It's Only Sex, Daddy - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

Darren's obsessed with his daughter, Cassie, a spoiled brat who drives him crazy to the point he fantasizes about punishing her in a not-so-fatherly way. To relieve his frustration, Darren hires escorts who look like her to enact his taboo fantasies. The new girl he found online couldn't be more perfect. She not only looks, but acts, like Cassie. Not surprising--seeing Darren just hired his daughter! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ He reached into his pocket and removed the five hundred dollar bills and putting them on the nightstand, walked over and opened the door. His Cassie of the evening stood a couple of feet away with her back to him. She wore a black leather jacket that was too warm for the weather, but one look at her black stocking clad legs told him she'd kept her word and had the lingerie underneath.  He had no doubt she'd heard him open the door and was posing for him. Her long curly brown hair was just like Cassie's, flowing halfway down her back and her black stiletto heels had to be five inches. The jacket didn't go much past her upper thigh and her legs were long and shapely. She proved she knew he was there, by lifting the jacket high enough to show the stockings were thigh highs and give him a look at her perfect little backside in the black lace boy shorts. Darren played along. "Get in here right now, young lady!" He hissed in a low whisper. She stiffened and cocked her head. Darren hoped he hadn't done anything to put her off, then heard voices. Seeing people coming around the corner, he ducked back into the room behind the door. He heard footsteps and she quickly walked past him, her head turned toward the bed. He caught a whiff of her perfume as she passed and smiled as he closed the door. She flinched at the sound and he quickly spoke up. "Sorry to duck in like that, but didn't want anyone to see me. You know how it is." She nodded and Darren frowned. Her body language told him she was nervous and that was the one thing she didn't seem the other night. Had she been acting? "I brought some wine if you want a glass and your money's on the nightstand." He remained where he was not wanting to startle her. But his excitement was fading, something seemed off. "So," He tried to sound casual. "Why don't you take off that jacket so I can see what my misbehaving daughter is wearing that's going to get her in trouble." She didn't move and his stomach sinking, Darren started to ask her what was wrong, but then saw the ties to the jacket fall to the side. Keeping her back to him, she let the jacket fall to the floor.  "You're walking around the house like that?" He began the game "You really are something. You can't even face me, can you?" She shook her head and emitted a soft whimper that sent a thrill through him.  "Don't try that whining on me, little girl. It's not going to work tonight. Now turn around and look at me when I talk to you." Her shoulders slumped in resignation, she slowly turned, her head down, her hair obscuring her face. The front was even better than the back. Her breasts pushed up in the blue black top and the shorts just a patch of black lace between her thighs. "Stop hiding behind your hair like a little girl and look up at me." He paused for effect. "Now!" There was another whimper, and pushing her hair from her face, she lifted her head to look at him, whispering, "Sorry, daddy." Darren's eyes widened and his stomach felt as if someone had kicked him in it. The hooker he'd just hired was Cassie.

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It’s Only Sex, Daddy


Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: L.L. Craft Publications

It’s Only Sex, Daddy

Copyright © 2018 by Laura Lovecraft

Chapter One

“Be a good girl, Cassie.” Darren breathed, his heart racing in anticipation. “Suck daddy’s dick.”

“But, daddy!” The stunning young girl kneeling between his legs stared up at him with her brown eyes wide and her luscious young lips pushed into a pout. “That’s dirty!”

Her eyes shifted to his long thick cock throbbing in her small hand. “And I’m your daughter!”

“Cassie, didn’t daddy just buy you that pretty little dress you’re wearing?” He rocked his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her hand.

“Yeah, but…” She looked nervously at his cock. “It’s wrong, daddy! And…I don’t do those things!”

“Oh, please.” He slid his hand through her long brown hair. She yelped when he grabbed a handful and pushed her head closer to his cock. “You think I believe you have a tight little body like that and those blow job lips and you’ve never sucked a cock before?”

