It's an inside job - Myola Woods - ebook

Orgasms, multiple orgasms, full body orgasms!Myola Violet Woods has been on a journey of self-discovery for as long as she can remember - and now she shares her secrets with you in her new paperback book 'It's an inside job'. This book has been brought together with love to give you practical ways to deepen your relationship with yourselves and spouses. The exercises inside are designed for you to have new awareness's and discover your bodies in a curious and playful manner.

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It’s an inside job

12 seductive secrets to your arousal

By Myola Woods

The Erotic Coach


Copyright 2017 Myola Woods

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Publisher: Queen’s Publishing

Editor: Matt Houston – Beachlife Editing

ISBN: 978-0-6481325-0-9 Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-6481325-2-3 eBook

Printed in NSW, Australia

First edition



To my four beautiful, gorgeous, allowing children.

Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.




You, Me and the Universe9

About the author11



Seductive Secret #1: Sacred20

Seductive Secret #2: Sweetness or Self Pleasure35

Seductive Secret #3: Steamy51

Seductive Secret #4: Sensuality64

Seductive Secret #5: Soft74

Seductive Secret #6: Smooth82

Seductive Secret #7: Succulence91

Seductive Secret #8: Sexy100

Seductive Secret #9: Spiritual107

Seductive Secret #10: Society116

Seductive Secret #11: Space123

Seductive Secret #12: Symphony128

Bonus Secret!: Sounding138


What is an orgasm? 139

Stages and signs of Arousal and Orgasm142

Who owns your orgasm? 145


Pleasure Limits147

Moving beyond habits148

Pondering and provoking questions149

Appendix 1153


How to work with Myola154



A book like this doesn't come together overnight or in

the blink of an eye. It takes years of support, learning

and encouragement and, on the flip side, lots of

struggles, pain and trauma. The journey of being alive,

transforming the pain to pleasure.

There are a number of people I would like to

acknowledge in the process of this particular book.

I would like to thank:

Deej and Uma, my teachers. They are the beings that

have really held me and seen me, allowing me to move

into a space where this was possible. I dearly love them.

Queen's Publishing. They have all been supportive,

directive, simple, but fun and joyful to work with. They’ve

made this an amazing process for me. I'm forever


My editor, Matt. punctuation, my commas, my

full stops and my makey-up words. There will be more! I

have much gratitude for your patience and dedication to

the English language.

Johnny, for his encouragement, moving me forward,

picking me up and believing in me when I didn't.

Michaeli, for making me accountable, loving me, getting

excited, and making this all worthwhile.


Helen - my friend, reader and encourager. You helped

me get the message across in an effective way.

Donna, as the friend of The Erotic Coach, is often asked

to do things that are out of the ordinary. Her love and

support is unconditional and unwavering. Also, her

amazing photography talents are throughout the book.

To my mentors and teachers over the years - there's

been quite a number of them. I thank you from the

bottom of my heart for all the pieces that you've brought

to my life. They're pieces that I've been able to share

with others.

To the artists that created the pictures, including the

ones of myself. I love how people can bring a vision to


To my beautiful clients and students over the years who

have made it possible for me to put my theories into

practice. Thank you for allowing me to see whether they

would turn into something and if they're worth

something. You’ve encouraged me to grow and

demonstrated the difference that is possible in the world

with this work.

And to you, my adventurous readers, I hope that this

book brings you joy. I hope that it uncovers the places

where you've been hiding your sense of joy, your

expression, your sensuality. I dearly thank you for taking

the plunge and allowing yourself to have an abundance

of orgasms. May it be so.

To my myriad of friends, lovers and encouragers. I thank

you so dearly for all the richness you've brought to my


life and for the belief, encouragement and honesty.

Mostly, though, I thank you for the love.

Thank you all for showing me the love.


You, Me and the Universe

With a light, wet tip of his tongue on my nipple, he asks,

“Does that tickle?”

No, it sends pleasure from the nipple, through the breast

and down into my………. Breath taken away.

The sensations increase from breasts to clitoris and


The body shakes from the cosmos to the feet, hands,

back arching, all through the body.

