Introducing Samantha - Eliselle Yu - ebook

A man bound and gagged in a bathtub, a boyfriend who disappears in the lake after a boat trip and a couple becoming the involuntary start of a snuff movie, from the Society's tales of murders and kidnappings.

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Eliselle Yu

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Table of contents

From the archives of The Society

First Order

Boat Ride

Ornamental Column

From the archives of The Society

The Society is a secret organization of assassins, specializing in the delivery of murders on request. The members know each other in tight circles and are often mentally ill or unlimited sadistic, whose only requirement is to be efficient in bringing to the end their task. They act often with unconventional methods in order to satisfy in every detail the (sometimes absurd) demands of customers (or their lower instincts) and are involved at various levels in all kinds of illegal activities.

Cases files in Volume 1:

First Order: introduction to the first assignment of agent Samantha; customer is required to make a “Bath”

Boat Ride: special agent Isabelle is required to discard is boyfriend

Ornamental Column: agent Samantha and special agent Isabelle take over the activity of a Porn Snuff Movie producer

First Order

Samantha laid on the bed completely naked, except for a pair of white nylon socks, that covered her from her toes to the upper part of her legs. The young redhead was still in the world of dreams when Daryl entered the bedroom and he looked at her sinuous body. The man smiled, his eyes following the breathtaking shape of the buxom beauty and his mind turned back to that night and to the wild sex he had shared with his young co-worker.

She’d entered the Society two months before and since the beginning, she was given over to his hands in order to teach her all secrets of the craft. She was very unprofessional at first, but some weeks later she’d achieved some very important results and now, that day, she had to solve her first order.

Daryl knew nothing of this order and Samantha didn't speak about it very much: she said only she had to ‘take a bath’. Daryl, of course, knew very well the meaning of that expression, but he was curious about the client of the job and the young lady refused to tell.

“ You know rules!” she said, “And all of us must respect them.”

“ Yeah” he replied, “I know rules: I teach them to you every day!”

Now the redhead was there, a sleepy and innocent beauty, her big breasts pointed to the ceiling and the transparent sheet that covered only partially her lower body. Her long hair laid on the pillow and positively shined in the light of the morning. Daryl approached her voluptuous body and put a finger on her lips, touching them gently.

“ You don't know how much I want to tie you up now, baby. You don't really know. But very soon I will give you the thrill to awaken one morning completely immobilized, tied hand and feet, gagged and blindfolded. You will know the feeling of falling asleep happily the night before and unconscious of your fate and to awake in the hands of a sadist kidnapper the day after. But not today, darling. Today is your day: you have a work to do.”