“Daddy!” She widened her big doe eyes even more. “That’s no way to talk to your little girl.”

“A little girl that walks around this house in tight little shorts and slutty little dresses and shakes her ass and cock teases her daddy, doesn’t she?”

“No.” She tried to shake her head, but he had her hair and she winced, then whimpered. “I’m a good girl, daddy!”

“You’re a little tease and you use it to get daddy to get away with being a bitch, don’t you?”

“I…” She stopped when he nodded, and looking up at him through her eye lashes, whispered, “Yes, Daddy. I know you look so I show off to get my way.”

“Does it get your slutty little cunt all wet when daddy looks?”

She hesitated and with a sigh, Darren nodded, giving her the signal.

“Yes, daddy.” She lowered her head as much as she could, her face inches from his aching dick that she was still holding. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, just stop acting like you’re some kind of good girl and be the little slut you are.”

He pushed on her head. “Now open wide and take daddy’s dick in that pretty mouth.”

He nodded quickly rather than have her wonder if she was supposed to or not. ‘Cassie’ pressed her lips to his cock, smearing his pre cum on them, while sliding her tongue out and flicking it across the front of his shaft.

Her free hand caressed his balls while she slapped his cock against her cheek.

“Like how your big dick looks in your little girl’s face, daddy?”

That was a good adlib, Darren thought as she opened wide and slapped the head of his cock onto her soft pink tongue.

“Not as much as I’m going to like how it looks in your face.”

She giggled, and his cock twitched in her hand. God, he loved those little girl giggles, especially when they came from an adorable eighteen year old kneeling between his legs. In this case, ‘Cassie’ might be older, maybe twenty, but damn she looked young and sounded the part.

She ran her tongue up and down his shaft several times in rapid succession, then surprised him by pushing his cock back and slurping on his balls. Darren thought about telling her to stop, after all too much experience ruined the game, but damn, it felt good.

“You’re teasing, daddy.” He said instead, and with another cock inspiring giggle, she ran her tongue up to his tip, swirled it around in fast wet circles, causing his hand to tighten in her hair.

With no further hesitation, Cassie, parted her full, hot pink coated lips, and slipped his cock between them. He sighed contentedly and relaxed into the pillow piled against his headboard as the hot young thing between his legs, bobbed her head while moaning and slobbering on his dick.

“Look at daddy.” He coaxed her as she’d had her eyes closed.

She opened them and fixed her big eyes on his as she worked his cock with an experience that belied his game. Or did it? It’s not like he hadn’t wondered how much experience a certain barely legal little minx had with sex.

Right now however, his attention was on the minx between his thighs, and it was well worth that attention. Darren was naked, but ‘Cassie’ was lying stretched out on her stomach in a short pink sun dress.

Propped up on her elbows she had his cock pulled towards her so she could work her hot young mouth along his shaft. Darren released her hair and placed both hands on her bare shoulders, marveling at how soft and smooth her skin was.

Cassie’s, her real name was either Laurie or Lindsay, he forgot which, but it didn’t matter, they were all Cassie to him, long dark hair fell across her face was now fanned across her back and he let his eyes roam along her slender young body in the cute dress.

His Cassie of the evening had a perfect body type, small and petite, but not thin, just well proportioned. Her breasts weren’t large, but big enough he could see some cleavage as she continued blowing him.

She had the right amount of hips to give her a nice shape and her ass plump enough to look good as she lay on the bed. As he’d asked her to, her legs were bent at the knees and crossed at the ankles showing him the bottoms of her sexy little feet.

She’d shown up in a pair of heeled sandals, but in his favorite position for head he wanted her barefoot. She’d also shown up in a mini skirt and belly shirt, showing off her flat stomach with her pierced naval.

Not that she looked bad, in fact he was hard barely thirty seconds after she’d walked through the door, but he’d requested a simple cute sundress, the kind the real Cassie wore that drove him crazy.

