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Opis"In Israel, no one really dies. In Israel no one really lives."ARIEL LILLI COHEN was born on 6th December 1988 in Haifa (Israel) and is the third of three siblings. Her father Darius Cohen was a former Agent of Ha'Mossad and her mother Noha Avner is now a High Official on Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency. She was in the past a Lion Soldier of Magav, the Israeli Border Police in Jerusalem.They are a Jewish family.Ariel speaks fluently Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Urdu and Italian. She also likes travelling and having fun like a girl of her age, but fighting against Islamic terrorism is her mission. Ariel becomes a soldier at the age of sixteen . After her sixteenth birthday, the Army enlists her thanks to her high IQ (she scored 164). She has been since part of a special team called "Genius", with the task to solve problems in unconventional ways. Ariel is a "former" soldier of the Israeli Security Forces Special Unit (IDF). She joined various "undercover" military actions, living many lives in one.To avoid going crazy and find herself again, she decided to write this book. To tell all her experiences, fears, hopes, loves, and untold truths, she chose the form of the novel. She started writing her story in 2014, before the last war in Gaza. This novel was published in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, French and Italian. In a short time it became viral with over a thousand of downloads. Her server came down due to the high access requests.She cares about her Country and believes that Israeli people’s desire is to live in peace, but unfortunately they always have to defend themselves, not only from foreign enemies but from their own citizens, too. 

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a novel by Ariel Lilli Cohen




Copyright © 2017 by Ariel Lilli Cohen


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be re-produced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission.

[email protected]


Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Locales and public names are sometimes used for atmospheric purposes. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or to businesses, companies, events, institutions, or locales is completely coincidental.


Printed in Israel –Tel Aviv 330033 - December 2017

Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv


ISBN: 978-0-244-05832-6


Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv based on the Israeli series

Israel Jihad

a novel by Ariel Lilli Cohen

1st ed.






Prologue – Noora

Chapter 1 – Yael                              

Chapter 2 – Muhammad      

Chapter 3 – Yossi Kadosh      

Chapter 4 – Yael – Avner      

Chapter 5 – Taqwa      

Chapter 6 – Avner      

Chapter 7 – Happy birthday      

Chapter 8 – Resilience      

Chapter 9 – Sweet like salt      

Chapter 10 – My love      

Chapter 11 – Peace breaks out       

Chapter 12 – A rare pearl      

Chapter 13 – Mainstream      

Chapter 14 – We are all americans

Chapter 15 – The setting sun

Chapter 16 – My first day            

Chapter 17 – Hadas – Aisha            

Chapter 18 – Let’s play      

Chapter 19 – He who is without sin

Chapter 20 – Like a sheep amongst wolves       

Chapter 21 – Smell of freshness       

Chapter 22 – The end of the beginning       

Chapter 23 – Generation of phenomenon      

Chapter 24 – The dawn of a new day

Chapter 25 – We are all european      

Chapter 26 – The good muslim                   

Chapter 27 – Nice to meet you, I am Monique       

Chapter 28 – I love you            

Chapter 29 – The judas kiss      

Chapter 30 – The favourite son                  

Chapter 31 – The invisibles            

Chapter 32 – The smell of sex      

Chapter 33 – Yael-Youssef                        

Chapter 34 – Black gold      

Chapter 35 – Until There’s War There’s Hope

Chapter 36 – My friend is pakistani            

Chapter 37 – Two good girls                  

Chapter 38 – American embassy      

Chapter 39 – Yamas            

Chapter 40 – Immunodeficiency       

Chapter 41 – Tel Aviv            

Chapter 42 – Old friends            

Chapter 43 – Epilogue      




In Israel, no one really dies.

In Israel no one really lives in.


Ariel Lilli Cohen







This novel is dedicated to…


Hadar Cohen

(Or Yehuda 1997 – Jerusalem 2016)


Hadas Malka

(Ashdod 1994 – Jerusalem 2017)


Solomon Gavriyah

(Be’er Yaakov 1997 – Har Adar 2017)



May our deceased and wounded heroes who sacrificed themselves to defend our freedom and security know the deepness of our gratitude.

Your sacrifice is to be remembered.



Ariel Lilli









“Jewish people have outlived through the centuries, Jewish people have suffered for all these centuries, but that made them stronger.” Anne Frank


How I miss the bitter cold wind of Haifa in the first morning hours, how I miss Haifa! To own a 164 IQ was a curse. My intelligence stole my youth. I could have done so many things: playing volleyball, the piano, or being a model… Instead, here I am, in one of the most prestigious operational teams of the National Security Service.

Writing in black and white and expressing all my feelings wasn’t easy. I have lived many lives in one. To avoid going mad and find myself again, to tell all my experiences, fears, hopes, loves, and untold truths, I decided to write this book. To live undercover for months, sometimes years, without a break, cutting off relationships with my real life, lying to my friends, family and sometimes to myself, created a conflicting relationship with the identities I have in turn covered. This lifestyle changes the way you perceive real life.


