Island Girl - Roxanne Jade Regalado - ebook

A love story set in Boracay Island about two different people, Alexa, a free spirited and independent woman and Josh, a family oriented, serious, and responsible guy. The moment that he heard about the nasty rumors about Alexa, Josh became more interested in her. He's challenged by her. Some people might consider her wild but she seems to have captured his attention with her boisterous and unique personality. Will Josh learn to accept her past or will he be turned off? 

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Roxanne Jade Regalado

Island Girl

Island Romance

This is dedicated to the people who have helped me in terms of my work as a writer. To my family who is always there for me. To Sunny Singh who have waited too long for this book to be done. To Judy Colella who gave me constructive criticisms which led me to edit this book again. To "justified" @ bookrix who offered to helped me to market this book. Thank you so much for your help. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Island Girl (Synopsis) and beginning of First Chapter



Alexa works as an assistant restaurant manager in Soup, a popular restaurant in Boracay. She has always been a free spirit and is enjoying her single life to the max by shopping, going to parties with friends, going everywhere she wants and buying everything she wants. All that is about to change when she met Josh Mendoza. Josh is the owner of the restaurant where Alexa works. He is a guy who is conservative, traditional and family oriented. All of a sudden the unexpected happened and they fell in love with each other. Her journey to a happy ever after is exciting, fun and challenging as she learns what is the most important thing in life. Josh teaches Alexa what matters most and Alexa teaches Josh to enjoy life and loosen up. This is an exciting love story about two completely different people who somehow fell in love. 



Beginning of First Chapter



She woke up at 5:30 the next morning and proceeded to the go to the bathroom to wash her face. She then dried her face with a towel and changed into her jogging clothes. She jogged for about an hour and went back home to have breakfast and after breakfast she took a bath and changed into house clothes and donned an apron. She cooked pork adobo, fried chicken, braised beef, fish fillet, green leafy salad with tofu and cheese, steamed vegetables and potato that's cooked in three ways: potato salad, mashed potato and french fries. For dessert she baked apple pie and made a fruit salad. She placed all the food in a microwavable containder and placed them all in the refrigerator. She was relieved that now all they have to do is to reheat the food every mealtime and anytime when they are hungry. 

She rested during the afternoon and continued reading the ebook by her favorite author. 

I Can't Help It

I Can't Help It


I'm happy with you

And that's what matters

Not you're past

Not who you are

And not who you are not.

I just can't help it.

I just can't help but fall in love with you. 

The First Meeting

Alexa was at a restaurant eating lunch and at the same time reading today's newspaper when she came across an advertisement for a job vacancy. She immediately got a highlighter from her leather sling bag and encircled the advertisement. She just graduated from college and she's looking for a job. She's lucky that she found a vacancy for assistant restaurant manager that requires minimal or no experience. The job is clearly for her as she graduated with a Management course from a prestigious university. She is so happy and greatful to have found the advertisement. It's probably her lucky day today. She prayed hard that she will be accepted for this position. 

After she had her lunch, she asked for the bill and paid for her lunch. She then went back to their home. She lives with her Mom who is right now in her Ipad looking at photos of her friends on facebook. 

"Hi Mom. I'm back. I just had lunch, how about you?", she asked her mom. 

"Oh, that's good honey. I already had lunch too. So what are you up to for today?", asked her mom.

"Oh I'm going to prepare and iron my clothes for tomorrow when I will apply for a job. I saw the job vacancy ad on the daily newspaper, Mom.', she told her Mom.

"Well, that's great sweetheart. I wish you all the luck in the world. I hope that you get accepted.", her Mom said.

"I sure home so too, Mom. I'm so excited and I couldn't wait to start working.", she said.

"Can you tell me about the ad that you saw and for what position is the job vacancy, sweetheart?, her Mom asked.

"It's for an assistant manager position in Soup Restaurant. You know that restaurant near Holiday Hotel?", she asked her Mom.

"Sure I know about the restaurant. I'm glad that they have a job vacancy and that you are able to find out about it through the daily newspaper.", said her Mom.

"I am so happy that I came accross their ad. And what's best is that they don't require any experience to apply for this job.", she told her Mom. 

"That's good to hear sweetheart. Well, since I don't have anything important to do I might as well cook dinner ahead of time so that it we can have dinner early because you have to wake up early morning tomorrow. So, what do you want for dinner, sweetheart?, asked her Mom. 

"Oh, you don't have to worry Mom, I cooked lots of food and placed them on the ref. All we have to do is reheat them.", she said to her Mom. 

"Ok, no problem sweetheart. I hope you don't mind that I'll go to the kitchen now to start heating for our dinner later.", said her Mom. 

"Sure Mom, I don't mind, go ahead. I will also have to prepare the clothes that I will wear for applying for work tomorrow.", she said while going to her room.  

Once inside her room, she opened her locker and chose a brown slacks and a white colored long sleeved blouse. She took it out of the locker and went to the ironing board and started to iron the clothes that she picked. 