Darren should have let it go, but when he treated himself to this game, and he’d been doing it far too often of late, he wanted his money’s worth and that meant having his exact fantasy. Darren had went and got her one of Cassie’s dresses to wear.

Up until that moment he hadn’t thought he could sink lower as a father, but letting an escort wear his daughter’s dress while she pretended to be her proved him wrong. Now as he lay there watching his daughter du jour take a break from sucking and resume fluttering her tongue along his shaft, he thought she couldn’t be more perfect.

With the same long curly brown hair and big dark eyes as Cassie along with those sinfully and totally unfair pouty sensual lips, this girl could pass for her sister. Even her body type was the same, the small, but shapely figure, the handful that her breasts appeared to be, and an ass that seemed a little plump for the rest of her.

Darren moaned softly when ‘Cassie’ smiled up at him. “Hmm, daddy, you’re so hard for your baby girl!”

“Because my baby girl is so fucking sexy.” He told her. “You like sucking daddy’s dick?”

“Love it!” She punctuated her remark by taking him back in her mouth and moaning, her dark eyes rolling back as she resumed bobbing her head.

Darren slid his hands up and down her arms, then under her hair and across her smooth back. She sighed at his touch and as he’d mentioned for her to do earlier, playfully kicked her feet back and forth.

Her toes were curled and Darren could make out pink nails that matched her fingers and lips. He slipped his hands back up through her hair, and holding her head, thrust his hips. ‘Cassie’ whimpered and widened her eyes again for him, damn she was good!

“That’s it, be a good girl and stay still while daddy fucks your mouth.” He was embarrassed to hear a tremble in his voice.

Here he was a forty six year old man, a successful attorney, and according to most women he knew, attractive enough to do well with women of any age. Yet here he was sounding like a nervous teenager as a girl young enough to be his daughter sucked his cock.

The fact she wasn’t just around his daughter’s age, but looked just like her was the reason for that nervous excitement. As always a small amount of guilt and shame accompanied his lust. It wasn’t a coincidence she looked like Cassie because all the girls he found looked like her, although this girl was closer than most.

He found them on escort websites and personal ads, always searching the key word daddy for girls who were willing to play that role. Paying the girls added both to his shame, but also the thrill.

Not like he had a choice. He had no desire to go out and find a barely legal girl to date and be the other pathetic midlife crises professionals he worked with who cheated on their wives or became a sugar daddy to girls like this.

As pathetic as those guys were though, he was worst, at least none of them wanted to fuck their actual daughter. On that thought his attention returned to the Cassie of the hour and thrusting his cock repeatedly into her young willing mouth.

She was whimpering and her face turning red as he fucked her hard while holding her head still. He swore his cock grew even harder as he wondered if given a chance could he do this to the real Cassie?

Could he force feed her his sizable cock? Make her whimper and make sloppy wet gagging noises? Make her eyes water like the girl between his legs were beginning to. As soon as the question entered his mind, he fucked her mouth even harder, pulling her head down on his rising cock.

Darren thought about finishing like this, just shooting his load down his ‘daughter’s throat, or maybe pulling it out and spraying it all over her face. He’d had many nasty dreams and thoughts of doing it to Cassie.

He’d paint her face, a face that was a sexy mix of bratty young girl, and sexy mature woman. He imagined standing over her while she was on her knees looking up at him, mouth wide open to catch daddy’s load, but instead he’d squirt it all over her face.

Darren groaned and stopped thrusting his hips. He was only paying for an hour tonight and as much as he wanted to flood his role playing daughter’s mouth, he wanted to make sure he could fuck her tight little slit.

“Be a good girl and take that pretty dress off for daddy.” He told her while releasing her hair and easing his cock from her mouth.

His long shaft was covered in her spit and smeared with her hot pink lipstick and as always when he did this, Darren couldn’t believe how hard he was. Forty six wasn’t old, but he certainly wasn’t what he was in his twenties, but yet when he played this game, or thought about his daughter it was like turning back the clock.