One day, while I was playing pool in a club here in Montreal, a gentleman remarked how well I was playing for one so young. But age is not to be measured in years, but in mileage. I have travelled many miles and am tired now. Tired to have always to play hard. Tired to lie. Tired to feel frightened. In a mission you never know what may happen. Two months ago Shani and I risked to be killed. We were violently beaten up. With the taste of sweat and blood in my throat I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest and, in my mind, I went through the reasons for joining the Israeli Secret Services. The terror I felt is still with me every time I note a stranger’s look resting on me. Why am I sacrificing my life? I recalled an episode of a few years ago when we were told that a Hamas terrorist cell had entered Israel and was about to target the Dizingoff Center with a bacteriologic attack. That time we managed to neutralise them just on time. A few hours later I went back to the shopping mall to get an ice cream with my friends, Shani, Shlomit, Zoe and Aviv. All those families and children would have died without our intervention. This is why I do this job, to defend my people and, ambitious as that may sound, to defend the world democracy. Right now, as I allow my pen to put in writing my thoughts, I am sitting in a café in Richardson Street in Montreal, where I am due to meet a source. I hope everything will be fine also this time. When will all this come to an end? So much work has been done and so much still to do! I remember Milan six months ago, San Diego and Buffalo, Tel Aviv and Madrid three months ago and last month in the record shop between Pitt Street and Circular Quay in Sydney.


I remember all the attacks I contributed to neutralise with my team. I think of all those nameless and faceless stars, who only live in the indelible memory of those who met them, at the entrance of the agency headquarters in Tel Aviv. I think of all those agents who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty to also save your life.


Please make sure their deaths weren’t in vain. I wish for a world where my job would be unnecessary, a world without conflicts due to religious extremisms.


As I write, my thought goes to my colleagues in Jerusalem who are the last bastion of democracy, to the lions and lionesses of Magav, to Shira fighting every day, to Heli who left her operative service at the Damascus Gate after three long years. Thanks for the great privilege of protecting the people of Israel in the most sacred place of the world.


I think of Hadar and Hadas who sacrificed their lives for Jerusalem and to Solomon who died in Har Adar. I think of his girlfriend, Betty, and relatives. How many more people, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends will have to be deprived of their dearest and left alone due to terrorist actions? I don’t feel like condemning just the perpetrator’s hands for these crimes.


My wrath, rage and contempt are turned to those who arm those hands with their ideologies. Their speeches, bursting of hatred and resentment, fill like water in the desert the empty life of people brainwashed by an absurd extremist ideology. Now, those have blood on their hands. While they stay safe and warm in their houses, they send young men to die after having raised them to bread and blind hatred.


I feel I will end up, sooner or later, on that wall, a little star amongst many others. I will finally join my comrades, young guys in love with a life they could not live. At times,


I really wish to be amongst them.

This job consumes your consciousness – you have to see and do things nobody would even dream of doing. Sooner or later I will also commit some imprudence, an error of judgment, a mistake that will costs me life – a life I feel empty.


I hope this book will be enjoyable and good food for thought. I had to change a few names and camouflage some situations, which would otherwise threaten the State of Israel’s safety. My experiences have been translated in the form of a novel. I hope you’ll be able to read my message of hope and love between the lines.


This is a journey to the outer fringes of the law, which started in 2014, before the war in Gaza. It’s the work of a group of friends, who became, in the space of a few months, one of Mossad’s best operative teams.


Ariel Lilli

Prologue – Noora






January 2014 - Hotel Kempinski, Geneva


Noora is sitting in the hotel bar. It may be due to the purple colour that seems to envelop everything around her, from the bar to the ceiling and chairs, or the light at dusk that gives the large lake in front of her an even more melancholy air, but Noora's mind is lost in memories of what once was.


She feels something stirring in her stomach as she thinks of the wonderful years spent at Eton with people from all over the world and kids from the richest families, who were no better than she was, as she soon realised... Still they were beautiful years. She even feels nostalgic about her teachers, most of whom she thought she hated at the time. And then her Master in Social Sciences at NYU... how she misses New York City... especially the windy days when the air used to swirl in the avenues making it hard just to keep clothes on. She reminisces about the cold weather, that same cold making the air in Geneva so clear and the lake reflecting Quai de Mont Blanc’s thousands of lights. Almost everyone who was born in the Middle East hates that cold; they see it as wrong, unnatural. But Noora liked it: it made her want to be cuddled by someone who could warm her up.


How long has it been? Fifteen? Yes, it has been almost fifteen months since she left Qatar. This trip to Geneva is her first escape after staying for so long in a place that she doesn’t feel is home anymore. After all, that's what she should have expected when she agreed to become the third wife of the Emir of Qatar. Initially, she was flattered and figured out how many good things she could do with organisations such as UNICEF to put what she studied into practice and help all those orphaned and disadvantaged children, but the day-to-day reality turned out to be much different – lots of worldly events, parties, dinners, but very little of a concrete nature. She became a UNICEF ambassador, but she knew quite well that it was the royal family's immense wealth that made it possible and not her skills. The other two wives were much more comfortable in their role, but they were the Emir's cousins and belonged to the same family. She, on the other hand, was not. She was born in the UAE as the daughter of an ambassador and now she was a Sheika, so why did she want to run away so badly?