The brain relaxes, opens and has the clarity of a cloud

drifting in perfect space.

The body opens more deeply, more pleasure.

The warmth of the body grows from the spine to the

limbs as the sensations continue to build…Orgasm!

A hand slips down to the pelvic region with an intense

gentleness and deep knowing, then begins to explore

and circle the clitoris.

The spiral starts slowly and lightly from the clitoris to the

pelvis, then one spiral becomes two. One spiral with

tighter circles, the other more expansive. The

sensations intensify, deepening, growing and expanding

until they go out to the muscles, body, bones, 50 trillion


Breathing deep


Then there is penetration inside...uurrrr. I melt, sending

deep pleasure and electrical waves through the spine

and body. Little tiny contractions. The body quivers…

Orgasm! There are no words…

Deep kissing

At each stage the body opens. “Now, how does it feel?”

he asks with a deep and authentic curiosity.

My reply:

The pleasure in my pelvis is building. A castle with no

moat. You have access to all areas...Orgasm! He holds

me tight.

Deeper Kissing

With hand still pleasuring my pussy, he delights on my

breasts and nipples.

“Oh, oh...grrrrrr.” Deep back of the throat moan.


I let him in more.

The body opens more deeply, causing more pleasure.


The body shakes and quivers.

There is Me and You with the Universe…Orgasm!

Orgasmic rapture.


About the Author

Myola Violet Woods has been on a journey of self-

discovery for as long as she can remember.

I remember as a child getting into trouble all the time for

being too enthusiastic, knowing too much or for saying

too much. I learned to tone it down and that enthusiasm

was not always welcome. Enthusiasm was sometimes

too much for other people. I learned to stay quiet and to

notice what was going on. I also developed an

awareness of when trouble was coming, because it

often found me.

My earliest memories of being sexual are quite young. I

used to like lots of touching and lots of feeling. Over the

years, I’ve engaged in sacred journeys with the planet,

with the world, with the cosmos and I often had ecstatic

full-body ecstatic experiences. In my physical world, I

had lots of pleasure and sensations, but I couldn't quite

get to climax with a partner. So, I did lots of healing in

the beginning and learned.

My journey started as one of healing. I wanted to heal

the parts of me that were wrong, because I thought

there was lots of me that was wrong. I wanted to heal

and I wanted to become better. I wanted to be better.


I started off very early, perhaps around sixteen or

seventeen years of age. I’ve memories of attending a

course. Some of the classes I was driven to. I had my

licence, so I was able to drive myself to the remainder of

the classes. It was all about self-esteem and self-love.

Even then, I realised that I didn't quite know who I was

or what I wanted to be. I knew that there was more than

what I could see and I knew there was more to life than

what was happening.

My journey took me through a healing process, which

was lacking. Along the way, I learnt how to be psychic

and how to read energy. I did, what I call my ‘spiritual

apprenticeship’ many years ago at the spiritual

churches, where we would do thirty or forty readings a

day. We learnt to really focus on what was happening to

someone and how not to be distracted or interfered with

something else that may be going on.

The healing was worthwhile for me because I could see

changes in myself and in other people. It was a good

way forward for me. I learnt lots about energy and

massage, how people went together. I also taught

meditation, energetic healing and massage for a long

time. Those two themes have followed me throughout

my whole life, really. It's been energetics (which is the

branch of science which deals with the properties of

energy and the way in which it is redistributed in

physical, chemical, or biological processes. Or, put

simply, the study of energy under transformation), body

work and education.

Whist running workshops and classes I noticed that

nearly everything people where dealing with was in


some way connected  with their relationships, their

intimacy and their hidden and unexpressed emotions.

Even though…I worked mostly with sexual energy to

unlock blocks, trauma and abuse, I didn't have physical

skills to do things to help.

Off I went on a journey of self discovery. I became

certified as a sexological bodyworker and a somatic sex

educator. Now I have the necessary physical skills,

energetic skills and educational skills to help others. I

feel like I've been learning my whole life to get me to this

point. Of course, I've not finished learning! But now I get

to use all my skills and I've narrowed it down to work at

a very deep level with people on intimacy and desires

within their relationship. I feel blessed and privileged to

have gotten here.