“But daddy, you shouldn’t…”

“Just do as daddy says!” Darren snapped.

The girl was playing the game he’d told her he’d wanted, but as was often the case his lust had the better of him. He tried to play it through with the reluctance a real daughter would have if her father wanted sex from her, but he’d never had the patience to last for long..

In the end he figured, Cassie teased him enough every day and that made it impossible to keep being teased when he took that frustration out on young girls pretending to be her.

“Yes, daddy.” She rose to her knees between his legs, and his cock twitched when she flashed the pout of a scolded child.

She lifted the simple one piece dress that he’d seen Cassie wear just a couple days ago and peeled it up over her head, tossing it onto the floor.

“Look at you,” Darren breathed. “My little girl’s all grown up.”

God this girl was perfect. Per his request, she was naked beneath the dress and Darren’s eyes lingered on her incredible tits. He’d guess a full B-cup, and they were standing up high and proud as only a young woman’s could.

Her pale pink nipples were hard and as he licked his lips in anticipation of having them in his mouth, his gaze drifted down to her flat stomach and the barbell she had pierced through her navel.

But the best part was the smooth, pink, and hairless slit between her supple thighs. Darren’s cock bobbed as he imagined shoving it inside that tight little cunt.

“You like, daddy?” She cupped her tits for him. “They’re all yours.” She giggled. “You helped make them after all.”

What a line! Jesus, he might break his self imposed rule of never going with the same girl twice and bring this one back another night.

“Then bring them to daddy.” He extended his arms and sliding up between his legs, she leaned over him.

Darren put his hands on her shoulders and tried to go for a kiss, but she turned her head to the side giving him her neck. He kissed her neck, inhaling her perfume and enjoying the feel of her long hair on his face.

He felt like an idiot going for the kiss. Most of these girls didn’t kiss, and even if they did, there was nothing behind it. A girl could fake enjoying sex and put on a show giving head, hell they’d fake an orgasm, but a kiss had to have feeling.

Darren desperately wanted to kiss, Cassie. To feel the lips she kissed his cheek with every day on his and shove his tongue between them. Right now, however, he’d forget about that kiss and find a better place for his mouth.

He slid his lips across Laurie’s, was that her name? Did it matter? Neck and down the soft smooth skin of her chest. She leaned back, still cupping her breasts and offering them to him. He eagerly accepted the offer and groaned as he slid his hands beneath hers, and gave them a soft squeeze.

Her breasts were so soft, yet so firm, and so…young.

She squealed when he sucked her nipple between his lips and swinging her leg over his thigh, straddled him. As he fondled and sucked on her tits, she ground her hips, rubbing her hot smooth pussy on his leg.

Darren drew her close, putting his arms around her back while sucking harder on her tit. She moaned and continued to work her pussy into his leg. At first she hadn’t been wet, but the contact had gotten her going and he could feel her sticky secretions on his leg.

Nice trick, this girl had been doing this for awhile. It caused the fantasy to lose a little steam, but having a naked twenty year old girl’s tit in your mouth and humping your leg was never a bad thing.

“That feels so good!” She moaned for him, her hands running along his arms and squeezing them. “Oh, daddy, you’re so sexy!” Her hands continued up, now massaging his shoulders from the front as he went back and forth between her tits, sucking one nipple while rubbing the other between his fingertips.

“I love how you suck my titties, daddy.” She purred and he groaned around her pink nub when she reached down between them and grabbed his cock. “But your little girl’s all wet now and really wants her daddy’s big cock in her tight little pussy.”

Darren had to admit he’d been thinking the exact same thing, but trying to enjoy her tits a little more and show some patience, which was something he sorely lacked in these little games. In his fantasies he’d imagined being the one to want to go slow, to tease, to show the skill and patience of the older lover a daddy would be to his little girl.

Yet every time he hired one of these luscious little girls and they started calling him daddy and flaunting their succulent young bodies, he’d reach a point where he just needed to fuck them.