After that she cleaned her black heels and made sure that its sparkly clean. She went again to her locker and took out a hanky. There, that should complete the clothes that she will wear for tomorrow. Now, she had two more things left to do. Prepare her resume and application letter and arrange her bags and make sure that everything she need are there. 

She prepared her resume and her bag and then took a quick nap. She woke up with her Mom knocking on her door telling her to come out and eat dinner. 

"Ok Mom, I'm coming. Thanks!", she said in a sleepy voice. 

She brushed her hair and washed her face and dried it with a towel. After that, she came out of the room. 

"Wow, thanks for heating our meal for our dinner Mom. You know its been a long time since we last ate braised beef and mashed potato. It's so delicious. By the way there's still a lot of cooked food there in the ref, just heat them whenever you're hungry mom.", she said. 

"Yeah I miss eating it too. Thanks for cooking and telling me about the food that's in the ref, I'll tell your Dad as well. You're Dad called me and told me that he won't be back until late this evening. He's attending a friends birthday party and will have dinner their at his friend's house. He asked me to go with him but I didn't want to go because I'm not feeling very well, I just want to stay here at home.", her Mom said.

"Oh, if I only knew that you're not feeling well Mom I could just heat the food myself.", she said.

"It's ok dear, it's not really that bad. I just felt like not going out. Just wanted to stay here at home.", her Mom said.  

"Ah, ok. At least I have some company here at home.", she said.

Alexa put all the left over food in the refrigerator and then brought all the used dishes in the sink and washed them. Once she's done she said goodnight to her mom and went to bed. She read her book about how to do well during a job interview before going to sleep.

She woked up at six o'clock in the morning the next day. She took a bath, ate breakfast that was prepared by her mom and then dressed up for the job interview. She's now ready and very excited.

"Bye Mom, I'll be going now to the Soup restaurant for my interview.", she said to her Mom.

"Bye and goodluck, sweetheart. I hope and pray that you get accepted. God bless!", said her Mom.

"Thanks Mom. I might be back by lunchtime. Bye!, she said.   

She left home and went to Soup restaurant for her job interview. Once she arrived at the restaurant, she sat at the couch in the lobby. She made sure that her make-up is still perfect for the interview. She waited for about fifteen minutes until a guy who looks like he's in his late twenties came to her and told her to get inside what could be a small office. The moment he talked to her, she instantly noticed how handsome he is. He has tanned skin and brown hair and about medium build and height. She isn't bad looking herself she's about a few inches shorter that the guy with fair skin, dark brown hair and an athletic figure. 

"Hi! Goodmorning, I would like to hand over my resume and application letter and get interviewed for the job opening as an assistant restaurant manager.", she told the guy. 

"Sure! By the way, I am Josh Hernandez and I am the owner of this restaurant. I will also be the one to conduct your interview because the restaurant manager is busy attending to her job as of this moment.", he told her. 

"Oh, I see. Here's my resume and application letter.", she said handing him her papers. 

"So, may I have your name please?", he asked her. 

"I am Alexa Rodriquez and as I said I would like to apply for the position as Assistant Manager for this restaurant. I saw your ad in the daily news paper yesterday.", she said. 

"Oh, great! So, we'll go ahead with the interview then, ok?", said Josh. 

"Sure, I'm ready.", she said. 

"So, you are a college graduate, right? I haven't read your resume yet.", he asied. 

"Yes I am. I graduated from St. Francis University. My course was Management.", she told him. 

"Well, that's good. That's what we are looking for.", he said. 

"Glad to know that.", she said. 

"My next question is, what is your most challenging experience in your life?", he asked. 

"I would have to say that the most challenging experience in my life so far is finishing my thesis in college.", she said. 

"My follow up question is, how did you cope with this challenging experience?", he asked. 

"Well, I've been very diligent, doing research and everything. I studied hard about everything that involves the topic of my thesis.", she said. 

"Good answer. Well, if ever I will choose you for the job, will it be okay for you to work from seven o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock in the evening? Of course, there will be a lunch break and 2 other breaks in between.", he asked.

"Yes, I would.", she said.

"Okay great", he said.

"Would it also be ok for you to work during weekends and holidays? You know a restarant needs to be open at all times.", he asked her.

"Yes, its okay.", she answered.  

 "Great. Well, that ends our interview. Thank you so much for your interest in our business. I will call you by tomorrow about the result of our interview.", he said.

"Okay, hoping to hear from you tomorrow.", she said.

"Bye for now.", he said.

"Bye.", she said as she went out of the door.

She is so excited about his decision and the result of the interview. She thought that she might not be able to sleep tonight. Instead of going home, she took a stroll along the beach and take a look at a boutique that is selling swimsuit, clothes, sandals and accessories. She found something that she liked and said to herself, just you wait until I have a job and I'll be sure to buy you. After that she went back home.