Along the way I've had four children. My own sexual

journey has included many aspects of abuse, trauma,

pleasure, openings and birthing four beautiful children.

Two were home births and one as a lotus birth. During

this time, my arousal levels differed. I had stitches at

some points and scar tissue.

These journeys have taught me how to harness and

direct my orgasmicness into everything I do, ensuring

that my life is exciting and sensuous. I can have orgasm

with or without touch.


Yes, it's true! This is how you can work. It is how you

can be.

I have orgasms with something brushing up against me,

someone kissing the side of my neck. I have trained,

learnt and played with my orgasms to include the very

subtle and the opposite cosmic expansiveness, at times

bringing them together. It has become my own journey

into the orgasmic realms.

I've retained all the knowledge from the lessons I have

been taught. It has taken me twenty to twenty-five years

to get here.

This book has been brought together with love to give

you practical ways to deepen your relationship with

yourselves and spouses. These exercises are designed

for you to have new awarenesses and discover your

bodies in a curious and playful manner.

There is no need to try to get every exercise perfect or

right. The intention of how you are doing them, what you

are bringing of yourself, your vulnerability, your noticing

and your willingness to experience, explore and be

present is enough for you to gain greater understanding

over time.

The important part is to give them a go!


I hope my book brings positive change, no matter what

state of orgasm you're at. Whether they're elusive, okay

or you're having just one, I hope you move to a new

level of orgasm. If you're having one, I want you to have

multiple. If you're not having any, I want you to have

one. If you're having multiple, then let's move to full-

body. Let's make it happen!

Let's begin the journey...

How much more orgasmic can we be?

How much more orgasmic can you be?

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing

it for you. - Thank you.



Listening to the body…

Once upon a time there was a body. It was a lush, curvy

body that wanted to feel more and be more. The body

knew there was a whole world to be explored and be

opened up to. It was time for the body to move beyond

the range of sensations it had been having.

The body felt like it was missing out. It, had seen other

bodies, liked them and wanted to share with them. Now

is the time for a switch, to move. The body had decided

it was time to change, to become more, embodied with

the cosmos.

Learn how to merge the cosmos with the physical body

allowing both flows of each river to happen together. In

this moment, the beginning the river only flows in the

middle. We want it to run all the way through so full

embodiment can occur.

Connecting both the physical and the cosmic was the

way to anchor the cosmos in every cell, bringing it into

every part of the being. Allowing the flow to happen in

the body and when the genitals and arousal become

involved, it is a ‘cosmic orgasm’. This is often a full-body

orgasm. Where the physical and cosmic meet in union

in the body!

How would it feel to be in your cosmic orgasm at every

moment? Is that even possible?


As the reader, what is your reaction to this sentence?

What do you notice happening in your body?

Do you agree or not?

Can you answer the following:

Would it be too much?

Would you be too much?

How would you be able to operate in the world?

What would the world look like to you from this

state of being?

An invitation from the genitals to the body:

Let’s party - are you coming?

There was a day when the body and the genitals got

together and had a party. The genitals said to the body,

“Would you like some of this? I have plenty. Would you

like to try? Go on…go on…come and give it a try. I don’t

mind sharing with you! How much are you willing to feel,

sense and experience?”

The body began to analyse and ask questions.

“Really? What are the benefits? What will happen if I

share with you? What if it is too much? How do I allow

myself to share with you?”

The genitals answered, “If you relax and let me in, we

will expand together and you will have new sensations.

The body may do some unusual involuntary movements

in the beginning, which may feel a little strange and odd.

You will need to let go of control, you will need to let me


have you (the body). Then, you can have these blissful

orgasmic sensations not only in your groin, but also

through your body and soul.

Do you like the sound of that?”

The body asked, “How do you think this may work?”

“How can you trust me?” the genitals replied.

“Well, I am not sure. We may not have always been

friends. Sometimes, possibly many times, you have

gotten me into trouble. You even got excited at things

that were inappropriate. How do I trust you?”

The genitals answered, gently and soothingly. “How