The way he needed and wanted to fuck his real daughter, but knew he never could.

His ‘little girl’ rose up higher on her knees, and sliding closer, swung her leg over his hip so she was no straddling him. Still holding his cock she rubbed it along her now slick slit and he moaned when she slapped his cock against her moist flesh.

Darren put his hands on her hips and pushed, encouraging her to stop teasing and sit on his aching cock.

“Hold on, daddy.” She leaned over and reaching out to the nightstand picked up the condom she’d put there when she’d first followed him into his room.

“Hey, Laurie, you said you’d go bareback.” He told her, squeezing her hips and pushing his cock along her slick slit.

“My names Lindsay,” She rolled her dark eyes at him. “But I’m Cassie to you anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.” She held the condom in her hand. “I’ll go bareback, but it’s another hundred.”

Talk about ruining a fantasy. Then again, he thought, it would be just like Cassie to try and get money or something out of him. Not try, succeed, he’d never been able to tell her no at any age. Let alone now when he had taboo fantasies about her.

“I’ll pay the hundred.” He nodded toward the condom. “I don’t want anything between my dick and your tight little snatch.”

“Daddy!” She slipped back into character. “Is that any way to treat your little girl?”

“When she’s a slutty little cock tease it is.” He replied, then groaned when Lindsay, dropped the condom, guided his cock to her tight little hole and eased down on him.

“Ow!” She yelped, and he was sure it was purely for his benefit. “Daddy, your cock’s too big for my little pussy!”

But pro or not, her little pink twat was damn tight. Darren loved the feeling of it spreading around his thick shaft as she lowered herself until he was completely engulfed in her young cunt. Lindsay whimpered for him while rocking her hips, sliding back and forth on his lap while he held her by her slender hips.

“How’s your little girl look riding your big dick, daddy?” She put her arms around his neck and stifled his answer by shoving her tit into his face.

Darren sucked on her nipple while she slowly rode him. He squirmed beneath her, moving his hips as much as he could and hoping she would take the hint to go faster. She continued to move slowly, however and he had only himself to blame.

He’d instructed her to act like a young nervous girl as much as she could and she was playing the part well. Lindsay was now moving up and down, sliding up on his cock, then sitting back down on him.

Each time she did, she released a sexy little yelp that caused his cock to twitch inside her. Lindsay leaned back from him, bracing her hands on his knees behind her and working her hips. Darren now had a full view of not just her amazing tits and perfect body, but his cock invading that pink hairless slit.

“Well, daddy?” She wiggled her hips, working his cock around in her tight twat. “How’s your little Cassie look sitting on your big fat cock?”

At the mention of his daughter’s name, Darren lost all patience with trying to keep the game slow and teasing. Pushing himself forward from where he leaned against the headboard, he took Lindsay by her arms and lifted her from his cock.

Darren was a large man; just over six feet and well muscled from being a life time gym rat. The way he was able to not only lift Lindsay from his lap while still sitting, but how easily he was able to shove her onto her back between his legs, sent a thrill through him. Lindsay yelped in surprise, but remained where she was as Darren got to his knees on the bed.

Grabbing her ankles; he lifted her legs and pressing the tip of his cock against her slit, took a moment to admire the sight of his swollen purple head against her pink flesh before driving himself into her with all the strength in his hips.

“Fuck!” Lindsay cried out and this time he had no doubt her reaction was real and not part of the game.

She yelped loudly each time he slammed his cock into her and her delicious tits were bouncing as he held her legs up and fucked her like it was the last time he’d ever have sex. Darren loved the way his large hands looked around her ankles, his fingers completely curled around them as he held her legs up.

“My little Cassie looks better on her back getting fucked like the little fucking cock tease she is.” He hissed as he pounded her. “You like this? You like getting the fucking you deserve for being a little slut?”

“Yes, daddy!” Lindsay cried out. “This is why I tease you, I want my daddy to fuck me like the bad girl I am!”

