but what the hell, if it sold photo's they could call her anything they wanted.

Jade; born in Uganda into poverty and hardship, she had always dreamed of a better life, for her a better life meant there would always something to eat. Money, fancy clothes and fast cars never entered her mind. For her a better life simply meant never suffering the constant, gnawing hunger again.

She had never dreamed that modelling could be in her future, she considered herself average, when she looked in the mirror she just saw a normal African woman, true she had a good figure, her curves were all in the right places, her ass wasn't massive just round and shapely and her tits were on the average to small side but her nipples were the prominent feature, thick and black. Thinking about it - back at home she had never received undue attention from the guys, nothing excessive, she was just normal.

Her break came just after her 22nd birthday, as she worked part time in a cyber café in the heart of Kampala, the work was boring and she felt herself little more than the caretaker for a handful of computers but she did get to browse for free which helped the hours to pass.

"Hey Jade, come and look at this," her friend Steffi called to her from booth number three, "This would be perfect for you," Steffi always had some weird scheme in her head but Jade knew she wouldn't give her a break until she'd viewed the latest crazy opportunity.

"What's this one then?" she called, not wanting to move.

"Come on, this is made for you," with a quiet sigh of resignation she joined her friend and stooped to read the screen, and laughed.

"Steffi you gotta be kidding me." her friends expression crumbled to crestfallen.

"What do you mean, this job has you written all over it."

"Me. A model. Come on Steff!"

Steffi looked serious, "You know what your problem is Jade? You always put yourself down. You know I would kill to have a body like yours."

Jade laughed, "Stop messing around, I'm nothing special."

"There," Steffi snapped, "That's exactly what I'm talking about, always running yourself down. Well I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to apply for you if you won't do it yourself,"

Jade shrugged, "Knock yourself out."

Steffi launched into action, "Get me the camera, and don't tell there isn't one here because I know there is." Ten minutes later Steffi had the pictures she wanted, she had to plead and then bully her reticent friend into posing but she knew she had a few decent shots, "Fill in the info," she said to herself, "Upload the pics." with a satisfied smile she hit send. "You're going to thank me one day for this." she grinned.

Jade rolled her eyes.


That had been three years before, much to her surprise, and Steffi's delight the reply had been fast, and positive, in fact it had been far more than positive, the company had forwarded a contract. She stared at the document; amazed. Guaranteed work and the photographer due to arrive in just over a week.

Steffi bounced around the café, "300 dollars, can you believe it? 300 dollars." Jade sat in a state of shock, someone was going to pay her 300 dollars just to pose for pictures.

"I've never even seen that much money." babbled Steffi.

Jade didn't sleep well that night, she lay awake in her tiny room in the slums listening to the police sirens and the neighbours kids screaming and crying, she thought about the money, Steffi was right of course it represented almost half a year's wages, but something nagging in the back of her head, it was just too good to be true.

The day of the shoot came and with Steffi as bodyguard and moral support rolled into one package she knocked on the door of the suite she had been instructed to go to. She was pleasantly surprised when a neat middle aged woman answered, the woman gave a warm and reassuring smile.

"You must be Jade, come in my dear, I see you brought a friend too, very wise, always watch out for your safety in this industry my dear." She was ushered into the room, "Grab a seat dear, we'll be with you in a minute," she looked around her, the room was full of camera equipment, aluminium flight cases, bright lights and reflective umbrellas, Steffi gave her a nudge and giggled.

"It's just like in the movies."

"Jade, Welcome." the man's voice came from behind her, she turned to see the most perfect specimen of manhood she had ever witnessed before strolling out of the bathroom drying his hands on a towel, "Delighted to meet you." he offered a manicured hand for her to shake, his grip; soft, almost feminine.

"Pleased to meet you too" she stammered as he smiled.

"Relax, I understand this is your first shoot?" she nodded, "Don't worry, I don't bite," sitting opposite he drew some papers from his case, "First let's get the legal stuff out of the way, just a standard model release, take your time, read it carefully and sign at the bottom when your satisfied."

"What's it for?" she felt lost.

"It just gives us exclusive rights to the photos I take today, it means that although the pictures are of you, they belong to us." She nodded and started to read.

"All signed dear?" asked the neat woman, Jade nodded, "Great, OK let's get you dressed and made up," she studied her face, "You won't need much, what perfect skin."

Jade had never seen such clothes before in her life, the dresses were something she could only dream of.

"OK dear, slip into the first one and we can make a start." Jade took the dress and looked around for a changing room, the woman seemed to sense her confusion. "Just change where you are," Jade looked shocked and glanced at the photographer busy arranging his equipment, with a chuckle the neat woman whispered in her ear, "Don't worry about him dear, he's not interested in us," she winked, Jade's expression remained blank, "He's gay." she mouthed silently.

