Jacky on the rocks - Daisy Swan - ebook

Jacky on the rocks ebook

Daisy Swan



Jacky is frustrated. Not only does she have to work the graveyard shift on her birthday, also her boyfriend dares to ghost her.When a handsome stranger walks into the bar and demands a drink, the night takes an interesting turn... but who is he?

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Daisy Swan

Jacky on the rocks

Taken by the bad boy

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Jacky on the Rocks - Taken by the bad boy



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Author’s Note: This story contains explicit content and is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are over the age of 18 and not related by blood. All sex is consensual.

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~For everyone who chases their dreams~

Jacky on the rocks

I gave my eyelashes another coat of mascara and ran a brush through my blood-red, hip-length hair. The prettier I looked, the more tips I got – after all, I wanted it to pay off that I had to work on my birthday. I still could shoot Luis to outer space, even though he was a great boss, writing work schedules was not exactly his strength.

I straightened the neckline of my white tank top – I wore it to show off my tattooed arms and adjusted my hot pants so that you could see the bottom of my ass cheeks. Tips, baby.

I did not want to check my phone, which was plugged in – it would only frustrate me. My boyfriend Daniel already ignored me all day long. That made me a little angry, even though I knew that he was touring with his band and had little time. He couldn't always look at his cell phone and maybe he did not always have electricity. Nevertheless. I only turned 24 once and it was stupid enough that he could not celebrate with me.


I was about to put on my earrings when it rang. With a free ear I rushed to the socket.


"Happy Birthday, sweetheart!"

"Oooh, thanks, Lara!" It was my best friend. "You gonna come visit me tonight?"