Girl was good, but at this point Darren was no longer really seeing her. As always when he cut loose, the young girl was no longer role playing Cassie, but in his lust addled mind had become his sexy, luscious, cock tease of a daughter.

As he fucked Lindsay with long hard thrusts, his mind’s eye saw Cassie. Saw her brown eyes widen in surprise and a little pain as her daddy fucked her harder than any of her stupid boyfriends she might have let fuck her.

Those eyes would then glaze over in lust as pleasure replaced pain and she moaned and squealed at the way her father’s cock stuffed her tight little cunt. Her tits would look so good, bouncing just like Lindsay’s and her small perfect feet would be on his shoulders.

He placed Lindsay’s there and shifted his grip, sliding his hands behind her knees as he leaned further over her.

“Oh you’re fucking me so hard, daddy!” She squealed. “We shouldn’t be doing this though! Its wrong!”

He may have given up on the game, but Lindsay was hanging in there and he would reward her for it as it just fueled his fantasy of this being his real daughter.

“You shouldn’t tease me then!” His voice rose as his excitement grew and he pushed her legs back more to the point her ass was lifting off the bed. “Shouldn’t walk around in those little shirts with no fucking bra on!”

“Sorry, daddy!” She moaned, her eyes wide and her lip in a pout. “I…”

“Sorry because you’re getting what you deserve!” he snapped at her, taking his frustrations out on her the way he could never with Cassie.

“Parading around in those goddamn tight shorts, showing off your legs and that damn fine ass!” Darren lifted her feet from his shoulders and lowering his head, placed them on either side of his face.

“Even your feet are sexy, these pretty little toes and you’re always after me for money to get them painted!”

He turned his head and taking her toes in his mouth sucked on them even as he continued to fuck her.

“Daddy!” Lindsay giggled, then yipped again when the sound made him thrust harder into her.

He switched to her other foot, licking her toes, then kissing the soft sole of her foot. Another moment of feeling ridiculous, but he was so infatuated with his daughter he even fantasized about her feet.

Especially when she wore stockings to her waitressing job. She wore the stockings with the high heels, short skirt and tight little top that showed off her high proud breasts.

That outfit was nothing compared to the one he’d commented on to the latest victim of his borderline angry fucking. Cassie wore shorts around the house that wee skimpy enough to show off the tips of her ass cheeks and rarely wore a bra leaving him trying not to stare at her nipples.

A good father would tell her to put some damn clothes on and he wanted to be a good father, but instead he just sat there, trying not to be caught looking and with a raging hard on hidden beneath his newspaper or whatever else he could cover his lap with.

“Little fucking tramp.” He breathed and releasing Lindsay’s feet, pulled his cock from inside her.

His long thick shaft was glistening from her pussy and his head an angry shade of purple. He grabbed her by her thin hips and with a wrench of his strong shoulders, flipped her onto her stomach.

Lindsay cried out in surprise, but didn’t resist as he pulled her hips to raise her ass in the air. She obediently pointed her ass at him, keeping her head on the bed and crying out into the sheets when he squeezed her hips and entered her with a long powerful thrust.

Darren tore into her with a frenzied enthusiasm being driven by the image of having the real Cassie on her knees in front of him.

“Just like that!” He breathed. “Face down ass up for daddy.”

“Ow, daddy!” Lindsay whimpered. “You’re fucking me so hard!”

“You love it and you know it!” He dealt the right side of her ass a hard slap and her yelp caused him to slap the other side even harder. “You’re never too old to get a spanking little girl!”

He proceeded to pepper both sides of her ass with hard slaps. Lindsay had said through texts she was fine with being spanked, but he was going pretty hard and made a note to give her some extra.

She seemed okay with it, yelping and wiggling her rapidly reddening ass at him. Still, Darren eased up and put one hand on the small of her back. He watched his cock slide in between her perfect ass cheeks which were now sporting red imprints of his large hands.