The shoot proved a revelation, and Jade took to modelling like a duck to water, the photographer danced around her like a prima donna capturing her from every angle, her nerves disappeared, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. For the first time in her life she knew for sure she had found her true


"280, 290 and 300." he finished counting out the crisp new dollar bills. "You're a natural Jade," he smiled exposing perfect teeth, "Now what next?" he picked up a schedule and her original application, "Excellent," he beamed, "I'm happy you're comfortable with nudes, I've got the perfect job for you next week."

"Nude!" spluttered Jade. He looked confused. Steffi giggled nervously.

He held up the application and pointed to a ticked check-box alongside the word Nude.

"Nude?" she turned on her friend, and Steffi looked like she wanted the ground to open and swallow her whole.

"I didn't think you would mind." she offered as an excuse.

"Nude!" shouted Jade, "What do you think I am?"

The neat woman interrupted, "If I can calm things for just a second Jade, the nude work that we do is very tasteful. Mostly sexy lingerie and topless, you would not be asked to pose in any degrading positions, it's all very soft-core... And," she added, "The pay is double what you have received today."

Jade stopped dead in her tracks, "Double?" she stammered. "600?"

The woman nodded slowly, "And all you have to do is the same as today, except with less clothes." Jades mind raced, could she really do it? She thought about the time she had borrowed the camera from work and taken a few topless photos for her online boyfriend, that hadn't been so bad, 600, she said it again in her mind, 600 dollars!

That had been the first step towards a slippery slope, the shoot had been easy, she had felt uncomfortable at the beginning as her layers had slowly diminished for the lens, but once topless she had started to feel her confidence return, it wasn't so bad she told herself as she counted the pile of dollars in her slums room.

2. Realisation

Today's photographer brought her back to her present reality. "Come on babe," he coaxed her, "Let's see some emotion, give me that dirty girl look, come on, you can do better than that."

She knew her attitude frustrated him, and really didn't care.

"Listen babe, the guys who buy this stuff want to imagine you wanna fuck them, not beat them up, please smile babe."

She concentrated, bit her lip seductively and imagined her fantasy guy had just dropped his boxers and was even bigger than she had imagined.

"Yeahhh... That's more like it babe... Fuck that looks even making me hard." he joked. The shutter whirred, "Get your nipples hard," he instructed, she gave them a pinch and a pull, but she really wasn't into the shoot today.

"Yeah, that's better," he said bringing the camera close, "I can get some nice macros of those."

Jade wondered where her modesty had disappeared, mostly to the bank and the pages of seedy adult websites, she thought about the money as he instructed her to open her legs.

"Show me some cunt babe, yeah that's not bad... D'you mind?" it was more a statement than a question as he reached forward and spread her pussy lips to expose her inner pink, she didn't react, it was all part of the job now, he parted her again. "Yeah, that's the money shot," he said, "Nice little pussy you got Jade." he added with a salacious grin.

She sighed, she had heard it all before.

"You wet?" His question stepped over the accepted boundary, but she really didn't care.

"A bit." she lied as he brought the camera closer between her spread legs.

"Don't look wet to me" he said.

Who cares she thought.

She felt him parting her again snapping all the time, the click click of the camera, just another day, she closed her eyes and thought of the cash. Her eyes snapped open wide with shock as he stuck his finger deep inside her.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked in disbelief and indignation.

He grinned and sucked his finger, "Come on babe, just my bit of fun. And you do taste real good."

Spluttering she struggled to find the words, "You pay me for photos, nothing else."

"So I had a little taste, sue me!" he laughed, "Come on babe, don't act like your Mother Fucking Teresa, like you never got fingered before?"

"Never by an alleged professional photographer," she snapped.

"I've fucked better looking models than you before, so don't start moaning just because I fancied a little taste," he replied swiftly, "Now are you gonna be professional and we finish this shoot?" she nodded slowly as she imagined her money walking away in his pocket.

"Let's get on with it then." she sighed.

"Good girl." he grinned again, "Now I've been thinking, I get a lot of guys wanting cum-shot pics on the site, and I think your black skin would really emphasis the colour contrast."

"That's not what we agreed," she answered quickly, "It was only straight nude."

"Yeah I know that, but I think there's a little room in my budget."

"How much room?" Suddenly objections and indignation took a back seat as her business head took over.

He pondered for a minute, "I can probably up it by a hundred," she shook her head, "One fifty, final offer." he added. Jade nodded, she could live with that, and grinning he stepped towards her, "Come on then babe, you gotta work for the extra, I need both hands for the camera."

With a sinking feeling she reached for his belt, this was not normal behaviour but she needed the extra cash, easing his chinos to the floor she started to pull down his boxers.

"Hold there." he instructed, the camera buzzing into action again, "Now just take it slow, pause so I can keep shooting... Don't rush." he commanded sharply as she nodded. Slowly she eased the shorts down over his stiffening cock, trapped behind the elastic waist band it started to strain, she eased down a little lower, it didn't look bad to her, maybe not as long as she liked but it was very thick. She eased a little lower and the elastic finally released its grip, his cock sprung to attention inches from her face. She was shocked by her own body's reaction, she felt a warm tingling down between her legs and a genuine wetness.