Introvert's Road To Leadership: The Power Of Being Quiet - Laurie Cain - ebook

Being an introvert can be challenging. It can lead to questioning yourself and your ability to lead others around you in a competitive environment.Laurie Cain sets out to explore the "power of being quiet" and how introverts are fitted to be great leaders in competitive environments.This is a 'must read' for all introverts. 

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Laurie Cain


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Chapter 1: Understanding What Being An Introvert Is

Chapter 2: Importance of Introverts

Chapter 3: The Formula

Chapter 4: Short-Term Tips

Chapter 5: Introversion for Success

Chapter 6: Activities

Chapter #7: All Introverts Are Not The Same

Chapter #8: Final Thoughts


Chapter 1: Understanding What Being An Introvert Is3

Chapter 2: Importance of Introverts7

Chapter 3: The Formula14

Chapter 4: Short-Term Tips26

Chapter 5: Introversion for Success30

Chapter 6: Activities34

Chapter #7: All Introverts Are Not The Same37

Chapter #8: Final Thoughts39


“Why are you so shy?”

This is one of the many questions faced by introverts both in their personal and professional lives. It can leave a stinging sensation in your heart because it could not be further from the truth. As an introvert, you will attempt to justify your disposition by making excuses or redefining boundaries by saying “I prefer listening”. It is imperative to understand how redefining boundaries to fit the extrovert’s way of living is destructive and self-degrading. Being an introvert is not a social blemish and it is not a mental illness. It is a way of living and one that is as correct as being an extrovert.

If it was a mental illness or the wrong way to live life, why have self-proclaimed introverts become tremendously successful in their personal and professional lives over the years? This includes the likes of Dr.Seuss, JK Rowling, and Bill Gates who was once the richest man on the planet. These are all vastly successful individuals who were and still are introverts yet have gone on to become powerful leaders in their field of work.

Being an introvert is more than not speaking in social gatherings. It is not even about choosing to remain alone instead of spending time in parties that are not of your liking. It is about independence and living the way you want to live and remaining firm that it’s the right way for you.

Introverts will habitually not focus their mind on this way of thinking and get lost in what society expects of them. This leads to seeking treatment for an issue that is not the problem; in fact it is the solution! Those who go on to maximize their introvert nature go on to become leaders in their personal and professional lives. Use the tools you have been given and make the most of them. This book will discuss the power of introverts and how you can become a leader by understanding how to extend your persona.


The biggest problem most introverts have is understanding who they are and what being an introvert is all about. Most will stop at the simple definition of being ‘shy’ or ‘uncomfortable in social gatherings’, but this is a flawed and wholly incorrect way of looking at the term. There is more to being an introvert than not speaking in social gatherings.

Those who are able to understand what being an introvert truly encompasses are able to maximize their potential and become leaders. Let’s take a look at what being an introvert entails.

Scientific definitions on introversion proclaim an introvert is concerned about their own mental life and gain energy from personal reflection. This scientific definition touches on the foundation of what being an introvert is. Does the definition point towards the term “shyness” at any point? Does it even use the term “quiet”? No, this is because introversion is an entirely separate concept that should not be confused with being shy or apprehensive in social gatherings.

Does this mean introverts are not shy? It is certainly plausible for introverts to be shy, but this is a separate mental disposition that should not be linked with their introverted personality. Being shy entails fearing the idea of social gatherings and an introvert does not ‘fear’ interactions. Introverts merely dislike the idea of spending too much time in larger groups and it can take a toll on them over extended periods.

Social theorists are always searching to find ‘real life’ examples to define concepts such as introversion. It is all fine and dandy to produce theoretical approaches on paper, but an entirely different reality to see it unfold in real life. Most introverts explain real life examples as having ‘energy sucked out of them’ in larger gatherings. They will regularly converse with everyone there, but will start to lose energy unlike an extrovert. Extroverts will have the opposite reaction as they will feed off this communication and gathering.

Throughout this book, I will use Jake’s fictional journey towards becoming a better version of himself as an example. We will see how Jake goes from regretting his life as an introvert to not only accepting it, but also maximizing it for success. Sometimes, a good story helps paint a picture better than theory!

Let’s imagine you are Jake who is an average 25 year old and have just been invited to a birthday party. The party will be held at a local park and should have around 30-40 people there. Some of them you know, some of them you don’t.


Jake arrives at the park.

“Hey Jake!” said his best friend Tom as he arrived at the park.

“Hey Mike,” smiled Jake as he scanned the park to see at least a hundred people partying. “I thought only 40 people were coming.”

“Ah, you know how it is! Come let’s have fun man!”

The smell of barbequed meat was wafting through the wind. The noises were loud as people were playing tackle football, tossing Frisbees, or just making small talk with one another.

Jake quietly smiled and walked towards the food. He wanted to eat something and enjoy the weather while he was outside. He grabbed a plate and filled it with goodies such as hot dogs and salad. A nice, filling meal if there ever was one.

Cindy noticed Jake and remembered him from her high school Biology class and walked towards him.

“Hey Jake!” she smiled and waved. “How’s it going?”

“Cindy?!” He laughed as he noticed who it was. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Geez, it’s been a while hasn’t it?”

“Haha, yes it has!”

Cindy and Jake continued to talk by the table about things such as school, their future, and how they loved the food at the party.

“Guys! Come over and lets play a game!” shouted Mike who was clearly having the time of his life now.

Jake and Cindy walked over to the group. They were playing a game of cards. It was fun as everyone tried their best to win. It was quite competitive. Jake enjoyed his time and focused on winning too. He was smiling as everyone shared their stories during the game.

“Jake, don’t you have any good stories?” Cindy smiled as she noticed he was zoned out perhaps out of boredom now.

“Oh Jake never has anything to share! He’s our silent assassin!” Mike shouted and everyone smiled.

Jake grimaced as he heard the word “silent assassin” again as it was a nickname Mike had dubbed from their high school years. It had stuck.

“Haha, not much of a storyteller Cindy.” Jake awkwardly smiled and looked back at his cards. Slightly embarrassed with what Mike had said.

As time went by Mike and the others got louder and louder until it was just noise in the background for Jake. He wasn’t having much fun now. He’d rather watch paint dry.

“Are parties supposed to go on for this long?” Jake thought to himself as the group was now split up again. It had been only been an hour into the party.

“Why are you so quiet today Jake?” James smiled another buddy from Jake’s high school days.